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URGENT! – Cylons Launched Devastating Attack! (Updated)

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 14, 2007

New information… While the damage may be extensive.  The Cylons were only able to hit areas that were currently unoccupied and non-critical areas.  The Colonial military should surely be commended for destroying the Cylons before more damage could have been inflicted.

Even now…repairs are being undertaken aboard the Colonial One.  Captain Allen is leading the efforts to restore Colonial One to full service.  I am writing this from a computer in the 7th Heaven clinic. (see below)





Original Story…Just hours ago the Clyons appeared from nowhere and launched a horrific attack against the fleet. Reports of how they got here range from denial (that the attacks were sabotage) to reports of a new type of Cylon ship that appeared within the fleet and dropped Raiders. What is known…is the devastation that a handful of them caused! I personally witnessed a Raider at full speed crashing into one of the pods of the Tylium Queen. As of now I am unable to find any information about the status of that ship. But from the dome I can see Colonial One still in flames from heavy damage. The 7th Heaven sustained some fire, but no reports of injuries. We all hang on edge awaiting reports from the Tylium Queen. May the Gods see fit to protect all those that are aboard.




More information to follow as soon as it is available!


D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)

The News-Review


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