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Carbetta’s latest lunacy: A crooked coup

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 14, 2007

CELESTRA, September 12 – If you happened to be sitting around your wireless Wednesday evening, you may have been witness to a piece of Colonial history. For the first time since the attacks (and perhaps for the first time in the history of our race), a Colonial citizen has attempted to seize an Executive office with only a minimum of support within the Quorum, and then to use the power of said office to thwart the development of a post-Holocaust economic system, AND to outlaw terminations of pregnancy without a pressing medical necessity.

Readers will recall that after the first Fleetwide economic summit, Reps. Capri Carbetta of Caprica and Pazzo Pestana of Leonis assumed responsibility (in the presence of President Vargas, Commander Nephilim, the Civilian Captains, Ms. Christensen of the Fleet Judiciary, and two journalists) for initiating the reformation of the Quorum of Twelve by the Civilian Captains to audit the survivors’ census data and determine interest among survivors in representing their Colonies. After the Quorum had been reestablished in full, an election for Vice President was planned. A reminder: All parties in attendance were in agreement with this approach, and it was proposed in alignment with Ms. Christensen’s direct interpretation of the Articles of Colonization.

Wednesday evening, however, Ms. Carbetta solicited the support of recently-rescued survivor and new Representative of Picon, Mr. Soral Merlin, in an ill-conceived power grab. She attempted to hoodwink Mr. Merlin into believing that, under the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, a “Quorum” could be initiated with fewer than twelve members (so far, we only have four).

Further, having allegedly sent notice of her intentions to the other two Quorum Representatives (Mr. Gibley Goldblatt of Sagittaron, and Mr. Pestana, who had himself been working diligently to locate survivors to fill out the Quorum), Ms. Carbetta insisted that her requests for comment were ignored and that she was justified in moving forward in appointing herself Vice President.

But that’s only half the story. Let’s start from the top…


News-Review File photo: Representative Carbetta


First, a transcript of Wednesday evening’s wireless broadcast. The second voice heard during the transmission (and transcribed below in bold) is that of Capt. Serapis, who must have positively lunged for a microphone when he heard this drivel hit the airwaves:

* * * * *

Greetings from the Vice President of the Colonies, Capri Carbetta.

It may take several messages to get all the info out.

As directed by President Vargas, I have gotten the Quorum operating again as the sole legislative body and law makers of the colonies. At our first meeting I was elected Vice President. On the economy, the banking monopoly held by Captains Halberd and Sarapis has been deemed a monopoly and will be illegal as soon as Legislative Bill No. 1 “The Colony Economic Plan” takes effect.

We [Ed. note: Representatives Carbetta and Merlin] have established a central bank to loan money to two banks that will arise from applications to be a bank by two qualified citizens with the central bank being headed by an economist. Please apply with President Vargas.

Also even though I have been a pro-choice leader of Caprica , Legislative Bill #2 makes all abortion illegal except in medical emergency.

Vice President
Capri Carbetta

Capt. Starbuckk Serapis:
No legal notices of any such meeting have been posted to allow for public comment or participation. This would indicate that no such meeting could have taken place that would have any force of law.

Nor, as far as I know, have all 12 members of the Quorum been re-elected or certified. This declaration is illegal.

Ms. Capri Carbetta:
This meeting was previously and prior mandated by the President and is now the rule of law.

Captain Serapis:
It was neither scheduled nor did it allow for discussion in an open forum. Without proper notice such a meeting would be illegal and possibly viewed as insurrection.

Go to hell.

* * * * *


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. You heard these comments, we at the News-Review heard them…and Ms. Carbetta, I’d wager, will soon regret them.

Mr. Serapis has several good points here. Let’s review the facts:

  • Four Quorum Representatives are insufficient to empower any member of the Fleet to hold political office — let alone two Reps.
  • Vice President, as documented in the Articles, is an elected office. The people voice their choice to their Quorum Representative, who registers his/her Colony’s collective choice in the Quorum. He or she who receives the most votes for Vice President takes office at the conclusion of elections.
  • Appointing one’s self to ANY office, with or without the support of one’s peers (in the Quorum, in the Judiciary, or on the Tylium Queen, for that matter) is unlawful.

And, not to put too fine a point on her future “policy agenda,” but will Ms. Carbetta’s response to her detractors always be the same as her parting shot to Capt. Serapis? On the upside, it’ll make for entertaining Quorum meetings for us reporters… but clearly that’s no way to run a government. Nor is it any way to aspire to a publicly-elected position of power.

More on the power-grab story as it develops.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

((OOC note: This is part one of a (3?)-part series covering the political/arrest-oriented RP events of Wednesday evening. Some of the key players involved have already filed and forwarded their comments to the newsroom, and they will be reproduced here as we received them. More to follow soon…please bear with us!))


2 Responses to “Carbetta’s latest lunacy: A crooked coup”

  1. Arrow of revenge said

    oh how the mighty have fallen

  2. The Sky Tracer said

    There’s a reason why some of the older families in the colonies shunned the thought of being part of the polictical process. They could see the naked ambition the opportunity for power can be to some people.

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