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Commander Nephilim nearly killed!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 27, 2007

Last-night…Centurions boarded the Pacifica despite heavy gunfire from the turrets and the skills of the CAP. They made their way across the ship…firing at anything in their path..till they found the Commander. They targeted Commander Nephilim with near deadly precision…firing explosive rounds mixed with their armour piercing. A round hits the Commander square in the chest.

I did not know any of this at the time…I only heard the Commander was wounded…so I made my way to the Pacifica and sickbay. When I entered it was chaos! The Commander was on the table…gaping wound in her chest…her wife Captain Halberd stood over her along with Captain Serapis and Marine Lt. AmonRa Amat. In a daze I change into scrubs and run to the Commanders side. It was as I was about to start that Lt. Amat remembered the explosive rounds. Tanya Halberd turned white…as did we all. Cpt. Serapis kept the Commander under while I and Tanya kept the blood away. But it was to much and the heart was beating against the round. Telling Cpt. Serapis to get the drugs…we had to slow or even stop her heart. Tanya was barely able to contain herself…but she did..she was strong and the Commander would have been so proud watching her. We gave her the drugs and slowed her heart…just as radio contact was made with Doctor Schridde. He was stuck on the 7th…missed the shuttle. I opened the wound and Lt. Amat diffused the round…all of us around the Commander holding our breath. As the round was finally removed..the Doc showed up and the Commander stabilized.

As one situation ended…the next began. Multiple Raiders began to attack the fleet. The CAP and turrets held them off till there was just to many…we jumped. The fleet jumped..or so we thought. Only we did not end up with the fleet. As the Doctor and I closed and checked up on the Commander…all focus turned to where we were..or where the fleet was not!

We all know that the fleet was reunited…that story later!

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


One Response to “Commander Nephilim nearly killed!”

  1. Arrow of revenge said

    point me in teh direction of the cylons. i will give them hell with my bare hands.

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