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Vargas and partial Quorum reveal the path to our future

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 19, 2007



7TH HEAVEN, September 19 — In a shocking dual revelation this evening, President Vargas and two-thirds of the active (meaning, non-incarcerated) Quorum members revealed to the News-Review their immediate plans, jointly devised with military leadership, for rebuilding human society on a distant planet. The target world is one discovered by Ms. Vargas through independent research, preceding her succession to the highest office in the Colonies.

Recognizing that there will be many questions following this announcement, I was asked to publish this statement as soon as possible; I will remain with the President and Representatives Pestana and Goldblatt to obtain answers to a number of these questions, and will publish them as soon as possible.

The Government’s official statement follows.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

=:: From the Colonial Government to the People of the Colonies ::=

As has always been the case, the effort, goal, and responsibility of the Colonial Military and Government is to ensure our population’s safety, survival, and progress. This has especially been been so since the original Cylon attack several weeks ago.

Unlike the military’s actions that focus on safety of our people, government decisions and actions can often not be made hastily. Government officials, as you are all aware, are tasked with many concerns of the people and have a very broad scope of understanding of how many issues interconnect and affect one another.  Additionally, there can sometimes be conflict within the government, itself, with issues presented that slow the process of government action toward productive ends, as has been the case until recently.

It is important for the people of the colonies to know that, although we do not yet have a full Quorum established, the President and current Representatives Pazzo Pestana, Gibley Goldblatt, and Soral Merlin are a unified government working together cooperatively and collaboratively toward ensuring the best for all of our people.

There are a few critical issues your government officials have had to discuss, and it is now time to bring these things to your attention — for your awareness and action.

1) As has been previously stated in the News-Review, Cylons have taken a human form. The possibility for this to occur has been suspected for some time, but there has been no proof of it until recently. You, the people, have not been told of this suspicion because your government is not in the business of spreading rumors.

2) The human-form Cylon that has been identified is named Ayden Janus, and he has been killed more than once. As Janus2 maintained memories from his previous existence, it is apparent that those must be transferred to another Cylon location upon his "death." If you should see Janus, contact military or security personnel immediately, or arrest and secure him immediately if you are one of these personnel.

Certainly, you will be wondering if there are other human-form Cylons. There is no reason to believe that is the case at this time. However, some precautions will be taken as part of the voter registration and election process to ensure that is the case.

3) There is a voter registration booth in the dome on 7th Heaven. Voter registration is required to elect the balance of our Quorum members. Please register as soon as you are able. The Quorum, as legislators, cannot represent the people in entirety until there is a full Quorum and all of the people are represented.

As part of the voter registration process, all citizens who wish to vote or run for office must undergo blood testing. The testing of blood samples drawn from Janus had markers, which human blood does not have. Blood testing of all citizens will, therefore, establish a baseline of our population and aid in ensuring there are no other human-form Cylons. Your present government officials have already been tested, as have most members of the military–with the balance of those to be tested soon. Any civilians who do not choose to register to vote or run for office will be tested after the quorum election process is complete.

4) Our colonies were destroyed; the effects of radiation will persist for a great many years to come; there is no hope for us on or around the colonies. We continue to be under severe Cylon attack while remaining in the area of the colonies, and we have recently sustained much damage to our vessels, which has depleted many resources in the repair process. As much as none of us wants to leave any of our loved ones, human survival, itself, is seriously threatened by our remaining near the colonies. It is time for us to move on — time for us to make all efforts to escape the pursuit of the Cylons — time for us to begin looking for a new home.

We cannot go back.

We need to go forward — look forward — to rebuilding and securing the future and safety of humanity.

We are human, and we will overcome all obstacles. We are not running. We are accepting the reality of our situation and adapting — as only humans can do.

So Say We All !


=:: President Vargas, Representative Pestana, Representative Goldblatt, Representative Merlin ::=


3 Responses to “Vargas and partial Quorum reveal the path to our future”

  1. Heidi Stiglitz said

    So say we all? No, we don’t.

    Radioactive or not, these are our homes… and there are still people alive there. With the proper anti-radiation drugs, our people could last indefinitely.

    Instead, we’re to run off to some unknown world? And do what? Wait there, pretending to rebuild our civilization? And all the while awaiting the inevitable day when the Cylons reappear and finish us off for good?

    My family died on Aerelon. I want to stay here with them. If I’m to die, I’d much rather it be in the defence of my family, my ancestors, and my world, rather than across the universe, with my tail between my legs.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    47th Battlestar Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  2. Eyea Aya said

    To my fellow survivors,
    Ms Vargas speaks the truth, with the need to leave these colonies, as soon as possible. They can no longer sustain us. We are also in constant danger from these Cylon attacks. We risk losing the remaining handful of humanity that we are if we stay here much longer. All efforts should be made to ensure as many are secured from the worlds below, and then we should leave without haste.
    The Book of the Word, the Sacred Scrolls, speaks of the 13th Tribe. In it is written of the exodus of humanity from the mother world of Kobol to the place called earth.
    Iblis states, “The Thirteenth Tribe is the Thirteenth Colony, separated from their brethren who form what would be known as the Twelve Colonies of Man.”
    With respect to all who would doubt this, I say this is more than myth. If you believe in the gods, then the decision should be clear. We should seek our brothers and sisters there.
    I have seen this to be our future. We need to follow the signs, that show themselves,,, to earth.

  3. Unknown soruce said

    What you see is a cloud of Kamalah. Earth is a myth, nothing more !

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