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Town Hall Meeting Held

Posted by Sable Babii on May 18, 2008

A town hall meeting was held today in the Quorum Theater room. It covered a lot of topics, and there were some tense moments as a few individuals expressed their frustrations.

President Halberd moderated the discussion. New announcements of an additional new sim for BSG47 and a new website were met with enthusiasm.

A complete transcript is posted on the Forum at <;.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


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Accused Bekkers Killed in Raider Crash

Posted by Fleet News Service on April 22, 2008

Late in the evening of April 21, 2008, Mason Bekkers, infamous alleged kidnapper was killed. During a cylon attack on the fleet, a raider crashed into the River Delta causing a hull breach that killed the prisoner, who was in the interrogation room.  RD’s emergency bulkheads deployed and protected most on board.

When the attack occurred, Bekkers was secured in the interrogation room while the crew made the usual attack preparations. The raider breached the hull in that room. Bekkers’ body was apparently drawn out through the impact zone when the raider hit. The raider itself was mostly demolished on impact, however, some pieces were found protruding the hull and strewn around the impact zone.

Damage teams from Pacifica, led by Petty Officer Nathaniel Flores, with additional support from the Aerelon Sun were dispatched and able to effect repairs quickly.

Bekkers’ trial, which was scheduled for Saturday, April 26, will not be held.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Reflections and Militia

Posted by Fleet News Service on April 18, 2008

From Datan Lanzet, Citizen (in my own opinon):
A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in arms, is the best most natural defense of a free country.
                – James Madison, Tauron Patriot
As I sit here quarantined aboard the 7th Heaven, I was talking with Dr. Leandrah Whiteberry, fellow Tauron, and we were discussing the pride and the independence of the Tauron militia.  I was regailed with stories of my stubborn and willfull ancestors resisting in the first Cylon war ((Reference:  Razor!)) and we were talking about why we have put all of our eggs in the basket of the Pacifica.  I am writing to encourage the Quorum to take up the cause of the militias, bring them back and let each colony organize their own.  Along with that perhaps we should have everyone do some sort of military training and have skills training.
I remember reading the plight of the civilians who escaped Cylon captivity and how they had to be “trained” to handle weapons.  Why wait until we get boarded again?  EVERY ship in the fleet is at risk of a boarding party, not just the Pacifica.  It makes no sense to me why we have an evolving “military elite” when we are all in danger of dying not just pilots and marines.
The fleet should be defended by EVERY man and woman, not just those who fly in expensive aerospace fighters.  There are many man and women who could take flight training, more than currently “in service.”  Even some rudimentary training for those qualified is better than none at all. 
The rest of the able bodied and willing people of the fleet could be organized into militias who receive weapons  ((Reference the Israelis, who let the soldiers keep their weapons in the closet, at the ready)).  Certainly we could get weapons together, they always seem to have enough for the pilots and marines, we can dedicate some to fabrication of some type of weapon.
The Articles of Colonization allow each Colony to maintain their militia.  Bring it back.  What if what happened on the 7th happened on Pacifica, and the pilots wiped out quickly.  Even someone with basic “nugget” training would be better than someone with no training at all.  To hoard that knowledge makes NO sense.
If we are concerned about the survival of the human species, then the evolution of a military “elite” class is not in our best interest.  The Cylons will think twice about boarding and getting hostages if the boarding party runs into armed and trained citizens.
It would also stop the evolution of a mililtary elite that is not tied to the populace.  I think while the overall organization should be under the Commander-In-Chief, these militias are under the direct control of their Colony governments.  Most of us would NEVER be called on.  Tyrants fear an armed populace, democracies do not.
But what if we were needed?  Cross training and certification in military MOS’s for everyone makes sense.  A ready reserve preserves humanity better than a few, the militias dilute the military control to preserve democracy.
I also think the majority of us would feel better if we all felt we contributed rather than always being told how much we need protection and owe our lives to this person or that military individual.  Democracy is only protected by a knowledgeable and ready citizenry.  We are not sheep that need you to sing to sleep.
I’m a Tauron, and on my world we protect ourselves.  We are not sheep that need tending.  Our sheep carry guns and are ready to fight the wolf.  The Gods protect the righteous who help themselves.
Madame President, the Quorum, Military Officers, this policy only makes sense.  We are all at risk, there is no “civilian” to the Cylons only humans to kill under a mushroom cloud.  This is not a new policy, this is bringing back a successful policy, and old policy.  I ask all of you who feel you should be able to defend yourself when faced with a Centurion (as many of us have! – I did on Pacifica!) to join me.  I hope our brothers and sisters are still fighting from caves on Taura, in my heart I know they are.  DEATH to the Cylons.
So say we all,
Datan Lanzet
Citizen, Loyal Tauron
Many thanks to the Doctor for her thoughts!
 P.S. – NOTE:  Today as I wandered around the quarantine zone, I was informed by the doctor that several “infected pilots” had to be sent back to Pacifica because of a pilot shortage!  To risk the entire fleet’s infection because of “pilot shortage” is unacceptable, and should serve as a warning of things to come.
This time it is a rash, what about next time.  No quarantine area where there is potential interaction (like on Pacifica) is safe.  This is a wake up call.  We should all be involved in defense, and the pilot pool should be expanded for “reserves” so that we don’t have to take such risks. 
There simply isn’t a good reason to risk us all.
((There are alot of OOC advantages as well… man wouldnt we all like to go up in a viper like once or twice???   Maybe more of us would pay money to fly if we knew what it was like!!!!))
DISCLAIMER: The following opinions are for educational purposes only, they do not reflect any legal conclusion or a policy statement of the Colonial Government. They are offered for the purposes of debate and reflection and do not constitute any creation of attorney client privilege. They are my opinions only.

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Opinion Piece On Military Orders against Pregnancy

Posted by Fleet News Service on April 13, 2008

The following has recently appeared in the news with the below title.  It should be made clear that it is an opinion piece from one of our concerned readers.  It doesn’t represent the feelings of this paper / the government / the military.  It has caused much discussion and heated opinions.  It should also be noted that a public discussion of this order will follow in the future. ((Check for notices and comments in the OOC Forum))

Thank you.

Ms. Pink, The News-Review

Commander Syakumi Hates Children and Hetrosexual Women

It has come to Fleet News that Commander Onyx Syakumi, has made a demand of all female pilots.

Her lastest command decision is repeated below:

“It is the responsibility of every man and woman aboard this ship to provide unerring vigilance and protection to the civilian fleet. To that end, we must take measures to ensure that our strength is not eroded from within by basic human urges.

Effective now, all active personnel will be expected to submit to an injected hormonal contraception as a part of military service. There are no exemptions. Instances of maternity or paternity in the future will result in a mandatory separation from the service.”

I urge all females in the fleet to rise up in protest to this, Support this by laying down and doing nothing.

Pilots do not fly, Medical staff do not help wounded.

I ask for an immediate recinding of this order which is illegal, immoral, and well beyond her authority as a “commander”


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Vice Presidential Invitational

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 25, 2008

Vice Presidential Invitational

As part of the continuing efforts to represent the needs of the fleet, Vice President Vicky Vielle cordially invites all colonials to an informal party at Afterburners on Thursday 4pm SLT.

All branches of the government will be represented there: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. So this will be a ‘getting to know you’ session so that Colonials can talk directly to those in government and in return they can hear directly the concerns and needs of those living in the Fleet.

So come along and mix in, we alll just want to do the best for the fleet. And of course have some fun.

So Say We All!

Vicky Vielle
Vice President of the Twelve Colonies

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Head of the Miners Guild Found Dead

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 10, 2008

Early this morning, miners reporting for the early shift on the planet Poseidon they found what can only be defined as a macabre scene. The body of one Jonah Whelan, who was at one time the head of the mining Guild on the Tylium Queen, was found badly tortured and mutilated, crucified on one of the tylium mining machine’s cross braces in the depths of the mine.

A second body, identified by friends as his wife, Elia Whelan was found lying face down in the pool in 7th Heaven. She was killed by a single shot to the back of her head. OPSEC and Security from 7th Heaven and Tylium Queen were called to the two grisly scenes. Both bodies were transported to the morgue for autopsy.
Fleet records show that the couple had a son. A search was initiated but investigations have concluded him missing and presumed dead.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Quorum Representative Liana Inshan Arrested, Then Released

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 4, 2008

In a bizarre incident in Pacifica Sick Bay, Quorum of 12 Representative Liana Inshan began acting very strangely. Several military officers attempted to restrain her, and she attacked one in the process. She was promptly taken to the brig on Pacifica.

Admiral Nephilim, President Halberd, and Captain Serapis were summoned to the brig, where they listened to the descriptions of the situation, and also some confusing reports about Ms. Inshan’s medical condition. President Halberd decided to move her to River Delta because it was a civilian judicial matter, and to have the charges reviewed by Attorney General Derin Swenson.

Mr. Swenson decided to drop the charges when Dr. Felicia Huygens explained that a brain tumor was causing Representative Inshan’s behavior. Ms. Inshan was immediately released and sent to the clinic on 7th Heaven for surgery, where the tumor was removed.

We all hope that Ms. Inshan recovers quickly!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Captain LizzyD Vendetta Dead?

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 3, 2008

I was quite happy to meet up with Captain Serapis today in the landing bay of the Celesta…he was looking well after his ordeal aboard the Cylon Basestar.  I commented how nice and happy we were all to have him home safe….especially with Cpt. Weiland wounded and Cpt. Vendetta missing.  It was then that his face turned white and his eyes clouded as if recalling an image.  I asked if things were ok….

“LizzyD..oh no…no…  She was on the base star.   I was in my cell.  I heard her voice.”

Captain Serapis was obviously distraut by the sudden realization.  I pressed him and he seemed to calm down, “She was there? She was a prisoner?”  He looked at me and said, “Yes. I was in my cell. Alone. I had been interrogated..I think .. drugged..I heard shouting down the hall. The voice…I knew it..couldn’t place it. Paxan wasn’t in her cell…thought it must be her.”  Two Centurions were dragging her and she was resisting.  It was hard to see but it must have been her.  She looked injured.  I couldn’t place the voice. It was so far away.  But now I know. It was Captain Vendetta.  The frackers killed her”.

I asked him where they were taking her…”I don’t know.I only saw her her fighting with them.  She was yelling too.  Something about never telling them where they are and that the people will get thier payback….I figure she was talking either about the children or the weapons.  Well actually she must have been talking abut the weapons.”

“What did they do with her?”, I asked him.  His expression turned solomn, “I don’t know. I blacked out.  Drugs.  I thought it was a nightmare. The drugs.  It didn’t seem real.  I never saw her again. Lizzy….”

Captain Vendetta was not rescued and is not anywhere in the fleet…we can only assume she was one of many who lost thier lives to the Cylons in these last few horrific weeks.  Our prayers to the Lords of Kobol go out to them all and the ones close them.

In a related note…Cobb Comption the 7th Heaven Security Officer was promoted to Executive Officer and Makal Krogstad is the new Captain of the Tylium Queen.  Note Cpt. Krogstad was assigned the position before this news of Cpt. Vendetta came to light.

Ms. Pink
The News-Review

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Pacifica Returns, Routes Cylons, Saves Fleet!

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 2, 2008

Pacifica and River Delta made a bold return, attacking and destroying the Cylon Basestar just as citizens on TQ were afraid they would not be able to hold out against more Cylon assaults.

The fleet was liberated from captivity by our brave military pilots, infantry and OPSEC teams, who triumphantly returned to drive away the monsters.

In a huge battle that integrated all of our forces from Marines, OPSEC, Viper pilots and Raptor pilots, Cylons were at last driven back. There were many casualties, and reports are not yet available, but rumor has it that Pacifica Sick Bay is full of wounded fighters.

After the Basestar was neutralized, OPSEC teams swept the fleet for Cylons, freeing civilians and accepting the tearful gratitude of people who had feared for their lives daily for far too long.

When the fleet was separated several weeks ago, civilians were captured and rounded up by the Cylons on 7th Heaven. The desperate citizens managed to secure some weapons and escape to the Tylium Queen. There, led by Cobb Compton and Ensign Serp Auer, brave citizens who were unfamiliar with weaponry or explosives managed to hold the Cylons off for nearly a week. Many died in the siege.

Fierce resistance was encountered on the Conneva, where a large number of Centurians made a stand in the engine room. An entire team of our people was lost in the sweep of the ship, and Pacifica fired on the ship to eliminate the threat, then sent a second team to search for survivors. None of the 18 registered residents of Conneva were found, and only 3 bodies were recovered. The ship was scuttled. It is presumed that the Centurions had killed all citizens before Pacifica arrived.

Admiral Angelica Nephilim, known for being a soldier of few words, was reached while still coordinating the aftermath of the attack. “It was a hard fought battle, but failure was not in our lexicon. I am proud of the fighting soldiers of Pacifica,” she said before turning away to speak to members of her command.

Colonial President Tanya Halberd expressed great sadness when told of the many civilian deaths, including Quorum Representative Conell Dagger, who died with many others defending the families on the Tylium Queen. President Halberd spoke haltingly over the wireless, expressing both joy and grief as she explained that every single member of the Pacifica crew was single-mindedly gutwrenched trying ready the Pacifica to return as soon as possible. She said she would never be able to fully express the relief she felt when OPSEC teams reported that the civilian ships were secured, one by one. She said she wanted to personally thank every one in the fleet who risked their lives to drive out the menace.

Work commenced immediately to repair the sabotaged FTL drives on the civilian fleet ships. It was the failure of those drives that caused the fleet to get separated initially. Captain Starbuckk Serapis coordinated the effort, called on all available engineers to assist, and was able to get the whole fleet to jump away from the cursed place in a fairly short time.

Many tears of joy and sadness will be shared tonight. So say we all!!!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Broadcast Believed Received from Pacifica

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 1, 2008

Ensign Serp Auer made contact with a Raptor from Pacifica today. I interviewed him and transcribed his remarkable account of the event.

Sable Babii: What made you try to reach the Pacifica by wireless?
Serp Auer: It was something I had to try and do. Luckily there was someone out there to listen. Honestly the message was over-due in attempt but this as my first chance to try and remodulate comms gear.
Sable Babii: Had you tried before or did you get a response your first time?
Serp Auer: The only attempt I made today was the lucky one. I wasnt to sure if the transmitter would work it was so badly shotup when I cobbled it back together.
Sable Babii: That’s amazing. What did you tell Pacifica, and what response did you get back?
Serp Auer: I told them of our situation and that we will hold out no matter what.
Sable Babii: Good. What did they say?
Serp Auer: Since they didn’t know if it was fully secure the raptor pilot only clicked their wireless on and off several times to indicate that they had recieved my transmission. I caught sight of the bird and to say this it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen as of late before it FTL’ed out
Sable Babii: Incredible. Thanks for relaying that. Please keep us posted if you have any more contact, ok?
Serp Auer: Of course.

There you have it, folks. Ensign Auer spotted a recon raptor from Pacifica. Thank the gods this all may soon be over! Don’t tell the Cylons!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Siege Continues, Civilians Hold Off Cylons

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 29, 2008

Our brave citizens have managed to hold off the Cylons, who have attacked the Tylium Queen in wave after wave of assaults. Quorum Member Conell Dagger was killed in the fighting.

Bravely holding their own in shifts and led by Serp Auer and Cobb Compton, the inexperienced citizens struggled against the determined tin men. Auer and Cobb were frustrated at times by undisciplined civilians, including this reporter, who were unaccustomed to following orders.

We knew we were desperate when even our anti-violence minded Oracle, Eyea Aya, saw our fear and reluctantly took up arms herself saying, “I guess it is ok to kill a robot, isn’t it?”

On a very sad note, Tylium Queen XO and Quorum of 12 Representative Conell Dagger died in the siege. Services were held between attacks, with praises from all in attendance. It was very sad for everyone.

We don’t know how long we can hold this up, or when if ever the Pacifica will return. We do what we can hour by hour as the siege continues. We pray they will come back to us soon. Rumors have been circulating that garbled messages have been received saying that they are searching for us. There seems to be no way to confirm these rumors, however.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Civilians Retreat to the Tylium Queen

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 28, 2008

In a dramatic and desperate move, civilians temporarily escaped from the Cylons when they detonated charges found in a weapons cache on the Tylium Queen.

The battered civilians held captive on the luxury liner, 7th Heaven, suddenly used explosives and guns smuggled in, surprising their captors. They repulsed the Cylons and made their way to the shabby mine ship known as the Tylium Queen. They established defenses and prepared for a long siege in the hopes of saving the children from the monsters, possibly saving many lives.

Captain Weiland and Cobb Compton, Chief of Security on 7th Heaven, the only leadership still known to be alive, lead the military-style effort to hold the Cylons back. Compton planned and managed the details of the successful escape.

All of those aboard the TQ during wave after wave of Cylon attacks were clearly afraid. They hugged each other, swore to fight bravely, shared tears and encouraged each other. Many expressed faith that the heart of our family, the troops on Pacifica, will return to us before the Cylons can destroy us all.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Cylons Round Up Civilians in Dome

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 25, 2008

The Cylons rounded up all civilians in the dome on the garden level of 7th Heaven. Their skinjob spokesperson is threatening to deprive us all of food until the children are turned over. The whereabouts of the children are still unknown to the Cylons.

There is no sign of Pacifica or River Delta, and it is starting to look like they are lost. The President and the cabinet are lost, as well. Starbuckk Serapis is captured by Cylons, LizzyD Vendetta is missing.

The highest ranking person in command at this time is Windy Weiland, who has asked for calm, saying somewhat cryptically that “we will choose our battles.” She also added, “anyone revealing the location of the kids will be decompressed in an airlock so slowly they’ll wish the Cylons had captured them.”

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Dr. Innis Returned by Cylons

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 24, 2008

Dr. Shaheen Innis, who was captured by Cylons and taken somewhere with her newborn baby Leela, was inexplicably returned to the captured citizens of the fleet. Rumor has it that the Cylons were not interested in the baby, which is not a “hybrid” child.

In another strange set of happenings, captured Cylon defector Lauri Mayfair apparently escaped from Cylon captivity, was able to secure her husband, Ronon Maximus from the Tylium Queen, and they both left for parts unknown in a heavy raider. Maximus is said to have left a note for Cathiee McMillan, but this reporter has been unable to determine what it said.

Meanwhile, civilians are being held captive on 7th Heaven by Centurions, led by Captain Wendy Weiland. No one knows the whereabouts of Pacifica or River Delta, or if our brave military are even alive.

President Halberd and all of the members of her cabinet have been missing since the fleet was overrun, and all are feared dead.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Pacifica and River Delta Missing, Resistance Continues

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 21, 2008

Civilians are fighting the Cylons as best they can in sporadic outbreaks of resistance. We have no word on the whereabouts of Pacifica or River Delta.

The Cylons gave a demand that we turn over the children, Siri and Ares, and also Cylon skin job Lauri Mayfair. Their time limit of 24 hours has come and gone, and our civilians are resisting valiantly against the evil creatures.

To date, they have not been able to locate the kids and none of their demands have been met. Fight on, brave people! So Say We All!!!!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Pacifica Separated, Cylons Overrun the Fleet

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 18, 2008

Fleet ships were separated in a desperate attempt to flee another attack. Civilians captured and desperately hoping for a rescue!

Faced with another brutal attack from the Cylons, Admiral Nephilim ordered an FTL. Shortly after, Pacifica and the River Delta successfully escaped, but the rest of the fleet stayed behind, their FTL drives crippled beyond repair.

Heavy raiders attacked the unprotected civilian fleet, rounding up civilians and herding them into Afterburners. This reporter has escaped capture, and has been able to communicate with a few of the captured citizens, which include several captains, Quorum members, and the Oracle.

Captain Weiland, badly wounded in last night’s raid, was captured again and says they are being treated well for some reason. She speculates that the raid last night was to sabotage the FTL drives.

This terrible turn of events couldn’t get any worse. Let’s just hope that Pacifica finds their way back to us soon!!!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Bizarre Cylon Attack Unexplained

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 18, 2008

A strange boarding of all ships by Cylons ended as soon as it began. Centurions inexplicably over-ran all fleet ships and then left.

Heavy raiders and Cylons came aboard many fleet ships in a massive raid last night, including the Celestra, 7th Heaven, Pacifica and Tylium Queen.

A number of citizens were wounded in the raid, including Captains Weiland and Serapis. Other wounded included Artemus Carthage, Cobb Compton, Makal Krogstad and several pilots.

In a strange turn of events, Windy Weiland learned that she was pregnant when her stomach wounds revealed that she had lost the baby.

No one has been able to explain why the Centurions attacked, or what they wanted on the ships, or why they left.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Formal Love God Ball Planned

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 14, 2008

On February 14 at 8pm, a formal ball will be held in Afterburners in honor of the love god.

Citizens are encouraged to come to the dome and have fun! Bring a friend, or come by yourself and meet someone new!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Fleet Fashion Show!

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 12, 2008

Tonight Afterburners was host to I believe the first such event of its kind….a fashion show!  People came from all corners of the fleet to watch the beautiful ladies show some of thier own and borrowed outfits.  I think the offduty marine and Pacifica deckhand had the most fun of the evening…especially when our own President Halberd appeared in something thin and blue.  If that made you curious….good!  You should have been here watching for yourself!


(Eyea Aya, Cathiee McMillan, Paxan Freck, Tanya Halberd)

Afterburners on the 7th Heaven plans to host more such grand events.  So keep your ears open for new of other upcoming events and activities…you never know what you might see!

Ms. Pink, The News-Review 

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Meet the Representatives!

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 11, 2008

During the last election and ceremony that followed…the people got a chance to hear about thier Representatives.  The situation surrounding this “Election” were a bit different.  Still…the people want to know who they are represented by.

So I call for each Representative to answer here…to tell the people who you are, what you stand for and where you may be found.

Please only respond to this post if you a re a Representative and posting your Bio.

Ms. Pink, The News-Review

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Quorum Elections Announced!

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 8, 2008

At long last, the Quorum Elections are complete. Each colony selected their representatives through a variety of means, and the selection process is complete at last. Our new representatives are shown below:

Colony Representative
Aerelon Paxan Freck
Aquaria Dollwife Pink
Canceron Casiopeia Catteneo
Caprica Bigggy Smalls
Gemenon Erianthe Elvehjem
Leonis Ronon Maximus
Libris Cathiee McMillan
Picon Conell Dagger
Sagittaron Gibley Goldblatt
Scorpia Saamia Mahana
Tauron Eyea Aya
Virgon Liana Inshan

Quorum of 12 Representatives, Feb. 2008

Hopes in the fleet are high that they will effectively represent us! Let’s give them all our support!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Innis Situation Resolved

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 7, 2008

Dr. Innis agreed, through her representative and husband, Anaxamander Barbosa, to a short period of jail time and an extension of her probation.

The charge of resisting arrest was dropped. Her probation period was reset and one additional month was added to bring it to a total of 4 months. She will spend 1 full week in confinement on River Delta. Upon her release her probation will start.

Upon conclusion of the proceedings, Judge Cat Foxchase remarked, ” I hope this matter can finally be put behind us. Ms. Innis faced very serious charges of treason in this matter and during this time of war, and in my opinion, a sentence of probation is very lienent. In this case, ,there will not be another chance.”

Attorney General Derin Swenson, who prosecuted the case, was not available for comment.

Liana Inshan, who represented Dr. Innis in the proceedings, said that she had been asked not to comment on the case by her clients.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Innis Surrenders

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 6, 2008

In a bizarre series of events, and the strangest manhunt in the history of the fleet, Dr. Shaheen Innis finally surrendered to custody nearly 24 hours after her arrest on probation charges was ordered.

Inside sources revealed today that Innis attempted to dictate lengthy terms of her incarceration to the prosecutor’s office prior to her surrendering. Sources say that her demands were flatly refused by Attorney General Derin Swenson. Swenson would not confirm or deny these allegations.

On another front, it was learned that numerous pleas were made by third-parties to various officials, including President Halberd, for either leniency or clemency. These attempts were also rebuffed, apparently. President Halberd was asked about this and the charges that she lied to Innis, and she directed all inquiries to the Attorney General’s office.

Sources in the fleet military revealed that Innis turned herself in this afternoon amid great fanfare. Officials were told that Innis had been handling a medical emergency at a fire in one of the outer fleet ships. None of the ship’s captains knew of any fires in the civilian fleet, however.

Innis is now awaiting a preliminary hearing before a judge. It is not known whether she will face charges of flight to avoid prosecution, obstruction of justice, or worse.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Innis Considered Fugitive

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 5, 2008

An arrest warrant was issued for Dr. Shaheen Innis for an apparently minor probation violation, a breaking story that was first reported here in The News-Review.

Innis responded by posting comments in the news that attempted to sway public opinion her way, but somehow managed to avoid arrest. This reporter also learned that she attempted to evade incarceration by saying that her pregnancy should allow her special considerations.

Officials at this time are asking that she turn herself in, and are considering initiating a fleet-wide manhunt. They would not say whether additional charges were being considered for her failure to turn herself in.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Arrest Warrant Issued for Dr. Shaheen Innis

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 4, 2008

Attorney General Derin Swenson released an arrest warrant for Dr. Shaheen Innis today, citing evidence that she violated the terms of her probation.

Dr. Innis was recently able to avoid a trial on treason charges when she accepted a plea arrangement with the following conditions:

  1. probation for 3 months monitored by ship security officers
  2. relieved as head of civilian medicine
  3. starts cliniic on TQ
  4. not elligible to run for re-election until probation is complete
  5. no hate groups

Dr. Innis, who agreed to these terms, apparently decided to run for Quorum anyway. The arrest warrant was issued this afternoon. Dr. Innis was not available for comment.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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