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Pacifica boarding party destroys Cylon Baseship

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 12, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, September 11 — A bold attempt to rescue the Oracle from Cylon captivity has led to a crucial victory: the destruction of a Cylon Baseship that has been trailing the Fleet. It is likely that the tracking signal discovered by Colonial Marines aboard 7th Heaven earlier this week had been allowing the Cylons to track the Fleet’s position. When Pacifica officers located the Basestar on DRADIS, they capitalized on a key opportunity to inflict damage to enemy forces and to return the Oracle safely to the fleet.

A Pacifica strike force reportedly approached the Basestar at great personal risk, and planted explosive devices aboard. Specific details about the attack were classified to the highest levels of military leadership, and witness accounts are still sought by the News-Review. ((Readers are asked to comment.))

The Oracle was captured from the Mining Ship during a Cylon raid last week that injured Captain Serapis and brought about the mysterious return of Heartbeaker’s Pilot Lt. DeCuir. Requiring a period of recovery and debriefing after her rescue, the Oracle was not immediately available for comment.

It is nearly certain that the Cylons will summon reinforcements at their earliest opportunity — all the more reason for the Colonial military to keep up the fight! You are our heroes, and again, you have our thanks.


Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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