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Dirty Dishes: The Princess Fried

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 31, 2007

Oh dahlings, so sorry to have been quiet, I had some medical issues which required me to be away for a short time. One of those things that happens to us old folks. But I’m back now…

First the old news…
Not long ago, one of our fleet’s resident bad boys had a party to celebrate his birthday on the TQ. Got a bit scandalous I’m afraid: copious amounts of booze, smoke-filled air tinged with scents of chamallah and people in various states of disrobing (including the birthday boy himself). In fact, the bad boy took to the pole with the dancer and it seemed as if he’s a little bit too good at it. Word is, a good time was had by all. No doubt!

Not to be outdone, one of the celebrants who’s normally a bit prudish, went a bit overboard and ended up doing a pole dance to the delight of all. Perhaps a contact high from all that chamallah smoke in the air? She was bumpin’ and grindin’ with the best. Ballet training, she says, hmmm…makes one wonder, doesn’t it girls?

Apparently, a very mean and naughty person took a photo of the little princess doing this stunt and attempted to blackmail her by exposing this to her lover. (A different Doc-Doc story, but this time, no goose, except for the few she probably got while on the pole.) Well, apparently, a sweetheart took pity on the poor girl and paid the ransom. But somehow, the photo got to ‘lil ole me? Shouldn’t matter though, because apparently she’s been forgiven. She probably won’t forgive me though, so here it is.

Dr. Andi Poledancing

And now, the new..
Once again, just the other night, the bad boy’s influence seemed to take hold of the little princess. Someone got more than a tini bit drunk, and decided to cool off in Afterburner’s pool, in her birthday suit. (Notice the return of the birthday theme?) Well, apparently, the bad boy isn’t quite so bad after all, since he pulled her out of the drink and literally gave her the shirt off his back before taking to her room and tucking her in.

Who knows what might’ve happened if a little chaperone hadn’t been there to oversee events? Seems like the princess’ lover might have someone to watch out for. Is someone else gunning for his girl? Or maybe just adding another notch to his bedpost which is so notched it’s practically a totem pole.

Why just yesterday, he was seen with her searching for the two kidnapped children and holding her hand. Getting kind of close now, aren’t we?

If you’ve got some juicy gossip on someone in the fleet, let me know. Make sure to include “For Ivanna: ” at the start of your Subject line. Mail it to:

Until then, my dahlings, keep dishin’.

Fleet Gossip Columnist: Ivanna Dish


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BREAKING NEWS: Children Kidnapped

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 31, 2007

Fleet Security is investigating the kidnapping of two prominent children yesterday afternoon. The children are Ares, the newborn son of interim President Vicky Vielle, and Siri, the daughter of Oracle and Representative Eyea Aya.

No motive has been determined as yet for the kidnapping. There have been no ransom demands or communications from any kidnappers that has been made public.

Authorities are interested in any information which might lead to identifying the kidnappers and the recovery of the children. Also, if there are any other children who might be missing that have not been reported, please contact Fleet Security as this may also be related to the crime.

Our hopes and prayers for the childrens’ safety and their quick return to their parents.

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First Words with President Vicky Vielle

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 29, 2007

((Disclaimer: The interview conducted below *has* been altered slightly from its original form. While it is largely untouched, certain edits were made to ensure reasonable gramatical accuracy. Slight changes in punctuation and capitalization have taken place, but all with the utmost respect for the thoughts of the speakers. Aside from these minor alterations, the content of the interview is entirely representative of what took place.))

With the sudden resignation of former President Zarta Vargas, the Quorum, in accordance with the law will appoint Vicky Vielle as successor to that office. Formerly the Secretary of Agriculture, Vielle comes from a political background, but will now be placed in the ultimate governmental position. This reporter had a few moments to sit down with now President Vielle to ask her some questions regarding current events.

Prior to the actual session, President Vielle stated that she hopes to, “Simply maintain the status quo and oversee the implementation of fair elections.” She plans to form an interim government until the people can vote properly on a new one, leading the same vein as her predecessor.

HK: So, Miss Vielle, may we begin?

VV: Yes we may.

HK: Miss Vielle, if I may address you as such, what do you feel you’ve learned from your predecessor?

VV: Ms. Vargas, I feel, was a level headed woman. I must say that I found that generally with all my dealings with her. She is the one who appointed me as Secretary of Agriculture and brought me into government. Although before that I had been running an election to become representative for Aquaria. I feel I learned to take the time to determine what the situation is always. These recent events have taken us all by surprise. I mean I was running to be appointed Vice President under the powers owned by the Quorum, and had no plans for the ultimate executive office for some time yet.

HK: I would agree, which leads me into another question.

VV: Shoot.

HK: Do you think that there will be any difficulty overseeing the food collection from New Aerelon once you assume the presidency?

VV: Well. I am just one woman. I have driven the settlement of New Aerelon to get the food we need. But, I am down there as a facilitator, to help organise all the very hard work put in by the farmers and all the others making the settlement a success. If I am not there, we will appoint someone who can ensure the safe delivery of the food, after all the entire fleet is relying on it, but I hope to keep an eye on a project close to my heart. Whatever happens, everyone knows we need that food and will do their utmost to get it.

HK: Although your presidency is only interim…for now…will you be taking any new measures to deal with the Cylon menace?

VV: Well, I cannot really implement any radical changes without a popular mandate. However, I can maintain our current policies as best I can to ensure continuity. But, I will have discussions with the relevant parties to see if we cannot try and move the fleet somewhat to a place less approachable by Cylon Raiders. But that is still a military decision, and I will be advised by them on that.

HK: I imagine it will be difficult to remain inconspicuous while at the same time managing the food stuffs coming to the fleet. You will have your work cut out for you. Now, what are your concerns regarding the recent bout of terrorist activity aboard our ships?

VV: That is so sad and divisive. Ultimately it is the Cylons who are behind this, they thrive on our being divided so we do not work as one whole. That is the key to our survival, when we as one people stand up to them and say ‘No’! When we are infighting and killing our own we are looking inwards and not outwards, and that is what we all must do…humanity’s very existence rests on that.

HK: Miss Vielle, if these terrorists turned out to be, perish the thought, something other than Cylons, do you know what your response might be?

VV: Well, we can catch them and try them and if found guilty, punish them according to the full extent of Colonial Law. We cannot do more than that I think, and I certainly think that any measures such as martial law far too draconian, people need to see we need to work together, and deny any such terrorists the support and cover they crave to work from the shadows. Such people risk all our lives.

HK: Very well. Any other parting words for the people or candidacy plans you’d like to get out there?

VV: This is a time of turmoil for us all. I regret that the presidency has become vacant before full elections could be set up. I step up to do my duty for the Twelve Colonies with a heavy heart, and aim to bring full, fair and free elections for us all. While I will fill this post for this short interim time, I will also be standing myself for election to the presidency. We will see democracy done! So Say We All.

It should be noted that President Vielle will be taking the helm of government in increasingly turbulent times. During the interview, the fleet came under attack by a Cylon Raider. Despite the blaring alarms, President Vielle and her adjutant, Head of Medicine Shaheen Innis remained level-headed and calm. Aside from the alarms and intermittent comm chatter, the only interruption involved Miss Innis being summoned to oversee the arrival of pilots who had been forced to eject during the defensive action. The pilots was retrieved safely and were relatively unharmed.

This marked the second Cylon attack of the evening to be successfully repulsed by the combined arms of the military and security forces stationed among our fleet. Despite the loss of two Vipers, no fatalities were reported from either attack and the swift, decisive response of the defense personnel saw to the destruction of no less than three Cylon ships.

-Harlequin Kayvon

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Posted by Fleet News Service on December 28, 2007


A New Political Party is Formed

Today a different style of press conference was held. In the newly rebuilt dome of the Seventh Heaven was gathered together a group of activists and political visionaries, ready to announce the formation of a new political party: The Moderate Progressive Party (MPP).

Sitting under a tree, while holding her newborn son Ares, MPP founder Ms Vicky Vielle smiled gently for the cameras and the gathered press, and outlined her vision for the future:

“Change happens, we cannot avoid that but we can embrace it and meld it to our purpose and dreams, in short, we can reimagine our destiny. Look at us, we are tired of running while our resources and population dwindle, our morale being slowly being sapped by internal strife and hardship. Is this how it will always be? While recovering after the birth I heard about the latest batch of bad news regarding cylon raids and presidential resignations. Saddened by this unending turmoil I looked down at young Ares’ face I suddenly realised there is another way, if we sieze the chance to reimagine our future.

“I can summarise what we believe in a few simple statements:

– Reimagine a future where all colonists know that their vote matters.reimagine2a.jpgreimagine2a.jpg

– Reimagine a future where we are not always being attacked by the Cylon menace.

– Reimagine a future where humanity stands together as one: stronger, braver, unified

“The old order did what it needed to bring us together, but now things have changed, we need change, we need to reimagine what can be done, and a change from the old order. I hope we reflect the views of all the colonists in the fleet who are justly wary of radical and dangerous change, but seek a rational moderate approach to progress to matters such as governmental reform, a new direction in dealing with the Cylons, and a way out from the forces dividing us.

“I look on young Ares as a symbol of rebirth, and this new and verdant dome of the Seventh Heaven a symbol of how those with the power to reimagine can make something beautiful out of destruction, so we hope to embody a new direction for humanity.

“I know the road is hard, that there will be setbacks, that the Gods will test our faith, but we will prevail if we always hold on to our power to reimagine.”

And as young Ares fell asleep in her arms with Vicky Vielle smiling down at his tiny frame, we were ushered quietly away and gently reminded that the MPP party headquarters are located opposite the temporary home of Afterburners and the party welcomes all those who wish to show their support for this brave new venture.


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Who Wears the Uniform? Profile of Artemus Carthage.

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 28, 2007

One of our fighting women returned from the dead (almost literally) to fight another day.  Military Affairs reporter Geranna Aeon talks to Marine Artemus Carthage.

“Two years ago, I a day or two after the zero hour attacks, I was found in a comma inside the wreck of Battlestar SYREN”, said Artemus is an almost casual, matter-of-fact way.  “Earlier, Syren had been parked in the ship yard over Scorpia, which was later attacked. When I was found, 1/8 of my bone mass had been ground to dust, leading me to require hours of intensive surgery. I had also lost all memory from before the attack.  After making my recovery, which took only a few months, I was dropped off on Pacifica, where I continued my duties as a colonial marine.  On the subject of where I was born, further research allowed me to discover that I was born on Scorpia, ironic eh? 

The sole survivor of the ill-fated Battlestar Syren is now a medic in the Colonial Marines.  “It’s nice to have some excitement every once a while.  There are always those days when nothing happens and I am bound to treating colds and bruises in the sick bay”.

Concerning Fleet affairs and the up-coming elections, Artemus goes to great lengths to emphasise that she prefers to give politics a wide berth, but the softly-spoken Marine says she feels there is a gap between those who wear the uniform and those who don’t. “I also think the military is being blamed for a lot of things that were are obviously not responsible for – that’s just my opinion”.  But she remains optimistic about our survival prospects.  “As long as everybody learns to play nice, I think the fleet will be fine”.

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Let me introduce myself…

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 27, 2007

…my name is Ms. Pink.mspink-news-review.jpg

Until a few days ago I was Executive Officer of Colonial One…having been promoted from Chief of Security. I resigned from the post.

Let me tell you a bit about myself…and you will see why. I was raised on Aquaria by my Grandmother and Grandfather (I only know my parents died in an accident). The days my Grandfather was not working in the purifiers…we would sit together on the porch in the early morning and read the paper. We would sip our tea and share the articles with each-other..reading them aloud. I recall spending as much time talking about the article as how it was written and about the writer. You see I developed a passion for news and writing very early.

As I grew I found myself working in the purifiers as well. Fixing equipment, doing routine maintenance and other odd jobs around the plant. It was in that role…transporting equipment to another colony…that I found myself in the attack. I did maintenance and then security in the fleet a while before being noticed and joining the Colonial One crew. This brings me to a few days ago…

I watch with the others in horror as the dome of the 7th Heaven exploded. I tried to keep people calm and manage those that were evacuated to Colonial One. I feel I did well…and at the same time came to realize that was not my calling. My job as XO was not where I wanted to be. I watched the three reporters I was escorting with great interest…and realized that is where my passions truly lay.

Over the last two years I have watched the News-Review with great interest…often wishing my Grandfather was here to read it with me…and made a few observations. D’Anna Biers, yes she fooled us all, but she could write and her she did so with style! Dean Steadham…a reporter of the utmost integrity…he wrote with style and a great attention to the facts. Ivana Dish…well she is a gossip columnist…but a good one she is! HexxKitten…not much she has written, but what she has has been very well done. Kiltcheck….hmmm…I could write anything and it would be true. He has been good and bad, has a wonderful style and a true passion. But through it all he has remain consistent in one thing…writing what he feels…despite anything else.

And it is these observations that compel me to join The News-Review. The paper needs to be reborn…it needs the check its facts…it needs to report on the government and the military..not against them…and mostly…it needs to be the highlight of a persons day. Something they eagerly pickup and sit-down with their cup of tea.

For the next week I will explore the fleet…see the people and find my place. When I return to the news room I look forward to writing and telling everyone the news.

Thank you,

Ms. Pink

The News-Review

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WHO WEARS THE UNIFORM? Profile of a Colonial Warrior.

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 26, 2007

 By Geranna Aeon

IN this continuing series, we profile the fighting men and women of the fleet.

She’s shy, she’s military to the core and she’s one of the people who trains our new Viper Pilots (Nuggets).  But for the Gods’ sakes, don’t talk about religion.  Meet Jr Lieutenant Kazimie Alderson.


“I’m not one for talking much about my past.  I was born in the northern hemisphere of Picon, my father a lawyer was himself raised on Picon but my mother was a Geminese cleric. I originally attended University to study medicine but after an argument with my mother, I dropped out and joined the military academy on Picon.  I don’t get on well with religious people or those that take chamalla extract”.

The Fleet’s nuggets are in good company when in the experienced hands of Kazimie, who was on a Raptor search and rescue training exercise in orbit above Picon when fleet headquarters was nuked by the Cylons. “Fortunately, the radiation interference prevented us from being spotted until they left. We spent alot of time picking bodies out of wrecked battlestars and vipers before we were ordered to Jump to emergency RV coordinates where we met up with the Pacifica”.

Lt Alderson says she loves her new role.  She likes her Viper almost as much as her Nuggets. “I like the freedom to be able to move freely with a Viper and also help nuggets with basic skills. The only thing bad about it is when i get shot up or have to discipline pilots for misbehavior”.

The job certainly has more than it’s fair share of risks.  Kazimie still vividly recalls the most terrifying moment of her time aboard the Pacifica when Cylon Raiders boarded the ship and cornered her in the hangar.  Luck of the Gods was on her side that day because although she her pistol jammed and she was defenceless and totally at their mercy, the Cylon did not shoot her.  “I had heard stories about personnel being abducted and what happened to a fellow pilot and friend of mine when she was captured. Fortunately a Marine squad destroyed the Cylon before anything could happen. The only time I actually said, ‘thanks to the Gods’.

The career warrior challenges the wisdom of having a civilian security force as well as a Military.  “I don’t like the idea of a civilian security force running around that can interfere with military operations”.

She says life in the Military can be somewhat lonely at times. Kazimie says she has many friends inside the military, especially with fellow viper pilots.  “My personal life however is not going so well. I’m either training nuggets to fly or assisting in CIC operations and management”. 

And she appeals to civilians to cut the Military a little slack on the social scene.  “Just because I don’t talk to people much does not mean I’m not willing. But with our current situation you can understand if something else has my attention”.

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Unto us a Child is Born

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 25, 2007

Another newborn has arrived! At about 17:00 on the 24th of December, Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle delivered a baby boy, born on New Aerelon.

“I’d been going though papers, trying to cope with the extra governmental issues arising from the disappearance of President Vargas when I collapsed,” Vielle shared. She was in the Base HQ of New Aerelon at the time. Security Officer Ronon Maximum found her and called in Doctor Whiteberry. “But, we were on our own, the fleet had just jumped after the attack [referring to a large scale attack yesterday by Cylons].”

At the earliest opportunity, both Vielle and the child were rushed to the clinic on 7th Heaven by Captain Serapis in the ambulance shuttle. The baby was not carried to term, but is generally large and healthy considering his 3 month premature birth. His weight was recorded at 5lbs. 3 oz. He is in stable condition and being looked after due to some labored breathing. At this point the child’s name has not yet been announced.

All of us in the Fleet pray that the Gods look after mother and child, and help this new arrival through his first difficult days.

Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS

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Posted by Fleet News Service on December 25, 2007

In a move set to stun many in the Fleet, President Zarta Vargas has stepped down as President of the 12 Colonies.  She then announced the creation of the Fleet’s first political party and has called on wide-spread political reform, free elections and greater accountability from the Quorum and Government offocials.

At a meeting held in the conference room aboard Colonial One on two days ago, the President determined that, “…I could no longer assist the people, as I want and have tried to do, from my position as Colonial President”. 

She formally resigned the post thereafter.

The following is a formal statement released by the out-going President:

I bring to you, the People of the Colonies, a new answer for progress for our species – one that begins with questioning the efficacy of the established and traditional colonial government.  As a person of science, I am well-accustomed to questioning traditional ideas and working toward change when there is evidence that the traditional is no longer valid or useful.  While traditional ideas and actions certainly help us to feel more secure, they oftentimes impede progress, and it is when we become locked into and bound by ideas simply because they are tradition that we fail to see more effective ways to approach contemporary needs or difficulties.  We are – not – in a traditional situation, and traditional attitudes, concepts, and methods must, therefore, be questioned and re-evaluated, if humanity is to make it through this time most effectively.  Indeed, the actions, decisions – and motivations – of our current government officials need to be questioned and re-evaluated.  A famous scientist once said, “Smart people can come up with very good explanations for mistaken points of view.” Our government is in the hands of a mistaken and foolhardy reliance on tradition in a time when little in our lives can truly or effectively be addressed by such notions. We need change.

As many of you know, due to my involvement in and opposition to the original cylon project, I prepared for years for our current situation. I could see then what others, who were blinded by greed and power, refused to see.  Are we in a similar situation now with the current government?  For many of our government officials, yes, I believe so.  We need change.

I ask you… to ask yourselves, among other things:
What is the government doing to improve your lives?
Are legislative proceedings affecting positive change?
Where are the jobs for our civilian population?
Where is the education for our children?
Where is the concern for, and action toward, improving conditions of places in the fleet in need?
Where are the free and open elections?
Where is the voice of the people in government decisions?

In my previous presidential position, my hands became tied by the bureaucracy of the legislative body, and I do not favor being little more than a figurehead.  My goal was to effect changes for the good of the people and the survival and well-being of humanity. Bureaucratic ramblings do not respond to needs.  We need change, and I call you to rally for freedom to affect positive change.  I call you to join a disciplined, rational, and forward-moving effort toward having government effectively address all of humanity’s needs.  This movement is dedicated to giving voice to you, the People and a genuine say in who leads the Fleet.

I welcome everyone to join me in this effort to reform government toward better meeting your needs.  Take action and regain your freedom, as part of the Colonial Freedom Party.  Join us in a campaign to win for the People free, general elections for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency and for greater accountability from the Quorum of 12 and Government offocials.

~ So Say We All ~

The new Colonial Freedom Party is the only organised political party in the Fleet and as such constitutes the only operational democratic opposition to the unelected Government.  The ‘group’ called Colonial Freedom Party can be found and joined in the normal way.

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Posted by Fleet News Service on December 24, 2007

By Geranna Aeon 

In the cockpit of every Viper and Raptor, on the Pacifica bridge and under the uniform of every Marine, there beats the heart of a real live person.  Who are the men and women in our Military who put their lives on the line for us each and every day?

Military Affairs Reporter Geranna Aeon presents the warriors of the Fleet.

From miner to medic is a mighty career jump for anyone.  But for Freyakc Dragonash,  it’s a move that was made necessary by the Cylon attack and her new role on the Pacifica as a military medic.  And it’s a role she far prefers.

The newly-created Viper Pilot says she has a chance to get even at the ‘toaster’. “… because of my desire for revenge I have become a pilot forsaking the medical because of the ethical dilemma.   Although, I am not sure killing things (toasters) is the same as killing people”.

When the Cylons attacked, Freyakc was on Picon visiting her family in the mining colony. “I don’t know how I survived.  I woke up three days after the attack on the TQ.  I was the only one from my family that did.  The cylons killed my mother, father, sister and two brothers and thier families.  I am all that is left”.

Freyakc, who is also part-Geminese, is with the Heatbreakers Squadron.  All our prayers go with her each time she embarks on another dangerous mission.

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Posted by Fleet News Service on December 23, 2007

Persistent rumours are flying through the Fleet today as speculation mounts about the location and health of President Zarta Vargas.

By Geranna Aeon

There is mounting speculation that the woman who has served so tirelessly and conscientiously as President since the Cylon destruction of the 12 Colonies may be terminally ill.  Others are suggesting she is the target of a coup and may have been the victim of violence.

Either way, the President has not been seen since a high-level meeting to discuss a possible Vice-Presidential election.

The push for a Vice-President is being driven by Colonial One Captain Starbuckk Serapis, who is believed to have a candidate of his own ready to step into the role.

The move comes at a time when there is growing support in the Fleet for free general elections for both the Presidential and Vice-Presidential roles.

At the moment, the Vice-President would be appointed by a vote of the Quorum of 12, which no doubt has already been factored into any plans by Quorum members to insert their preferred candidate.

But there are many citizens in the Fleet and members of the Military who support free, open and general elections.  This newspaper recently ran an editorial calling for the people of the Fleet to choose their own government.

Fleet News Review sought an interview with President Vargas but she could not be located.

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A Personal Perspective on Yesterday’s Events

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 21, 2007

FNS has decided to print this story submitted by our field reporter and journalist, Kiltcheck Douglas. FNS does not necessarily agree or subscribe to the opinions presented herein and disclaims any connection implied or otherwise apparent in the content or any actions taken as a result of its publication.

I rarely write articles featuring my personal experiences or perspectives, but I think the events of yesterday warrant a first-hand account of some of the insanity and chaos that transpired.

For those of you who hadn’t heard, I was shot in the arm by a Cylon that had boarded the Tylium Queen yesterday afternoon. That’s pretty much how the day began.

I was heading down the hall when I heard the gunshots. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never been so close to one of these things before…at least not one that wasn’t already destroyed. I turned around and it’s cold red eyes scanned me and it fired. I’ve never run so fast in my life, dodging back and forth between the many crates that litter the hallway.

My arm felt strange, almost numb, and time took on a slow eerie quality, but I kept running. I found an open crate and was able to manuever it in such a way that I could use it to hide. It’s then that I felt the wetness on my left arm…the blood pulsing from the wound. Remembering my first aid training, I tore some cloth away from my shirt and bound it tightly, applying pressure.

It was terrifying, hiding in the dark, hearing it searching and shooting from time to time. That whirring noise they make as their red “eye” scans back and forth. The clomping of its inhuman cold metal feet on the deck. Wondering how long it would be until it found me. Wondering if this would be how my life would end. I have no idea how long I was there, but it felt like an eternity.

And then suddenly, it was quiet. So quiet. Not even the sounds of the rats scurrying and fighting over scraps. It felt dreamlike, that time.

I stood and nearly collapsed. My shirt was soaked with blood. A part of me knew that if I didn’t get help and soon, I might bleed to death. I tried to see if there was anyone who could help…but everyone must have been hiding away. Somehow I got myself to the shuttle.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in sickbay on Pacifica. I was told that I’d stumbled into CIC and collapsed. I’d lost a lot of blood. The medical staff onboard Pacifica patched me up in short order, and I spent the rest of the day there recovering and getting my fluids back up.

I was discharged early in the evening, and after freshening up in my quarters, decided to check out the action at Afterburners on the 7th. Not long after my arrival, we’re in a state of emergency and haphazardly evacuated and rushed off to shuttles. I arrived back on Celestra to hear that the dome on the 7th had been destroyed just as I’d landed.

Along with other evacuees, press, security forces, government and military officials, I stood dumbfounded as I saw a field of silently floating debris instead of what was once the dome where I’d been standing only minutes before. While officials at all levels scrambled through the chaos to make sense of what had occurred and to attempt to restore order, I was stranded on Celestra, waiting for developments and, like many, nervous about what might happen next.

As soon as we were allowed (some 30 minutes to an hour or so), I made my way to the Tylium Queen to investigate a reported shooting of the possible culprit in the bombing. (See Possible Terrorist Killed on TQ).

I met up with Lauri Mayfair and Paxan Freck in the TQ’s hallway as the security team were removing the body and leaving the ship. I began conducting my interview right there.

About ten minutes into the the interview, Ms. Mayfair suddenly froze. She’d heard something. And then, I heard it too. That same clomping, that same whirring I’d heard earlier. They were back. The Cylons.

Lauri, Pax and I ran as fast as we could to the control room. We seemed to give it the slip for a while. Lauri left us there to try to find it, and if she couldn’t, to man the turret.

Pax and I waited in the control room. She was shuddering, and I did my best to help console her. I could only think to myself…not again. The wireless chatter only added to the fear; there were other boardings. We could hear the shots of Vipers and Raiders engaged in combat. The booming of turret gun firing.

And then, it went strangely quiet. It was coming. We heard it. The whirring. The clomping. It was coming. It was coming up the stairs.

I positioned myself at the front of the control room preparing to throw whatever I could at it and to protect Pax as best I could. Pax crouched behind me in terror. My heart pounded in my throat with each metallic thud as it ascending the stairs.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more frightened in my entire life.

Shots were fired. Pax screamed and I grabbed the chair. More shots.

And then, a loud metallic thunk and tumbling as if a refrigerator had fallen down the stairs. No more whirring. No more clomping.

The socket where it’s red light once showed a gleam of mechanical life had gone dark. It was dead, if you could call it that. Lauri had killed it. She’d saved our lives.

She rushed off to make sure there were no more and then to once again sit at the turret in her lonely vigil to keep us all safe.

It was a day of hell, a flashback to the horrors of the attacks on our ships and our homeworlds that orphaned us. But, we were alive. Still alive.

Where were the marines? Where were the vipers? How could this happen right under our fleet security’s collective noses. Not once, but twice in the same day; in the same place. This fleet is fragmenting. Something needs to be done and soon.

Maybe the Syndicate and this Fleet Liberation Movement have at least one fact right — the Military and Civilian authorities are not capable of getting the job done.

It is time for a referrendum. We CAN work within the system by calling on new elections to change the regime and put people with real ability and interest in the people and their needs in charge. Having grown up in an entrenched generational and nepotistic oligarchy on Virgon, I see reflections of that persist in our current Quorum. Has nothing changed? Hasn’t the war taught us something at least. It is obvious that there are elements that aren’t satisfied with our government. It is not just splinter groups — it is the People, it is ALL of US.

I urge you to not destroy the little of what we have through acts of terrorism and aggression. Doing so makes us no better than the Cylons.

Instead, it is time to take action as a people. It is time to abandon policies and politics of the old ways and adapt to our new lives. It is a time to draw together and create change. It is time to speak up with a single voice and be heard. It is time to bring a new leadership to power…one that can keep us safe, and lead us together on the road to freedom.

Is this thought revolutionary? I think not. It is merely describing the true power of what a representative democracy can do and should do when the system is broken and the machine needs repair.

The time is clearly now.

Kiltcheck Douglas.

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Possible Terrorist Killed on TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 21, 2007

Last night, an unidentified man in a white suit was killed in Oracle Eyea Aya’s quarters aboard the Tylium Queen apparently in connection with the destruction of the dome of 7th Heaven.

According to TQ Executive Officer Lauri Mayfair, “he came onboard claiming he was taking over and was going to blow up the 7th unless someone gave him Captain Vendetta.” Paxan Freck, a resident of the Tylium Queen, said that she, the Oracle and Cathiee MacMillan found the man inside the Oracle’s quarters on the TQ after their evacuation from the 7th following the bombing threat. They brought Mayfair to the Oracle’s quarters upon his discovery.

In Mayfair’s own words, “He had his hands held out, but empty. I told him to drop to the floor, or else. He said if I did anything, he’d blow the 7th up. I gave him the count of three. He did fxxx all save look at me. So I shot him. In the head. Five times.”

Fleet Security led by Onyx Syakumi was quickly dispatched to the scene to begin the official investigation. The body has been removed and an inquest is underway. Unofficial sources indicate his body was discovered with a detonator. As he did not appear to trigger any detonation manually, a source speculated that it was configured with a dead-man’s switch. Authorities are unsure at this point if he was in fact connected with a new group calling themselves the “Fleet Liberation Movement.”

Unfortunately, further reporting was complicated by the boarding of Cylon Centurions, more on this in a special report.

Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS

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BREAKING NEWS: 7th Heaven destroyed – Chaotic Evacuation

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 20, 2007

The 7th Heaven, once the seat of Government in exile of the human race is no more following a startling terrorist attack on the ship tonight. Fortunately nobody was harmed in the attack.

In scenes reminiscent of the second Cylon assault on the 12 Colonies, panic and mayhem reigned supreme as the Military struggled to evacuate of pilots and civilians from the 7th, with precious seconds ticking away at the risk of all aboard.

Ship’s Captain Tanya Halberd received the bomb threat from an unknown source at 20.49 tonight while attending a function at Afterburners with the chilling warning that there was only 5 minutes before the bombs would go off.

Confusion bordering on blind panic ensued as the people in uniform strugged to maintain control and get everyone onto two hurredly-organised shuttles.

The terrorists made good on their threat. Initial reports suggest that the entire dome over the garden of the 7th heaven was completey destroyed in the blast. They did not detinate in 5 minutes as originally threatened – just as well because the entire evacuation took more than 24 minutes.

All aboard the 7th were safely removed to Colonial One.

Mizzy Sideways of the Heartbreakers Squadron summed up the conduct of the evacuation very well when stunned civilians heard the Viper Pilot remark out loud: “Oh this is a fracking mess we are in.”

Once safely aboard Colonial One, Pilot Mizzy Sideways suggested that the attack was the work of a previously unheard of group called the “Fleet Liberation Movement”. However when asked, Ensign Sideways admitted that she had never had any dealings with the alleged Terrorist Group.

One of the evacuees was Geminese Scientist Nate OToole, who suggested a link between this attack and the much-publicised sighting of a “Mysterious Man in Grey” recorded on military cameras.

Colonial One Executive Officer Dollwife Pinks refused to comment on the possible causes of the blast but said that the Military would mount an investigation.

The first step in the investigation may be reports of a suspect having been shot in connection with the incident aboard the 7th Heaven. No further information is yet available.

Right now the military are assembling as many of the few remaining pieces of the ship in a bid to make sense of how such a shocking attack could occur.

It may be some time before we know learn more. For now, the entire Fleet is in shock and asking itself, “What the hell just happened – and what is yet to come?”

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Geminese Survivors Join Fleet – Amazing Survival Story – Looking for fellow Geminese.

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 20, 2007

Following the destruction of the 12 colonies, a small band of Geminese Militia have caught up with the Fleet after months of hit-and-run Guerilla warfare against the Cylon occupation.

Making their escape in a badly-damaged Raptors, and a terrifying chase by the Cylons across space, members of the ‘Gemenon Contingent’, as they are known, have caught up with the fleet and joined the Colonial Military and civilian communities.

“It is a miracle that we found the fleet at all”, said Group Captain Angelo Sydney, commanding the tiny Geminese force. The Viper Pilot is now attached to the Heartbreakers Squadron aboard Pacifica. “It was more blind luck than good navigation and frankly we had no idea where we were headed.  We were focussed on staying one jump ahead of the Cylons.  We finally lost them 11 days ago”.

Thought to have been immediately and totally overwhelmed by the Cylon attack on the 12 colonies, Gemenon has been a major headache for the Cylons, with the occupation forces harrassed by a small contingent of Geminese guerillas conducting a campaign of sabotage and intelligence gathering against the Cylon garrison.

Despite some substantial damage inflicted on the enemy, the Gemenon Contingent was finally driven from the planet after being all but wiped out. 

The ten Geminese survivors are all that’s left of a 150-strong Militia of civilians and military personnel.  “We were basically fighting day and night for three months,” said Captain Angelico Babii of the (former) Gemenon Battalion.  He is now serving as a Marine aboard the Pacifica. “We saw some terrible things.  The Cylons would take prisoners.  We managed to break into one of their holding camps during a rescue mission and discovered that they were conducting grotesque experiments on our people – men, women, children…animals – anything alive”.

The Gemenon Contingent is now settling into life as members of the Fleet and they are in search of other Geminese who may have also escaped the planet.  Survivor Anjula Basevi is an Intelligence Officer who is coordinating an effort for the Contingent to be reunited with other Geminese. “We are hugely relieved to be part of the fleet and make a contribution to the war effort.  But at this time, we feel a very strong need to connect with our own people after everything we have been through.  And there will certainly be Geminese in the Fleet who are eager for news of what has happened to our world”.

The Gemenon Contingent is inviting all members of the fleet who are Geminese or who have a connection with Gemenon to join their group, ‘GEMINESE RESISTANCE’. But Group Captain Angelo Sydney goes to great lengths to emphasise that the group is in no way separate from the rest of the Fleet.  “Fleet comes first, as far as we are concerned.  We are absolutely at one with the Fleet and we put no other loyalties above that.  But we do want to reach out to our people”.

You can join GEMINESE RESISTANCE by searching for the group in the normal way or contact Anjula Basevi or Angelo Sydney to be added.

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Cylon Raid Last Night

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 18, 2007

Pictures from taken from the Dome on the Cylon Raid.

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Mysterious Man in Grey

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 16, 2007

To: Dean Steadham, Fleet News Service

From: Decker Sheridan, Colonial Historian


The other night a courier from the Pacifica stopped by my quarters on Colonial 1 and asked me to identify something odd that had appeared while reviewing security tapes from the night before. They asked me to pass along the photo to you since I am stumped.

The photo was apparently taken by Pacifica Security Cameras last night of a mysterious man that boarded the ship late last night. He appears to be dressed in what looks like ancient Virgon vestments that are usually worn by the oldest families in the colony during sacred holidays on the colony.. The odd thing is, the robes are usually Black, Maroon, Brown or Beige. There is almost no record of a family wearing grey robes such as these.

Onboard in Virgon RobesPerhaps the Virgon Representative, Shaheen Innis can shed some light on this. The odd thing is that his stature and build reminds me of our long-lost friend, Lt. Barbosa. I know that I mentioned to you before that he was a Virgon resident and his family is one of the oldest on that colony, but no one has heard from him since before the Styx was destroyed. I checked with my usual contacts, and there was a transmission from him a couple of weeks ago but so far, no one has seen nor heard from him.

See if you can find something, Dean. This is a real head-scratcher.


Decker Sheridan

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EXCLUSIVE: Vielle on the Planet, Pregnancy and Vice Presidency

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 16, 2007

Exclusive Live Interview for FNS by Kiltcheck Douglas.

Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle took some time out of her incredibly busy schedule to meet with me last evening on 7th Heaven for an interview in my continuing series “Getting to Know Our Government”. We decided to go into the Quorum hall for some privacy. During the interview we discussed Vielle’s past on Aquaria, her present challenges with New Aerelon and her pregnancy, and her potential future with a surprise announcement of her bid for Vice President.

Vicky Vielle in QuorumDouglas: So, Ms. Vielle, you’re from Aquaria…Can you tell us a little about your life before the war?

Vielle: Yes. I was born there and lived my entire life there. Well I have .. erm..had a close family. I had two sisters and a father…we grew very close, ever since my mother died from cancer when I was ten.

Douglas: I’m sorry for your loss, I take it your family was on Aquaria and are gone now…

Vielle: Yes… Like everyone in the fleet, I have suffered personal loss from the Cylon attack.

Douglas: What did you do on Aquaria?

Vielle: I was a hydro-engineer, all sorts to do with water, pumps, pumping and the like after graduating from the University in Aquaria City.

Douglas: But there have been some new, shall we call them, developments in your life..for one, you’re pregnant…

Vielle rubs her tummy and smiles.

Douglas: When is the expected delivery date?

Vielle: Well I am five months gone now, so a few months yet to go. I sometimes hope it will be sooner, or else I may explode at the size it is growing! Now I know that there will be some difficulties ahead, holding down a position such as Secretary of Agriculture and having a baby, but still I am doing everything I can for our survival, doing everything in my job to provide food for all the fleet, and also to help increase our dwindling population.

Douglas: Yes, but part of our survival involves increasing our numbers. Have you been cautioned by the doctors, are you expecting to work to term?

Vielle: Well, there have been a few difficulties along the way…I can’t deny that, and there was a time that I would be found having fainted dead away at my desk… But recently I have been fleeing so much better and stronger and really looking forward to a little bundle of joy. As to working to full term, well I have the fleet’s interests always closest to my heart, and making sure no one starves.

Douglas: We certainly appreciate all the work you’ve done. (changing the subject) Has the discovery of the explosives on the TQ helped to resolve the investigation on the hydroponics bombing incident?

Vicky Vielle in QuorumVielle: (grimaces slightly) Well from my understanding that explosive is consistent with those we found traces of in the hydroponic blast.

Douglas: Yes, but that’s only circumstantial.

Vielle: I still cannot believe that parties lurking on board the Tylium Queen would seek to destroy food. We all need that food and without it people will dies. But we have no further leads otherwise on the culprits for that act of terrorism in the Seventh Heaven Dome.

Douglas: Regardless of who did the bombing, it was done. What’s being done to ensure the safety of the food supply on the planet? Will there be stringent security measures for settlers and visitors?

Vielle: Well Mr. Douglas, for a start, I have seconded Officer Maximus from the TQ to head up the planetary security detail. He is experienced in dealing with such situations, and those who may seek to harm the common good. We will also be recruiting suitable security staff to support him, to protect the colonists and of course secure our food. We also will carefully limit those wishing to go down to the planet, I mean at least vetting the colonists, and having security checks on any visitors as they land.

Douglas: What about the tensions between Ms. Syakumi and Mr. Maximus?

Vielle: Well, Ms. Syakumi was part of my security detail when we landed on New Aerelon last week, I must say she too is highly professional in her duties. As for tension, well that is born of their sphere of influence. As Ms. Syakumi is in charge of fleet security I think she will be needed here [off planet] mostly.

Douglas: So Ms. Syakaumi’s team will conduct inspections before people depart and Mr. Maximus again when they reach the planet?

Vielle: I leave such operational matters to the department heads, but I would have thought so.

Douglas: How soon do we expect harvests from the planet? I would assume water would be immediately available.

Vielle: There is suitable water for drinking and irrigation. It has been tested as pure enough for our needs.

Douglas: I expect shipments will be made to the fleet to kickstart your hydroponics…or are those being abandoned in light of the planetary efforts? I would think that would be spreading security a bit thin…

Vielle: Oh No! We still need the remaining hydroponics facilities to work at full capacity still. We will be getting foods we cant realistically grow in bulk in the fleet, cereal crops for example. The fields already down there need tending, and within 4 to 6 weeks we should be able to start harvesting, also we will be taking cuttings and plants already in the hydroponics tanks to the planet where they can grow under natural conditions.

Douglas: I see, so they [the hydroponics] can actually help the efforts. I understand we have a serious shortage of qualified people, wouldn’t this be stretching our resources thin…

Vielle: Qualified people (nods). Yes I have put a call out for anyone with agricultural experience to come forward to help. We need hard workers mainly, the qualified staff we do have will be supervisors and trainers. By the time we have harvested, we will have enough food reserves to last us, without rationing, until we have all the hydroponics facilities we need to feed the fleet

Douglas: Will people be living on the planet?

Vielle: Yes. I think it is best people live on the planet for a number of reasons. Firstly, the shuttle trips will be a logistical problem requiring many daily trips to and from New Aerelon. Secondly, security: the shuttle trips may draw unwanted attention to the planet. And thirdly, any problems can be fixed, quite literally “on the ground” tending the crops and keeping them secure. We will be living in and amongst the food, at one with nature and close at hand if anything arises that needs attention.

Douglas: Is there a formal application process?

Vielle: The application process will be conducted primarily by my office. We will handle all applications that way, following up where necessary. We will also be actively recruiting, especially amongst those colonists from colonies with a rich agricultural tradition like Aerelon. We will approve all the people going down to help keep control of numbers and maximize the use of our personnel.

Douglas: I would expect your office is going to be quite busy sifting through applicants.

Vielle: We also need a sizable ancillary support staff… medics, doctors, engineers etc. These applications are handled by other departments subject to the colonization needs of course and my final veto. We need to go quickly and I am using our existing civil service staff from other departments to expedite matters.

Douglas: Will security be involved in reviewing the applications as well?

Vielle: Of course. I don’t have access to criminal records and so forth, so that will be dealt with by security. This is an agricultural mission so I have the final responsibility for the success of the mission and ensuring the right people go. I have been granted this authority on the planet by the President.

Douglas: And if there are problems, you are also willing to take the blame?

Vielle: Of course. I hope there are none.

Douglas: Have we determined any more information about the former inhabitants?

Vielle: No. We hope to find out more as we look more closely and live amongst the buildings and maybe find clues that our cursory exploration last week did not turn up.

Douglas: Many of the buildings were damaged and reinforced, any findings there?

Vielle: No. Not as yet I am afraid, I hope to take qualified structural engineers there soon. They will help survey the soundness of the buildings for conversion to our needs anyway. Initially, our aims is to create dorms, a central office and a social/eating area…then expand to include a small science station, medical facilities and storage and repair shops for the converted agro-machinery we will need.

Douglas: How much CAP support will need to be diverted from the fleet?

Vielle: Well, those are military decisions. All I know is we need to be on the planet to grow the food we need. Exactly how the military plan to dispose their forces I am not certain.

Douglas: Will the “bus” now be making a stop planetside?

Vielle: No. But smaller regular shuttle fights maybe once or twice a day will be scheduled.

Douglas: This is a purely civilian operation, what role is the military taking in this?

Vielle: The military will be there to ensure our security from outside threats, and as a back up. Their trained pilots and raptors will be useful if, the gods forbid, we need to evacuate in an emergency. I would request marines maybe to help work the fields if I thought I could get that one by the commander…[chuckles] But the security will be primarily civilian, and the military will escort shuttles as required and fly patrols over the planet

Douglas: Will rationing be loosened now as a result of the planetary efforts?

Vielle: I would like to, really. However, it would not be prudent. We are still short of food, and the planet is still weeks away from providing us with more food. Until we have that harvest aboard our ships, I don’t think we can.

Douglas: We’ll all be looking forward to that!

Vielle: Unfortunately. I think with the yields we expect we can lighten rationing a bit after the colony is established in about a week’s time.

Douglas: What are your longer term goals then?

Vielle: For the planet?

Douglas: Yes…[probing] although, is there something else you’d like to touch on?

Vielle: [smiles] There is, but for the planet our aim is simply to get the food we need. I know people will want to stay, but let me say from the outset that is not our goal, permanent settlement anywhere is unlikely while the Cylons still trail us. As for other issues…As you may be aware, the position for Vice President has been vacant for almost two years.

Douglas: Yes…

Vicky Vielle in QuorumVielle: Normally the VP is voted in alongside the president as a running mate. But these are extraordinary times. We need a VP, and the Quorum has been granted the power to decide on the VP for the twelve colonies.

Douglas: ..and we were acting under an emergency. So…are you announcing your candidacy?

Vielle: Yes. I am. Only candidates nominated by an existing Quorum member are eligible.

Douglas: Well, if you can feed the fleet, I’d think you’d be a shoe-in for the position…

Vielle: I have recently heard the nominations have gone forward and I received three nominations.

Douglas: And who has endorsed you?

Vielle: I am unsure of the third, but I know it was Virgon, and my home world of Aquaria.

Douglas: If you are successful in your bid, who’s next in line to replace you as Secretary of Agriculture?

Vielle: Good question. [ponders a bit] I think it is best to cross that bridge when we get to it…everything is mutable in politics…

Douglas: Don’t you think this is an awkward time to run, with all of your duties on the planet, your pregnancy…

Vielle: Well life always deals us an awkward hand. I was hoping to run for VP before we even found the planet. But, well, I think that having been in the cabinet for all this time, and as a new mother, I can bring a fresh perspective to the role. I don’t pretend it will be easy.

Douglas: Why do you think you’d make a good VP?

Vielle: I think we need some alternative views on how to approach issues like security, and the Cylons.

Douglas: Yes, you’ve made your positions on this clear in the past. How would you change things as VP?

Vielle: I think I will provide a necessary voice in government to bring some alternative views. With a track record as Secretary of Agriculture, it is clear I can work well with the President and drive our future forward.

Douglas: And what of the Quorum?

Vielle: As VP I would be working with the Quorum more closely. I have always taken an active interest in their deliberations and attended all of their public meetings. It will be an exciting venture. Not straightforward by any means.

Douglas: Any final words to those critics of the New Aerelon efforts?

Vielle: There are those who think it is a Cylon trap. It may well be, but we need the food, and if we think it is a likely trap, well…we will be prepared for them and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Douglas: Well, thank your for your time Ms. Vielle and good luck on the planet…we need it!

Vielle: Thank you Mr. Douglas.

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An Open Letter from Ronon Maximus

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 16, 2007

The following open letter was sent by Ronon Maximus to FNS editors and is printed here unrevised and in its entirety.

I’ve been withholding comments on this matter, since it seemed unwise to talk about an ongoing investigation, but since some have already publicly spoken their mind about my work, and damaged it by bringing it out in the open, I thought I should now share my opinion.

First, I want it to be clear that I respect the entire Fleet. I have nothing against the security teams or the people that order the raids on the Tylium Queen because I know their intentions are good, but I believe I have the right to disagree with the way things are being handled. Allow me to share some of my thoughts:

Investigating an organization like the Syndicate is a difficult and time consuming operation. We’re not dealing with two or three people here. This is a hierarchically structured secret organization engaged in many criminal activities, which is gaining increased support from most of the Tylium Queen’s workers, and even some outside our ship, especially since these recent events.

Therefore (keeping in mind I obviously didn’t start this specific investigation the moment I became the Security Chief), since this investigation requires in-depth study of the organization, it’s natural that the results seem scarce. Yes, I could have presented you some suspects or even provided some minor arrests, but that would have only dented the bottom level of the Syndicate pyramid, and would jeopardize the contacts and the trust I have gained within the organization.

On that matter, yes, I am involved with some people that work for the Syndicate, since lots of civilians are hired or even feel the necessity of working for them, in trade of food and other supplies. To think that you can break down such organization without establishing a connection to some of its members shows a lack of comprehension on how to dismantle organized groups.

If these personal relations I have created make me a suspect in some way, let me remind you all that I’ve always been available to answer any question about my work or investigation, although most of the higher authorities never showed any interest in how things were going until the problems escalated outside the ship.

About that, I would like to point out that this fleetwide concern with the Tylium Queen and the Syndicate is very recent. I remember Captain Vendetta telling me how she needed all the help she could get on her ship when I joined almost two years ago, and that until these past weeks I was never asked if I needed any security reinforcements or help with the Syndicate mission. I’ve heard many express concern and even loathing for the Tylium Queen, but rarely did I hear a suggestion or a positive solution. This help, in fact, only appeared after we were directly attacked by the Cylons, and only after our situation reached a point where the Syndicate decided to use extreme methods to make their demands, since all the formal and legal requests for help were being ignored. To most workers on the Tylium Queen, seems like the rest of the Fleet never really cared about them while the illegal activities were confined to the ship, but the moment the Syndicate took action “outside” the ship in order to be heard, we have people entering with guns blazing all the time.

Please keep in mind that, although I’m sure the military mission to end the blockade was perfectly planned, some of the workers on the Tylium Queen didn’t like to be tricked that way, especially when the armed forces were warned by the Syndicate that any attempt to storm in would put the entire ship in harms way.

Which brings us to the recent raids. Like I said before, and told Captain Halberd, I can see how they would seem necessary. I also realize that, even if I wanted to object to these searches, I’m powerless to stop them, as I was firmly told twice by Captain Halberd, because they are initiated by a joint council of civilian ship captains, including Captain Vendetta. However, what I tried to pass along and explain is that there should be better cooperation between teams, otherwise why the need of specific security leaders for each ship if one team can prevail over others? Too many cooks spoil the broth, and while the team is well equipped and experienced, they are not in possession of proper intelligence. With consultation and cooperation, this team could be an asset. Without it, they are a disruptive element. The constant “invasion” by military members and exterior security teams is not helping at all, and is actually hindering the investigative work being done on the Tylium Queen.

The fact is the Syndicate provides supplies to most people when they need them through the black market, some of it illegally, but most of it through legitimate trade. It’s true that if you break a deal with them it can lead to violence or other forms of retribution, including kidnapping. Through my infiltration of the Syndicate, I’ve managed to covertly assist the victims of these actions and, in more than a few instances, resolved the dispute. Despite these issues, however, for the most part the black market is essential in distributing hard to find supplies.

During the food shortage, stolen supplies were put on the black market and were stored on the Tylium Queen (and, right here, I would add that the removal of some of these supplies in the first raid prevented me finding who was trading them to who, and who stole them in the first place). Supply did not meet demand, however, and when the Tylium Queen’s workers lost their primary trading commodity, tylium ore, they started getting hungry. With pleas for aid unanswered, that’s when the Syndicate’s militant side revealed itself through the blockade. To many workers, this action was viewed positively. While no one else was listening, the Syndicate was taking action, action they could understand and relate to. In fact, the constant criticisms about the ship from outsiders, the constant suspicion every time there’s an incident (even if there are no leads pointing to them), is making the Syndicate look like a better option – at least they care. With more followers to do their dirty work, the more likely the Syndicate will throw one of these “minions” at any lead I follow. To add to this, the more the security team aggravates the situation with official raids, taking away the supplies the workers need, the more the Syndicate gains support.

Make no mistake; the Syndicate is a corrupt organisation that harbours thieves, terrorists, and assassins. While they support the workers, they also work behind their back to inflate prices, and use extreme measures to get their way. But, though they might command the black market, the black market would exist without them.

I do not blame my wife for publicly stating what some people believe my status with the Syndicate to be. It was only a matter of time before things got to this stage, and I knew that from the outset. However, it’s obvious that after everything that has happened in the last few days, every lead I was following is now probably dead, and the infiltration effort is blown. Therefore, I have no other option except to start more overt forms of intervention that might provide the quick and visible results some are so eager to see, even though it won’t bring the Syndicate down, at least in a near future. I’m also reserving the right, as Security Chief of the Tylium Queen, to search and investigate any person that boards or leaves the ship. I will no longer be ignoring the fact that many that criticize the Tylium Queen and its workers also visit us to trade for products only available on the black market.

If I need the help of the security team, I’ll request it via Captain Vendetta. Until then, I ask that the raids be halted, unless the security team liaises with me.

To those that think I should resign, I was, am, and will always be confident in my work and the decisions I take, so I see no reason to do it. Although I’m assigned to the Tylium Queen, I serve and protect the entire Fleet, and I believe I’ve been doing a good job so far, amidst all the opposition I’ve encountered inside and outside the ship.

Now, please, let us end this discussion and worry more about our civilization’s goals, instead of bickering among ourselves. We’ve come a long way in fighting the Cylons, staying strong during these hard times. Do not let them see us weakening with internal wars.

Ronon Maximus, Security Chief of the Tylium Queen.

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BREAKING NEWS: The Settlement of New Aerelon

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 14, 2007

Secretary of Agricuture Vicky Vielle delivered the following speech live earlier today along with the following press release:

From the Government of the Twelve Colonies

These are hard times for all colonists in the fleet, and I am aware that the institution of food rationing for everyone is affecting everyone.

So, it is with great pleasure that I have an announcement that will give hope to everyone and make clear once and for all the rumours that have been circulating.

We are close to a habitable planet with fields of grain crops nearing their time for harvesting. These crops can be used to end rationing and keep the fleet fed while the Hydroponics program recovers to take the strain.

So this announcement of hope is also a general ‘call to arms’, or is that rather a ‘call to rakes and hoes’? We need all those people with agricultural experience to come forward, to go and live on the planet, and to make that food grow to feed the fleet.

We need hard workers, people we can all look to and appreciate for their skill, dedication, and abilities to help us all survive, people expecially such as Sagittarons and Aerelons. In fact it is in honour of the great farming skills of Aerelons the new temporary colony has been dubbed New Aerelon.

But we need more than farmers, we need security, medical staff, pilots, support staff, carpenters, engineers, surveying specialists.. the list goes on. I call on anyone who wishes to once more breathe clean, unrecycled air, to drink clean un-processed water, to live under the sun and stars, and who has skills that would be invaluable – to contact me: Vicky Vielle so you can be added to the list of people cleared to live and work on the planetary surface.

Come join us on New Aerelon, to work hard, play hard, to feel valued, and to once more live on the surface of a planet as the Gods intended us!

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Cylons on the Pacifica?

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 13, 2007


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Another Raid on the TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 11, 2007

Report filed by Kiltcheck Douglas

Last night, the new civilian security team led by Onyx Syakaumi and accompanied and facilitated by Captains Tanya Halberd and Starbuckk Serapis, made yet another raid of the Tylium Queen. Government officials asked FNS to provide a reporter to help document the efforts to show how this raid was conducted according to proper protocols. A copy of the recording was provided to security and another has been uploaded to FNS’ custody to ensure there is no tampering or misuse of the material provided.

TQ Raid 2


Officer Ronon Maximus met the crew in the landing bay, and security was kept waiting while Halberd and Maximus discussed the particulars. Captain Vendetta was not available and was also unaware of the proceedings. It was obvious that Maximus had not been informed of the timing or intent. After being detained for nearly 15 minutes, the security force began to fan out and make inspections. Halberd implied that there had been recent credible reports of stolen food, kidnappings, and threats of violence that had sparked the search.TQ Raid 1
The security “stormtroopers” left no stone unturned however, Halberd kept the searches to areas that were not private rooms. It was obvious during the searches that the forces were looking for something in particular that had nothing to do with food or kidnappings. The populace was obviously shaken by the presence of the security force so soon after a similar raid. Matters weren’t helped by the arrogant and disdainful demeanor of some members of the security team.

The raid met no resistance and the TQ’s inhabitants gave the security forces their full cooperation. There was no sign of any violence.

After about 45 minutes of searching throughout the ship, a stash of plastic explosives was found; the same type used in the recent bombing of the hydroponics on 7th Heaven. Samples will be taken for analysis to determine if the chemical signature matches the explosives used in the attack. However, any such evidence would appear to be circumstantial unless further evidence can be linked to the act. At this point, the search ceased, as the team had obviously found what they were looking for.

TQ Raid 3

This reporter couldn’t help but wonder if this raid might have been staged or if the Syndicate was being setup in retaliation for some of their recent actions and decrees. Only further investigations will reveal the truth.

Regardless, a serious amount of explosives has been recovered and is in the hands of the proper authorities.

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BREAKING NEWS: Planet Holds Promise

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 11, 2007

Exclusive by Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS

Vicky Vielle on the planetOn Sunday, a joint military and government expeditionary force led by Commander Nephilim, Captains Serapis and Halberd, and Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle, set out to explore the nearby planet that had, until recently, only been a rumor. The purpose of the exploration was to determine relative safety of the planet itself, what may have occurred to the former inhabitants, and, most importantly, to ascertain if there were available crops or other food sources and potable water to feed our hungry fleet. Reporters from FNS were embedded to assist in documenting the finds.

Andi on the planetAlthough there are several buildings in the area, there are no signs of recent habitation, and little evidence as to what might have happened to the former settlers/inhabitants of the world. No bodily remains were found, and the place is oddly vacant. Many described an eerie feeling. Most of the buildings show signs of damage and partial collapse, and some appear to have been reinforced. The reasons for this are not clear, but extreme weather is considered a possibility. There do not appear to be signs of any attack. An old model shuttle was also found in a nearby building. Could this have been a group of people disenchanted with the colonies that struck out on their own? If so, why would they have abandoned this world? How did they get here? These and other questions have still not been answered, although tests are being conducted.

Cmdr. Nephilim on horsebackLater, Commander Nephilim was seen riding in on a horse which she found. This is a good indication that the settlement was not so old and that there are sustainable resources for life. Although some did consider harvesting the animal for food, it was left on the planet. There are hopes of finding other animals as well that may have been brought by the settlers.

Radiation and atmospheric effects seem to provide protection by interfering with Dradis and detection efforts, which could perhaps lead to a sanctuary and potential settlement. Government representatives onsite discussed bringing settlement options before the Quorum. It was obvious how being planetside for the first time for many since the war affected the expeditionary force. The sense of excitement and hope was in the air.

Goldblatt on the planetSamples were taken for analysis to ensure that the crops and water are indeed viable and suitable for consumption as well as the suitability of the environment for sustained harvesting, and the possibility of settlement. Representative Gibley Goldblatt of Sagittaron was also present to observe the efforts. Results of analysis are expected soon, but “things look promising,” said Sec. Vielle. Although she urged caution to “not get our hopes up until the analysis is completed.”

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Raid On the TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 11, 2007

Last night their was a Raid on the TQ.

I happen to be visiting people i knew over their at the time of the raid.


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Pictures From Planet Side!!!

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 9, 2007

All photos taken by

Cathiee McMillan

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