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Fleet, Quorum rocked by grisly double murder, suicide

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 30, 2007



BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, September 30 — Hours ago, word reached the News-Review offices that trouble was brewing aboard Pacifica. Strictly an internal matter — my source refused to pass any details to me over an unsecured channel. “Two people are dead, and there are witnesses. No criminal charges will be filed. This one’s open-and-shut,” intoned my source. “Now get over here and do your job.”

Never one to refuse such a “gracious” invitation, I hopped the next shuttle and tried to steel myself for whatever waited on the Battlestar. But nothing could have prepared me.

A “nugget” — or, rookie pilot — whom I hadn’t met before greeted me at the airlock and ushered me to the brig; aside from snapping at me to put on my visitor’s pass, he didn’t speak a word. Inside lay the two bodies I’d been warned to expect, one inside the bars and the other outside. Clearly the forensic investigators had finished their work as both were covered with shrouds, but the shapes under the cloth were distinctly female, and the air was still sharp with the odor of gunpowder.

I nodded to the Marine standing guard over the women, motioning to him to pull back the sheets. Staring back at me through empty, haunted eyes, were Caprican Representative Capri Carbetta, laying inside the cell she’d called home for the last several weeks, and disgraced former Heartbreakers pilot, Lt. Kalah Decuir on the concrete slab outside.

Carbetta and DeCuir b-w file photoI swallowed hard. “My Gods… What happened here?”

“Get these two to the morgue,” the Marine barked to two of his colleagues. Then, turning to me, he took a seat at the guard table and indicated that I should pull up a chair and join him. It was when he began to speak — low, growling, not looking me in the eye at first — that I recognized his voice as that of my anonymous source. (His name, of course, will not appear here.)


Photo, from the News-Review archives: Rep. Carbetta and Lt. DeCuir, at the first post-attack Fleet Economic Summit.

“We had our orders, plain and simple,” said the Marine. He seemed to be grappling with two opposing forces — duty and humanity — and it was hard to tell which was winning.

Was he ordered to kill them? Did they struggle?

Composing himself, the Marine spoke again.

“We needed to run the standard blood test on both of them. They were two of the last in the fleet who haven’t been tested yet, and it was time. We started with Carbetta — at least we knew where she was.” A smile. I returned it, hoping it would encourage him to keep talking.

“What were the results? Was she a Cylon?” I asked.

“No… Her blood came back clean.” Against my better inclinations, I felt a slight shudder of disappointment cross my shoulders. I suspect I wasn’t alone, as the Marine’s smile had run completely away from his face. “Whatever else people may have said about her,” he continued, “she was as human as the rest of us.” He sighed, smirked a little, and said, “She rambled for a while about being a political prisoner, held against her will, and that when she eventually assumed control over the Fleet we’d all be sorry… starting with me. You know, the usual stuff.”

I nodded, and we sat in silence for a moment. It seemed the wrong time to pepper the man with questions, but he seemed reluctant to go on. I set down my pen and leaned forward, trying to appear as non-threatening as possible. Failing to pick up on my hint, the Marine’s head swiveled. He stared at the bloodstained floor from which Carbetta’s body had just been removed, and then to the body of Lt. DeCuir, and back again. And again.

I could stand it no longer.

“Why did you shoot them, then, Corporal?”

This woke him up, and quickly. 

“I didn’t!  We didn’t!  We weren’t ordered to kill anyone!” He’d flushed red, and now glared at me as if he, himself, HADN’T demanded an audience with me. “None of this would have happened if we hadn’t tried to test…the other one.” He pointed, disgustedly, at the late Ms. DeCuir.

“Go on, Marine.” I lowered my voice almost to a whisper, again trying to reassure the rattled — and heavily-armed — soldier. “No one’s here to ruin your career…and if anyone asks, we never talked. You have my word.”

He continued, in spite of himself; clearly, I hadn’t earned his trust.

“Listen. The Commander wants this story out there, and that’s the only reason you’re here. When we’re finished here, you’ll be lucky not to end up in that cell for accusing a Marine of murder without supporting evidence.” I found his attempts to sound legally authoritative somewhat amusing, almost endearing…and made a mental note to ask Ms. Christensen of the Judiciary if any legal precedents for such “charges” existed.

“We needed to find DeCuir before we could test her. Since she’d had her flight status revoked, she hadn’t been seen aboard Pacifica. Stopped coming to briefings, stopped filing duty reports…she was essentially AWOL. We had a strike team search her quarters – not there. We scoured 7th Heaven top to bottom, no sign of her. Not in the lounge, not in the pool…and we checked with you news people to see if she’d appeared on Celestra. But she’d just…vanished.  About the only spot left to search was the Tylium Queen.”

Shouldn’t that have been the first place you looked? I thought. Haven’t you heard the rumors of what’s been going on there, lately? If you want to live off the grid, outside the reach of law and order, that ship’s as good a place as any to start weighing your options…

“So, last night another team boarded the Queen. Sure, we could have made some arrests for minor infractions if we’d felt like it, but we’re not a civilian police force. People want to blow off a little steam, as long as they’re not wearing a Colonial uniform it’s not our business. So, we turned a blind eye to a couple of things…until we got upstairs, of course.”

“What was upstairs?”

It felt, unbelievably, like we might finally be getting somewhere. When the Marine’s head turned to watch his colleagues wheeling the Lieutenant’s body out on a gurney, I knew.

“DeCuir was in a daze, and the room reeked of chamalla. By the looks of her, she was starting to go through withdrawal, though… Eyes sunken, sweating, shaking. Still in uniform…at least part of it. She saw us enter, and tried to speak, but it all seemed like nonsense to me. Just chanting, flapping her tongue, and dropping to her knees in front of some kind of a shrine. The team leader ordered her restrained, because we needed to get a blood sample.”

“Wouldn’t the drugs have affected the screening process?” It was a longshot, but I hoped I could get him to tell me whatever he knew about the way these so-called “recreational” drugs interact with the top-secret screening technology. Luckily, he missed the hidden intent of my question.

“Blood is blood, sir. Unless it’s got the synthetic Cylon markers in it, we don’t care about whatever other crap might be swimming through people’s veins. Until we’re ordered otherwise, we’re not going to stomp on people’s free will.”

“I see.” 

Cylon markers. Interesting.

“Did she submit to the test?”

“She put up a hell of a fight. What they say about never forgetting your training, well, it’s true. She was landing hand-to-hand moves like I haven’t seen since basic training! Sent one of our guys to Sick Bay for stitches, too. But, the chamalla had taken its toll — she got winded, quick. When she slumped back onto the bed, we drew the blood sample…and double-timed it out of there.”

“Why didn’t you take her into custody, Marine? She’s still in uniform, apparently still passing herself off as military, and doing illicit drugs aboard a civilian ship…”

The Marine looked at me, leveling his eyes at mine. “Like I said, the drug charges aren’t our business unless we’re ordered. We figured, she’s no more a pilot anymore than YOU are — and to tell you the truth, if she’d kept the chamalla habit up much longer, she’d have been so far gone that no one would have had to worry about her much longer. We posted a single Marine guard outside her room on the Queen to keep an eye on her, but quite frankly, she wasn’t our problem anymore.”

I sensed I’d hit a dead end, but there were still so many unanswered questions. What had happened to Carbetta? How did a drug-ravaged ex-pilot end up dead in the brig next to a deranged politician?

Before I’d had much more time to ruminate, the Marine stood up and began to pace around the brig like a defense attorney holding forth for a jury.

“It was when the test results came back last night that things really started to get out of hand. DeCuir’s blood had the markers — there was no doubt about it. She was a Cylon.” He paused, for effect. “Sure, THEN we wished we’d taken her into custody…so my battalion leader ordered her Marine guard to enter the room and to bring her back to Pacifica ASAP.”


“Corporal Mason entered as ordered, but wasn’t able to get a visual on the prisoner. Not on the bed, in the chair, in the closet… He went for his wireless to call it in, and that’s when…” His voice trailed off, and he swallowed hard. “That’s when she came down on his head. He’d forgotten to sweep the whole room — including the ceiling — and she’d been perched on a high shelf over the door, waiting for him. She pounced, and snapped his neck in a single move.”

“Did you send reinforcements, when he didn’t answer his wireless?”carbetta and vargas_Web ready

“We never knew there was a problem. She got him before he ever pushed the transmit button…so as far as we knew, she was still snug as a bug and stoned out of her mind on the Queen. It wasn’t until an hour or so later — about 0300 this morning, in fact — that we heard of a problem, over the ship-wide here on Pacifica:

‘Set Condition One – Intruder alert! Unconfirmed reports of shots fired; identity and disposition of intruder unknown. Marine strike teams, sweep all decks!’

“By the time we’d located the source of the gunfire, it was too late. She’d taken out Carbetta, and then turned Corporal Mason’s stolen sidearm on herself.”

Photo: Rep. Carbetta, on the night of her arrest for sedition. Having attempted to assemble a Quorum to force through an emergency “appointment” to the post of Vice President, the late Representative from Caprica refused to drop her claims that emergency succession via Case Orange had placed President Vargas (right) in power “against the will of the people.”

I sat for a moment, stunned. It seemed unconscionable that DeCuir, a recognized security risk and newly-uncovered Cylon, could have found her way aboard Pacifica again and all the way to the brig without being detected. True, she’d shrewdly waited until a quiet duty shift, worn her old uniform, and quite likely changed her appearance (a haircut and colored contact lenses, at a minimum), but had EVERYONE been asleep at the switch? I jotted down some quick notes for future follow-up.

1. Pacifica security chief — surveillance tapes, BSP and TQ?


2. President & Quorum — Civilian police force?  (Suggested by Halberd weeks ago… status???)

Wanting to be sure I’d captured the salient facts, I looked the now-pale Marine straight on and spoke slowly, carefully. “You’re telling me, Corporal, that once DeCuir knew she was at risk of being uncovered as a Cylon, she snuck aboard Pacifica and killed the Representative, and then herself? Do I have that right?”

“Not exactly, Mr. Steadham. At least, I don’t think so. See, I’m not sure she even knew she was a Cylon. We hadn’t had a chance to report her results to her yet. See, we’d taken her blood shortly after midnight last night, brought it to the lab by 00:30 hours, and the test takes at least an hour to complete…which brings us to 01:30. To my knowledge, no teams were dispatched back to the Queen to inform Ms. DeCuir of the test results. Clearly something set her off, but I’d hesitate to say it was the Cylon thing.”

Something clicked… a snippet from earlier in the conversation.

Chanting…flapping her tongue…kneeling in front of some weird shrine…

“When you found her on the mining ship, you said she was babbling, chanting… Could you make out anything she was saying?”

The Marine hesitated. “Something about divine will… and lots of ‘No, no, no…’ See, she seemed conflicted. Arguing with herself.  Her eyes were wide, like she could see something for the very first time…but then she’d get angry and start denying it. All the while, she’d get more and more worked up. I think we all chalked it up to the chamalla…”

*          *          *          *          *

We wrapped our interview shortly after, as we needed to clear out of the brig for final cleanup. This Marine source of mine, who’d initially wanted to tear my head off and feed it to me, seemed now to have released a great weight from his shoulders having told his story. I shook his hand, collegially, and started for the airlock again. He called over his shoulder.

“Steadham. No names, got it?”

In that moment, his voice sounded more like it had over the wireless. Involuntarily, I replayed in my mind his chilling summary of the situation. Two people are dead, there are witnesses, no criminal charges… Two people? Weren’t there three bodies in the morgue? The Marine…the Representative… and…

Of course.  Not a person… a cleverly disguised killing machine.

“Copy that, Marine. I’ll keep my promise.”

*          *          *          *          *

And so we bid farewell to a Marine Corporal killed in the line of duty, a conflicted pilot tortured by a private crisis, and a power-mad politician who, despite her other faults, gave those of us in the press trade a great deal of material to pass along to the Fleet. Though it may be an unpopular viewpoint at present, I’ll personally lobby President Vargas to grant full Colonial honors to all three of the deceased; two, after all, were military, and the other apparently served her Caprican constituents with distinction prior to the Cylon attacks.

If there’s a lesson here, it’s that extraordinary circumstances often draw extraordinary behaviors from ordinary people — sometimes for the betterment of all, and sometimes for personal gain.

Mason is, no doubt, a hero and should be honored as such… but in the spirit of Fleet-wide unity, perhaps it’s time to clean Carbetta’s and DeCuir’s slates too. For in forgiving the “unworthy” their transgressions, we point out the greatest qualities of humanity — those qualities that make us ALL worthy of the lives spread out before us.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


((OOC note: Yeah, so this one’s not written in a strictly journalistic style… so sue me! I was in the mood for a narrative… 🙂  -DS))


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Commander Nephilim nearly killed!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 27, 2007

Last-night…Centurions boarded the Pacifica despite heavy gunfire from the turrets and the skills of the CAP. They made their way across the ship…firing at anything in their path..till they found the Commander. They targeted Commander Nephilim with near deadly precision…firing explosive rounds mixed with their armour piercing. A round hits the Commander square in the chest.

I did not know any of this at the time…I only heard the Commander was wounded…so I made my way to the Pacifica and sickbay. When I entered it was chaos! The Commander was on the table…gaping wound in her chest…her wife Captain Halberd stood over her along with Captain Serapis and Marine Lt. AmonRa Amat. In a daze I change into scrubs and run to the Commanders side. It was as I was about to start that Lt. Amat remembered the explosive rounds. Tanya Halberd turned white…as did we all. Cpt. Serapis kept the Commander under while I and Tanya kept the blood away. But it was to much and the heart was beating against the round. Telling Cpt. Serapis to get the drugs…we had to slow or even stop her heart. Tanya was barely able to contain herself…but she did..she was strong and the Commander would have been so proud watching her. We gave her the drugs and slowed her heart…just as radio contact was made with Doctor Schridde. He was stuck on the 7th…missed the shuttle. I opened the wound and Lt. Amat diffused the round…all of us around the Commander holding our breath. As the round was finally removed..the Doc showed up and the Commander stabilized.

As one situation ended…the next began. Multiple Raiders began to attack the fleet. The CAP and turrets held them off till there was just to many…we jumped. The fleet jumped..or so we thought. Only we did not end up with the fleet. As the Doctor and I closed and checked up on the Commander…all focus turned to where we were..or where the fleet was not!

We all know that the fleet was reunited…that story later!

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review

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First civilian shuttle pilot completes training, earns wings

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 24, 2007

graduating class_004

7th HEAVEN, September 23 — Her proud smile nearly outshining the new brass wings pinned to her jacket, on Sunday afternoon Ms. Windy Weiland took, on behalf of each of us, another in a series of small steps toward a return to normalcy.

For the first time since the Cylon attacks forced us away from the Colonies, the recently-formed FTL Enterprises Inc. completed a flight training and assessment program for civilian shuttle pilots last week. Ms. Weiland met or exceeded all requirements for appointment in good standing.

The Civilian captains honor Windy Weiland, the Fleet’s first shuttle pilot trained after the Cylon attacks

Captain Starbuckk Serapis, who presided over the ceremony on the hangar deck of 7th Heaven, made the following remarks:

“Many of you in this room already know what it means to “get your wings.” It means dedication to your task. It means perseverance. It means showing a willingness to act within a stringent set of guidelines. And it means being willing to face the potential dangers of flying in space knowing that despite knowledge of a clear DRADIS, in today’s fleet, there can be no secure promise of safety.

“Though you as a civilian pilot may not fly intentionally into the danger as our brave military pilots do time and again when they are called upon to protect the fleet, you fly knowing that the danger is there. You have accepted this danger. You have come forward to serve the fleet to provide the critical transportation needs of the fleet. Whether your task will be to transport the President to a critical meeting, or an injured citizen to the medical facility, or even the simple task of helping a wayward citizen to get home, your actions keep our fleet running.”

Ms. Weiland said, “Thank you all for coming, and for your encouragement. I’m looking forward to serving the Fleet with honor!”

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Government faces early questions on "distant planet" plan

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 20, 2007



CELESTRA, September 20 – As announced yesterday, the Government officials (President Vargas and the active Representatives) have set their sights on a distant planet for human settlement, hopefully free from the Cylon threat. We’ve also learned that said threat is closer to home than we first realized, as the Cylons have developed models that resemble humans. After a brief meeting in which these announcements were made public to the News-Review, I had the opportunity to ask a few preliminary questions.

A transcript of key questions and the Government’s answers follows. Comments from the public are welcome.

***Please note that President Vargas and the Quorum Representatives will hold an open forum for the public to ask further questions and learn more about our planned course of action. Interested parties should meet in the Quorum Chamber on 7th Heaven at 5:00 p.m. ((SLT)) today.***

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


Zarta Vargas: The reps, the commander, and I had planned to do this differently, but I’m afraid Ms. Biers’ recent news article required that the reps and I revisit the plans. …and this is our statement to the people. therefore…do you have *any* questions of us?
president-vargasDean Steadham: There will be MANY questions from the public about this "new home" of ours. Have you got a location in mind?
Zarta Vargas: Yes. I suspected this might be a question, but not go into detail in the statement. I expected you to ask.
Gibley Goldblatt: For many of the survivors, re-settlement won’t be a problem because we’re barely settled here.
Pazzo Pestana: Yes, and a life without constant fear of attack and oppression will be a powerful inducement.
Zarta Vargas: As I mentioned to you some time ago, Mr. Steadham, the picture in my quarters aboard Colonial One is of a planet I located many years ago…. during my time in the field of astronomy after working on the Cylon project. It is not close to here, but with FTL, we can reach it in our lifetime.
Dean Steadham: We’re all fairly young, Madam President… That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.
Zarta Vargas: This is not going to be an easy journey, but i have every confidence in the determination of humanity. As contradictory as it may sound…. humans resist change, but we also have a very unique ability to adapt more than any other species.
Pazzo Pestana: We must place our trust in our President … the very qualities to which Carbetta objected (a scientist as a political leader) are the ones which will show us the path.
Gibley Goldblatt: Having know much other than attack and oppression on my poor colony, we will welcome some peace and the opportunity to grow and prosper.


Dean Steadham
: Do we have evidence that this planet can support life, Ma’am?
Zarta Vargas: Yes, it can…. Astronomical observation of it indicates that it would be perfect for our population… and I should add that its distance from here should be viewed as a positive, since the farther away from the Cylons we can get, the better.
Pazzo Pestana: Yes, as long as we don’t take any of them with us ….


Dean Steadham
: You told us about the planet… but how exactly did leadership learn of the status of the 12 colonies?
Zarta Vargas: I have have had many discussions with the Commander … there have been flights over the planets since the original attack… review of them…. they’re contaminated goldblattby radiation… only time will heal that… *much* time… much more than we have
Dean Steadham: Also, any insight into the decision criteria that led to our abandoning the Colonies would be helpful… are we certain no human life remains anywhere on the planet, and that we’re not unknowingly leaving behind anyone who may be holed up in a sheltered area…since many would argue we’d have an obligation to go back for anyone in that situation?
Gibley Goldblatt: As a survivor, it’s difficult to have an impartial view…but, given the peril to the exisitng community, to risk our well being any further, in search of others, doesn’t make sense. It’s a sad day, certainly, but I believe that our deliberations have been appropriate in the context of the existing situation. Our world now comprises what we have before us.
Zarta Vargas: honestly, there may still be survivors, but they have been exposed to the radiation for so long now that even if we could rescue them all, the likelihood of their recovering from it is next to none.
Pazzo Pestana: Mr. Steadham, to send our pilots out in search of more survivors only exposes them to loss with little hope of gain.


Dean Steadham:
Does the fleet have sufficient tylium, or a means to replenish our supply, to help us reach this far-off planet?
Zarta Vargas: We have enough to last for a while. if you recall, this was one of the initial concerns I spoke to the commander about immediately after the initial attack. we have recovered as much as we can…. we’re now wasting resources remaining here when we could be making progress toward a new future. … we will, of course, need to find other resources along the journey.
Dean Steadham: Isn’t it possible that the Cylons have already discovered, or even overtaken, this planet of yours? How do we know we’re not lambs headed for the slaughter, here?
Zarta Vargas: the Cylons are interested in us… They want to control their creators…. They were programmed to serve… They must view their actions as serving our greater good. … Certainly, they have their own planet(s), but they’ve not travelled too far from us. …. I’ll say again, this planet of which i speak is *quite* some distance here, and i’ve never spoken of it until after the recent initial attack…. … i have never revealed its coordinates
Dean Steadham: So you’ve said, but surely you had colleagues in the Ministry who were also aware of its location?
Zarta Vargas: No, this was work i did on my own.
Pazzo Pestana: My concern, and the blood testing addresses this, is that we don’t "take" them with us …


Dean Steadham
: The emergence of this information, indeed the news that life will never return to what our people have known, will trigger a desire to know what you’ve all planned for our infrastructure and economy, while we travel. So, to that end…Living conditions are already cramped, with some individuals sharing bunks and living space… is there a plan to convert any existing ships to accommodate the additional population boom we’re likely to experience, in the coming years?pestana
Pazzo Pestana: Mr. Steadham, I think our survival and security are the first concerns, then comes infrastructure and economy, I think.
Zarta Vargas: Mr. Steadham…. … many things cannot be decided until a full Quorum is again established. …. … our first concern must be the safety of our people.
Dean Steadham: A fair point, but that doesn’t mean the people won’t ask. Just trying to put myself in their shoes… so it would be better if you all didn’t look at these as an argumentative exercise on my part…but rather one of empathy for all. So…questions regarding workforce, how we’ll make a living while traveling, how we’ll educate our children….i’m hearing you say you want to table all of these for another time? The "safety and security first" argument is fine for as far as it goes, but people are going to need to feel some stability VERY quickly… over and above a lack of fear for their lives.
Zarta Vargas: We have many jobs available, and Cpt Halberd and Cpt Serapis are well into establishing more. If people want work, it is available.
Dean Steadham: Fair enough… We’ll return to these questions after we’re underway, though, I can assure you.
Zarta Vargas: Understood …. and expected, Mr. steadham. I think it’s important for the people to understand that if they want to establish those things, it is very necessary that they register to vote … and elect new Quorum members. As I have said –today and in the past …. I believe in the power and determination of humanity … I think we need to focus on that — the positive.


Zarta Vargas
: You and I have spoken often, Mr. Steadham…… and you know that I do not desire to hide anything from the press or the people. the representatives are also of this feeling. however, as said in the statement, we will do what we need to do to protect the people and act in their best interests. Rumors will always be spreading about many things, but we will not be a part of rumors. What the people will hear from us will be supported by fact.

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Vargas and partial Quorum reveal the path to our future

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 19, 2007



7TH HEAVEN, September 19 — In a shocking dual revelation this evening, President Vargas and two-thirds of the active (meaning, non-incarcerated) Quorum members revealed to the News-Review their immediate plans, jointly devised with military leadership, for rebuilding human society on a distant planet. The target world is one discovered by Ms. Vargas through independent research, preceding her succession to the highest office in the Colonies.

Recognizing that there will be many questions following this announcement, I was asked to publish this statement as soon as possible; I will remain with the President and Representatives Pestana and Goldblatt to obtain answers to a number of these questions, and will publish them as soon as possible.

The Government’s official statement follows.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

=:: From the Colonial Government to the People of the Colonies ::=

As has always been the case, the effort, goal, and responsibility of the Colonial Military and Government is to ensure our population’s safety, survival, and progress. This has especially been been so since the original Cylon attack several weeks ago.

Unlike the military’s actions that focus on safety of our people, government decisions and actions can often not be made hastily. Government officials, as you are all aware, are tasked with many concerns of the people and have a very broad scope of understanding of how many issues interconnect and affect one another.  Additionally, there can sometimes be conflict within the government, itself, with issues presented that slow the process of government action toward productive ends, as has been the case until recently.

It is important for the people of the colonies to know that, although we do not yet have a full Quorum established, the President and current Representatives Pazzo Pestana, Gibley Goldblatt, and Soral Merlin are a unified government working together cooperatively and collaboratively toward ensuring the best for all of our people.

There are a few critical issues your government officials have had to discuss, and it is now time to bring these things to your attention — for your awareness and action.

1) As has been previously stated in the News-Review, Cylons have taken a human form. The possibility for this to occur has been suspected for some time, but there has been no proof of it until recently. You, the people, have not been told of this suspicion because your government is not in the business of spreading rumors.

2) The human-form Cylon that has been identified is named Ayden Janus, and he has been killed more than once. As Janus2 maintained memories from his previous existence, it is apparent that those must be transferred to another Cylon location upon his "death." If you should see Janus, contact military or security personnel immediately, or arrest and secure him immediately if you are one of these personnel.

Certainly, you will be wondering if there are other human-form Cylons. There is no reason to believe that is the case at this time. However, some precautions will be taken as part of the voter registration and election process to ensure that is the case.

3) There is a voter registration booth in the dome on 7th Heaven. Voter registration is required to elect the balance of our Quorum members. Please register as soon as you are able. The Quorum, as legislators, cannot represent the people in entirety until there is a full Quorum and all of the people are represented.

As part of the voter registration process, all citizens who wish to vote or run for office must undergo blood testing. The testing of blood samples drawn from Janus had markers, which human blood does not have. Blood testing of all citizens will, therefore, establish a baseline of our population and aid in ensuring there are no other human-form Cylons. Your present government officials have already been tested, as have most members of the military–with the balance of those to be tested soon. Any civilians who do not choose to register to vote or run for office will be tested after the quorum election process is complete.

4) Our colonies were destroyed; the effects of radiation will persist for a great many years to come; there is no hope for us on or around the colonies. We continue to be under severe Cylon attack while remaining in the area of the colonies, and we have recently sustained much damage to our vessels, which has depleted many resources in the repair process. As much as none of us wants to leave any of our loved ones, human survival, itself, is seriously threatened by our remaining near the colonies. It is time for us to move on — time for us to make all efforts to escape the pursuit of the Cylons — time for us to begin looking for a new home.

We cannot go back.

We need to go forward — look forward — to rebuilding and securing the future and safety of humanity.

We are human, and we will overcome all obstacles. We are not running. We are accepting the reality of our situation and adapting — as only humans can do.

So Say We All !


=:: President Vargas, Representative Pestana, Representative Goldblatt, Representative Merlin ::=

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((Site spruce-up underway))

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 19, 2007

We’ve done some re-formatting of the Who’s Who! and Photos pages (Dean discovered an app that plays nicely with WordPress), and while things are looking a bit slicker, we’re still missing lots of your portraits on Who’s Who!.

If you want to be pictured there, please send us your pics… instructions can be found on that page of the site.

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Exclusive: Briefing photos from Basestar attack mission

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 19, 2007

CELESTRA, September 18 — Now that the dust has cleared aboard Celestra and the News-Review staff once again has access to our computer files, we are privileged to present an eyewitness view of a critically important moment in our recent military history.

A source (who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from command) has provided me with these exclusive photographs from inside a Pacifica combat briefing. These photos were taken immediately prior to carrying out the precisely-timed and highly successful attack on the Cylon Basestar earlier this month.


Addressing pilots from the Frakkheads, the Heartbreakers and the Raptor squadron are Col. Darsh Lucero, Executive Officer (center), and Maj. Heidi Stiglitz, Commander, Air Group (to the right of the viewscreen).


At the briefing pictured here, Col. Lucero discussed the in-flight data and footage captured earlier that day by the Fleet’s prototype "Stealthstar" covert aircraft. Lt(Sr) Sazuka Yoshikawa piloted the Stealthstar on the reconnaissance patrol.

Moments after these photographs were taken, Viper and Raptor pilots carried out a brutally effective frontal offensive on the Raiders guarding the Cylon base ship, and then destroyed it with a nuclear missile.

Casualties were significant on both sides, with several Pacifica pilots confined to Sick Bay for several days following the sortie. See the September 7 edition of the News-Review for more details.

((Since he didn’t really ask for anonymity, thanks to Stan Rhode for capturing these.))

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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URGENT: Oracle tells of Human Cylons!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 19, 2007

I have great reservation is writing this…but I feel the words of the Oracle and events of last night must be told.  A couple days ago the Oracle, myself and a half dozen others stood in the dome of the 7th Heaven.  Conversation turned to what it was like to be inside the Basestar.  I will post as much of this in her words and leave out the names of those that were present for their protection.

Eyea Aya: I was treated very fairly by those creatures.
????: Creatures?
????: Machines, you mean?
Eyea Aya: yes, I refer to them as creatures, they make my skin crawl.

Eyea Aya: I saw something,, something, that I am not supposed to speak of.
????: "Supposed to"?
Eyea Aya: I have been accused of spreading rumor

Eyea Aya: I have been threaten with treason for rumor spreading.
Eyea Aya: but I have seen the truth.
Eyea Aya: so, let them put their treason tag on me.
Eyea Aya: I saw that ,,
Eyea Aya: there are Cylons,, that are human.

It was here in the conversation that people started their disbelief.  But I know better…I know the rumors..know some of what has been covered up. She continued…

Eyea Aya: I spoke to one, closer than we stand now.
Eyea Aya: no,, not a human. a Cylon of flesh.
????: and it told you he was a Cylon?
Eyea Aya: it showed me, the vessels they inhabit, their" souls"

The Cylon shared much with the Oracle, their religion, their desire for a truce…

Eyea Aya: it spoke of god, and it’s wish, that they can bring us the word of god, as our shepherds.
Eyea Aya: yes, they believe in one god,

Eyea Aya: they wish to lead us to god,, or destroy us, perhaps, if we do not follow them.

????: Is that why they wanted you? to talk about the Gods?
Eyea Aya: they have a sincere belief, they spoke of reconciliation , no more attacks.
Eyea Aya: yes, I believe so,,

She said this was told to her before we destroyed their Baseship..did they really have a desire of reconciliation?  We continued pressing more about the Cylon she spoke to…

Eyea Aya: I only say clearly, one Cylon with flesh,, but there were others, in the shadows.
????: Man, woman?
Eyea Aya: the one I met, was a male.
Eyea Aya: I can speak his name…
Eyea Aya: it is a name familiar to you all.
Eyea Aya: its name was Ayden Janus.

Eyea Aya: he was " reborn" in that place.
Eyea Aya: he cannot die.

Eyea Aya: his "soul" inhabited on of the vessels, in that ship. that was there, waiting for him to occupy.
Eyea Aya: a soulless body, waiting to be filled.
Eyea Aya: there were many there,, I saw many.
Eyea Aya: yes, there were many empty vessels.

More talk followed about the Oracles prophecy and of how she has told all this before she had even seen it…

Eyea Aya: I take responsibility for my words, but do not expect you to.
D’Anna Biers: I fear it might be a burden we share together Oracle
Eyea Aya: I may face the brig, and will do so, if the truth be told.

Immediately after this I sent a message to the President…telling her of this and that other people knew.  That it must be told.  That people know of the rumors and the truth must be told.  I was told to wait..that it would be told soon.  So I waited…till last night.

Last night Ayden Janus returned.  I do not know the details…but Ayden and the Doctor (Schridde) exchanged gunfire on the 7th Heaven.  Several military personnel came to the Doctor’s aid and both were brought to the clinic on the 7th.  Before Captain Halberd and myself could arrive…a couple people were able to transfuse some of Aydens blood over to the Doctor to stabilize him.  Ayden died  on the table next to Doctor Schridde.  He has now died for a second time!

Human Cylons are real….the government has suspected it and I have been guilty of hiding their suspicions.  No longer!  I has straddled the line between controlling information for them and sharing it with you.  It is now time that I share.  So Say We All!

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)

The News-Review

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Cylon ace reportedly killed; Cylons come up empty on separate recon mission

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 17, 2007

7th HEAVEN, September 17 — A lone Cylon Raider was sighted circling 7th Heaven at approximately 5:00 this evening, presumably on a reconnaissance patrol. Captain Tanya Halberd and Lt. Taros Dibou spotted the fighter through the 7th Heaven dome.

According to Pacifica‘s Officer of the Watch, Lt. Marcus Perry, Pacifica‘s turrets made short work of the Raider. No injuries were reported.

While researching this story, I had occasion to speak with Lt. Sazuka “Arrow” Yoshikawa, Heartbreakers XO, who said, “It was probably the new maneuver we invented during a recent battle. We call it the Pacifica Gang Bang.”  Asked to describe this amusingly-titled tactic in detail, she said, “It’s when my wingmen and I lead the Raiders toward the turrets, then fly through the spaces between the cannon and let the toasters get torn up by cannonfire and Viper guns.”

“That’s the one that took care of their ace, too,” Yoshikawa continued.  Earlier today, apparently, the highest-ranked Cylon pilot (nicknamed “Burn”) met its end via the Gang Bang technique.

Well, no one ever said the Fleet’s tactical playbook was kid-friendly reading. But whatever the pilots call the tricks of their trade, let’s hope they keep ’em up…because they work.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Civilian Clinic open for business.

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 17, 2007

Captain Halberd of the 7th Heaven and FTL Enterprises has converted a room into a medical clinic.  It is located on the first level, left side, just past the stairs, across the hall from the 7th Heaven pool (Note the heart cross next to the door). It is now open to see all patients, from routine exams, inguries, and with the assistance of Pacifica’s Doctor, more complicated surgical proceedures. In the times we live in..we need to feel that security, the assurance that the people are being cared for. So come by the clinic before things get worse than they should.

I would also like to issue a call for anyone with even routine medical training…the clinic needs your help. Contact Cpt. Tanya Halberd if you can assist.
D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
7th Heaven Medic
The News-Review

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Cylons continue attacks!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 17, 2007

I stepped of the shuttle from completing some repair work on Colonial One…yes that is correct. This reporter assisted in coordinating the initial rennovations to the Celestra…designating it Colonial One and as a result…got assigned the task of coordinating the current repairs. Repairs which are progressing quite well thanks to Captain Allen and her engineering team. Anyway…stepping off the shuttle in time to see a Cylon Raider pass over the dome…then a second…soon followed by two of our brave pilots. I did not see the outcome nor hear any reports of Colonial casualties or further destruction to the Fleet’s ships. What I do know is they are back!

Is there a new Basestar trailing us? Have we entered into Cylon space (we never did learn where the Cylons went after the first war). Are these more long range attacks on the fleet? It is uncertain, but the war is not over.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review

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Representative Carbetta alledges attacked in brig!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 17, 2007

Please forgive the delay in this news being made public…The News-Review is still without power from the attack.

 Representative Carbetta from Caprica sent a notice from the brig and it managed to make it onto the fleetwide wireless.  She claims Major Stiglitz and Leutenant Yoshikawa, under the direction of Commander Nephilim relieved a guard and proceeded to sexually assault her.  This notice was send while the Quorum was in a meeting following Rep. Carbetta being confined to the brig.  I was able to get wireless with her in her cell but not able to meet face to face…she told me this…

Capri Carbetta: yes i was raped by stiglitz and yoshikawa, and there is a meeting now trying to get me medical help or at least released to my quarters.

The Representative was being seen by the other Quorum members at the time. I was not able to get more details.  Very soon after, Pacifica’s Commander followed with this statement…

It has come to my attention that an accusation has been made.   An accusation not only against me, but two trusted and valuable members of this fleet’s defense.  A heinous crime was said to have been perpetrated by one of our most valued pilots and the CAG.   Normally, protocol would require me to stand them both down and for Colonel Lucero to relieve me, but after review of security footage from the brig, the validity of these charges holds no weight on a prima facie basis. 
However, we are obligated to take medical samples and perform a full investigation, pending a trial as grave accusations have been made.  The Office of the President is currently investigating the specifics for such an extraordinary trial.

I spoke with Commander Nephilim and asked if she had a statement concerning the allegations, “Only that the truth will come out through a prepondence of the evidence, including auditing of security logs and surveillance video already collected, in addition to upcoming forensic testing.” She also stated she gave no such order to abuse the Representative.  The other members of the Quorum has expressed a desire to see Rep. Carbetta better protected and the Commander gave this statement when asked…”There has been no breach in security as supported by the video surveillance, or sterner measures would have been taken. If that were different, My two officers and myself would be relieved of duty and restricted, but as I said, with the video and logs showing little to no possibility of such an attack, and our war footing, I have chosen to not jeapordize the Fleet’s safety. Further, if we moved all prisoners due to their catterwalling or exploitation of celebrity, I’d have an empty brig.”

The investigation continues by myself, the military and the President.  As more information is uncovered and a trial is begun….the people will be informed.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)

The News-Review

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FTL Enterprises responds to Carbetta’s latest anti-corporation comments

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 16, 2007

CELESTRA, September 16 — Shortly after the commotion in the Quorum Chamber Wednesday evening, FTL Enterprises issued the following statement to the press, the President and the other current Representatives.

*    *    *    *    *

Open letter to Ms. Capri Carbetta, Caprica Representative, Quorum of the Twelve Colonies

From Captain Starbuckk Serapis, Chief Executive Officer, FTL Enterprises.

President Zarta Vargas
Commander Angelica Nephilim
Captain Tanya Halberd, Chief Operating Officer, FTL
Mr. Dean Steadham, News-Review reporter
Mr. Pezzo Pestana, Leonis Representative, Quorum of the Twelve Colonies
Mr. Gibley Goldblatt, Sagittaron Representative, Quorum of the Twelve Colonies
Mr. Soral Merlin, Picon Representative, Quorum of the Twelve Colonies

Dear Ms. Carbetta,

This public letter is being written to help us to understand your apparent disdain for our corporation and what we are trying to accomplish. Frankly, we find your attacks on us somewhat mystifying. You have referred to us as a “monopoly”.  I submit the following definition of monopoly: 

1 : exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action

2 : exclusive possession or control

3 : a commodity controlled by one party

FTL fails on all of the above items. We do not have exclusive ownership of the entire fleet.  We only own two ships. That fact rules out items one and two. We control no commodities.  Our business is transportation. And the existence of other ships in the fleet such as the Tylium Queen, that are not owned or controlled by FTL, eliminates us as a monopoly in that realm.

During the summit meeting, you expressed concern about FTL entering the financial arena. I stated then and I will restate for the record:  FTL will NOT enter the banking and finance industry now or at any time in the future, unless the need comes up and no other organization steps in to fill it. We franky do not have the capital resources to engage in such a venture, even if we WANTED to.

I also point out that during the same summit meeting, you reiterated your support and proposal for a central bank. And while we stated then that we do not feel it is the BEST solution to the coming financial needs, we also agreed that the proposal has sufficient merit that we would not oppose you on it. Again, I state for the record:  A central bank, while not our favorite approach, is acceptable to us as a corporation participating in the new economy. And as stated above, as it is not our intent to enter the banking and finance arena, we will not lobby a position in this matter.

As of this time, FTL Enterprises’ goal is simply the efficient and EVENTUALLY profitable running of 7th Heaven and Celestra. Would we consider taking other ships into our realm?  Sure, if the stake holders of those ships approached us with a merger interest. For that to occur, however, we would most likely need the very financial structure discussed above in place, by a a DIFFERENT organization, that we could turn to in order to help finance such a venture.

So you see, Ms. Carbetta, not only are we NOT the monopoly you seem to fear, we have no hope or intent to become it. We simply believe that the best approach to economy is a free market. And monopolies of the type you fear would be as detrimental to us as they would be to the economy, as they abuse and violate free market principles. It is for these reasons I find your fear of FTL mystifying.

Should you wish to engage in a healthy dialog with us, you know how to reach me. I would very much like to understand your reasoning in this matter.

Starbuckk Serapis
Chief Executive Officer
FTL Enterprises

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Carbetta taken into custody, charged with sedition and resisting arrest

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 16, 2007

CELESTRA, September 16, 2007 – After Capri Carbetta’s attempted self-appointment to the Vice Presidency Wednesday evening, the Quorum Chamber aboard 7th Heaven became a veritable who’s who of military, civilian and political heavy hitters.

Among the first summoned to the Chamber to hear the news were Civilian captains Tanya Halberd and Starbuckk Serapis, whom Carbetta continues to allege are operating their corporation, FTL Enterprises Inc., as an “illegal bank.” As previously reported, Carbetta made sure to haul another 25 percent of the current Quorum membership along with her (Rep. Soral Merlin, of Picon). And of course, it would have taken a squadron of Centurions to keep the News-Review out of the room.

But things really heated up when Commander Nephilim and her CAG, Major Heidi Stiglitz, arrived to assess the situation, flanked by myriad pilots and Colonial Marines. Crowd control and security requirements aside, it was clear that many in the room were there to answer for themselves the question on the lips of every civic-minded citizen in the Fleet:

“What in the Gods’ names will Carbetta try next?”

Carbetta, still believing she’d left last month’s Fleet Economic Summit with sufficient latitude to call a four-person Quorum “complete,” insisted her new position was “the rule of law.” Even more boldly, she stated that the move had been discussed previously – and apparently in private – with President Vargas.

While the civilian personnel in the room scrambled to contact the President aboard Colonial One to confirm this statement and to request her presence in the Quorum Chamber, the Commander and the CAG tried – diplomatically, at first – to prepare Ms. Carbetta for an up-close-and-personal look at Pacifica’s brig.

Carbetta, however, was unintimidated.

Ignoring the question of an illegal Quorum action, she shouted, “Halberd and Serapis want their monopoly to continue, so they are orchestrating this [chaos in the Chamber]. They have been voted an illegal bank, and you, Commander, are upset because you want their monopoly to continue.”

Commander Nephilim shot back, “The votes, from yourself and Rep. Merlin, are null and void as they were carried out illegally. You should consider yourself charged with sedition, and you’ll be held in my brig while we carry out your due legal process.”


And so the debate continued, for nearly an hour – one side claiming a legitimate overthrow of a system in which the executives take their orders from civilians and the military, and the other urging an honest and knowledgeable reading of the Articles’ electoral mandates. It was an exercise in democratic discourse of the type that should have occurred when the hare-brained idea to “elect” herself Vice President first crossed Ms. Carbetta’s mind.

But despite warning after warning, she refused to go quietly. Guns were drawn and holstered, insults spat and returned, cruel jokes met with petulant cries and angry flipping of braids…but progress had clearly halted.

Then, a very interesting switch in allegiances occurred – and this reporter gives the new Representative from my homeworld of Picon a great deal of credit for his courage. Realizing he’d been sold a bill of goods from Carbetta, Rep. Merlin asked for a private audience with the Commander; the two excused themselves to the front of the Quorum Chamber while the arguments continued at the rear of the room.

Within a few minutes, a compromise had been reached: Merlin had surrendered quietly, prepared to take his medicine and confident in his ability to plead his case. He’d simply picked the wrong mentor, and allowed himself to become convinced that extraordinary circumstances allowed for emergency powers – whether or not they were explicitly allowed in the Articles of Colonization. New to political office, he had taken for granted that Carbetta’s motives were pure, and had nearly paid a heavy price.

Then, President Vargas arrived.

Are all of you, as I was, expecting a masterpiece of juris prudence from our former Secretary of Science? An earthshatteringly creative, innovative and somehow profoundly truthful interpretation of the Articles of Colonization, to tame Carbetta as one would a Gemenese gamehound?

The news is even better.

All it took to take the bite out of the Representative’s formidable bark was a calm, diplomatic restatement of the previous hour’s key argument. Four people does not a quorum make…and when you’re the only Rep left in the room, squaring off against Zarta Vargas and the bravest pilots of the Twelve Colonies…there ain’t much sense in continuing to bark.

Perhaps hinting at a forced replacement of Caprica’s voice in the Quorum, Ms. Vargas said quietly, “Representative Carbetta, your work as a Quorum member has been appreciated, but as the president I cannot allow this action. I do not believe a decision was made in the best interests of the people, nor do i believe it was a fair voting process,” said the President, all traces of frustration or bemusement absent from her face.

And then, as if on cue, the final arrow in Carbetta’s quiver snapped like a twig. Having been reached on ship-to-ship wireless and transported to 7th Heaven on a special-use transport shuttle, Representatives Pazzo Pestana (Leonis) and Gibley Goldblatt (Sagitarron) arrived in the Chamber. Excerpts of key conversations between the Representatives and the President follow below:

Pazzo Pestana: Ms. Carbetta, what are you trying to do?

Capri Carbetta: Mr. Pestana, do you deny that I contacted you on several occasions [with information about my intention to meet about the Vice Presidency]?”

Pazzo Pestana: You did write me, but did not specify a time or agenda. Since you called the meeting, I was expecting you to follow up with a time/place in advance of said meeting.

Gibley Goldblatt: And you did contact me, and I responded… but received no answer.

Zarta Vargas: I should add, that while in “normal” circumstances a vote could be taken if some members of the Quorum failed to show at a meeting, a vote cannot be taken if there is not a full Quorum of Twelve. And, as has been pointed out, there are not twelve members at this time.”

Pazzo Pestana: Matters of the magnitude of the election of a VP need to be posted so that all can know about it and provide input to their reps. How do you presume to enforce your authority?

Capri Carbetta: I was mandated by the president to get the Quorum running.

Zarta Vargas: I approved a meeting, yes… And rep. Pestana and I spoke of this recently… but this meeting was not approved, as it has been described to me tonight.

Pazzo Pestana: I think the current disarray is due to the fact that we are still trying to bring ourselves together amid difficult circumstances.

Gibley Goldblatt: Ms. Carbetta, in front of everybody here, it might be good if we set a time/place for a meeting, an agenda, etc.

Pazzo Pestana: And, Ms. Carbetta, rather than election of a VP, which I think is a bit hasty, I’d like to discuss elections for the Reps from colonies as yet unrepresented. The broader the concensus for VP, the more acceptable and stable the outcome.

Capri Carbetta: I say we, the legislators, meet tomorrow and as the equal third branch of government, we will decide what we want to do.

And so, once in danger of corroding to immobility, the wheels of justice in our Fleet creaked forward once again thanks to the diplomacy of two recently-rescued Representatives. As for the charges of sedition, Commander Nephilim asked for a ruling from the President: since Carbetta’s plot had been defused and her power-grab overruled, would the charge of sedition stand?

Or, in a show of clemency, would her misdeeds and Rep. Merlin’s mistakes be chalked up to an object lesson in civics?

This bit of exclusive News-Review video should help answer the question – note Ms. Carbetta’s extensive military guard. Regrettably her parting comment is inaudible, so we hereby inform our readers that someday your children may in fact see the Caprican Representative pictured in the history books next to this dubious quote:

“I go to prison a servant of the people! Good day to you ALL!”



The wheels of justice (and a transport Raptor) carried Ms. Carbetta to the brig to contemplate her next move. When she makes it, rest assured — we’ll be watching.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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URGENT! – Cylons Launched Devastating Attack! (Updated)

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 14, 2007

New information… While the damage may be extensive.  The Cylons were only able to hit areas that were currently unoccupied and non-critical areas.  The Colonial military should surely be commended for destroying the Cylons before more damage could have been inflicted.

Even now…repairs are being undertaken aboard the Colonial One.  Captain Allen is leading the efforts to restore Colonial One to full service.  I am writing this from a computer in the 7th Heaven clinic. (see below)





Original Story…Just hours ago the Clyons appeared from nowhere and launched a horrific attack against the fleet. Reports of how they got here range from denial (that the attacks were sabotage) to reports of a new type of Cylon ship that appeared within the fleet and dropped Raiders. What is known…is the devastation that a handful of them caused! I personally witnessed a Raider at full speed crashing into one of the pods of the Tylium Queen. As of now I am unable to find any information about the status of that ship. But from the dome I can see Colonial One still in flames from heavy damage. The 7th Heaven sustained some fire, but no reports of injuries. We all hang on edge awaiting reports from the Tylium Queen. May the Gods see fit to protect all those that are aboard.




More information to follow as soon as it is available!


D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)

The News-Review

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Carbetta’s latest lunacy: A crooked coup

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 14, 2007

CELESTRA, September 12 – If you happened to be sitting around your wireless Wednesday evening, you may have been witness to a piece of Colonial history. For the first time since the attacks (and perhaps for the first time in the history of our race), a Colonial citizen has attempted to seize an Executive office with only a minimum of support within the Quorum, and then to use the power of said office to thwart the development of a post-Holocaust economic system, AND to outlaw terminations of pregnancy without a pressing medical necessity.

Readers will recall that after the first Fleetwide economic summit, Reps. Capri Carbetta of Caprica and Pazzo Pestana of Leonis assumed responsibility (in the presence of President Vargas, Commander Nephilim, the Civilian Captains, Ms. Christensen of the Fleet Judiciary, and two journalists) for initiating the reformation of the Quorum of Twelve by the Civilian Captains to audit the survivors’ census data and determine interest among survivors in representing their Colonies. After the Quorum had been reestablished in full, an election for Vice President was planned. A reminder: All parties in attendance were in agreement with this approach, and it was proposed in alignment with Ms. Christensen’s direct interpretation of the Articles of Colonization.

Wednesday evening, however, Ms. Carbetta solicited the support of recently-rescued survivor and new Representative of Picon, Mr. Soral Merlin, in an ill-conceived power grab. She attempted to hoodwink Mr. Merlin into believing that, under the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, a “Quorum” could be initiated with fewer than twelve members (so far, we only have four).

Further, having allegedly sent notice of her intentions to the other two Quorum Representatives (Mr. Gibley Goldblatt of Sagittaron, and Mr. Pestana, who had himself been working diligently to locate survivors to fill out the Quorum), Ms. Carbetta insisted that her requests for comment were ignored and that she was justified in moving forward in appointing herself Vice President.

But that’s only half the story. Let’s start from the top…


News-Review File photo: Representative Carbetta


First, a transcript of Wednesday evening’s wireless broadcast. The second voice heard during the transmission (and transcribed below in bold) is that of Capt. Serapis, who must have positively lunged for a microphone when he heard this drivel hit the airwaves:

* * * * *

Greetings from the Vice President of the Colonies, Capri Carbetta.

It may take several messages to get all the info out.

As directed by President Vargas, I have gotten the Quorum operating again as the sole legislative body and law makers of the colonies. At our first meeting I was elected Vice President. On the economy, the banking monopoly held by Captains Halberd and Sarapis has been deemed a monopoly and will be illegal as soon as Legislative Bill No. 1 “The Colony Economic Plan” takes effect.

We [Ed. note: Representatives Carbetta and Merlin] have established a central bank to loan money to two banks that will arise from applications to be a bank by two qualified citizens with the central bank being headed by an economist. Please apply with President Vargas.

Also even though I have been a pro-choice leader of Caprica , Legislative Bill #2 makes all abortion illegal except in medical emergency.

Vice President
Capri Carbetta

Capt. Starbuckk Serapis:
No legal notices of any such meeting have been posted to allow for public comment or participation. This would indicate that no such meeting could have taken place that would have any force of law.

Nor, as far as I know, have all 12 members of the Quorum been re-elected or certified. This declaration is illegal.

Ms. Capri Carbetta:
This meeting was previously and prior mandated by the President and is now the rule of law.

Captain Serapis:
It was neither scheduled nor did it allow for discussion in an open forum. Without proper notice such a meeting would be illegal and possibly viewed as insurrection.

Go to hell.

* * * * *


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. You heard these comments, we at the News-Review heard them…and Ms. Carbetta, I’d wager, will soon regret them.

Mr. Serapis has several good points here. Let’s review the facts:

  • Four Quorum Representatives are insufficient to empower any member of the Fleet to hold political office — let alone two Reps.
  • Vice President, as documented in the Articles, is an elected office. The people voice their choice to their Quorum Representative, who registers his/her Colony’s collective choice in the Quorum. He or she who receives the most votes for Vice President takes office at the conclusion of elections.
  • Appointing one’s self to ANY office, with or without the support of one’s peers (in the Quorum, in the Judiciary, or on the Tylium Queen, for that matter) is unlawful.

And, not to put too fine a point on her future “policy agenda,” but will Ms. Carbetta’s response to her detractors always be the same as her parting shot to Capt. Serapis? On the upside, it’ll make for entertaining Quorum meetings for us reporters… but clearly that’s no way to run a government. Nor is it any way to aspire to a publicly-elected position of power.

More on the power-grab story as it develops.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

((OOC note: This is part one of a (3?)-part series covering the political/arrest-oriented RP events of Wednesday evening. Some of the key players involved have already filed and forwarded their comments to the newsroom, and they will be reproduced here as we received them. More to follow soon…please bear with us!))

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Fountain renovation completed

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 12, 2007

7th HEAVEN, September 12 — The courtyard fountain under 7th Heaven‘s observation dome has been repaired. Thanks to Capt. Starbuckk Serapis for providing this update.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Pacifica boarding party destroys Cylon Baseship

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 12, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, September 11 — A bold attempt to rescue the Oracle from Cylon captivity has led to a crucial victory: the destruction of a Cylon Baseship that has been trailing the Fleet. It is likely that the tracking signal discovered by Colonial Marines aboard 7th Heaven earlier this week had been allowing the Cylons to track the Fleet’s position. When Pacifica officers located the Basestar on DRADIS, they capitalized on a key opportunity to inflict damage to enemy forces and to return the Oracle safely to the fleet.

A Pacifica strike force reportedly approached the Basestar at great personal risk, and planted explosive devices aboard. Specific details about the attack were classified to the highest levels of military leadership, and witness accounts are still sought by the News-Review. ((Readers are asked to comment.))

The Oracle was captured from the Mining Ship during a Cylon raid last week that injured Captain Serapis and brought about the mysterious return of Heartbeaker’s Pilot Lt. DeCuir. Requiring a period of recovery and debriefing after her rescue, the Oracle was not immediately available for comment.

It is nearly certain that the Cylons will summon reinforcements at their earliest opportunity — all the more reason for the Colonial military to keep up the fight! You are our heroes, and again, you have our thanks.


Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Resisting blood test ends in tragic death of Viper pilot

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 10, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, September 10 — The News-Review has learned of a tragic and surprising death amongst the military ranks which occurred yesterday. Lt(Sr) Ayden Janus, a pilot in the Frakkheads Viper squadron, was killed on the observation deck of 7th Heaven by Colonial Marines.

Mr. Janus had been asked to provide a blood sample for testing and typing, to comply with a recent Fleetwide initiative begun in response to rumors that Cylons can take the appearance of human beings. (Military and civilian scientists are reportedly working on a method to conclusively screen human blood from its Cylon analogue.) Mr. Janus refused the test on the grounds that it conflicted with his religious views.

When pressed to submit to the test, Janus unholstered his weapon and fired several rounds into the nearby crowd; while bystanders were injured, none of these were fatal. Lt. Sniper Schridde, a former Colonial Marine and current military surgeon aboard Pacifica, was wounded and taken to Sick Bay. A Marine guard was hit by one of Janus’ bullets and sustained a broken arm. It was then that Mr. Janus was fatally shot, killed by retaliatory fire.

Witnesses to the shooting included Commander Angelica Nephilim, Capt. Tanya Halberd, Lt(Sr) Julian Slade, Windy Weiland (a civilian), and a number of Marines.

“It was scary… it happened right here. No one knows what came over him,” said a shocked Halberd after the events unfolded. “He was very brave.”

Ms. Weiland assisted a wounded Dr. Schridde in performing an autopsy in Sick Bay on Sunday afternoon; results from the autopsy have not been released. Schridde, speaking from his wheelchair this afternoon, said, “I’m sure the shot that killed him was only meant to disable him…but it hit his heart.”

Lt(Sr) Ayden Janus was a decorated pilot aboard the Battlestar Galactica (which was to be decommissioned on the day of the Cylon attacks on the Colonies). Janus was rescued by a Pacifica SAR bird days after the attacks, and after a short period of rest and recovery, had begun to rack up an impressive number of enemy kills. He was engaged to be married, to Lt(Sr) Sazuka Yoshikawa of the Pacifica.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Fleet cleared to rejoin 7th Heaven; caution urged around fountain

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 10, 2007

7TH HEAVEN, September 10 (5:03 SLT) — I’m filing this update to an earlier story from the observation deck of 7th Heaven, where moments ago Captains Serapis and Halberd received confirmation from Jr. Lt. Marcus Perry (representing the Pacifica Incendiary Device team) that no explosive device was present. Civilians and military personnel have been cleared to return to the ship, though the fountain area in the center of the deck is temporarily off limits to visitors. (An unauthorized transmitter, likely being used by the Cylons or a sympathetic party to track the location of the Fleet, was found to be concealed in the fountain. Both the fountain and the signal source were destroyed by Marines.)

Being pressed into service in helping to locate the suspected explosive, this reporter was glad I volunteered for Emergency Response training on Picon (one of the benefits of being home to Fleet Headquarters). On first glance, I was unable to locate any obvious clues — such as the reported ticking sounds, or any residue of chemical accellerant on the fountain rubble. Lt. Perry used a more sensitive chemical monitor to conduct an exhaustive search; finding nothing, he gave the Captains the all-clear to re-open the ship.

A relief, to be sure… but a shame that one of the more attractive sights on the recreation deck will be out of commission for a while.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Bomb threat forces 7th Heaven evacuation, isolation

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 10, 2007

CELESTRA, September 10 — Less than thirty minutes ago, all civilian and military personnel were ordered evacuated from 7th Heaven, pending deployment of a tactical strike/exploratory team from Pacifica.

The reason: Military signal intelligence experts had been tracking an unknown signal for some time, and had isolated its source as the fountain underneath 7th Heaven‘s observation dome. After examining the fountain (visually, and with sensitive frequency meters and signal triangulation equipment), Colonial Marines destroyed the fountain.

After terminating the fountain’s water supply and allowing the secondary tremors to subside, the Marines (and Celestra‘s Captain Serapis, who happened to be aboard) continued to search 7th Heaven. When the dome area was cleared of non-essential personnel and loose debris had settled, an astute Marine informed the Captain of his suspicion that an explosive device may still have been present, even after the signal’s source had been destroyed.

Said Captain Serapis, “One of the Marines indicated he heard a ticking sound. Not wanting to take chances that a bomb may have been activated by the destruction of the unauthorized transmitter in the fountain, I thought it appropriate at that time to recommend the evacuation.” The formal evacuation order was issued by Pacifica‘s acting command officer, Lt(Sr) Sazuka Yoshikawa.

I was present with Captain Serapis at the time of the evacuation, and rode along as he piloted a civilian shuttle to Celestra. Shortly thereafter, we received word on Celestra‘s bridge that Pacifica had started their jump clocks. We feared the worst: 7th Heaven, and anyone left aboard, might have to be left behind. We watched DRADIS tensely, neither of us speaking for several minutes.

Fortunately, Lt. Yoshikawa ordered a hold on the jump and instructed the rest of the Fleet to move away, giving 7th Heaven ten thousand klicks’ clearance. As of this moment, 7th Heaven remains a ship in isolation; Pacifica plans to dispatch an incendiary device inspection team to the Fleet’s only recreation ship.

**UPDATE, 4:21 SLT: The other ships have been ordered by Captain Serapis to maintain a further ten thousand klicks distance from 7th Heaven, and FTL drives have been powered down. It appears we no longer plan to jump out of the area nor to abandon 7th Heaven, but to the best of our knowledge, the device has not been located.**

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Before the Blow

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 7, 2007

It has come to my attention the devastating attack against he Basestar was in retaliation to and assault by the Cylons. In an detailed interview with Captain Starbuckk Serapis, he explains the incident that happened before hand.

With the fleet shuttle out of service, he transports the Oracle back to the mining ship and spends some time talking with her in the lounge there. While there, a force of centurions board with one carrying the body of a viper pilot, Kalah. Moments later he was shot in the sholder and leg and goes down…seeing the Centurions escort the Oracle from the ship. He radios a message and the fleet is alerted. Before help could arrive…the Oracle was taken. Soon the marines board the mining ship before the Captain goes critical and get him help, also locating the pilot Kalah. Captain Serapis awakes in sickbay to find several other pilots injured and Kalah sedated.

The blow had already been delivered. But now the questions remain. Why did the cylons have Kalah, where was she, and why was she returned? Why leave the captain wounded and take the Oracle? Take one and leave one…why take any after destroying billions?

With the cylons crippled….what becomes of those they have taken? And does the military know more of all this then is being said? Commander Nephilim…the people want a statement.

D’Anna Biers
The News-Review

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EXTRA: Pacifica pilots land critical blow to Cylons

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 7, 2007


BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, September 7 — Rumors are swirling around the Fleet that Pacifica‘s finest have inflicted serious damage to the Cylon base ship using a so-called “stealth ship.” Wireless traffic overheard outside the CIC indicated that Pacifica‘s XO, Col. Darsh Lucero, temporarily crippled the Basestar while piloting the stealth ship, using a tactical nuclear missile at very close range.

Details will follow, and the News-Review will continue to try to secure a comment from Col. Lucero.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Pilot alleges second attack by “the same damn Raider”

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 7, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, September 7 — It’s too early to tell whether the comments I heard in Sick Bay are the result of heavy anesthesia or a critically important bit of tactical intelligence; I hope to know more as my source recovers from her wounds.

In the aftermath of today’s historic attack on the Cylon Basestar, Jr. Lieutenant Frostbite “Frosty” Pikajuna expressed certainty that the tactics employed by a Cylon Raider, near the Basestar, were identical to those she’d seen in battle before. This is, thus far, rather unusual — most battle reports have indicated that while the Raiders clearly operate from a set “playbook” of maneuvers, they vary the order, frequency and intensity based on the skill of the Colonial pilots they face, and the present tactical situation.

As the morphine started to take effect in earnest, JrLt. Pikajuna commented “The same old scratches…along here…” and drew her hand across her face. Since Frosty’s face is nearly without mark or blemish, I’m forced to attribute this to a fading state of consciousness.

Get well soon, Lieutenant, and we’ll talk when you’re on your feet again.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Commander Nephilim and Captain Halberd Wed!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 4, 2007

Words can not even begin to show the love and joy I saw in the dome last night. Even now as I write this tears fill my eyes! ((I love you guys!)) At 2pm yesterday, the fleet gathered to watch the joining of Pacifica’s Commander Angelica Nephilim and 7th Heaven’s Captain Tanya Halberd in the eyes of the Gods. President Vargas presided over the ceremony.

As the people of the fleet gathered, the pilots of the Pacifica came to show their support with a wonderful series of flybys!


(Angelica and Tanya saying their vows)


(The Kiss)


(Presenting the couple)







(More kissing at the reception in the lounge)


Commander…Captain, I know I speak for everyone in wishing you both the very best!

There is no more I can say….so I will let everyone else.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review

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