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Bomb threat forces 7th Heaven evacuation, isolation

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 10, 2007

CELESTRA, September 10 — Less than thirty minutes ago, all civilian and military personnel were ordered evacuated from 7th Heaven, pending deployment of a tactical strike/exploratory team from Pacifica.

The reason: Military signal intelligence experts had been tracking an unknown signal for some time, and had isolated its source as the fountain underneath 7th Heaven‘s observation dome. After examining the fountain (visually, and with sensitive frequency meters and signal triangulation equipment), Colonial Marines destroyed the fountain.

After terminating the fountain’s water supply and allowing the secondary tremors to subside, the Marines (and Celestra‘s Captain Serapis, who happened to be aboard) continued to search 7th Heaven. When the dome area was cleared of non-essential personnel and loose debris had settled, an astute Marine informed the Captain of his suspicion that an explosive device may still have been present, even after the signal’s source had been destroyed.

Said Captain Serapis, “One of the Marines indicated he heard a ticking sound. Not wanting to take chances that a bomb may have been activated by the destruction of the unauthorized transmitter in the fountain, I thought it appropriate at that time to recommend the evacuation.” The formal evacuation order was issued by Pacifica‘s acting command officer, Lt(Sr) Sazuka Yoshikawa.

I was present with Captain Serapis at the time of the evacuation, and rode along as he piloted a civilian shuttle to Celestra. Shortly thereafter, we received word on Celestra‘s bridge that Pacifica had started their jump clocks. We feared the worst: 7th Heaven, and anyone left aboard, might have to be left behind. We watched DRADIS tensely, neither of us speaking for several minutes.

Fortunately, Lt. Yoshikawa ordered a hold on the jump and instructed the rest of the Fleet to move away, giving 7th Heaven ten thousand klicks’ clearance. As of this moment, 7th Heaven remains a ship in isolation; Pacifica plans to dispatch an incendiary device inspection team to the Fleet’s only recreation ship.

**UPDATE, 4:21 SLT: The other ships have been ordered by Captain Serapis to maintain a further ten thousand klicks distance from 7th Heaven, and FTL drives have been powered down. It appears we no longer plan to jump out of the area nor to abandon 7th Heaven, but to the best of our knowledge, the device has not been located.**

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


2 Responses to “Bomb threat forces 7th Heaven evacuation, isolation”

  1. Laureline Laval said

    ((Um, in the interest of truth I think you had me confused with Lt Yoshikawa there. Until she left the sim I was simply the Raptor on stand-by for SAR, and I don’t recall ordering anything related to any FTL jumps. -LL))

  2. fleetnewsservice said

    I regret the error and am currently fixing it. It’s that whole “two places at once” thing again… – DS

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