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Government faces early questions on "distant planet" plan

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 20, 2007



CELESTRA, September 20 – As announced yesterday, the Government officials (President Vargas and the active Representatives) have set their sights on a distant planet for human settlement, hopefully free from the Cylon threat. We’ve also learned that said threat is closer to home than we first realized, as the Cylons have developed models that resemble humans. After a brief meeting in which these announcements were made public to the News-Review, I had the opportunity to ask a few preliminary questions.

A transcript of key questions and the Government’s answers follows. Comments from the public are welcome.

***Please note that President Vargas and the Quorum Representatives will hold an open forum for the public to ask further questions and learn more about our planned course of action. Interested parties should meet in the Quorum Chamber on 7th Heaven at 5:00 p.m. ((SLT)) today.***

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


Zarta Vargas: The reps, the commander, and I had planned to do this differently, but I’m afraid Ms. Biers’ recent news article required that the reps and I revisit the plans. …and this is our statement to the people. therefore…do you have *any* questions of us?
president-vargasDean Steadham: There will be MANY questions from the public about this "new home" of ours. Have you got a location in mind?
Zarta Vargas: Yes. I suspected this might be a question, but not go into detail in the statement. I expected you to ask.
Gibley Goldblatt: For many of the survivors, re-settlement won’t be a problem because we’re barely settled here.
Pazzo Pestana: Yes, and a life without constant fear of attack and oppression will be a powerful inducement.
Zarta Vargas: As I mentioned to you some time ago, Mr. Steadham, the picture in my quarters aboard Colonial One is of a planet I located many years ago…. during my time in the field of astronomy after working on the Cylon project. It is not close to here, but with FTL, we can reach it in our lifetime.
Dean Steadham: We’re all fairly young, Madam President… That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.
Zarta Vargas: This is not going to be an easy journey, but i have every confidence in the determination of humanity. As contradictory as it may sound…. humans resist change, but we also have a very unique ability to adapt more than any other species.
Pazzo Pestana: We must place our trust in our President … the very qualities to which Carbetta objected (a scientist as a political leader) are the ones which will show us the path.
Gibley Goldblatt: Having know much other than attack and oppression on my poor colony, we will welcome some peace and the opportunity to grow and prosper.


Dean Steadham
: Do we have evidence that this planet can support life, Ma’am?
Zarta Vargas: Yes, it can…. Astronomical observation of it indicates that it would be perfect for our population… and I should add that its distance from here should be viewed as a positive, since the farther away from the Cylons we can get, the better.
Pazzo Pestana: Yes, as long as we don’t take any of them with us ….


Dean Steadham
: You told us about the planet… but how exactly did leadership learn of the status of the 12 colonies?
Zarta Vargas: I have have had many discussions with the Commander … there have been flights over the planets since the original attack… review of them…. they’re contaminated goldblattby radiation… only time will heal that… *much* time… much more than we have
Dean Steadham: Also, any insight into the decision criteria that led to our abandoning the Colonies would be helpful… are we certain no human life remains anywhere on the planet, and that we’re not unknowingly leaving behind anyone who may be holed up in a sheltered area…since many would argue we’d have an obligation to go back for anyone in that situation?
Gibley Goldblatt: As a survivor, it’s difficult to have an impartial view…but, given the peril to the exisitng community, to risk our well being any further, in search of others, doesn’t make sense. It’s a sad day, certainly, but I believe that our deliberations have been appropriate in the context of the existing situation. Our world now comprises what we have before us.
Zarta Vargas: honestly, there may still be survivors, but they have been exposed to the radiation for so long now that even if we could rescue them all, the likelihood of their recovering from it is next to none.
Pazzo Pestana: Mr. Steadham, to send our pilots out in search of more survivors only exposes them to loss with little hope of gain.


Dean Steadham:
Does the fleet have sufficient tylium, or a means to replenish our supply, to help us reach this far-off planet?
Zarta Vargas: We have enough to last for a while. if you recall, this was one of the initial concerns I spoke to the commander about immediately after the initial attack. we have recovered as much as we can…. we’re now wasting resources remaining here when we could be making progress toward a new future. … we will, of course, need to find other resources along the journey.
Dean Steadham: Isn’t it possible that the Cylons have already discovered, or even overtaken, this planet of yours? How do we know we’re not lambs headed for the slaughter, here?
Zarta Vargas: the Cylons are interested in us… They want to control their creators…. They were programmed to serve… They must view their actions as serving our greater good. … Certainly, they have their own planet(s), but they’ve not travelled too far from us. …. I’ll say again, this planet of which i speak is *quite* some distance here, and i’ve never spoken of it until after the recent initial attack…. … i have never revealed its coordinates
Dean Steadham: So you’ve said, but surely you had colleagues in the Ministry who were also aware of its location?
Zarta Vargas: No, this was work i did on my own.
Pazzo Pestana: My concern, and the blood testing addresses this, is that we don’t "take" them with us …


Dean Steadham
: The emergence of this information, indeed the news that life will never return to what our people have known, will trigger a desire to know what you’ve all planned for our infrastructure and economy, while we travel. So, to that end…Living conditions are already cramped, with some individuals sharing bunks and living space… is there a plan to convert any existing ships to accommodate the additional population boom we’re likely to experience, in the coming years?pestana
Pazzo Pestana: Mr. Steadham, I think our survival and security are the first concerns, then comes infrastructure and economy, I think.
Zarta Vargas: Mr. Steadham…. … many things cannot be decided until a full Quorum is again established. …. … our first concern must be the safety of our people.
Dean Steadham: A fair point, but that doesn’t mean the people won’t ask. Just trying to put myself in their shoes… so it would be better if you all didn’t look at these as an argumentative exercise on my part…but rather one of empathy for all. So…questions regarding workforce, how we’ll make a living while traveling, how we’ll educate our children….i’m hearing you say you want to table all of these for another time? The "safety and security first" argument is fine for as far as it goes, but people are going to need to feel some stability VERY quickly… over and above a lack of fear for their lives.
Zarta Vargas: We have many jobs available, and Cpt Halberd and Cpt Serapis are well into establishing more. If people want work, it is available.
Dean Steadham: Fair enough… We’ll return to these questions after we’re underway, though, I can assure you.
Zarta Vargas: Understood …. and expected, Mr. steadham. I think it’s important for the people to understand that if they want to establish those things, it is very necessary that they register to vote … and elect new Quorum members. As I have said –today and in the past …. I believe in the power and determination of humanity … I think we need to focus on that — the positive.


Zarta Vargas
: You and I have spoken often, Mr. Steadham…… and you know that I do not desire to hide anything from the press or the people. the representatives are also of this feeling. however, as said in the statement, we will do what we need to do to protect the people and act in their best interests. Rumors will always be spreading about many things, but we will not be a part of rumors. What the people will hear from us will be supported by fact.


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