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Cylon incursions continue; Pacifica boarded

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 30, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, August 30 —  I write this from my bed in Sick Bay, where Doc Klata has just finished patching my leg (which she referred to as “swiss cheese”). Just moments ago, at least one Cylon Centurion was encountered and neutralized aboard Pacifica…but not before sending Raptor Pilot Ryoko Hax and myself (if not more) to the Doc for patching up.

As it happens, I was in the CIC with Sniper Schridde of the Colonial Marines, when Officer of the Deck Lt. Ronin Calayan received word that a single bogey had entered Pacifica’s protected airspace. “Not to worry,” I thought to myself. “The CAP’s out, I just saw them from 7th Heaven’s dome not ten minutes ago.” Whether or not the CAP took out the sparrow, somehow a Centurion managed to enter the ship via the flight pods on deck 3.

Cpl. Schridde and Lt. Calayan made a brave bee-line for the flight pods, sidearms at the ready…and the world’s most foolish reporter followed, camera in tow. It was worth the risk, as I managed to get close enough to capture the Centurion on film. You’ll also see one of Pacifica’s bravest toaster-roasters, the OOD Lt. Calayan (who thought he’d signed on for a glorified desk job), taking off down the hall after it.

Thanks, Cpl. Schridde, Lt. Calayan and Doc Klata for keeping me safe and patching me up, respectively.

((p.s. OOC: If anyone knows where in SL to find wearable/animated crutches, canes and assorted bandages (transferable if possible), please let me know… Something tells me the Sick Bay staff will get lots of use out of them before too long…))

Dean “Gimpy” Steadham
The News-Review


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Family where you least expect it!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 30, 2007

After the latest round of promotions aboard the Pacifica, I was able to contact Captain Nivea Allen…the only one who could spare me a few moments.  Keep reading and you will find out why…she had a story of her own to tell!

We made our way from the 7th Heaven shuttle bay down to the dome and had a seat.  I asked her about the promotions and she give me a short list of names, not able to give me any reasons for the removal of the XO.  I told her it was very hard to get information out of the Pacifica’s leadership, to which she replied smartly, “It’s a military ship and no tea party…we are at war, D’Anna.”  I said the people want to know what is going on and it is not a tea party sitting in a metal box wondering if some bullets will come flying through.  We talked security for a few then I asked her about the recent Cylon attack on the Pacifica.  She explained a Centurion was able to board and make its way to CIC, critically injuring Laureline Laval in the process. By now Captain Allen was spilling the whole story…so I let her continue and stopped asking questions.

Laura Laval was in sickbay and fading fast when a civilian doctor was able to come in and stabilize her just in time.  (One a side note…If the doctor is reading this, please make sure you get back to the Pacifica…the fleet needs your skills!)  She backed up a bit in her story and explained that she and Laura were taking some time together and they noticed that earlier pictures of Nivea looked quite similar to Laura and both noticed similar marks on their necks.  They were curious but left it at that…till Laura was out of surgery and Nivea questioned the doctor about it.  He explained a simple DNA test would tell them for sure and began one right away.  To their surprise they are sisters! Well half-sisters!  I asked how they both thought…”well it was hurting laura at first, knowing someone cheated…but under the given circumstances….we are the most happy sisters on the fleet right now.”  She also recalled something else…”you know what is strange, i had dreams about laura, when i was about her age, the time she was born.  Seems we are very connected sisters…I remember not all, but her face….was in my dreams. and that came to mind just when i met her first on the ship.”


Well Nivea and Laura….we are very happy for you!  And your reunion gives all of us hope.  Hope we may find our lost relatives, or like you…find ones we didn’t know we had.  You have the blessings of the Gods.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review

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((Who’s Who! updated with new ranks))

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 30, 2007

I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten all of the new military ranks reflected correctly based on the CO’s latest notecard, but we’re still missing a lot of photos (of Pacifica senior staff, new Quorum Reps — there’s at least one, isn’t there? — and Civilian personnel).

Check the Who’s Who! page and look for your name — if there’s not a photo yet, shoot it to the email address and leave us a comment attached to this post letting us know.

A few people have asked me, “Hey, I know I’m not senior staff, but don’t I get a picture up there too?”  I’ll leave that to the sim admins and civilian/military leaders to decide…

Dean Steadham (OOC)

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Mining ship boarded: A civilian’s account

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 30, 2007

MINING SHIP, August 29 — Ms. Eeya Aya provided this handwritten account of yesterday’s Cylon attack and incursion onto the Mining Ship. Fascinating stuff!

* * * * *



Eyea Aya, Civilian


Let me share my experience with you, as a civilian, in the middle of an attack by the Cylons on the Mining ship this past Wednesday afternoon. I was meditating in my quarters there, and began to hear the sound of battle outside my windows. I caught a glimpse from my window of Viper and Cylon ship in a heated exchange. Bullets were spraying all about, bouncing off the hull in spurts, sounding like a heavy rain on a steel roof. I was immediately frightened for those warriors involved. The alarms were blaring. I really couldn’t do much, except hide like a rabbit in its hole.

The fighting passed and things we normal again. I left my quarters and was walking towards the shuttle bay to see what might be going on in the rest of the fleet, to try and find some news about what had just happened when I encountered Pacifica Viper pilot , Lieutenant Kalah [Ed. note: DeCuir] walking my way. I can’t recall her last name as I write this message.

We stood talking briefly when once again, the sound of battle broke out. This time, however, a Cylon machine appeared, walking up the steps from the landing bay. I had never seen such a thing. My skin instantly crawled and I felt horror seeing this creature, intent on destruction. I was amazed at how Kalah fought off the invader single handedly. I was instructed to go to my quarters and I did so with much trepidation. I could hear the sound of the fight below me. I could also hear that the battle onboard was moving towards my quarters. I was also aware that reinforcements had finally arrived. I could hear their shouts as they fought in the hallway below me. I thought at the time that I wish I could have had more to do with myself than hide from the evil, attacking machine, but not having any weapon besides an old bow and a quiver of arrows, any attempt to defend myself against the machine would have been foolish.

The attack finally ended and Kalah entered my quarters to tell me the danger had passed. I saw she was wounded slightly and gave her some first aid. I thanked her for her courage in protecting me.

I would wish to personally thank all the other defenders who ultimately came to my aid, but I do not know exactly who they were. If not for them all, I would have surely perished, or worse. We all owe our lives now to these brave men and women.

Eyea Aya





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Face to face with Representative Carbetta

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 29, 2007

The other day I had the rare opportunity to do two things, interview Representative Carbetta from Caprica and wear my reporter hat while doing so.  The last time I had seen the Representative was at the first meeting of the leadership of the fleet and so I asked her what she thought of the outcome of that meeting.  She stated to me, “sometimes difficult duties are placed on all of us and I had a duty to the people to ask tough questions of the President and the Commander and all has been answered to my satisfaction”.  There have been more meetings and questions posed since that original one, but I chose not to focus on those for this interview. I turned my questions to what she saw for the future of the fleet…assuming we were not going home. “Well a home is exactly what we need to look for. Some believe in the home of the 13th colony, maybe we will find it maybe we won’t but we need a home, a planet to build the human race again.”, said the Representative.  Yes we do need a home, and when I asked her if the military were leading us there, said she needed more time to study that.

When she was asked if she would be pursuing or was interested in becoming the Vice-President she responded, “I don’t think now would be appropriate to consider anything beyond the establishment of the quorum for the good of the people.”  The Quorum needs to be re-established before a VP can be appointed.

She told me to tell the people…”To take heart. And to never give up. we have all lost loved ones and for now our civilization. But i believe with all my heart that if we work together we can rebuild.”  In asking her if she thought people origins mattered anymore, or if we even need a Quorom of Twelve, she seemed very strong in her belief…”Yes, a peoples heritage is what shapes our future and our memories and our past way of life is something to give us strength in the times to come…we will bring the good and hopefully leave the bad behind.”

I asked the Representative about her faith, if she was guided by it or if it just gave her strength. She firstly wanted it clear that she was not associated in any way with the Daughters of Freyja (one of which spoke of the impending doom right before the attack).  She had this to say, “I am a religious person who believes in the gods and the stories of our origins and the home of the 13th colony which we may or may not find, but I am able to do my job impartially and a prophecy is something that either will or won’t come to pass.” She was referring to the prophesy that “A leader will arise who is the namesake of the seat of Government to lead the people at the time of near extinction of Humanity.” She continued, “It strengthens me more than anything, and the belief of finding our lost brethren of the 13th colony but i want a suitable home more than anything and will use sound judgement in that determination.”

Both of our duties were calling to us and I asked for her final thoughts…”I would like to add that there has been too much bitterness in the press towards me. Too much commentary and not the context of the statements were made. I will uphold the Presidency of Zarta Vargas for the remainder of its term. I believe and support our brave women and men in the military.  I believe in the establishment of Democracy, not socialism as claimed by Captain Halberd and joyfully repeated in the press. I am a religious person but that doesn’t cloud my judgement of what is best for all.”

Thank you Representative Carbetta,

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review

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Summit: FTL banking plan approved, but competitors welcomed

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 27, 2007

CELESTRA/COLONIAL ONE, August 26 — Punctuated by a Cylon attack, the first-ever wartime Fleet Economic Summit was held yesterday aboard Celestra/Colonial One. The stated objective of the meeting was to determine which economic plan – a market-driven, deposit/withdrawal system proposed by FTL Enterprises Inc., or a somewhat less clear “central bank” system proposed by Representative Carbetta – would ultimately be best for the Fleet.

In attendance: President Vargas; Quorum Representative Capri Carbetta, of Caprica; Captain Halberd of 7th Heaven (representing FTL Enterprises Inc.), Loki Blackadder (Aide to the President); and myself, representing the Fleet News Service.

 ((OOC: Ziggy Figaro, a guest of the President, was also present to observe a portion of the meeting. Ziggy is the SL alter-ego of a real-life journalist…but until we’re sure he’s comfortable having his RL name posted here, suffice it to say the sim might be getting some RL ink in the near future! – DS))

A bank for the people
After a high-level review of the FTL Enterprises, Inc. economic plan, Captain Halberd reiterated FTL’s position that an “economic takeover” is not an objective of the corporation.  “We are simply two Captains who have pooled our economic resources to form a small company. All of this talk about rebuilding the economy has not been from us,” said Halberd.  “We plan to open a small bank, thereby improving services for citizens. There are only 98,000 people in the fleet; this is not a [population as large as a] Colony, or even a city.”

Expressing doubt that FTL’s motives are as benevolent as Captain Halberd had suggested, Representative Carbetta repeatedly questioned who would benefit financially from establishing a bank within the Fleet. “So, the plan is for your corporation to pool the resources of the two corporate officers and become wealthy in the process?” 

 (Huh? Your guess is as good as mine, folks.)

She continued, “It doesn’t matter if we are 100 survivors or 98,000 survivors. We need a currency that is given to a central bank, which then lends this money to private banks, the way it worked on the Colonies. These private banks then lend out money to people who start businesses to pay for salaries, so that people may buy goods, and to pay for inventory and fixed and variable costs of running a business.”

A mole hill, not a mountain
“If I may,” said Captain Halberd, “we are talking about opening a small bank the size of a kiosk. We do not need an intra-bank system at this time, in my opinion. Certainly if the credit or lending or reserve regulations were not met, the bank we are starting would be accountable to the President and the Quorum of 12.”

Convinced that the recent deflation in the value of the cubit is responsible for all financial ills in the Fleet – including the emergence of a black market – Carbetta shot back, “Our women are prostituting themselves. Establishing a central currency takes the power away from the criminal black marketeers, gives legitimacy to our system and provides loans to private banks, who would in turn loan the money to the people to start businesses and pay salaries. Go to any freighter ship in the Fleet, and you will see unsanctioned sales of medicine, clothing, food, and every other type of good imaginable.”

(But wait, dear readers… the fact is, we’ve still got a currency.  The cubit still exists, and you’ve probably still got a few rattling around in the pockets of your uniforms. At present it’s unbacked by substantial financial resources, and has little value… but isn’t offering quality goods at a variety of prices, through formation of a company with some backing resources, a worthwhile starting point toward resolving this?  Truly…what other choice do we have?)

 Our problem: Weak currency, or the “evil black market?”
At Carbetta’s suggestion that the black market is at the heart of our economic problems, Captain Halberd raised the idea of creating a civilian police force – as a more direct means to solving issues of security and possible criminal activity in the Fleet.

The President commented, “Efforts are already underway to get security forces on all ships. Hopefully, though, these will serve to protect us from our enemy — not from one another.”

Exasperated, Representative Carbetta put all her cards on the table…mere moments after our pilots had put their lives on the line yet again to successfully fend off several Cylon Raiders.

“My sole purpose in being here is to state that putting two shareholders of a corporation in charge of rebuilding an economy is a bad idea, and my plan takes the power out of the few and gives it to the many.”

Captain Halberd, smelling socialism on the breeze, pushed back.  “So now we are talking about nationalizing private property?”

“No. Ridiculous.” 

(That’s a good word for it…)

A competitive market: The answer, after all?

Then, in a surprising – but well concealed – admission that the “central bank” theory she’d previously proposed might not be in the best interest of the people, Carbetta opened the door for free-market competition in the Fleet’s economy (something FTL’s been suggesting from the start, in this reporter’s opinion).

“One bank is a bad idea and would lead to a monopoly,” Carbetta chirped, “so I suggest we accept the applications of two qualified entities to become the banks. There should be a rigorous application process to become a bank, and the Fleet – with approval from a panel selected by the President – would take the two best candidates. This approach will create jobs within the Fleet, for bankers and economists to earn a respectable living.”

(Hang on… let me do some quick math here.  Representative Carbetta initially didn’t want the Government in charge of the bank, and erroneously thought the President had called for the creation of FTL and was somehow pulling the strings behind their “rebuilding of the economy.” Now, she’s putting President Vargas in charge of pulling the strings behind selecting the Fleet’s financial string-pullers?  I’m lost.)

FTL welcomes competition from other interested Fleet bankers
Recognizing that creating jobs is admirable whenever it happens, the group questioned the number of survivors qualified ((OOC: and RPers interested)) in becoming bankers to compete with FTL Enterprises. However, in keeping with the spirit of free enterprise and marketplace competition, the President approved a proposal to solicit applications from interested parties to control competing financial institutions.

 ((Time to break down the fourth wall for a minute and go out of character, since some OOC comments from Captain Halberd and Rep. Carbetta make clear what they’re intending:

TH: ((We are talking about a little kiosk that will have no personnel, take no deposits, and issue no credits. Are we really insisting that there should be competition for this?))

 CC: ((It’s just RP for the better system, and creates three more roles: two bankers, and one economist in charge of the central bank. The people can then RP what they want, in fun, “banking” RP.))

 Thus, with Presidential approval, FTL Enterprises Inc. will soon open their kiosks in the Fleet for basic deposit and withdrawal services, presumably with an interest rate on deposits. Ms. Carbetta has won the compromise she sought, as well, since all are welcome to apply to become competing banks within the Fleet.

So…we’ve built it.  Will they come?

*    *    *    *    *


The last word
On a side note, is anybody else waiting to see what’ll come of Representative Carbetta’s other pet project, the rebuilding of the Quorum of 12?  

Forget “putting the cart before the horse” – we haven’t even finished building the cart yet.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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((Debut of Fleet Photo Album))

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 26, 2007

We’ll be adding to it in the coming days, but the News-Review is pleased to announce the “Photos from the Fleet” page (accessible from the blog’s front page). Several of you have sent pictures of life in the Fleet, and where possible, we’ll use the pictures in connection with our reporting… but since we don’t like to see your work go to waste, the Album will live on as an historical record of BSG47.

DS, of the N-R

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Latest comment from Carbetta

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 26, 2007

CELESTRA, August 26 — Odds are that wireless listeners will have heard another early morning blast from Caprica’s “leader,” but for those who missed it:

From the Office of Capri Carbetta
Quorum of 12 Leader of Caprica

President Vargas has agreed to a summmit meeting between she, Captains Halberd and Serapis, and myself to determine which is the best plan for economic recovery.

As meeting details emerge, the News-Review will bring them to you.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Medic for a day!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 25, 2007

I was walking the hall of the Pacifica hoping to catch Commander Nephilim to get details of her return when I was shouted at from sickbay to get in and help! A handful of our brave pilots lay bleeding or worse on the sickbay cots. Captain Nivea Allen stood over Viper pilot Sazuka Yoshikawa. The pilot complaining to be there and not out in the battle. Captain Allen shouted for me to get there and help. I did. I found her some drugs and blood, all the while she stood there and tended to Sazuka. I recall asking her at one point how they all manage to handle this everyday. Captain Allen told me it was her first time and smiled when she said the body is like a ships engine. I knew she was joking…but her dedication to the pilot on the cot was no joking matter. In the middle of her reaching into Sazuka to find the shrapnel, multiple DRADIS contacts appeared. Everyone attending the pilots from the battle before cleared sickbay, leaving only Captain Allen and myself. I have to admit I was close to breaking down, but she pulled me together. She removed the shrapnel and I scanned for more pieces, twice at her urging, and found another. She removed it as well, burning her hand in the process, claiming it must have been from a battery. With her hand burnt, she asked me to finish. Together we closed up Sazuka as she slipped in and out of consciousness. As she came to she joked about buying Captain Nivea Allen and I a beer. We did good in there and it is something I will never forget. The dedication and resolve, the caring for each-other, the seriousness and the jokes….I will not forget one bit. Get well soon Sazuka, the fleet needs you.

Captain Allen….Nivea, we did good. I look forward to that beer.

To everyone reading this…we owe our lives to these brave men and women, but at the end of the day, they are human just as we are. Not heroes, nor pilots, not civilians, not Capprican, or Leonin….they are Human.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentator, Medic, Human
The News-Review

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Our Hearts are Broken

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 25, 2007

This in from the Pacifica….

All Hands, now hear this

It is my sad duty to inform you that Commander Angelica Nephilim lost her life this Friday while defending her ship and the fleet against enemy forces.

We were overthrown by Cylon forces after mission “looter” was done. Pacifica was out of pilots, so the Commander decided to suit up and give them hell in her viper.

Just some minutes later, Pacifica was able to launch relieve Vipers. At that moment, Dradis lost contact with the Commander’s Viper. As acting XO I ordered a SAR mission, even though we still were under fire by two Cylon raiders.

When they were finally out of the sky, the search for the Commander was made top priority. The search was handled by two Raptors and one Viper.

The SAR looked up every square inch of space, desperate to find Commander Nephilim. But we were not able to locate her.

With the arrival of new Cylon forces, I was forced to make a decision. A decision to save the fleet and to safe human kind. I gave the word to execute an emergency jump.

For the moment, we all are save now. But we paid a price for that safety. Commander Nephilim gave her life for us because she felt we can not go down in history. Because she knows, we will overcome all odds. She is a hero for all of us and we will remember her in thankful thoughts.

So say we all

Nivea Allen
Pacifica Commander

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Halberd of FTL Enterprises issues “Prescription for Power”

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

7TH HEAVEN, August 23 — Following the heated exchanges today between Quorum of Twelve Representative Capri Carbetta and CEO Starbuckk Serapis of FTL Enterprises Inc., Captain Tanya Halberd passed me this handwritten note.

* * * * *

Dear Mr. Steadham,

I am not the spokesperson from FTL Enterprises, but I am deeply concerned over the direction that the discussion [about our economic plan] is taking in the press. Captain Serapis and I are simply trying to organize our resources to help the Fleet.

However, it seems that this has been seized as the latest opportunity by some for “monster making.”

In response to this, I have prepared a “Prescription for Power” which is, I think, going to seem strikingly familiar to most of your readers. Oddly, it appears that these efforts are in violation of Caprican law as well as the Articles.

Prescription for Power

> ignore the fact that we are the size of a small town
> ignore the loose federalism of the Articles of Colonization
> declare yourself as a representative of “the people”
> assert that “the people” must be protected
> suspend private property rights
> seize all privately held spacecraft
> establish government controlled banking
> prevent private banking
> control banking and credit
> eliminate private enterprise
> exploit opportunities for divisiveness

Tanya Halberd
Captain, 7th Heaven
COO FTL Enterprises, Inc.

* * * * *

Gods almighty… Could Captain Halberd and FTL seriously be proposing such a “prescription” for our ragtag Fleet?

(Of course not…and anyone who thinks they are, has missed the last shuttle out of Crazyville.)

I should note that the following comments are mine alone and do not represent any official position held by the government, the News-Review, the military or any representative of the Quorum of Twelve.

The cutting satire of this letter is meant for one person among us, and one alone…and I need not name names for most of our regular readers to catch my drift. I’d urge caution, to that individual: Ask yourself. Is this a fight you really want to pick? Especially now, when Fleetwide unity is more important than it’s ever been?

But to Captain Halberd, I’d suggest similar caution: Don’t stoop to petty political mudslinging. Don’t dignify this flurry of babble by viewing it as anything more than it is — premature posturing for a future political office. A critical question remains unanswered, for FTL’s chief opponent: When the time comes for words to turn to action, for background buzz to firm up into true public support… will the bluster and bravado hold up, or fold like a house of cards?

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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Vargas announces interim military leadership

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

7th HEAVEN, August 23 — As has been reported here, Commander Nephilim is currently unaccounted for and search efforts are underway.  President Vargas confirmed in a brief verbal statement just moments ago that acting Executive Officer (XO), Captain Nivea Allen, will act as Commander of the Fleet’s Military forces “until Commander Nephilim is found.”

President Vargas had these comments regarding the Commander’s disappearance: “I’ve been made aware that Commander Nephilim chose to join the fight on her own; she takes the safety of her soldiers and the Fleet very, very seriously.” She declined further comment citing a desire to avoid complicating search and recovery efforts,  and referred me to Captain Allen.

As I turned to leave, a composed but emotional President Vargas said “I have full confidence that the military is in the best possible hands. However, I fully expect that Commander Nephilim will be found, and will return to duty on an appropriate timetable.”

For those of you who believe it will help, please keep Commander Nephilim in your prayers. If you don’t — at least do your part to support the military, especially the search parties, during this difficult time.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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7th Heaven Improvements!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

The 7th Heaven just recently completed making improvements to its lower deck. One of which is a magnificent pool and hot-tub to be open for use by all of the fleet. We should all look forward to these new additions!

Update – Having just come from the location of the new pool where I was turned away by Captain Halberd. She explained she was ordered to close the facility while the fleets water supply was being tested and investigated for possible contamination.

While explaining this to me, the fleet alarm was activated and she excused herself to prepare for a FTL jump.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentator, The News-Review

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URGENT! – Commander Nephilim Missing!!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

In a shocking and risky move, Commander Nephilim went out during the latest Cylon attack! Her Viper was shot down and at the time of this report she had not been located or recovered. We are awaiting official word from the Pacifica and until then let us all pray for her safe return.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentator, The News-Review

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A Carbetta vendetta? Feuding continues over FTL

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

My, it’s been a busy day on the wireless. If you’ve been tuned in, you’ve probably heard a rather one-sided conversation between Representative Capri Carbetta and the CEO of FTL Enterprises, Inc., Captain Starbuckk Serapis.

Two participants, yes — but one-sided because FTL has responded directly to the News-Review, while Representative Carbetta’s apparent mistrust for the press has led her to blast Civilian airwaves with her anti-corporation rhetoric.

In an effort to paint both sides of the developing “Economy Divide,” here is Rep. Carbetta’s latest response to FTL, followed by comments by Captain Serapis. (Your comments, dear readers, are encouraged.)

* * * * *

From the Office of the Quorum of 12, Leader of Caprica, Capri Carbetta:

“I call an economic summit — that should have taken place before the implementation of the current private company economic solution — with Pesident Vargas, and Captains Halberd and Serapis as soon as possible.

“It is obvious that the Captains have no formal economic training whereas I studied economics at university. Take the Serapis statement of the FleetNews today [Ed. note: We presume this means “…in the News-Review today”]. He says he is against a central bank but FOR private banks. Well Captain Serapis, private banks get their MONEY from a CENTRAL bank. The government prints currency and gives it to the Central bank for lending out to Private banks. Many people owned companies, and to choose the company owned by Captains Halberd and Serapis smacks of an “old boy network” and the President choosing to make her friends wealthy by letting them control the economy.

“So, bottom line is there should be a summit meeting to determine which plan is best.”

* * * * *

Mere minutes later, FTL’s executive team shot back:

Again, Ms. Carbetta has misrepsresented our position. I restate that it is not FTL Enterprises’ intent to control the economy, but to participate in its reconstruction. And we encourage others to do so as well. We could not do it by ourselves even if we wanted to. Do not look to the government to “do it for you”. Look to yourselves to build an economy driven by free market principles.

President Vargas did NOT ask US to form FTL. This was a decision made by Captain Halberd and myself. Of course a goal of any corporation is that of profit for its stakeholders. However, the means to that profit is to provide what people need. In our case, that means well maintained civilian vessels that run efficiently and provide a service to the survivors of the Colonies and our customers.

Certainly Ms. Carbetta’s economics program identified the many economic systems that have operated without central banks. They do exist, and have existed successfully. We reiterate opposition to the formation of a central bank. However, as we will operate within the laws, we recognize the right of the Quorum and the President to take this approach [Ed. note: the “central bank” approach], and should it be the chosen direction, FTL will stand with our political leaders and operate within those established laws.

Regarding the call for a summit, if asked we will testify. But in keeping with our stand that we are a private entity and not a controlling factor in the matter of government policy, we do not claim any decision powers at this summit. We will be present as lobbyists to the President and the Quorum, and we call on them to consider and respect the value that private initiatives such as FTL Enterprises will bring to a new economy.

Captain Starbuckk Serapis
Chief Executive Officer
FTL Enterprises, Inc.

((OOC Reference:

* * * * *

Will there be a summit? Will FTL ultimately be restructured by Presidential order? It’s anybody’s guess at the present time (though we do have our guesses), and the News-Review will continue to follow this story as it develops.

(Although, the way today’s gone, it couldn’t hurt to keep an ear on the wireless too!)


Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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FTL Enterprises Inc. responds to Carbetta press release

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

Determined to be neither outdone nor misquoted, THIS JUST IN from Captain Serapis of FTL Enterprises, Inc. (see below!).

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

* * * * *

First, I thank Ms. Carbetta for her confidence in our abilities. To believe that FTL Enterprises could in some way control an entire economy is a testament to our skills even beyond our own imagination. But I can assure Ms. Carbetta and anyone else with such concerns that we have no such intention.

In fact, it is against our belief that ANY single entity, be it a government agency or private enterprise, should have economic control over a society. We are very adamant free market advocates. We OPPOSE formation of a central bank as well, as a central bank WOULD in fact exercise control over the economy. Ms. Carbetta should have talked to us before making an accusation of this nature that goes so totally against our principles. Private banking is, of course another matter and I would not rule it out of our corporate future when the economy is ready for private banking again.

With respect to Ms. Carbetta’s statement that we were formed “without her consultation…” [sic], we do not recognize an obligation to seek consent of any member of the Quorum in order to form a private economic enterprise. Again, as free marketers, that would violate our principles. However, in light of her apparent differences of opinion in this matter, I point out that the formation of FTL Enterprises WAS discussed during the summit meeting and she was made aware of our planned formation.

FTL believes that it is as much a responsibility of the civilian population to rebuild the economy, as it is a military responsibility to defend us against our enemies. We encourage the formation of other corporations and private businesses. Shops have been opened on 7th Heaven for use by other merchants. We encourage others to follow our lead and help rebuild a working economy that includes not only other businesses, but also those that might compete with us.

I would also point out that we do not control all civilian ships in the Fleet. Had full economic control been our motive, we might have proposed that other ships operating under currently questionable charters be impounded by the government and placed under our wing. We did not, nor would we propose it. We only hold jurisdiction over Celestra and 7th Heaven as inherited by our interest in the former corporations that owned them.

In closing, I will also state that President Vargas has no economic stake in FTL. She is neither a stakeholder, nor a member of our Board. We did recognize an obligation, however, to consult with her with respect to the formation of FTL, given that the president is in fact responsible for the welfare of the entire civilian population.

Captain Starbuckk Serapis
Chief Executive Officer
FTL Enterprises, Inc.

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Statement from Rep. Carbetta

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 24, 2007

The following was received from Representative Carbetta, with a request to post it verbatim.




As you know we had an historic summit between President Vargas, Commander Nephilim and myself and certain agreements were reached and compromises made. Now comes, without my consultation and against my knowledge of a need for a central bank and the establishment of private banks, a President Vargas-approved plan to “give the store away” to Captains Halberd and Serapis. This, to re-capitalize a defunct corporation to run the economy.

This plan will fail, as a corporation cannot, nor should it, run a democratic economy. With my plan of a central bank, this bank will loan money to private banks who in turn lend the money to business owners to pay for inventory, salaries, fixed and variable costs. The black market is taking control of our fleet and I call for an immediate stop to the Corporation plan (a Vargas-backed black market) and an implementation of my sensible, by the book, life saving economic plan.

Quorum of the 12 Leader of Caprica,
Capri Carbetta

And posted it, we have.

Again, this reporter feels compelled to question the title “Leader of Caprica,” as Quorum Representative is a title given to a member of a legislative body (who presents the demands of the people to the President and Vice President for their ultimate execution or rejection), not an executive body. Colonial historical records ((OOC: a.k.a. the Battlestar Wiki)) have this to say on the matter ((linked here))

The Quorum of Twelve is a unicameral deliberative body[1] that grants each of the Twelve Colonies one elected representative, who votes on and brings issues to be discussed. The scope of these issues, in the aftermath of the Cylon attack, is likely to be quite broad due to the lack of any other organized political bodies.

Yes, through the Articles the Colonies are granted an elected representative… who, like all other Colonists, is subservient to the will of the executive branch, namely the President and Vice President. To call one’s self the Leader of Caprica or any other colony is akin to anointing myself Zeus, King of the Gods.

Maybe she’s got a point about the economy. Time will tell… I, for one, say give Halberd and Serapis a chance to make this work before tossing the whole idea.

(Speaking of agreements and compromises, what ever happened to Ms. Carbetta’s agreement during the meeting to support President Vargas and her agenda through the end of the current term? Rhetoric like the above is surely more divisive than supportive…)

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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We need your Pictures!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 22, 2007


We need your pictures for the Who’s Who page.  If you are on the page and no picture is shown, please email one to for give to Dollwife Pink in world.

We want to see your face 😉

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Back to Business…

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 22, 2007


As a part of the economic reformation of the colonies, Celestra Captain Starbuckk Serapis (home colony Scorpion) and 7th Heaven Captain Tanya Halberd (home colony Aerelon) have agreed to a merger of the former corporations that managed these two vessels. Serapis and Halberd are the sole surviving stakehoders and senior employees of these corporations. The newly reformed corporation will operate under the name “FTL Enterprises, Inc.”  Serapis will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer and Halberd will become Chief Operating Officer.  They will be equal stakeholders in the new corporation.

Celestra has operated as the carrier for The News-Review, and since the attack on the colonies has also asssumed the role of Colonial One, the Presidential transport.  Contract with The News-Review will carry over. Contract with the new  Colonial government will be established. Celestra currently operates as Colonial One under verbal agreements.

7th Heaven provides Quorum chambers, diplomatic residences and recreational facilities. Operating contracts for 7th Heaven will also carry over.  FTL will begin renovations of 7th Heaven to meet new requirements that have arisen out of our new situation.

Plans for formation of this new corporation were revealed at the recent Presidential summit meeting on Colonial One.

I look forward to seeing the outcomes of this merger.  While many of us may not be ready to accept certain losses, some of us are.  The reestablishment of commerce aboard the 7th Heaven, and creation of more recreational activities within the fleet will only make this better.  The best of luck to FTL.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentater, The News-Review

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Attention Pacifica Pilots: Let’s Hear From You!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 20, 2007

MY NICE WARM BED ON CELESTRA (WHICH I WOULDN’T HAVE IF IT WASN’T FOR THE MILITARY), August 20 — More than one brave military pilot has pointed out that the News-Review has been lax in showing off the talents, skill and individuality of our Guardians of the Fleet. None has thought to mention that each time this reporter tries to get near the squadron ready rooms, he’s threatened with being “put out the airlock”…but I’m not bitter. (Good evening, Major Lucero! This one’s for you!)

At any rate — we’ve taken our lumps from the pilots and we’re ready to make amends. Any pilot interested in being profiled in the News-Review, leave a Comment on this edition and/or speak to us in-world to arrange an interview.

((OOC: In return, we’d love some help — the News-Review’s photojournalism staff loves your Vipers and Raptors, but we only ever get to see them from the outside. If you’re able to use the “Snapshot” feature from inside your planes and can capture some action shots, or even just the interior instruments, we’ll give you photo credit. You can send them to this email address, either as Second Life textures or as JPEGs… and shortly thereafter, they might appear in a News-Review edition. Be sure to let us know who you are, in the body of the email.))

((OOC: Not in the military? Not to worry — we are looking at practical ways to offer interested Colonial citizens, of all stripes and roles, the opportunity for some publicity and exposure in the News-Review. Stay tuned, and keep sending us your ideas.))

May the Gods be with our soldiers, our leaders, and all of our people.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Struggling with the past…

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 20, 2007

Having spoken with many crew members and civilians, both on and off the record, it is becoming more and more apparent that many of us are facing the same struggle of dealing with the losses of the past.

Day to day we continue with our lives, trying to move forward and yet we are inextricably bound to the past and the attack on the colonies. Most of us lost so much that day and are still silently struggling on as though it never happened and worse still as though those we lost never existed.

It is my suggestion therefore that the fleet be given some time to reflect, remember and say goodbye to those we lost. I feel it would be helpful to many of us for an event to be held at 7th heaven for us to get together, to forge new friendships and the families of the future, to celebrate that we are still here and to let some of the pain of the past go. 

HexxKitten Soleil

The News-Review

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Presidential conference held aboard Colonial One under tight security, Fleetwide scrutiny

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 19, 2007

CELESTRA/COLONIAL ONE, August 19 — An historic summit occurred yesterday evening aboard Celestra, during which a number of urgent priorities were set for the Fleet. While contentious and politicized at times, this first recorded face-to-face meeting between President Vargas and Caprican Quorum of Twelve Representative Capri Carbetta represented a major step forward in the reconstruction of our society.

Update/Correction: Thank you to Captain Heidi Stiglitz of Pacifica’s 27th Fighter Squadron for providing this correction (duplicated in Comments). Personnel references in this piece which duplicate the error have been edited. — DS

  • Jr. Lt. Kalah DeCuir was brought in as a witness for the Caprican Quorum rep’s claims of martial law. At no time was JrLt. DeCuir acting on behalf of the security detachment, nor was she at any time dialed in to the security wireless channel set up by Ms Brown.
  • Working with Ms Brown aboard the Celestra were myself and Corporal Raydin Nishi of the Colonial Marines. The Viper CAP was provided by Lt Gaius Gisaku and JrLt Sazuki Yoshikawa. Logistical support for the Vipers was provided by the Pacifica’s CAG, Major Darsh Lucero.”

In attendance at the meeting: Leonid Quorum Representative Pazzo Pestana; Commander Angelica Nephilim of Pacifica; Fleet Counsel Vicky Christensen; Captains Starbuckk Serapis and Tanya Halberd; Officer Melandra Brown, providing security for the President, Jr. Lt. Kalah DeCuir (a material witness for Representative Carbetta); and News-Review staff members D’Anna Biers and Dean Steadham.



Photo: The CAP provided Colonial One’s airborne security detail during the conference, pictured here alongside a Raptor from the 27th Squadron designated for VIP transport. Thanks to a Heartbreakers pilot for capturing this photograph, as regular shuttle service was suspended.

Carbetta’s Presence Among Us
Questions had been raised prior to the meeting, by the press and others, as to where Ms. Carbetta came from, and where she’s been since the attacks. She indicated she’d been aboard 7th Heaven at the time of the initial Cylon onslaught, and had been wounded and unconscious.

Corroborating witnesses for this particular aspect of Ms. Carbetta’s history have not yet been located, and are invited to step forward to authenticate it.

Martial Law, or Merely a Tight Ship?
Initially, debate during the meeting focused on addressing a surfacing belief in the fleet that “the military controls the Presidency.” Ms. Carbetta was quite adamant that the people’s views and needs were being subjugated to the will of the military and/or the Presidency. In particular, Commander Nephilim spoke eloquently in defense of the separation of Colonial powers, saying “The Fleet’s military service is not a democracy, nor do we pretend to be. We are sworn to protect democracy, not practice it. ”

Viper pilot Kalah DeCuir was called upon by Ms. Carbetta to testify that the tragic and unusual shooting of a civilian aboard Pacifica was evidence of martial law. Again, Commander Nephilim rose to the challenge, stating, “If a civilian is on my boat unauthorized and in a secure area, interfering with medical operations and refusing to surrender, Gods know I will take whatever means necessary to secure the protection of the Fleet.”

Using a recent News-Review article to support her argument, Ms. Carbetta next leveled accusations that the President exercises undue control over the press, dictating timing, content and viewpoint of our articles. Both Ms. Biers and I challenged this, and in particular I was called to defend my article of August 17th in which the President exercised her privilege to release limited details about the conference to the public. The reason for such privilege was — and remains — obvious: public safety. For the same reason the CAP circled Colonial One and shuttle service was suspended during this conference, it’s logical to refrain from publicizing the time and place of a gathering between executive, military and legislative leadership.

Ultimately Ms. Carbetta seemed, reluctantly, to accept that the relationship between government and the press is a complicated and delicate one…and one that is managed through diligent and ethical behavior on both sides.

Despite intriguing testimony from Jr. Lt. DeCuir and impassioned speech from Ms. Carbetta, discussion of the “martial law” question drew to a close with all at the table seeming to agree that evidence currently in existence does not support claims of a martial state.


Photo: From left to right — JrLt. Kalah DeCuir, Representatives Carbetta and Pestana, and D’Anna Biers of the News-Review.

Case Orange and The Order of Succession
In the interest of accuracy on the critical question of who has the rightful claim to the Presidency, the News-Review offers this excerpt from our official transcript of the proceedings.

Capri Carbetta: The Articles of Colonization say that the successor to the Presidency is the highest ranking government official.

Angelica Nephilim: As a law student at the Academy I beg to differ. Case Orange is quite clear in this matter. During the attacks, the Celestra logs will show only one answer to Case Orange. No other reply was received, but given the condition of the Colonies, that may simply mean the transmission tower was destroyed after transmitting the Case Orange signal. Case Orange dictates the order of succession under conditions when an AUTOMATED implementation is needed — it is transmitted to ensure rapid succession in the case of just such a catastrophe as we have endured.

Zarta Vargas: All established protocols were followed on the day of the attack, as they are stated in Case Orange. There are persons here with us now who were present and who can attest to this.

D’Anna Biers: Forgive me, but did the 12 Representatives have a hand or say in the writing or approval of Case Orange?

Thus, for the first time in the conference, the question of the validity of Case Orange as a legitimate means of naming Presidential successors was raised for discussion: namely, do responses to an automated disaster signal trump the claims of democratically-elected legislators from the Quorum of Twelve, if and when they are discovered? Representative Pestana drove this portion of the discussion.

Pazzo Pestana: If I may…Before we leave the critical discussion regarding governance, I would like clarification of the role of the Quorum in succession, or the position in the sequence.

Angelica Nephilim: *Legally* it is a preservation of the branches of government.

Capri Carbetta: And again, a Military leader answers for the people!

Angelica Nephilim: As our *esteemed* representative of my home Colony [Caprica] has reminded us, she was elected by the people while Madam President was a member of the Cabinet. The Quorum is a legislative body — and the cabinet is the Executive branch.

Pazzo Pestana: And all Quorum members have equal standing?

Starbuckk Serapis: The answer to your question, Mr Pestana, is yes.

Pazzo Pestana: Thank you. Then, none of the Quorum members has a specific place in the succession?

D’Anna Biers: It seems the obvious resolution is to hold elections. And if we uphold the law as written, elections are due when the President’s first term of office [actually the completion of President Adar’s unfinished term] is over.

Reception to the idea of formal elections was strong, though Ms. Carbetta continued to assert her claim that the prophecy of Sari Choche made elections unnecessary, and that Ms. Vargas’ presidency should be reevaluated. We’ll look at the prophecy and related discussions in the next section.

((First, enjoy these close-ups captured at the conference.))


Photo: Caprican Quorum of Twelve Representative Capri Carbetta, seated, flanked by Junior Lieutenant Kalah DeCuir of the Pacifica.


Photo: Leonid Quorum of Twelve Representative Pazzo Pestana.


Photo: President Vargas, seated, with assigned security officer Melandra Brown.

The Prophecy: Leadership Directive, or The Basis for Elections?

As was made apparent in Ms. Carbetta’s previous press releases, she hoped to convince others in attendance that the “prophecy” received and interpreted by a now-disappeared High Priestess (Sari Choche) provided sufficient justification for a change in presidential power. The prophecy is quoted here:

A leader will arise who is the namesake of the seat of Government to lead the people at the time of near extinction of Humanity.

Clearly, the “seat of Government” is a reference to Caprica, and Ms. Carbetta’s first name (Capri, a feminine derivation of the planet’s ancient name, Capricorn) would seem to lend credence to the “namesake” reference. Ground was certainly fertile for discussion of the prophecy, and all were focused on the critical task of deciding whether to accept the interpretation as presented, or to apply it as additional knowledge to our current situation (a stranded fleet, under siege in a time of war).

Ms. Carbetta presented a four-point plan to further her interpretation — sounding very much like a campaign stump speech — stating that as “leader of the planet of the seat of Government,” her life’s work has been “upholding the Articles of Colonization, establishing an economy, establishing a system of health care and building a suitable system of education for our children.” This reporter doesn’t doubt that she was responsible for good work on Caprica, but as was pointed out in the meeting, Representative on the Quorum of Twelve is a legislative position, not an executive position. If her reputation amongst Caprican survivors is any indication, she is a well-respected legislator — but as Commander Nephilim pointed out, President Vargas (as a member of President Adar’s Cabinet) has experience in the Executive branch of government.

With neither side willing to give much ground on the question of the prophecy’s validity, discussions turned by necessity to the way in which government would be structured for the remainder of the President’s current term, and beyond. There was no disagreement that a formal election process should be re-instituted. According to the Articles of Colonization, the next opportunity for formal elections will be in nine months, when the current Presidential term elapses.

With Economic Rebirth Underway, Rebuilding the Quorum is a Priority
Seemingly relinquishing her spirited bid for the presidency and pledging her support for President Vargas for the remainder of this term, Ms. Carbetta raised the critical question of a Vice Presidency. Who would stand beside President Vargas, prepared to step in as leader when/if required, and who would serve as an appropriate balance to her power in the meantime? Since the question of Presidency is, for the moment, off the table, the group turned to the Articles of Colonization to provide guidance for naming a Vice President. The Quorum of Twelve are responsible for voicing the will of their constituents in this process — and at the moment, only two members of the Quorum of Twelve have stepped forward.

Therefore, in keeping with the spirit of the Articles of Colonization and recognizing that our current situation prevents immediately following through on their mandates to the letter, President Vargas reached a worthy compromise with Representatives Carbetta and Pestana.

  1. We will first reestablish the Quorum of Twelve, in the nine months remaining before a formal Presidential election.
  2. Once a Quorum is reinstated, Vice Presidential candidates will also be nominated, whether or not President Vargas’ current term has elapsed.
  3. Once he or she is elected, the Vice President will serve alongside President Vargas for the remainder of the Adar term.
  4. Approximately nine months from now, with a full Quorum in place, a full Presidential election will occur on the schedule called for in the Articles.

Private Commercial Enterprise Returns to the Fleet
The re-emergence of commerce on 7th Heaven has been a tremendous step forward, as merchants from the Twelve Colonies are reestablishing their livelihoods for the good of the Fleet. As to how the Fleet’s economy will function, Captains Halberd and Serapis pointed out that the current system of bartering and exchange — bolstered by the limited amount of currency 7th Heaven carried prior to the attacks — is working reasonably well for the short-term. In the longer term, 7th Heaven and Colonial One plan to incorporate as a Fleet-wide commercial business entity, entirely separate from governmental or military control, to further encourage economic stability.

((As the Fleetwide economic plan continues to develop, watch the News-Review for updates.))


Photo: From left to right — Security Officer Brown, President Vargas, Commander Nephilim and Vicky Christensen, Esq.

Carbetta and Pestana to Collaborate, Prepare for Quorum Elections
The surviving Quorum representatives have agreed to lead efforts to locate, nominate and present for consideration — through special Quorum elections — potential representatives from each of the ten unrepresented Colonies. Search efforts for survivors continue, which Commander Nephilim points out is a primary reason why the Fleet has remained within our own star system. These are welcome words of comfort and hope from leadership, and the News-Review looks forward to covering the re-assembly of the Quorum of Twelve.

Gracious concession from Carbetta
As the group’s thoughts turned away from petty differences and toward collaborative reconstruction, Ms. Carbetta made a statement to President Vargas which should formally put to rest this challenge of her current office. More importantly, she pledged cooperation in the future as we work to reestablish order and the rule of law:

“I concede that you have become the President. My right of free speech allowed me to say, however, that I did not think a scientist should be the President. I call for elections as soon as possible, and in the interim I pledge my support to President Vargas and will do all in my power to rebuild the quorum and to help the people.”

She concluded by openly requesting greater press coverage than she felt she’s received in recent weeks, and the News-Review has committed to a face-to-face interview (to be conducted by Ms. D’Anna Biers).

After a productive two-hour meeting, shuttle service was restored and the conference participants retired to 7th Heaven to socialize (pictured below).


Photo: Temporarily dubbed “Colonial One” because of its VIP passengers, the Pacifica shuttle makes its way from Celestra, past Pacifica, en route to 7th Heaven.


Photo: Clockwise from top — Capri Carbetta, Melandra Brown, Dean Steadham, Angelica Nephilim, Tanya Halberd, Starbuckk Serapis, Zarta Vargas.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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Apologies….and Hopes

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 19, 2007

This reporter took a long walk after leaving the Conference yesterday, not something that easy to do in the fleet I tell you. I walked and thought. My initial reaction was to run here and “start the presses”, but I know myself better. It is my style, as many of you know, and my nature, which I just realized, to rush forward and print what comes to mind. What comes to mind is usually from the heart, driven by some strong emotion, and this is what I print. My highly skilled associates in the press seem to control this better than I do. They stop, check facts, verify sources…the things a reporter does. So it is here that I issue my apology. I am not a reporter, as Representative Carbetta claimed, and I apologise for presenting myself as such. I am a Commentator, of which I am not sorry in the least. It is who I am, and what I do, and will not change. I WILL continue to comment…

The comment I want to make about the Conference is one of hope. I feel it rises above the petty bickering and name calling that was done. In the end, there was a sense of hope. A push to reestablish the Quorum of 12, we only need 10 more. A call for a Vice-President. A new understanding of everyone’s roles. The acknowledgement we are all in this together and for the same cause.

I call now, and Hope the people join my call, for our leadership in all its forms to work together as they said they would. Restore commerce, education, security, and everything we love and cherish. Restore Humanity! Because If you don’t….

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Commentator, The News-Review

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Pilot loses plot…

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 17, 2007

Following an already tense day within the fleet I have just witnessed the sad event of one of our pilots ‘losing the plot’.

Lieutenant Heckroth who was said to be “despondent over her lost fiancee on Caprica” took out her viper this evening and began shooting at 7th Heaven. After finally being talked down she moved to the top of the shuttle bay where she was threatening to throw herself off.

Fortunately she was brought back into the bay and safety. But when searched she was found to be carrying stims – whether this has had any impact upon Lieutenant Heckroth’s current mental state is as yet unknown. She was then escorted onto a shuttle where she was taken back to Pacifica and will await treatment and counselling whilst in the brigg.

One of the officers at the scene said “we all are hurting so deeply, the pilots are under intense pressure”.

Another responded “with what we’ve all been through…it’s a miracle any of us are able to keep our wits”

No one was hurt during this incident.

HexxKitten Soleil

The News-Review

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Exclusive: Vargas to meet with vocal new opponent

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 17, 2007

The President has called for a “partial lid” on this story — meaning, details are on a need-to-know basis amongst her senior advisors — but a meeting has been tentatively scheduled for the very near future with Ms. Capri Carbetta. Ms. Carbetta is the vocal challenger to the legitimacy of Ms. Vargas’ presidency, and has pressed for her to resign immediately.

Capri Carbetta, Caprica’s Quorum of Twelve representative prior to the attacks, claims that as the highest-ranking government representative of the colony which many considered to be the seat of art, culture and political power throughout our star system, she is predestined to lead us to safety.

((For a refresher on Ms. Carbetta and her claims, click here.))

What she seems to forget, however, is that natives of the other eleven colonies have a variety of opinions about Caprica’s relative status — and in the opinion of this reporter, anointing a colony’s Quorum representative simply because “that’s where the money was” smacks of a classist, discriminatory society.

Consider this counterexample, using Picon to illustrate. In addition to being my homeworld, it was the site of Fleet headquarters. Had Picon’s Quorum representative survived, could she have asserted that representing the seat of military power entitled her to bully her way into the Presidency?

Of course not. Because we’re not a militaristic dictatorship. Nor, Gods willing, are we some sort of aristocratic pseudo-monarchy, where the richest and most ruthless social climbers get to rule over all.

Apologies to our regular readers, as what began as a news flash has deteriorated into an Op-Ed piece. It takes a lot to get this reporter worked up…but start waving Caprican superiority in my face, and it’s like a red flag to a bull.

As we at the News-Review receive information about the meeting, our readers will be kept informed.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review

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