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FTL Enterprises responds to Carbetta’s latest anti-corporation comments

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 16, 2007

CELESTRA, September 16 — Shortly after the commotion in the Quorum Chamber Wednesday evening, FTL Enterprises issued the following statement to the press, the President and the other current Representatives.

*    *    *    *    *

Open letter to Ms. Capri Carbetta, Caprica Representative, Quorum of the Twelve Colonies

From Captain Starbuckk Serapis, Chief Executive Officer, FTL Enterprises.

President Zarta Vargas
Commander Angelica Nephilim
Captain Tanya Halberd, Chief Operating Officer, FTL
Mr. Dean Steadham, News-Review reporter
Mr. Pezzo Pestana, Leonis Representative, Quorum of the Twelve Colonies
Mr. Gibley Goldblatt, Sagittaron Representative, Quorum of the Twelve Colonies
Mr. Soral Merlin, Picon Representative, Quorum of the Twelve Colonies

Dear Ms. Carbetta,

This public letter is being written to help us to understand your apparent disdain for our corporation and what we are trying to accomplish. Frankly, we find your attacks on us somewhat mystifying. You have referred to us as a “monopoly”.  I submit the following definition of monopoly: 

1 : exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action

2 : exclusive possession or control

3 : a commodity controlled by one party

FTL fails on all of the above items. We do not have exclusive ownership of the entire fleet.  We only own two ships. That fact rules out items one and two. We control no commodities.  Our business is transportation. And the existence of other ships in the fleet such as the Tylium Queen, that are not owned or controlled by FTL, eliminates us as a monopoly in that realm.

During the summit meeting, you expressed concern about FTL entering the financial arena. I stated then and I will restate for the record:  FTL will NOT enter the banking and finance industry now or at any time in the future, unless the need comes up and no other organization steps in to fill it. We franky do not have the capital resources to engage in such a venture, even if we WANTED to.

I also point out that during the same summit meeting, you reiterated your support and proposal for a central bank. And while we stated then that we do not feel it is the BEST solution to the coming financial needs, we also agreed that the proposal has sufficient merit that we would not oppose you on it. Again, I state for the record:  A central bank, while not our favorite approach, is acceptable to us as a corporation participating in the new economy. And as stated above, as it is not our intent to enter the banking and finance arena, we will not lobby a position in this matter.

As of this time, FTL Enterprises’ goal is simply the efficient and EVENTUALLY profitable running of 7th Heaven and Celestra. Would we consider taking other ships into our realm?  Sure, if the stake holders of those ships approached us with a merger interest. For that to occur, however, we would most likely need the very financial structure discussed above in place, by a a DIFFERENT organization, that we could turn to in order to help finance such a venture.

So you see, Ms. Carbetta, not only are we NOT the monopoly you seem to fear, we have no hope or intent to become it. We simply believe that the best approach to economy is a free market. And monopolies of the type you fear would be as detrimental to us as they would be to the economy, as they abuse and violate free market principles. It is for these reasons I find your fear of FTL mystifying.

Should you wish to engage in a healthy dialog with us, you know how to reach me. I would very much like to understand your reasoning in this matter.

Starbuckk Serapis
Chief Executive Officer
FTL Enterprises


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