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Arrest Warrant Issued for Dr. Shaheen Innis

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 4, 2008

Attorney General Derin Swenson released an arrest warrant for Dr. Shaheen Innis today, citing evidence that she violated the terms of her probation.

Dr. Innis was recently able to avoid a trial on treason charges when she accepted a plea arrangement with the following conditions:

  1. probation for 3 months monitored by ship security officers
  2. relieved as head of civilian medicine
  3. starts cliniic on TQ
  4. not elligible to run for re-election until probation is complete
  5. no hate groups

Dr. Innis, who agreed to these terms, apparently decided to run for Quorum anyway. The arrest warrant was issued this afternoon. Dr. Innis was not available for comment.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


13 Responses to “Arrest Warrant Issued for Dr. Shaheen Innis”

  1. Shaheen Innis said

    For everyones information the issue if i could run again for the virgon seat, was not clear so i asked the president and maker of my terms to clarifie and was told i could could run. I wish people would keep their word.

  2. thalberd said

    The terms of the probation were explained very clearly to Dr. Innis.

    Surveillance tapes show that she acknowledged and agreed to the terms of her probation. She questioned whether she could run for this election, and was told no.

    She chose to run again anyway, and is now facing charges of violating her probation. This is very simple.

  3. Shaheen Innis said

    Politics at play. What threat could a woman with child be. my mood swings are not that bad. lol Yes it is my fault for not seeing politics has gone to its dirty side. I truly thought there was such thing as an honest president. There is some truth to the stereotype. Next time i will get in writing. it is sad that word is not a bond. It was a spoken agreement and thus the word of the president and all the party’s involved could amend it so Virgon could have representation.

    In the end who ever comes out as right or wrong the victims here are the people of the fleet, democracy is being taken out of the hands of the people. Should the people not be able to chose who they want to represent them. There are far bigger issues in play here.

  4. Concerned citizen said

    Is this possibly a misunderstanding?

    If the candidacy were to be withdrawn, might the charges be?

  5. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    Concerned Citizen…

    It is not a matter of her running for the Quorum. It is a matter of a probation violation. If we give someone probation and they violate that…it is a crime. There is no..”Oh I’m sorry, let me try again” The probation is the “try again”.

    If you catch a drug dealer and they are out on probation…not allowed to posses drugs…and are found with some…Do we let them throw the drugs in the trash and go about thier merry way? I think you would say no.

    Ms. Innis…

    This is not a matter of your coloney being represented. There are others who are ABLE to run for office. If they choose not to…that is thier choice. The fact that there may not be other people who will represent your coloney does not revoke the terms of your plea arragement nor does it give the right to violate it.

    Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta
    Representative to Aquaria

  6. Amused Observer said

    It seems as if Dr. Innis is the one playing politics here. The insinuation that “What threat could a woman with child be” is exactly the kind of wordplay that indicates she feels she is above the law. The probation was violated and now she pays the price. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

  7. Head Scratcher said

    The probation kept the doctor from being tried for treason. If she accepted it, something was going on.

    Who in the fleet is too stupid to get that a 3 month probation lasts more than 2 weeks? Who thinks that this an attack on democracy, as Dr Innes suggests? LOL

  8. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    Let me say this,

    We have a definite system of laws here.

    If a crime such as treason is plead down to a 3 month probation then the evidence must be very, very shaky.

    I think that Dr. Innis needs to get a lawyer and resolve this issue.

    I think all commentary from the peanut gallery is quite entertaining if not useful.

  9. Admiral Nephilim said

    As a student of law at the Academy, and something of an insider into the workings of the government by osmosis, the opportunity to plea bargain out of the charges was an outgrowth of the policy of amnesty to bring the Fleet together after the horrors and crimes of New Aerelon. It should also be noted that the charges and subsequent punishment was the second most serious in the Fleet – hardly the result of a lack of evidence. This is why I am glad I am not directly involved in politics. There is no pleasing the populace. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and you are a despot with stormtroopers enforcing your will. Act with mercy and compassion and some barracks laywer elements think that the government has no case without as much as a peek at the mountain of evidence. In either case, flight and failure to remand oneself into custody speaks volumes all its own. It is a sad day for the remnants of humanity that this kind of political grandstanding and demands for special treatment sway even one citizen of the Fleet.

  10. LT. Dree Mechanique said

    Innis committed a crime… a high one, at that. She accepted an extremely generous plea bargain. She violated said plea bargain. What’s there to discuss? Toss her back in a cell and throw away the key, if you ask me.

    She had her chance at rehabilitation, and instead decided to slander the President and call dirty politics, somehow believing she is exempt from taking responsibility for her own actions. Cause and effect, Doctor.

    And the victims are the people of the fleet? I’m sorry … but what the frak? If the people wish to elect a criminal into office, then I’m tremendously disheartened at the current state of mankind.

  11. Shaheen Innis said

    what to know my alleged crime talking to my husband on wireless. thats right that is what i pleaded to. whispering sweet nothings is aperantly treason

  12. Admiral Nephilim said

    Since a portion of this part…note “part”… of the charges involves military personnel, I will address it. It was a secretive communication between two prisoners in a treason case. Last time I was aware, prisoners do not have certain communications among them. Passing information while under investigation and arrest under treasonous, seditious charges is indeed a great potential crime. The fact that it was done stealthily and surreptitiously further indicates malfeasance. This is only a portion of the charges made and in no way is the sole charge covered by the plea bargain.

    Adm. A. Nephilim
    Battlestar Pacifica

  13. said

    Arrest Warrant Issued for Dr. Shaheen Innis « The News-Review

    Attorney General Derin Swenson released an arrest warrant for Dr. Shaheen Innis today, citing evidence that she violated the terms of her probation.

    Dr. Innis was recently able to avoid a trial on treason charges when she accepted a plea arrangement w…

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