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Accused Bekkers Killed in Raider Crash

Posted by Fleet News Service on April 22, 2008

Late in the evening of April 21, 2008, Mason Bekkers, infamous alleged kidnapper was killed. During a cylon attack on the fleet, a raider crashed into the River Delta causing a hull breach that killed the prisoner, who was in the interrogation room.  RD’s emergency bulkheads deployed and protected most on board.

When the attack occurred, Bekkers was secured in the interrogation room while the crew made the usual attack preparations. The raider breached the hull in that room. Bekkers’ body was apparently drawn out through the impact zone when the raider hit. The raider itself was mostly demolished on impact, however, some pieces were found protruding the hull and strewn around the impact zone.

Damage teams from Pacifica, led by Petty Officer Nathaniel Flores, with additional support from the Aerelon Sun were dispatched and able to effect repairs quickly.

Bekkers’ trial, which was scheduled for Saturday, April 26, will not be held.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


One Response to “Accused Bekkers Killed in Raider Crash”

  1. yevkalaws said

    Quite simply,

    I don’t believe this story at all.

    Until someone comes up with a body, I will remain in hiding in the civilian fleet, evading both the military authorities and Mason Bekkers, a criminal that has committed many offenses against good people.

    Yevka Laws

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