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((Site spruce-up underway))

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 19, 2007

We’ve done some re-formatting of the Who’s Who! and Photos pages (Dean discovered an app that plays nicely with WordPress), and while things are looking a bit slicker, we’re still missing lots of your portraits on Who’s Who!.

If you want to be pictured there, please send us your pics… instructions can be found on that page of the site.


One Response to “((Site spruce-up underway))”

  1. Cathiee McMillan said

    I Will be willing to help anyone with Photos for the web site,
    I have a N30 Studio on my own land, that i can use until I talk to Doll to possibly setting my own Studio space on the BSG sim.
    She gave me the Colony flags which i can add into my studio for back drops.
    If you have any other Ideas for Back drops please let me know.
    I was thinking the Crest of the Pacifica and the Viper and raptor pilots and other ships in the fleet.
    and i will be hopefully getting some special back grounds or setups to take pictures. Soon.
    Please IM me in game Cathiee McMillan
    Thank you

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