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Pilot alleges second attack by “the same damn Raider”

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 7, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, September 7 — It’s too early to tell whether the comments I heard in Sick Bay are the result of heavy anesthesia or a critically important bit of tactical intelligence; I hope to know more as my source recovers from her wounds.

In the aftermath of today’s historic attack on the Cylon Basestar, Jr. Lieutenant Frostbite “Frosty” Pikajuna expressed certainty that the tactics employed by a Cylon Raider, near the Basestar, were identical to those she’d seen in battle before. This is, thus far, rather unusual — most battle reports have indicated that while the Raiders clearly operate from a set “playbook” of maneuvers, they vary the order, frequency and intensity based on the skill of the Colonial pilots they face, and the present tactical situation.

As the morphine started to take effect in earnest, JrLt. Pikajuna commented “The same old scratches…along here…” and drew her hand across her face. Since Frosty’s face is nearly without mark or blemish, I’m forced to attribute this to a fading state of consciousness.

Get well soon, Lieutenant, and we’ll talk when you’re on your feet again.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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