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URGENT: Oracle tells of Human Cylons!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 19, 2007

I have great reservation is writing this…but I feel the words of the Oracle and events of last night must be told.  A couple days ago the Oracle, myself and a half dozen others stood in the dome of the 7th Heaven.  Conversation turned to what it was like to be inside the Basestar.  I will post as much of this in her words and leave out the names of those that were present for their protection.

Eyea Aya: I was treated very fairly by those creatures.
????: Creatures?
????: Machines, you mean?
Eyea Aya: yes, I refer to them as creatures, they make my skin crawl.

Eyea Aya: I saw something,, something, that I am not supposed to speak of.
????: "Supposed to"?
Eyea Aya: I have been accused of spreading rumor

Eyea Aya: I have been threaten with treason for rumor spreading.
Eyea Aya: but I have seen the truth.
Eyea Aya: so, let them put their treason tag on me.
Eyea Aya: I saw that ,,
Eyea Aya: there are Cylons,, that are human.

It was here in the conversation that people started their disbelief.  But I know better…I know the rumors..know some of what has been covered up. She continued…

Eyea Aya: I spoke to one, closer than we stand now.
Eyea Aya: no,, not a human. a Cylon of flesh.
????: and it told you he was a Cylon?
Eyea Aya: it showed me, the vessels they inhabit, their" souls"

The Cylon shared much with the Oracle, their religion, their desire for a truce…

Eyea Aya: it spoke of god, and it’s wish, that they can bring us the word of god, as our shepherds.
Eyea Aya: yes, they believe in one god,

Eyea Aya: they wish to lead us to god,, or destroy us, perhaps, if we do not follow them.

????: Is that why they wanted you? to talk about the Gods?
Eyea Aya: they have a sincere belief, they spoke of reconciliation , no more attacks.
Eyea Aya: yes, I believe so,,

She said this was told to her before we destroyed their Baseship..did they really have a desire of reconciliation?  We continued pressing more about the Cylon she spoke to…

Eyea Aya: I only say clearly, one Cylon with flesh,, but there were others, in the shadows.
????: Man, woman?
Eyea Aya: the one I met, was a male.
Eyea Aya: I can speak his name…
Eyea Aya: it is a name familiar to you all.
Eyea Aya: its name was Ayden Janus.

Eyea Aya: he was " reborn" in that place.
Eyea Aya: he cannot die.

Eyea Aya: his "soul" inhabited on of the vessels, in that ship. that was there, waiting for him to occupy.
Eyea Aya: a soulless body, waiting to be filled.
Eyea Aya: there were many there,, I saw many.
Eyea Aya: yes, there were many empty vessels.

More talk followed about the Oracles prophecy and of how she has told all this before she had even seen it…

Eyea Aya: I take responsibility for my words, but do not expect you to.
D’Anna Biers: I fear it might be a burden we share together Oracle
Eyea Aya: I may face the brig, and will do so, if the truth be told.

Immediately after this I sent a message to the President…telling her of this and that other people knew.  That it must be told.  That people know of the rumors and the truth must be told.  I was told to wait..that it would be told soon.  So I waited…till last night.

Last night Ayden Janus returned.  I do not know the details…but Ayden and the Doctor (Schridde) exchanged gunfire on the 7th Heaven.  Several military personnel came to the Doctor’s aid and both were brought to the clinic on the 7th.  Before Captain Halberd and myself could arrive…a couple people were able to transfuse some of Aydens blood over to the Doctor to stabilize him.  Ayden died  on the table next to Doctor Schridde.  He has now died for a second time!

Human Cylons are real….the government has suspected it and I have been guilty of hiding their suspicions.  No longer!  I has straddled the line between controlling information for them and sharing it with you.  It is now time that I share.  So Say We All!

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)

The News-Review


3 Responses to “URGENT: Oracle tells of Human Cylons!”

  1. Slow But Sure said

    Janus is back? And in a shooting again? And dead again?

    Is all that true or just yet another preposterous rumour induced by paranoia? People keep pointing their fingers and whispering of human Cylons. But if Ms Biers is reporting it… does that mean it’s really for real?

  2. ReGen said

    My brain hasn’t processed the paranoia part of all of this yet…but my question is this — how dare the press conceal these suspicions from us for this long? If they knew, why not publish…and smoke these HuLons out of their caves, or pods, or whatever, even sooner!?

  3. Slow But Sure said

    Well, “ReGen”, I’m sure they didn’t publish these before so the people wouldn’t start accusing their neighbour of being a Cylon. Is there even a way to tell one of these flesh-machines from us? Am I going to get accused of being a Cylon because I look wrong at someone?

    Very worried and scared:

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