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Before the Blow

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 7, 2007

It has come to my attention the devastating attack against he Basestar was in retaliation to and assault by the Cylons. In an detailed interview with Captain Starbuckk Serapis, he explains the incident that happened before hand.

With the fleet shuttle out of service, he transports the Oracle back to the mining ship and spends some time talking with her in the lounge there. While there, a force of centurions board with one carrying the body of a viper pilot, Kalah. Moments later he was shot in the sholder and leg and goes down…seeing the Centurions escort the Oracle from the ship. He radios a message and the fleet is alerted. Before help could arrive…the Oracle was taken. Soon the marines board the mining ship before the Captain goes critical and get him help, also locating the pilot Kalah. Captain Serapis awakes in sickbay to find several other pilots injured and Kalah sedated.

The blow had already been delivered. But now the questions remain. Why did the cylons have Kalah, where was she, and why was she returned? Why leave the captain wounded and take the Oracle? Take one and leave one…why take any after destroying billions?

With the cylons crippled….what becomes of those they have taken? And does the military know more of all this then is being said? Commander Nephilim…the people want a statement.

D’Anna Biers
The News-Review


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