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First civilian shuttle pilot completes training, earns wings

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 24, 2007

graduating class_004

7th HEAVEN, September 23 — Her proud smile nearly outshining the new brass wings pinned to her jacket, on Sunday afternoon Ms. Windy Weiland took, on behalf of each of us, another in a series of small steps toward a return to normalcy.

For the first time since the Cylon attacks forced us away from the Colonies, the recently-formed FTL Enterprises Inc. completed a flight training and assessment program for civilian shuttle pilots last week. Ms. Weiland met or exceeded all requirements for appointment in good standing.

The Civilian captains honor Windy Weiland, the Fleet’s first shuttle pilot trained after the Cylon attacks

Captain Starbuckk Serapis, who presided over the ceremony on the hangar deck of 7th Heaven, made the following remarks:

“Many of you in this room already know what it means to “get your wings.” It means dedication to your task. It means perseverance. It means showing a willingness to act within a stringent set of guidelines. And it means being willing to face the potential dangers of flying in space knowing that despite knowledge of a clear DRADIS, in today’s fleet, there can be no secure promise of safety.

“Though you as a civilian pilot may not fly intentionally into the danger as our brave military pilots do time and again when they are called upon to protect the fleet, you fly knowing that the danger is there. You have accepted this danger. You have come forward to serve the fleet to provide the critical transportation needs of the fleet. Whether your task will be to transport the President to a critical meeting, or an injured citizen to the medical facility, or even the simple task of helping a wayward citizen to get home, your actions keep our fleet running.”

Ms. Weiland said, “Thank you all for coming, and for your encouragement. I’m looking forward to serving the Fleet with honor!”

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


3 Responses to “First civilian shuttle pilot completes training, earns wings”

  1. Tanya Halberd said

    Way to go Windy!

    Tanya Halberd
    Captain, 7th Heaven

  2. Julian Slade said

    Fly like the wind, little bird! See you out there!


  3. w00t! congratulations!

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