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Representative Carbetta alledges attacked in brig!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 17, 2007

Please forgive the delay in this news being made public…The News-Review is still without power from the attack.

 Representative Carbetta from Caprica sent a notice from the brig and it managed to make it onto the fleetwide wireless.  She claims Major Stiglitz and Leutenant Yoshikawa, under the direction of Commander Nephilim relieved a guard and proceeded to sexually assault her.  This notice was send while the Quorum was in a meeting following Rep. Carbetta being confined to the brig.  I was able to get wireless with her in her cell but not able to meet face to face…she told me this…

Capri Carbetta: yes i was raped by stiglitz and yoshikawa, and there is a meeting now trying to get me medical help or at least released to my quarters.

The Representative was being seen by the other Quorum members at the time. I was not able to get more details.  Very soon after, Pacifica’s Commander followed with this statement…

It has come to my attention that an accusation has been made.   An accusation not only against me, but two trusted and valuable members of this fleet’s defense.  A heinous crime was said to have been perpetrated by one of our most valued pilots and the CAG.   Normally, protocol would require me to stand them both down and for Colonel Lucero to relieve me, but after review of security footage from the brig, the validity of these charges holds no weight on a prima facie basis. 
However, we are obligated to take medical samples and perform a full investigation, pending a trial as grave accusations have been made.  The Office of the President is currently investigating the specifics for such an extraordinary trial.

I spoke with Commander Nephilim and asked if she had a statement concerning the allegations, “Only that the truth will come out through a prepondence of the evidence, including auditing of security logs and surveillance video already collected, in addition to upcoming forensic testing.” She also stated she gave no such order to abuse the Representative.  The other members of the Quorum has expressed a desire to see Rep. Carbetta better protected and the Commander gave this statement when asked…”There has been no breach in security as supported by the video surveillance, or sterner measures would have been taken. If that were different, My two officers and myself would be relieved of duty and restricted, but as I said, with the video and logs showing little to no possibility of such an attack, and our war footing, I have chosen to not jeapordize the Fleet’s safety. Further, if we moved all prisoners due to their catterwalling or exploitation of celebrity, I’d have an empty brig.”

The investigation continues by myself, the military and the President.  As more information is uncovered and a trial is begun….the people will be informed.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)

The News-Review


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