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Exclusive: Briefing photos from Basestar attack mission

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 19, 2007

CELESTRA, September 18 — Now that the dust has cleared aboard Celestra and the News-Review staff once again has access to our computer files, we are privileged to present an eyewitness view of a critically important moment in our recent military history.

A source (who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from command) has provided me with these exclusive photographs from inside a Pacifica combat briefing. These photos were taken immediately prior to carrying out the precisely-timed and highly successful attack on the Cylon Basestar earlier this month.


Addressing pilots from the Frakkheads, the Heartbreakers and the Raptor squadron are Col. Darsh Lucero, Executive Officer (center), and Maj. Heidi Stiglitz, Commander, Air Group (to the right of the viewscreen).


At the briefing pictured here, Col. Lucero discussed the in-flight data and footage captured earlier that day by the Fleet’s prototype "Stealthstar" covert aircraft. Lt(Sr) Sazuka Yoshikawa piloted the Stealthstar on the reconnaissance patrol.

Moments after these photographs were taken, Viper and Raptor pilots carried out a brutally effective frontal offensive on the Raiders guarding the Cylon base ship, and then destroyed it with a nuclear missile.

Casualties were significant on both sides, with several Pacifica pilots confined to Sick Bay for several days following the sortie. See the September 7 edition of the News-Review for more details.

((Since he didn’t really ask for anonymity, thanks to Stan Rhode for capturing these.))

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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