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Habitable Planet Nearby?

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 30, 2007

A Habitable Planet?

The above photo was received anonymously at FNS and, according to the source, is a reconnaissance image from a nearby habitable planet. Structures are clearly visible but the particular locale appears to be abandoned. According to the source, atmospheric conditions prevent long range scans. Apparently, the fleet is planning to investigate further. Could it be that there’s hope for the fleet to find a world to settle upon, or possibly even some wild food sources and much needed water?


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BREAKING NEWS: Explosion Destroys Crops, Spurs Rationing

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 30, 2007

Reported by Kiltcheck Douglas.

Hydroponics Explosion on the 7thAn explosion rocked the dome of 7th Heaven resulting in severe damage to the recent hydroponics installation. All current evidence points to sabotage. The entire harvest of crops were lost and a great deal of water was needed to extinguish the resulting fire affecting two key resources in limited supply. Some damage also occurred to the corresponding area of Afterburners which is underneath the deck of the dome. FNS anonymously received the two photos taken from 7th Heaven security cameras that are provided with this article; one just prior to the explosion and the second as it occurred.

I spoke yesterday to Captain Tanya Halberd and Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle about the attack. According to both, the dome is closed while repairs and assessments are being made. This is being done for reasons of safety, to allow repairs to be expedited and allow for an investigation into the causes of the explosion to be conducted.

Hydronponics before ExplosionSec. Vielle stated that “three people were present in the vicinity at the time from reports from pilots training outside the dome at the time” (see the first photo). A pilot was seen acting suspiciously near the installation just prior to the explosion and was pulled clear by a “nugget” who was with him. The injured pilot was identified as Sparten Ryder, and has been named as an official suspect in the investigation. Also, a mysterious “woman in purple” was sighted in the center of the dome.

Captain Halberd explained that “A new security team has been formed to manage the prison ship and to perform duties not suited to a single ship’s security team.” It was confirmed that the first effort of this team was the recent raid on the Tylium Queen. She continued, “In my opinion they did a good job their first time out, but they have only just begun. Our first order of business is to stop the interruption of food delivery to the Colonials in outlying ships.”

Given the recent raid on the Tylium Queen conducted with both Captain Halberd and Sec. Vielle and the angered responses it generated from the Syndicate (as seen within this paper), Vielle was asked if this might have been an act of reprisal. She responded, “Possibly, but I cannot conceive that the Syndicate…a supposed band of miners seeking the well-being of the fleet in their own inimitable way…would so jeopardize us all.” As yet, no one has claimed responsibility and investigations are still being conducted to determine the source, including possible Cylon involvement.

Vielle elaborated on the costs involved, “It is so dire that we may have to institute food rationing across the fleet in a matter of days or maybe a week. There is no positive way of saying this..whoever exploded that device has made certain that every man, woman, and child in the fleet will suffer.”

Anyone with eyewitness accounts or evidence should contact Sec. Vielle or Fleet Security immediately.

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Pictures from Cathiee McMillan

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 29, 2007

shuttle on approach to PacificaShuttle Leaving Colonial Onesnapshot01_038.jpgsnapshot01_039.jpgsnapshot0_021.jpg


(( I have created a flickr page for my Pictures of the BSG )) (( )) ( or look for Cathiee McMillan BSG)

((This will save the Blog for the File sizes i take.))

Thank you


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The Bruder Report:Raiding the TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 28, 2007

Greetings and Hello. This is Kelly Bruder.

Tonight we take you on an inside look at the Fleet’s most talked about ship, the Tylium Queen.  As some of you well know I had taken a break from reporting after my attack and the lack of work progress on the part of the security. I was afraid for my life and afraid to report anything that might earn me another beating. As I sat in my office I was told about a raid on the Queen, a security sweep. To my surprise I was invited along for the trip. Of course I took it. The Team was lead by Onyx Syakumi and her team was made up of Bad Fluffy, Eutyknia Mastronianni, Trajax (of 7th Heaven security was with the team more so to watch me and keep me safe), Captain Tanya Halberd and of course the captain of the TQ herself one LizzyD Vendetta.

    We set out from 7th Heaven and the ride itself was silent; there was almost a unspoken hush over the group as we flew to the Queen. Once there our first stop was the bar where we met up with TQ Resident Lauri Mayfair who had a lot to say about the miners and the workings of the Mighty TQ. Mayfair was very vocal in her defence of the trade that goes on on the TQ. Mayfair also gave some insight to the workings of the ‘Syndicate’. Claiming that it is a group of miners who are looking out for the wellbeing of the TQ and the wellbeing of the fleet. No evidence has been given to prove other wise.

    As we moved from section to section, the security team made a clean sweep of every room. They worked like professionals in every way, leaving no box unopened and no questions unasked. As I followed along I saw the true depth of the despair on the TQ: missing food rations which was why the team was there in the first place. Mayfair had talked about trade on the TQ and perhaps if the team were looking for illegal things going on not to come in like they had. The team leader spoke with such a passion about her job and what her and her team were there to do it touched my heart. Cpt Vendetta remarked to the impassioned speech the team leader gave: “I know things go on here, some legal some illegal but it is my Duty to make sure everyone has a bed and every one has food…” she then claimed she would not rest until those goals were met. It was at this point during the search a young woman by the name of Eyea Aya approached.

    Eyea Aya [aka The Oracle] is a Quorum Representative and a single mother who lives with her child on the TQ.  Her story was heart wrenching as she spoke of some the the trades that go on… how some of them have hardly anything to eat. How she has to pay for food with a “service”. This broke my heart to see such a woman, I offered her my food vouchers. Yet in the face so such hardship her pride would not allow her to accept the gift. This is the face of the TQ,  proud hard working people. They embody the best in us all… yet there is a Dark-side to it all.  As we are about  to find out.
     As the young woman walked away, Team Leader Onyx ordered another search of the two rooms we had just been in. One was some kind of sex den, the other the Mess. The 3rd room housed the turret. What Turret you ask? That was my question. It seems this Syndicate had acquired one for the ship. Mayfair said it was broken when they obtained it and repaired it themselves. Team leader Onyx thought there was more to it than that. 

     Bad Fluffy found in one of the missile crates from the Pacifcia food and drugs. Now as to how the missing food rations and illegal drugs-were in the crate is up for further investigation. The team took the food to a safe area. That information I can not disclose at this time. But fingers point to this Syndicate having something to do with the missing food and using it to hold the good people of the TQ hostage to there will. The sweep of the ship done we returned to 7th Heaven.

     In closing I would like to Say that the men and woman of the TQ need our help. The security chief and her people need our prayers. The Syndicate needs our eyes on them at all time. This was a wonderful chance to see our people at work. I will be doing a follow up report on these happenings and more. Your eye in the fleet is back! and I will be bringing you the news you want to know.

Until next time. Take care!

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Dr. Whiteberry in Critical Condition

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 27, 2007

Dr. Leandrah Whiteberry, known to most as Dr. Andi, is in critical condition.

She suffered multiple gunshot wounds on the recent assault on the cylon tylium refinery. One bullet entered her abdomen and did no major damage. but the second entered her back, shattering her right lowest rib (floating rib) and damaging her right kidney. The rib was removed and remaining damage was repaired.

Dr. Conell Dagger took a wait and see approach and did not immediately remove the kidney, but within 24 hours, Dr. Whiteberry went into renal failure. Doctors Dagger and Innis removed the kidney last night and put Dr. Whiteberry on dialysis to prevent taxing and damaging her remaining kidney.

She remains in critical condition, being treated in her room on 7th Heaven by civilian medical staff. Her prognosis is guarded.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ronon Maximus on the TQ Incident

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 24, 2007

Hello. Kiltcheck Douglas with an exclusive interview coming to you from The News-Review offices on Colonial One. I’m here with Ronon Maximus, Chief of Security aboard the Tylium Queen, to discuss some of the most recent events on board that ship.

Douglas: Mr. Maximus, you’re still in charge of Security on the TQ aren’t you?
Maximus: Yeah, so far…
Douglas: Can you tell me what happened from your perspective to cause the Syndicate’s declaration the other day?
Ronon Maximus in FNS offices
Maximus: Well, we were having all those problems aboard the TQ, right? Food, no tylium to trade for, people were not very happy with all that and with the fact that no one seemed to care outside our ship.
Douglas: Yes, I met with Lauri Mayfair recently and we were unable to continue our interview due to Cylon attacks, but she eluded to such.
Maximus: The, on that day, we get a second attack aboard the TQ that was mentioned in the newspaper, with chemical fires starting…Then…
Douglas: That’s when the Syndicate made their move?
Maximus: Yeah, (e)specially when they heard that one of the civilians aboard the TQ went to Afterburners after that incident…saw the Commander and Captain Perry there, tried to let them know what happened and she was simply ignored….
Douglas: Who was this? Can you say without jeopardizing their safety?
Maximus: Ms. Mayfair.
Douglas: Was this in the clinic by any chance?
Maximus: I wasn’t present at the moment but I believe it was in Afterbuners.
Douglas: I take it just before the Cylons hit us (7th Heaven)?
Maximus: Not really sure about that information…
Douglas: Where were you at this time?
Maximus: I was aboard the TQ, trying to figure (out) the damages the ship took.
Douglas: How did you find out about the declaration by the Syndicate?
Ronon Maximus in FNS offices
Maximus: That’s when Lauri returned and told me that there was a blockade in the landing bay with a sign saying that any outsider was going to get shot…
Douglas: From what I understand the landing bay was a mess from an explosion on top of it all…saw it from my shuttle…
Maximus: (nods) Following that, the Syndicate broadcast their message and some marines arrived, trying to extract us from the ship…
Maximus: I told them no one was harmed and that they should leave, while Lauri tried to talk with the Syndicate to know their demands.
Maximus: They insisted on staying and that was when the Syndicate informed (us) that they had rigged the landing bay with C4 and they would make it blow if the marines didn’t leave.
Douglas: A standoff then…
Maximus: Kind of… The marines withdraw, and Lauri tries to talk with the Syndicate. Subsequently, civilian security forces arrive. The Syndicate have chosen Lauri to be their spokesperson. She informs the security team that the Syndicate have rigged the FTL drive and navigation system to shunt the Tylium Queen through the battlestar. The Syndicate are demanding subsidised food and water shipments, five crates of tylium fuel so they can attempt mining operations again, an extension to military CAPs to cover the Tylium Queen, and a representative on the Quorum to speak for the Syndicate. Meanwhile, I was trying to keep the military away from the TQ, with the help of Captain Starbuckk and everything seemed to point to that happening…
Douglas: The Commander can’t speak for the Quorum, was there a Gov’t rep there to speak regarding that demands?
Maximus: Commander Nephilim was speaking with the Syndicate via short-band radio, so I really don’t know…
Maximus: Anyway…the civilian force, the marines going away…the negotiations…were all an act, to keep us distracted…
Douglas: Distracted from what?
Maximus: A Raptor was sent with an assault team, to disable the Tylium Queen’s drive systems and defuse the explosives.
Douglas: I see. I’m assuming they were successful or we wouldn’t be sitting here…
Maximus: They managed to do it….but I really don’t know how the ship stopped…the engines just shut down…
Douglas: Before our interview, you told me that you were accused of being a terrorist, but you’ve just said you were trying to take control of the situation.
Ronon Maximus in FNS offices
Maximus: Lauri and I were taken to Pacifica, and then this member of the assault team starts calling us terrorists and I get knocked out. I wake up back on Pacifica and things are not going well. The friction between the two groups is at a breaking point. But once the Commander found out that we weren’t actually part of the Syndicate and that Lauri was just acting as a mediator, the Commander listened to our demands. The Commander agreed to the food and supplies. The tylium should be coming soon. But given fleet resources, she said that CAP cover was unreasonable. This seemed to satisfy the Syndicate, for now.
Douglas: Has the Syndicate surrendered to authorities?
Maximus: No one knows who the Syndicate is, so they would have to arrest the entire population of the TQ for that…
Douglas: What’s the state of the vessel at this time?
Maximus: Right now, I believe it’s fine, just minor damage that is being dealt with…
Douglas: Has tylium production resumed?
Maximus: Well, the Commander promised the tylium to try and restart mining operations, so I’m guessing we should have it soon…
Douglas: Has the Pacifica left a contingent of marines behind?
Maximus: Well, there a marine stationed there a few hours after the incident but I guess they saw he wasn’t needed anymore…
Douglas: Have there been any further incidents onboard?
Maximus: Not that I know of, but right now, I lost some of the trust of the people there….I failed them in trying to initiate a peaceful discussion about the TQ status.
Douglas: I assume tensions are still running high.
Maximus: Yes they are…But the people are happy that we received water and food
Douglas: So, it doesn’t exactly sound as is the situation has been resolved, would you say progress has been made?
Maximus: ..and the Tylium will be a big help, of course. Well, I believe things are settled, for now.
Douglas: As the captain (of the TQ) is a member of the Quorum, I would think she would be a good spokesperson for the TQ and the needs of all onboard her. Has this point been made yet? It would be easier than trying to get another seat on the Quorum. After all that involves changing the Articles.
Maximus: Well, one of the complaints aboard the TQ, is that since joining the Quorum, the Captain is rarely seen on the ship.
Douglas: Sadly, part of the nature of her position.
Maximus: So, as you can understand, people believe she no longer knows what they need.
Douglas: People are now afraid to even venture to the TQ, what can you say to help allay their fears and keep it from any further isolation?
Maximus: Well, I believe that after the incident we are under much surveillance than before….so I believe there’s nothing to worry. It’s as safe as it was before…
Douglas: Thank you for your time Mr. Maximus. Once again, this is Kiltcheck Douglas with FNS signing off…

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BREAKING NEWS: Cylon Abductions Continue

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 24, 2007

Details are sketchy right now, but it appears that another abduction by Cylons occurred yesterday; this time of Representative Gibley Goldblatt of Sagittaron and Pacifica viper pilot Ensign Sufec Dagger. Merlot Dagger, the adopted child of Dr. Conell Dagger (and cousin of Ensign Dagger), was injured during the assault but is recovering. Apparently, both were able to escape from the Cylons unharmed, but Ensign Dagger was still being held in detention as of last evening, although Rep. Goldblatt was released.

There is no word as to the exact reasons for these abductions which have been escalating of late, nor any official word from the military or government related to the abductees or their return. It is unclear what the motivation is behind these attacks, but it is believed that this particular attack might have been a negotiating tactic to prevent a potential nuclear strike against a nearby Cylon base and tylium mine. More on this as the story develops.

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Hope for a Hungry Fleet

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 23, 2007

Sec. Vielle and the hydroponic tanks under the dome of 7th Heaven

Exclusive report by Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS

Cylon attacks, tylium, food and water shortages, Syndicate takeovers, loss of ships…it’s nice to have something pleasant to report for a change. It seems crews weren’t only doing repairs inside the dome of 7th Heaven, they also installed new hydroponic tanks for food production. Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle (pictured above), has been overseeing the creation and installation of such tanks in several ships of the fleet.

When asked about when food would become available, Vielle answered, “As you can see the plants are already growing…so soon. We have a number of hydroponics in other ships, and we are close to be self-sufficient, but we are expanding all the time. And now, even the space here in the dome on 7th Heaven is being utilized to help all of the fleet.” According to Vielle, what is growing now are “mostly fleshy foods that grow fast and have high water content; tomatoes, melons, etc.” When asked about the use of water in these tanks under our current shortage, Vielle responded, “We recycle everything. I am making [a request that we] stop asap at a suitable planet to replenish. Even an ice asteroid or comet could help a bit.”

Vielle was nonplussed about possible interference from the Syndicate and their black market on some foods, “Yes. We knew this from the outset, and have measures in place to distribute food, and to protect these facilities.”

Although the tanks are close to delivering fresh food once again to the fleet, additional help is needed. Vielle put out the call for assistance, “We are looking to expand.. and looking for volunteers, farmers, anyone with agricultural or botanical experience to help man the increasing number of facilities.” Volunteers and those interested are requested to contact Sec. Vielle’s office, or her directly and leave a message or note.

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Dirty Dishes: Doc-Doc-Update

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 23, 2007

Sadly, one of the Docs in my recent column “Doc-Doc-Goose” was among those seriously injured in the attack on 7th Heaven. What’s even more tragic is that he’d apparently proposed to the other Doc the night before and it is indeed to be wedding bells. To top it all off, he’d just adopted a young orphan of a recent attack on the Pacifica. So, pull through Doc, ’cause wedding bells always make my withered old ticker that’s “two sizes too small” ring.

On a more positive front, I hear that the lady who puts the fuel in your Afterburners is making a terrific comeback. So gladdened to hear that you’re on the mend sweetheart. I have a feeling the Cylons are going to be seeing the dark side of the Angel of Doom like never before.

And to all of you dahlings that were hurt or are suffering for the injury or loss of your lovie dove doves…We mourn for every single loss. After all, I ain’t got a column without ya’…

Hugs and kisses.

If you’ve got some juicy gossip on someone in the fleet, let me know. Make sure to include “For Ivanna: ” at the start of your Subject line. Mail it to:

Until then, my dahlings, keep dishin’.

Fleet Gossip Columnist: Ivanna Dish

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Civilian Advisory following today’s attacks

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

FNS has offered its services to help in finding and communicating with your loved ones following the serious attack on our fleet today, as well as a communications hub to provide information on any changes to policies or schedules. Please check The News-Review for our latest bulletins from today’s attack. If you’d like to offer help or other services, please contact your ship’s captain.

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Live report re-broadcast from Pacifica

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Kiltcheck Douglas reporting live from the Pacifica, just outside of CIC where there’s a lot of commotion going on. I’m here with Captain Perry.

[all voices other than Perry in the background coming from the CIC]

Captain Perry
Perry: Mr. Douglas, what can I do for you?
Douglas: The fleet has been pretty much rampant with rumors and wanted to find out some truth of what’s occurred today.
Alderson: Although I wouldn’t blame you if you threw him out the airlock.
Douglas: We’ve also been working with Civ authorities to help assist during this disaster at my recommendation.
Perry: Well, I won’t lie to you. They hit us and they hit us hard. But we fought them off.
Blanco: Like a Cylon Kaz?
Douglas: I saw the attack on the TQ.
Alderson: No, like a damn reporter.
Douglas: (continuing) and was by the clinic on 7th. Has there been any word from the President?
Alderson: I take it you haven’t been up to date on the news wire?
Douglas: No one has been able to reach her since the attack.
Perry: As far as I know she is OK. Colonial One was relatively unharmed.
Laws: Not me, why am I in the news, again?
Blanco: I don’t read the news often in this period.
Douglas: Civilian channels have been frakked since the attack.
Perry: Yeah, we lost a few comm antennae on several ships.
Blanco: I’ve seen they have made some coverage about the government, bah i don’t read that.
Laws: Kaz, Scorpion…are either of you Raptor qualified?
Alderson: Not me.
Douglas: The Commander ordered a counterstrike against the planetoid. I understand she nuked their base.
Blanco: Me? No Yevka.
Perry: (pauses) ummm…in all honesty, I was… trapped on 7th throughout the attack. So, I don’t actually know.
Douglas: Well it happened, have it on vid. I arrived at the 7th shortly after the attack, it was pretty serious there.
Blanco: And so, what was bad on the news Kaz?
Perry: Hell yeah.
Alderson: Class A garbage about the Pacifca, the commander and us pilots.
Perry: The centurions tried to get to the 7th cockpit. One of them managed to get there, blew a hole in the cockpit window.
Blanco: But! Frak!
Perry: (The) bullet was intended for me, so I won’t complain.
Laws: Please. Tell me I was not in the news
[temporary loss of audio]
Perry nods.
Douglas: Sounds as if Pacifica wasn’t the target this time. How much longer can we keep up this running?
Laws: Why hit the 7th?
Douglas: Seems the attacks are increasing and we’ve got next to no Tylium.
Alderson: Major hub for civie traffic.
Laws: I’d really like the reporter escorted off the ship.
Dr. Whiteberry: Um, I came to check if anyone needed treatment.
Perry: well, there is not really any alternative, is there ?
Blanco: So, a member of the government died?
Douglas: Not yet, but Dr. Dagger is in serious condition.
Laws: (The) 7th was attacked Sov.
Sov: What!?
Bachman: I’d like them all shot and our resources spent on people who might actually contribute to society, but that’s just me.
Alderson: Lost 3 ships out the fleet. The Queen was hit. Reports are still coming in.
Douglas: Have there been talks of discussing the proposal offered by the Cylons at the summit?
Laws: We lost a ship and the TQ took heavy damage. Barely saved it.
Laws: You out of Hack Sov?
Sov: Gods…
Perry: Proposal?
Sov: What Laws?
Blanco: (thinking) Mmm Dagger? Representing which colony?
Douglas: (shouting aside) Picon.
Dr. Whiteberry: I think it would be best if those without medical degrees stopped speculating about peoples’ conditions.
Laws: A pilot not allowed to fly. That’s hack if I ever heard it.
Perry: The proposal…to roll over and die? No, I don’t think so.
[temporary loss of audio]
Perry shrugs
Perry: You already have all the info on the summit that you need; they were the aggressors, they offered us nothing but death. We didn’t accept.
Dr. Whiteberry: anyone here get hit during the raid?
Blanco: My viper hasn’t taken any hits.
Alderson: Not me, I was out in the fleet when we were attacked.
Dr. Whiteberry: I was pretty busy, I know there were a few marines and pilots over there.
Laws: My ship got frakked up and a cylon blew it up.
Douglas: Is there anything civilians can do at this time? Do we need to start more stringent rationing?
Perry: We can’t tell yet. If civilians want to help, there are always ways to help.
Sov: Any dead?
Perry: Call your ship’s captains, ask them what is needed.
Douglas: Are you restricting travel between ships at this time?
Perry: No, the skies seem clear right now.
[temporary audio interference…]
Douglas: Do we have any estimates on casualties, and what was the name of the ship that was destroyed?
Perry: The ship destroyed was the Copper Queen, an old small freighter out of Caprica. Nothing on casualties yet.
Blanco: The last…news…said that he was in critical condition, but not dead.
Laws: What’s going on around here?
Dr. Whiteberry: Well, I am going to head to TQ I heard there were injured there.
Douglas: I overheard radiological alarms when the TQ attack occurred, was it a tactical nuke that they used?
Sov: Any damage to the BS?
Alderson: Minor.
Perry: No, the radiological alarms came from the Copper Queen’s reactor when she exploded.
Laws: One Cylon boarded as a diversion.
Douglas: I see
Perry: Honestly, they haven’t used any nukes since the attack on The Twelve. If remember correctly that is.
Douglas: But we have…today.
Perry: (silence)
Alderson: I think it’s safe to assume there after out Tylium and supply ships.
Alderson: Which means, we’re pretty much screwed.
Laws: We’re pretty screwed.
Sov: No we’re not… We have suffered worse…
Alderson: I take it you haven’t heard about our tylium reserves and water shortage.
Perry: If you will excuse me now, Mr. Douglas. I am needed elsewhere.
Douglas: Certainly, sir. This is Kiltcheck Douglas. I’ll be broadcasting more information to all of you as it becomes available.

[end feed]

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Live report re-broadcast from 7th Heaven

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Kiltcheck Douglas reporting live from a transport shuttle on my way to 7th Heaven.

Explosion on the Tylium Queen
What you’re seeing now appears to be an explosion in the landing bay of the Tylium Queen. A shuttle just exploded and the damage appears to be extensive. The vipers are covering us from Cylon Raider fire. Raiders appear to be…well, they appear to be everywhere. As we approach 7th Heaven I can see Centurions have boarded the vessel and are inside the dome firing at anything that moves. Dear Gods. We’re maneuvering now into the docking bay. (shouted aside) Hey, are you sure we should be landing here now…I just saw Centurions in there?

Pilot (off-camera): We’re being ordered to…just take cover as soon as we’re down.

[…Temporary feed interruption…]

Sorry folks, having some technical difficulties here in the field. But, I’m back, now on the dome of 7th Heaven and moving downstairs into Afterburners. You can see here, plenty of evidence of the gunfire that I witnessed on our approach. There’s no one here right now so I’m heading down now to the clinic to find out what’s happened.

As you can see the place is full and the doctors and nurses are working hard trying to handle all of the casualties. I see Commander Nephilim over here…

[Camera pans into a room with Commander Nephilim]
Douglas: Commander, what’s going on?
Cmdr. Nephilim eyes the reporter warily.
Douglas: Word is the TQ was nearly destroyed?
Anonymous image rec'd of Cap’n Halberd after attack on 7th Heaven
[Operating Room comes into view where Nephilim is standing]
[Most voices off-camera from within the operating room]
Dr. Whiteberry gently cuts into the ragged edges of flesh of the injured Captain Halberd.
Eyea Aya concentrates on the spirit, feeling it flow through her.
Dr. Whiteberry: TQ? TQ (gasp). Ronon!
Douglas: And no one seems to be able to find the President.
BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: Marcus Perry: COPPER QUEEN, we show an increase in radiation and energy levels… come in (desperate)
Douglas: I have video of the explosion as I was heading on a shuttle back to Colonial One.
Dr. Whiteberry swoons.
Dr. Whiteberry: Athena give me strength.
BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: Marcus Perry: All ships, increase distance to COPPER QUEEN.
Eyea Aya: Are you ok Doctor?
Cmdr. Nephilim: There are reports still coming in we just got put that camera away or your audience will have a real show…
Dr. Whiteberry: Yes, yes, I heard something about TQ almost getting destroyed. Ronon…
Douglas: It ain’t news if it’s already over…I understand there were attacks here as well.
Dr. Whiteberry begins stitching together the edges of Tanya’s muscles.
Eyea Aya: I had just left there, before the attack.
BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: Marcus Perry: All ships, maintain maximum security distance. COPPER QUEEN’s reactor is going critical, I repeat…*static*
Douglas: All we keep getting is “reports are coming in,” but we never get any details…
Dr. Whiteberry: Siri? where is Siri?
Capt. Halberd sees the room foggily as if from a distance.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Put that Gods damned camera away!
Eyea Aya: She is with me here, on my back.
Douglas: And no one seems to be able to locate the President…
Whiteberry: Oh, I didn’t see her, thank the gods.
Eyea Aya: Concentrate on your patient Doctor.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Last chance you have.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Put
Cmdr. Nephilim: It
Cmdr. Nephilim: Away!!
Dr. Whiteberry: Andi continues to pull together the edges of her muscles
[temporary loss of video…audio still being carried]
Eyea Aya: Commander, a bit of patience please.
Dr. Whiteberry: Missy, I am going to need some whole blood for her.
Douglas: People want to know what’s going on…
Eyea Aya: Ms. Tanya is going to be ok I believe.
Douglas: (hearing Aya) Oh, frak. (apologetic) I…I’m sorry…
Halderman: Yes Doctor, I will get some blood.
Douglas: I had no idea. Is she going to be alright?
Eyea Aya: Mr. Douglas, I am sure you can do your job, in a non-confrontational way.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Train your scopes on that planetoid out there…see that mushroom cloud..the first of many.
[the video resumes, pans to portal window and zooms in to capture an image of a planetoid with an obvious atomic explosion]
[The voices of Dr. Whiteberry, Nurse Halderman now off-camera]
Halderman: Here’s the blood Doctor.
Dr. Whiteberry: Thanks just piggy back it into her IV, please.
Halderman: Right away.
[camera turns to Aya]
Eyea Aya: We have seriously injured people here, the Commander’s wife is one of them.
Douglas: Perhaps you can help Ms. Aya, you are a rep on the Quorum are you not?
Eyea Aya: Yes I am.
Halderman attaches the blood packet to the IV machine.
Dr. Whiteberry: OK, let’s roll her over gently Missy, and close up that exit wound.
Douglas: Sadly, the government has been poor at communicating what’s going on to the people of the fleet, it is up to the Press Corps to bring people the truth.
Dr. Whiteberry: Not bad, didn’t tear things up too badly.
Eyea Aya: I understand you needs. It is your job.
Dr. Whiteberry: You better check on Conell…
Halderman: Yes Doctor.
Douglas: You know, I’m doing’ my job too, and I do have a heart, so lets go into the other room…
Eyea Aya: You must also understand the feelings at a time like this.
Dr. Whiteberry: This won’t take much longer.
Douglas: Connell? So Dr. Dagger is wounded too?
[pans over to discover Dr. Dagger of Picon on another stretcher unconscious]
Dr. Dagger is seriously injured following the assault on 7th Heaven
Eyea Aya: Yes he is, very badly.
Douglas: Dear Gods!
Eyea Aya: It was an awful experience, the attack.
Dr. Whiteberry: (desperate) Tanya, stay with me…
Halderman: He’s bleeding bad. There’s blood all over the bed.
Dr. Whiteberry: Gods, I better get to him, can you finish closing Tanya?
Halderman: Yes, Doctor.
Eyea Aya: They used machine guns. I was in the Dome, playing my flute, when I heard the gunfire begin.
Douglas: I know you would probably like to provide spiritual support for those suffering right now…but can you describe what happened…
Dr. Whiteberry: Just pull together the edges of the muscle and stitch, pull the next layer together and stitch, keep an eye on her vitals.
Halderman: Yes, Doctor.
Eyea Aya: It was below me, in the Afterburner bar. They were…shooting Tanya, and I heard her scream.
Dr. Whiteberry: I promise she will be fine, Commander, I promise.
Eyea Aya: I ran to see what I could do and ran face to face with a machine. They were about to fire on me, when they saw little Siri on my back. They just, stopped and left.
Douglas: That’s very odd.
Eyea Aya: (pensive silence)
Douglas: (changing the subject) We’ve been unable to reach the President…any word from her?
Eyea Aya: No, I have not heard anything from her.
[Camera pans over to Commander Nephilim to catch her concerned look just inside the OR]
Halderman: Ok, ok, ok…onto last part
Cmdr. Nephilim sights in on the camera.
Cmdr. Nephilim: YOU! Give me the camera.
Douglas: Just adjusting the focus ma’am.
Cmdr. Nephilim: NOW!!!!!!
Douglas: You have no right!
Cmdr. Nephilim aims clamshell at his temple, safety off.
Dr. Whiteberry: Ok, frak how did I miss that?
Eyea Aya: Please, Mr. Douglas, it is time for you to leave here.
Cmdr. Nephilim: Not with that camera he’s not.
Douglas: What’s next? Taking control of the frakking government, martial law?
Cmdr. Nephilim: Press your luck paperboy and find out.
Halderman: That about does it.
Cmdr. Nephilim cocks hammer.
[upload complete flashes in lower portion of video screen]
Eyea Aya: (calmly pleading) Commander. Please. Put the weapon down.
Cmdr. Nephilim: 5
Cmdr. Nephilim: 4
Cmdr. Nephilim: 3
Douglas: Pull that trigger and it’s murder. I’m broadcasting live here and I’ve got the fleet as my witness…
Cmdr. Nephilim: 2
Eyea Aya: Commander!
Douglas: Alright…

[camera points to the floor then goes wild and out]
[…end feed]

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Looking Death in The Eye

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Having been seen injured by several people and asked if I was alright and what happened to me I thought I would share my part in today’s events with you all.

I had been on 7th Heaven for a while and went back for the shuttle to Colonial One, when I was suddenly face to face with one of those monsters. I am quite ashamed to say that I just froze with shock and strangely so did it. That thing stared at me for felt like a lifetime before lashing out at me with those, well I suppose they are hands of some kind. It knocked me against the wall and then hit me harder still, I was sent flying across the upper lobby outside the shuttle bay and the last thing I remember was hearing those things, gunfire and screaming…

I have no idea how long I was out cold for, but when I woke it seemed they were gone and people were laying injured everywhere. As I surmised my wounds to be minor compared to many, and I thanked the Gods that I was not shot, I managed to look after my own wounds and let the medical staff deal with those in more need than I.

Later I was outside the Quorum Chamber when I saw Leandrah Whiteberry (Dr Andi) and she saw my bandage and asked who had treated me, she was not too pleased when I said me and her aim was to drag me off to the clinic to be treated – she did however mention I might require stitches, at which point I rather bravely turned green and fainted. After being assisted to the clinic by Dr Andi, she cleaned, stitched and treated my wounds then warned me to be cautious of concussion. I have to say that compared to the injuries of others I felt somewhat of a fraud being treated.

It is now the early hours of the morning as I write this and I am back in my room on Colonial One, I have a doozy of a headache and cannot sleep, mainly because of the dreams. When I close my eyes I hear those things again, and then the screams. But if I manage to actually sleep it is worse, I see them, many of them, and I even saw my old friend and former colleague on the News Review D’anna Biers. In my dreams D’anna smiles at me and then she turns into one of them …

I do not think I will ever sleep again.

To those injured I wish a full and speedy recovery.

To those we lost, you will never be forgotten.

And to those murdering ….. You may have stronger bodies than us, but we have strong hearts and spirits, we will fight you, we will never give in and humanity will prevail!

HexxKitten Soleil
The News Review

If there is anyone else out there who wishes to share with us their story from this day, please drop an email to us at: mark your subject as ‘My Story’


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Breaking News – Tylium Queen Held Hostage!

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

This message is being repeated over Civilian Wireless…

To whom it clearly does not concern,

The Colonial Mining Syndicate hearby takes control of the Tylium Queen.

There is no captain to obstruct us. There is no security force to prevent us. There are no marines to stand against us.

Cilvilians of the Colonial Fleet, your government is feckless and inept. The military you so willingly place your faith in does not care for you. They live on a whim and a prayer, and today we put an end to it. It is time to face reality and the consquences of inaction.

Last week, Cylons have destroyed the last stockpile of tylium fuel aboard the Tylium Queen. Today they wrecked any chance of future mining operations. Did your governement pay any heed? No. Did your military send any aid? No. Do either of them listen to our pleas? No.

We stand alone.

We are used to adversity. We are used to danger. We have repaired our mining ship, on which you depend, in spite of them all. And we are ready.

Within two weeks, the last shipment of tylium to the refinery will have run dry. Another week, and your fuel tanks will follow suit. You will be dead in space.

Salvation lies with us.

Our demands will be met.

An envoy will be sent to make them.

Until then, the Tylium Queen is closed. Anyone not on the Tylium Queen crew attempting to breach the blockade will be shot on sight. All operations for the Fleet have been ceased. Captain Vendetta will be arrested if she steps aboard our ship. Any attempt to invade by force will be met with drastic measures.

You were warned. You are warned. You will now listen.

As of now a civilian security force is taking up post outside the blockade and awaiting discussions between the  Colonial Mining Syndicate and theGovernment to take place.

More as we know it! 

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Dirty Dishes: Can you feel the Afterburners?

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Oh, dahlings, I wish I could, considering my ship is still under lockdown after today’s attack…

But, word is Afterburners was TEH place to be in the fleet tonight! Flygurlz and boiz and the privileged few let down their hair, consumed record amounts of booze, and shook and shimmied the night away. But they deserve it after these last few days of Cylon attacks, don’t they?

Doesn’t the irony just kill you my dears? Most of us are still locked up in our stagnant-smelling, meager little cells and bunks consuming rancid rations while the hoity toities are rubbing elbows and asses and gettin’ all the goods.

Our fleet’s own guardian Angel was there too, rubbin’ and-a grindin’ on the dance floor with her gurltoy. Hasn’t anyone told her she shouldn’t date the help (even if it is her ship), let alone marry them? Seems our Angel isn’t overly concerned about all of these attacks; otherwise, why would she come down off her cloud? Sounds to me like she’s gonna sleep on it. Ah, fresh coffee and breakfast in bed…

Buttered toaster-ovens anyone?

If you’ve got some juicy gossip on someone in the fleet, let me know. Make sure to include “For Ivanna: ” at the start of your Subject line. Mail it to:

Until then, my dahlings, keep dishin’.

Fleet Gossip Columnist: Ivanna Dish

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Tylium Reserves Destroyed & Unrest on the TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

The following letter was posted anonymously to FNS a few days ago. As is our policy in such cases, it was investigated and facts have been confirmed before we could make it available.

Here is the letter in unaltered form:

A few weeks ago, one of your reporters called the Tylium Queen the ghetto of the fleet. We were not happy about that, ’cause we workers have pride in our ship and we bust our asses for the rest of the fleet.

We’re starting to believe that none of the other ships give a damn about us, and really think we’re scum. Even our Captain is nowhere to be seen, since she joined the politicians…

I bet most people don’t even know we lost our tylium stockpile due to a Cylon attack inside our ship. The fleet news service covers gossip, parties and attacks on the all mighty Pacifica, but when we get hit hard, not even a word. In fact, if it wasn’t for Chief Ronon’s report on the security blotter, it would probably be swept under the rug.

Word of appreciation to him, that having joined the TQ a year and some months ago, he knows more about the people and the ship than most of the so-called authorities and commanders. We know he’s trying to talk with people because of the food shortage that got worse, since we now
have no tylium to trade, but we also are aware that it’s all being treated as “grumbling” from the dirty workers! Funny how many high ranking officers, are glad to visit our “trash” ship to have some fun with our women or play some strip-poker but don’t really care about what’s going here…

For now, we are accepting the requests of Chief Ronon to remain calm, as sign of respect to him, but consider this a warning…

The People of the Tylium Queen!

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BREAKING NEWS: Viper Bays and FTL on Pacifica Hit by Cylons

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 21, 2007

Live Broadcast and Archive by Kiltcheck Douglas

The wireless was a-buzz today from yet another Cylon attack; the second in two days. Unfortunately, due to security lock-downs, shuttles being out-of-service, and comms blackouts, this reporter was isolated for the majority of the day. However, I was lucky enough to get the following exclusive interview with Commander Nephilim herself, which was broadcast live this evening from the deck of 7th Heaven. Here is the transcript for those that were unable to view it due to media blackouts and general comms problems following today’s Cylon attack.

(Please pardon the quality of the video, I was having some camera issues today…)

Douglas: I understand there was a serious attack on Pacifica today. Viper bay attacked and disabled, FTL room…

Commander Nephilim

Cmdr. Nephilim: Yes, better on us than our civilian consorts.

Douglas: Can you comment? Is your FTL still functioning?

Cmdr. Nephilim: Reports are still incoming (in) on that, but as I said, we are glad to be here to take the damage as the only military vessel in the Fleet. It’s what we are here for.

Douglas: I can say this civilian appreciates it. However, there was fire against the TQ today…I was onboard when it occurred. And I also understand the dome here (on 7th Heaven) was buzzed by a Raider. Any serious damage to other ships? Did we lose any vipers or raptors?

Cmdr. Nephilim: Sadly the fact that the 7th Heaven is a social hub of the Fleet as well as the Tylium Queen’s link in our fuel supply train make them targets as well. (And, )that information is still being tallied.

Douglas: Casualties?

Cmdr. Nephilim: All of that is still being determined…you know, Fog of War.

Douglas: Shuttle service has been offline for much of the day…would you say we’re back to operating status, or are we still on high alert?

Cmdr. Nephilim: We are always on some level of alert these days. Some are just more stringent than others.

Douglas: How many more jumps can we make with most of our tylium being destroyed by sabotage?

Commander Nephilim

Cmdr. Nephilim: (frowns) That is a question of high security not available to the press.

Douglas: Actually, it’s a matter of record at this point, perhaps not military…[see the open letter to the FNS from the TQ, filed under Rumor Mill]. Are you going to step up security on the other ships of the colonies like the Tylium Queen which recently lost its stockpile from suspected Cylon sabboteurs?

Cmdr. Nephilim: Civilian authorities are transitioning in at this time to regulate security. Cylon involvement at this point is alleged. There are insurgent humans a-plenty. And, my Marines are no police force.

Douglas: Do you worry about having to spread your resources out this thinly right now to protect so many potential high-level targets?

Cmdr. Nephilim: We meet the challenges of protecting the Fleet head-on daily. Excuse me, I have other functions to attend to.

Douglas: Thank you for your time Commander.

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EXCLUSIVE: Getting to Know our Government: Dr. Innis, Rep for Virgon

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 19, 2007

Exclusive Video Interview by Kiltcheck Douglas

The night before last, I met with Dr. Shaheen Innis, Representative of Virgon on the Quorum, and Chief of Civilian Medicine, in her clinic aboard 7th Heaven for a video interview in my continuing series of “Getting to Know our Government.”

Douglas: So, Ms. Innis, what inspired you to run for office for our new government?

Dr. Innis

Innis: Well, my family had always been involved in government on Virgon. I wanted to uphold that tradition and the Virgon traditions. By the same token, we are moving forward in a new direction and I want to make this new world better.

Douglas: Do you find it difficult to hold office along with your other medical responsibilities?

Innis: Yes. We are short staffed here in the clinic but we manage.

Douglas: What do you see as being your greatest challenge so far?

Innis: Getting the quorum to follow some (sort of) structure. I am trying to bring in Robert’s Rules [of Order].

Douglas: Very Virgoan. (chuckles) [aside to readers: I’m from Virgon myself]

Innis: Well, we were one of the better off colonies for a reason.

Douglas: (chuckles) I’m not exactly sure that was why…

Innis: (resuming) Once we are organized, the more effective we can be in addressing the needs of the people.

Douglas: In talking with the Secretary of Agriculture, Ms. Vicky Vielle, we have some serious concerns related to food/water resources, how do we stand with medical resources?

Innis: We are fairly well supplied. We do run blood drives and have become good at scavenging and using the well stocked supplies in sickbay on the Pacifica.

Douglas: Are there any particular supplies we are short on of blood that we should send the message out for now through this interview?

Innis: Yes, we are always looking for blood [of all types, and] we are always looking for and supplies for drugs. Luckily, we do have a chemist on staff.

Douglas: Obviously, you were a physician before the war? Where did you practice?

Innis: Yes. Mainly on my father’s ships.

Douglas: And I take it that’s why you’re here now?

Innis: Yes, one of the transport ships carrying Virgon Brew is why I am here (giggles a bit)

Douglas: (laughs heartily at the brew comment) And I’m mighty glad we have some! (resuming inquiry) As you worked on a family owned ship, were you lucky enough to have some family survive?

Dr. Innis

Innis: No. (long pause) Sadly, my dad and mom were home on Virgon when the attack happened.

Douglas: I’m very sorry.

Innis: (returning from her reverie) The crew did survive.

Douglas: That is indeed a blessing from the Gods.

Innis: Yes, and I look forward to rebuilding a better place.

Douglas: Speaking of rebuilding…how are we doing in terms of new births?

Innis: Well…(happily) we do have expecting mothers…and I look forward for this clinic being full of newborns.

Douglas: So say we all.

Innis: So say we all. The more birth we have the brighter the future for humanity.

Douglas: There have been some concerns voiced by a few in the fleet that you’re a “doctor for the rich.” How would you like to respond to that?

Innis: Well, I have not turned anyone down for treatment. I make a point of doing rounds to all the ships in the fleet. I know not everyone can make there way to the 7th. Everyone is treated to the best of my and my staff’s abilities.

Douglas: And, concerning the Sagittarons?

Innis: (confused) What about them? I treat them as well; they are human just like myself.

Douglas: Of course, but many have expressed concerns over their denial of medical coverage when they are carrying communicable diseases.

Innis: The human race is small. Every single life counts.

Douglas: How do you balance their religious views over the needs of the larger health of the fleet?

Innis: They have been treated; just kept from harming others.

Douglas: Any final words for the fleet?

Innis: It is a balancing act, but when push comes to shove, I have to say I would error on the side of keeping humanity alive.

Douglas: Thank you very much Ms. Innis. We appreciate your time in what we know is a very busy schedule.

Innis: You are quite welcome.

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Dirty Dishes: Doc-Doc-Goose

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 19, 2007

7th Heaven was anything BUT when push came to shove late last evening; as in shoving one of a pair of Doctor lovers into the drink (or, more precisely, into the fountain under the Dome). Word is, the Doc had it coming to him. Sounds like “one of these things is not like the other,” and the Goose finally picked up the clue-phone. Seems the Doc has enjoyed working under his superior, if you get my drift. Well, not to be bested, this Doc-ling busted the Goose right back in the beak (or chops, if you prefer), giving him something to remember. Right in front of his medical mistress! How dramatic! Can’t you just smell the reek of testosterone? Sad to say, but a reporter friend of mine (sorry pumpkin…) showed up in time to witness the event and ended up adding to the ruffled feathers and squawking when he should’a kept his lusciously sweet derrière out of the pond. Is it just me, or does this sound more like a night on the TQ, only with bitch slapping instead of knives?

Hopefully, it won’t be the lovers’ swan song; seems they were flirting something fierce around the piano the night before and she’s got a soft spot for him (and visa versa). Could it be they’re headed for nesting, and hatchlings aren’t far behind? Time will tell. We sure could use the newcomers. However, it looks like the Goose is cooked…or he could be considering he was on duty when the incident occurred. Naughty, naughty. It’s alphabet soup for you, only backwards.

If you’ve got some juicy gossip on someone in the fleet, let me know. Make sure to include “For Ivanna: ” at the start of your Subject line. Mail it to:

Until then, my dahlings, keep dishin’.

Fleet Gossip Columnist: Ivanna Dish

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Ivanna Dish is Back and Better Than Evar…

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 18, 2007

Oh, I’ve missed all of you dahlings so much being in exile here in the deep dark, reminiscing about all of my friends we’ve lost in the entertainment world and my keyboard sitting lonely and idle. I was dripping with depression until all of this wonderful trash started crossing my desk. Just what was needed to put this girl in high spirits! Who said entertainers get to have all the fun — seems politicians and the military have some lovely dirt. So, after vanishing from the Caprican Star, Ivanna Dish is back girls and boys, and with a vengeance.

Just to whet your whistle:

It appears that a certain pilot just can’t keep it in his flight suit, or should I say bandages. Hooking up with his MedTech and then with the nugget that saved him?! Mortally wounded my ass! Rumor has it that he was treated to some special nursing and a striptease. Just a spoonful of sugar, or maybe a full helping? Hell, honey, take the whole cake (and rumor is, he did). Then, later that same night, sighted in a tryst in the halls of the TQ?! Considering the company he kept, makes you wonder just who was getting the heroic treatment? You could say, she was doing some nursing of her own that night; on her knees. I guess, we can truly say, the joke’s on you…

Bunny and Her Flame caught snuggling up in a candid moment at Afterburners

Got it on the DL (that’s “down low” for you noobs), that a certain government official is preggers. The rabbit died? I think not, because this “bunny” is most definitely expecting although she and her erstwhile pilot (uh,”flame” shall we say), were thinking of chucking the little bugger thru an airlock. Rock-a-bye baby, through the airlock…NOT! Fortunately, a little chit chat amongst friends in high places changed their minds. Shall we say congrats now, or wait just a little while longer until you’re showing? And that’d be, uh, tomorrow?

More dirt is sure to come.

If you’ve got some juicy gossip on someone in the fleet, let me know. Make sure to include “For Ivanna: ” at the start of your Subject line. Mail it to:

Until then, my dahlings, keep dishin’.

Fleet Gossip Columnist: Ivanna Dish

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BREAKING NEWS: Pacifica Attacked

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 18, 2007

This afternoon the Cylons made a surprise attack on Pacifica. Serious damage was sustained to the ship’s port side. No other ships were targeted during this particular assault. It is believed that the weapons may have been radiological in nature, although official inquiries along this line have met with “no comment.” According to sources, Pacifica was boarded and fought off the invading Centurions.

In addition, an unexplained separate explosion occurred in the Brig area of the Pacifica. It is unknown what prisoners if any may have died or been wounded in the attack. The number of deaths and casualties is not yet known and will be reported as we are provided with official reports.

Our prayers go to all of those whose precious lives were lost and to those injured and affected by this tragedy and their families.

Report filed by Kiltcheck Douglas

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EXCLUSIVE: Pfeffer Speaks Out

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 18, 2007

Exclusive Video Interview by Kiltcheck Douglas

Last evening at Afterburners on 7th Heaven, I ran into Representative Stephi Pfeffer of Gemenon, who had just been released from custody. I have been planning a series of “Getting to Know Your Government” and this seemed like an excellent person to begin with. When I approached her for an interview, she was eager to speak about her experience. The two of us retired to the quiet of the Quorum chambers for this interview.

Rep. Pfeffer

Douglas: Let’s get the whole Summit situation out of the way first.

Pfeffer: OK.

Douglas: I understand that you were present among several others at a summit with the Cylons, can you tell me from your perspective what happened?

Pfeffer: Yes, it was my idea to attempt a temporary ceasefire that would hopefully lead to peace talks.

Douglas: Then…we approached the Cylons first?

Pfeffer: No, they approached us for a prisoner exchange.

Douglas: And, just for the record, that prisoner was…?

Pfeffer: That information I do not have.

Douglas: I understand. I believe that prisoner was shot during this summit, correct?

Pfeffer: In fact, I am only mostly certain that they contacted us first. I don’t think we have the means to contact them. (holding back the tears) This has been so stressful. I don’t know what went wrong at the summit.

Douglas: (Returning to the question) I understand from another source present that the Cylons killed the prisoner. Did they state what they hoped to gain from coming? If there was to be indeed any peace?

Pfeffer: No mention of peace, they said they want to lead us to God…singular… strange concept. (pauses) I don’t know who fired the first shot but I heard that we did. There was a noise and the Cylon prisoner was found dead. I think I was in shock. I blanked out. When I realized what was happening, I could only recognize one person in the midst of all the shooting.

Douglas: I understand that the Cylon that we all knew as D’anna Biers was present.

Pfeffer: Yes, and a woman that looked strangely like me…or very close to it. We were even dressed the same.

Douglas: And this is why you were held in custody?

Pfeffer: I think so (she said tentatively)…There was no other reason.

Douglas: How were you treated during that time? Were you tortured?

Pfeffer: Well, I suppose the way we treat Cylons when we capture them.

Douglas: Interrogated?

Rep. Pfeffer and Kiltcheck Douglas

Pfeffer: I was cursed. I was asked a few questions but they relied more on my blood samples. I was called names when I was taken into custody. (It was) very hurtful.

Douglas: Who did the questioning, and who did this cursing? Military officers, or just the jailhouse guards? Are you seeking a formal apology from them given your vindication?

Pfeffer: Well, Captain Perry took me into custody and I really don’t remember if he asked me anything. I think that everyone was convinced I was a Cylon. Dr. Innis asked questions and took blood once I was aboard Pacifica. I was called names by Captain Perry and other marines. But, no. No apologies so far.

Douglas: That must have been awful.

Pfeffer: I was just simply released

Douglas: How are you feeling now?

Pfeffer: I think I am under an umbrella of suspicion. I feel like I’ve been violated and that I’ve lost every friend I’ve ever had. I am glad that everyone is being supportive, though.

Douglas: I’m sure it was quite an ordeal. What would you like to say to the fleet about this? What was obviously a terrible mistake…

Pfeffer: What would I like to say to the fleet? I am NOT a Cylon. I don’ know what else TO say.

Douglas: Well, I think we’ve covered that topic sufficiently. Now a little to your background.

Pfeffer: What would you like to know?

Douglas: What inspired you to become the Rep for Gemenon?

Pfeffer: Why?…well…I felt that the government needed to be restored and I wanted to give to humanity. Do my part — step up to the plate. I’ve never done anything great. Does that answer the question?

Douglas: So , this was an opportunity to give back?

Pfeffer: Yes, I’ve never done that before. But, I have a different perspective on things since the attack on the colonies.

Douglas: What’s unique about your perspective?

Rep. Pfeffer and Kiltcheck Douglas

Pfeffer: Well, the sense of giving rather than taking. Before the attacks, I only cared about myself — everyone for themselves.

Douglas: And now?

Pfeffer: I don’t think it’s unique…I just never had that perspective before and now I care about all humanity, not just myself.

Douglas: I think many of us can identify with that.

Pfeffer: Yes, I hope so. We need to pull together to survive.

Douglas: And how do you think Gemenons can help us in going forward; what would you like to say to your constituency?

Pfeffer: That’s a rather broad question… That we need to trust and believe in each other and humanity as a whole.

Douglas: Thank you very much Rep. Pfeffer.

Pfeffer: You’re welcome. Thank you.

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Daring Rescue after Cylon Raiders Attack and Capture Pilot

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 18, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, Cylon Raiders attacked 2 ships making practice runs, capturing one of them. A rescue mission was mounted by the marines with air support, and the captive, Sovereign Republic, was recovered in critical condition, having been subjected to torture at the hands of the Cylons. Several marines received non-serious injuries as a result of the rescue, and the vipers involved sustained some damage. This is believed to be an isolated incident, no basestars were spotted and the fleet does not appear to have been followed after the emergency jump.

Joker & Sovereign
I was able to meet up yesterday with the pilots and Captain Perry aboard the Pacifica shortly following the rescue, if you missed the livecast here are some of the details:

Thanks to the efforts of Artemus Carthage and the medical team aboard Pacifica, the captive airman, Sovereign Republic or “Sov” as he’s referred to, is making an excellent recovery, as are the wounded marines. Captain Perry gave special credit for the operations to Lt. Frostbite Pikajuna who “did a damn fine job.” Pilots involved included Kittyhawk, Panther, Joker and Smoke, marines included Corp. Trouble Darcy. This article will be revised as soon as we receive the final list from command of the names of those involved in this mission.
Captain Perry

Portions of the live broadcast will be added here soon.

Live and Archived Report by Kiltcheck Douglas

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The Bruder Report: The News

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 16, 2007

Greetings readers this is Kelly Bruder

  As some of you may know I was attacked a week or so back. The reason of this attack was mostly because of the way I was reporting. To this effect as not to be attacked again. I will only report what is handed to me. To this effect if you wish a report on a issue please leave a note at my desk. As is my attackers have not been found. I feel it is unsafe for me to chase storys any more. So your eye in the fleet will report from her desk as news comes to her. I will be reporting on the Quorum meeting later this evening. On a more personal note. I know some of you feel I got what was coming to me. Thats fine. I am sure those in power are doing everything they can to find my attackers. Thank you my readers and I shall make sure to bring you the news as it comes to my desk. Take care

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Human / Cylon Summit

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 12, 2007

Please see the previous article for events leading up to this account…

Details are still coming in but at about 10am yesterday a delegation of civilian and military (Commander Nephilim, Captains Halberd and Serapis, Representative Pfieffer and Secretary Vielle) met with representatives from the Cylon base.  This picture was provided to The News-Review from an unknown source…


(Cpt. Srapis – Sec. Vielle – Cmdr. Nephilim – Cpt. Halberd – Rep. Pfieffer)

(Nine – Three – Six – Centurion)

Again details are sketchy but reports indicate the meeting ended in a firefight in which Commander Nephilium was “shoot in the kiester”, one Cylon escaped, one was detained and one was killed.  We have also learned that Representative Pfieffer was taken into custody after the Summit.

More facts will be presented as they become available to us.

The News-Review

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