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A Service of the News Bureau of the Government of the Twelve Colonies

Notes & Welcome for FNS Reporters

A few brief notes for all FNS reporters:

This blog is intended to convey “the story so far” as it unfolds in the Second Life BSG47 (“Battlestar Pacifica”) real-time roleplaying sim. Reports are filed by civilian reporters within the sim; additional reporters are badly needed.

Contact current News-Review staff members (see list at the bottom of this message) or any member of the BSG47 Admin team for details.

  • Except for the Comments section (which is open to the public), only Fleet News Service reporters and authorized Colonial government staff may contribute to the blog.
  • Current reporters will provide new reporters with access information for the shared Gmail address that accompanies this blog. Players can send story ideas, drafts, pictures, etc. to this address. PLEASE CHECK IT OFTEN.
  • When you’ve acted on a non-spam email in the Gmail account, please ARCHIVE it instead of deleting it. That way, even though it won’t appear in the Gmail inbox anymore, it can be retrieved if necessary using Gmail’s search feature.

The honor system applies. Posts on the blog can be edited by anyone with access to the blog, but please be respectful. Let each reporter tell the story the way he or she saw it. If there are errors of fact, let the person know in-world and at the very least get their permission to edit the post, or, preferably, allow them to edit it themselves.

Current News-Review staff:

  • Dollwife Pink, Head Press Representative/Commentator
  • Dean Steadham, Journalist
  • Hexxkitten Soleil, Journalist

4 Responses to “Notes & Welcome for FNS Reporters”

  1. Anonymous said

    What email address do we mail to? I cannot find an email address.

  2. FleetNewsService said

    You can email us at

    Thank you.
    FNS Staff

  3. bibomedia said


  4. Sara Freeman said

    I want to let everyone know about the leadership, bravery, and courage demonstrated by three individuals during the recent capture of the civilians on 7th, their escape to TQ, and eventual rescue by the Fleet. This has largly gone unmentioned, and i cannot let that happen. I was a captured civilian, and was there throughout the ordeal, so this is first-hand. The three individuals are Serp Auer, Liana Inshan, and Bethany Siemens. Shortly after the capture, all of us were locked up in the Dome on 7th. We were constantly watched and harrassed by Centurions, and Cylon Agents. Risking geat bodily harm these three planned, and executed our escape from the dome, captured a vessle, and brought us safely to TQ. Upon our arrival on TQ, they proceeded to set up defenses, and train us civilians how to fight. Being civilians, you can imagine how inexperienced we were (note the were). Not to mention nervous, unsure, and scared. Serp, Liana and Beth were unshakable. They made sure we knew what to do, and kept us focused during the entire ordeal. I cannot count the number of times each of them put their lives on the line to save others. Their leadership enabled us to fend off attack after attack. Their courage caused the death of many a cylon. I for one will never forget what these three did for us, and for the fleet. They deserve the highest recognition. To not reward them would be a crime, to say the least. They embory all that the fleet stands for. All three of them are true heros.

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