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FTL promotes Windy Weiland!

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 31, 2008


FROM: FTL Enterprises

On behalf of all of the hard working people that make up FTL Enterprises, we congratulate our Chief Operations Officer, Tanya Halberd in her successful bid for the Colonial Presidency. It is a great honor to see one of our own to be granted this serious public trust.

Captain Halberd has served well as Captain of 7th Heaven.  With her election to the Presidency, it is time for her to step down as Captain of 7th Heaven. In that light, I am happy to announce the promotion of 7th Heaven Executive Officer Windy Weiland to the position of Captain of 7th Heaven. XO Weiland has served the fleet well both as 7th Heaven Executive Officer and as senior shuttle pilot.  Captain Weiland will retain her duties as senior pilot and continue to serve as a flight instructor.

In addition to this change, Captain Halberd will be placed on leave of absence from the Chief Operations Officer position for the duration of her term in the Presidency.  Captain Weiland will fill this role as acting COO until Captain Halberd returns to us.

The officers and members of FTL Enterprises extend our hand of support to President Elect Halberd and Vice President Elect Vielle. We hope that with the conclusion of this rather tumultuous election, Ms Halberd and Ms Vielle can help reunite our people as one body seeking a common goal – our very survival. Congratulations to everyone who made this happen.

So say we all.

Starbuckk Serapis, Captain, Celestra
Chief Executive Officer
FTL Enterprises


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Inauguration and Formal Ball Scheduled

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 30, 2008

President Elect Tanya Halberd and Vice President Elect Vicky Vielle are  scheduled to be inaugurated into office Friday. A short induction ceremony will be followed by a formal ball for all fleet citizens.

The event will be held in Afterburners at 6pm SLT on Friday, 2/1/2008. Formal attire is requested for both occasions. All fleet citizens are encouraged to attend.

Madames Halberd and Vielle thanked all fleet citizens and especially their supporters for their efforts in the campaign. The two also said that their cabinet appointments will be announced at the inauguration ceremony.

An earlier announcement of a 7pm time was erroneous.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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She’s our new President – ‘So Say We All’

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 28, 2008

It’s official – Tanya Halberd is President and her running partner Vicky Vielle is Vice-President.

By Geranna Aeon

In the wake of a no-holds-barred campaign, Tanya Halbert, the pollsters’ favourite, has emerged victorious as President of the 12 Colonies.

In the end, the result was an easy endorsement of the Halberd/Vielle team with 38votes to 13 votes.

A jubilant President Halberd said, I want to thank all of my supporters, and promise that all people in the fleet will be represented well by our administration.

“I never thought that when I worked as a room maid 14 years ago that it would come to this. I’m so happy. The really winners will be the citizens of the fleet. I will serve them to the best of my ability.

“I have accepted Zarta’s congratulations, and I hope that we can put this campaign behind us and all work for the good of the fleet”.

Conceding defeat, the rival, former President Vargas had the following to say: “Now that the election has ended, my time to assist the fleet has also ended. Many of you may not know that my husband who was lost during the attack on Caprica made his way to New Aerelon and rejoined me afterward. Since we have no place in the fleet any longer, we have contracted with a rogue TQ pilot to take us to a nearby uninhabited planet, where we will live out our days–hopefully without Cylon attack. I wish you all well in your journey to your destination, and I thank you, once again. It has been wonderful working with all of you”.

That missive seeingly signals an end to Zarta Vargas’ involvement in Fleet politics.

Colonial Freedom Party Chairman and vice-presidential candidate Gerome Aeon said he was pleased that the people had had their say. “I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate President Halberd on her win. She has been elected by the people and in my view, in all fairness”.

Now the leader of a party in Opposition, he said his party’s role now is to watch the Government and keep it accountable. “Colonial Freedom will encourage the Government at all times to do a good job. I expect the CFP to serve as Opposition – the alternative government – so that the people will always know that if they do not like what the Government does, they can replace it at the next election.”

The Geminese refugee did not comment on some of the campaign tactics of the Halberd campaign but said he hoped it would not become any more personal. “This first election has been a learning curve for all of us … none of us have campaigned before. Now it’s over, I feel sure we will all regain our perspective. I look forward to good working relations with President Halberd’s team”.

Colonial Freedom’s campaign style was laclustre compared to the strident advance of the Halberd team. “They were far more aggressive than us and we sought not to dignify some of their tactics with a response, preferring to let people vent their anger for themselves,” said Aeon. “In retrospect, had I known what they were capable of doing and saying, I might have been tempted to adopt some of their tactics, but I would have been very uncomfortable doing so”.

Aeon would not speculate on future roles for Zarta Vargas or himself in the Colonial Freedom Party, saying that the party membership will be asked to vote on the leadership next week.

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Election result countdown

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 27, 2008

T minus 7 hours and counting – Time is running out to cast your vote in the first free elections since the Fleet began its odessy to Earth.

By Geranna Aeon

Since the automated voting station was set up by Election Ombudsman Captain Starbuck Serapis in the arrivals/security area of the 7th Heaven yesterday, the turn-out has been steady with a large number of the registered electors having already voted. If you have not voted yet, you have until midnight tonight (Sunday).

Here’s how it will play out:

The moment the polls close , the Ombudsman will count the vote. There are only two candidates and this is a first-past-the-post contest. There are no preferences in this election. There is an odd number of registered voters so there cannot be a tie. Even a majority of one is enough to elect either woman.

Captain Serapis will announce the result to the Fleet and the winner will formally accept the appointment.

What’s not so clear is when the newly elected President officially takes over the post. How long with Acting President Vielle remain in place?

Other questions include, how long will this President’s term of office be? (We seem to have over-looked that detail). Both sides have described a cabinet of officials to manage health, defence, education etc. How soon before those jobs are filled and will they be filled by party faithful or the person considered best suited to the job?

Then there’s the question of who swears in the new President? Should it be a priest, oracle, judge, government official, the Interim President (that might be embarrassing, swearing in your partner – or worse, swearing in the woman who beat you). A favourite for that particular ceremonial role is the Election Ombudsman and architect of the voting system, Starbuckk Serapis, who was unavailable for comment when we went to print. Who will make that decision, nobody yet knows.

Both parties are planning an election get-together in their respective venues but given the hour of the night, it remains to be seen how many will turn out to cheer or commiserate with their candidates.

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President Vielle announces commendations for New Aerelon!

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 27, 2008

On the day this first Presidential Election I was able to sit down for a few minutes with Interim President Vicky Vielle…at her request actually.

Ms. Pink: Hello, Madame President. Thank you for inviting me.  I understand you had something you wished to announce?

President Vielle: Hello. Well As my outgoing act as president, I thought it would be good to talk about New Aerelon, what happened there, and commend those brave souls who never gave up the fight, even under great duress. I was amazed at the strength and determination of my fellow colonists, and the military personnel trapped during the Cylon invasion.

While I applaud every colonist on the planet I would commend the following people in particular:

Captain Sniper Schridde, who led the miltary on the planet with courage and aplomb, even taking four bullets from the Cylons for his troubles.

Dr Shaheen Innis, for being willing to go above and beyond the call of the Colonies to help protect everyone.

Ronon Maximus, for leading the underground resistance.

Burton Hotalung, for bravery under duress above and beyond the call of duty.

Onyx Syakumi, for leading the Opsec team and supporting the resistance effort against the Cylons.

Dr Andi Whiteberry, for keeping the meagre clinic open under all conditions.

Cathiee McMillan, for her suffering at the hands of the cylons.

Ms. Pink: I am sure they are all honored by these Commendations.  Since we are together can you answer a few more questions, if you have the time, about the occupation.

President Vielle: Of course.

Ms. Pink: There are many rumors going around about hwat happened down there…particularly there is a rumor that you collaborated with the Cylons?

President Vielle: Hmm. It would seem that it is easier to throw mud than search for the truth, the truth that no such thing occurred. I was the president of the Twelve Colonies I was ultimately responsible for the safety of each and every person trapped on the planet. I never gave up the fight, from the first moment they invaded I organised the resistance into two groups.

First the military, who were an obvious target for the Cylons as potential troublemakers I gave a longer term task of planning for our eventual recovery. They had to come up with a plan to dsitract and confuse the enemy, to try and stockpile any weapons they could fine, and cover any evacuation of the civilians as best they could, when the shuttles would come.

Second I appointed Mr Maximus to lead the resistance. To help preserve secrecy I didnt even want to know any further details about who was in the resistance or their operations, beyond being kept informed to make sure they were not acting in all our best interests.

Finally, I arranged that all the colonials form ‘teams’ or families whose duty was alwasy to know where the other members of their group was at all times. Each group was to keep together and help each other in any chaos that would ensue during a contested evacuation.

Ms. Pink: You gave birth on New Aerelon and the Cylons took your baby…this was a hold they had over you, to do what they wanted?

President Vielle: Not quite. From the outset it was clear they considered all the adults on the planet ultimately expendable. If I annoyed them enough, I would be the one to be shot not my son. They never had any intention of harming any of the children. Also it was clear within 36 hours that they never had any intention of returning them. So, the children were not a bargaining chip. I resigned myself to this and threw all my efforts into finding the best way to keep everyone safe, yet plan for the (hoped) return of the fleet.

Ms. Pink: The people why stayed up here constantly wondered if they would ever see thier friends again and if you were even alive…but for you…what was it actually like down there?

President Vielle: It was… intense. We lived from moment to moment, knowing that we were alive only at the sufference of the Cylons, that at any moment we could be simply gunned down. While they had their ‘plan’ of us living together in peace and harmony, it was soon clear that this was far from the case, and that my plan to defy them and orgainse from the outset was the correct one. I won’t say people did not crack, they did, but it is a credit to everyone that they didnt crack more, and everyone remembered the ‘So Say We All’ attitude and looked after each other, and supported each other.

Ms. Pink: You actually formed a resistance against them…can you give us an example of your actually resisting the Cylons.

President Vielle: Well, the Cylons had guns, we had none, or at least only a few we managed to steal/hide. It was after a Cylon had been kidnapped by OPSEC. The Cylons were not happy. What happened was: The place had emptied of Cylons and centurions, and we felt relaxed we even began to dance, and even The Oracle who had been so tense began to unwind.

Suddenly a Number Three model and a load of centurions came down, and the mood changed instantly. They insisted we reveal anything we knew about the kidnapping. I looked at her in the eye and told her we knew nothing, despite knowing full well that the kidnapped Cylon was in the OPSEC camp. While they held us all under their trained guns, they searched us and our rooms, taking anything concievable that might be a weapon, all our food, our bedding and all our medical supplies. They found nothing about the missing Cylon, and threatened us again. I turned my back to them walked to the hay bale nearby and sat down in protest of non-cooperation. I looked to the others to do the same. They did… every single colonist sat down in a great show of passive resistance. It was amazing, a tear came to my eye, the unspoken ‘So Say We All’ plain to everyone, including the Cylons.

Ms. Pink: Wow that is heroic of everyone..or was it that simply you were backed into a corner?

President Vielle: Not at all. the easiest thing would ahve been to capitulate, to give the Cylons what they wanted at every stage. But we never did, not a man, woman or child. My time on the planet, with my fellow colonists, made me so proud to be a member of the Twelve Colonies. To each and every one of them I say ‘Thank you’.

The President then excused herself…It is a busy day for her afterall and I took my leave.  If we learned anything from the horrific events of New Aerelon…it is I hope that we can work together.  We can work as a team against the Cylons!

Ms. Pink, The News Review 

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Election Result Tonight — But did we really want this election after all?

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 27, 2008

Only 12 hours before we get the much-anticipated results from the Fleet’s first general election to choose a President of the 12 Colonies.

By Geranna Aeon

Looking back over the campaign
In a campaign sometimes tarnished by finger-pointing and name-calling, none of the candidates seems to have escaped entirely from the slings and arrows cast by both sides in what will be remembered as maybe not the finest example of Democracy-in-action. But, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, Democracy it is – Fleet style – and the results are only hours away in the biggest game in town.

There are only two political parties contesting the prize. Seizing on the stirrings of a democratic movement in the Fleet, the fledgling Colonial Freedom Party was formed last year. The Party was the first to be formed and wasted no time declaring its ambitions for the Presidency. They recruited former President Zarta Vargas as star candidate. She resigned suddenly late last year from the Presidency citing inreconcilable differences with certain Quorum members and some high-ranking officials.

Often criticised for lengthy absences and only low-level involvement in the business of Government during her Presidency, Vargas has received a tongue-lashing by her rival for her low profile during the campaign. Some members of the Colonial Freedom Party (there are 22 of them) have even questioned whether Party Chairman Gerome Aeon may have blundered in recruiting Vargas as his senior partner in the campaign.

Far more active and high-profile in the campaign is acting Vice-President Captain Tanya Halberd (a reminder that she is the Presidential candidate and acting President Vickki Vielle is the VICE-Presidential candidate). Halberd is best known as the hostess of the Afterburners Bar. I described her in a previous article as the ‘smiling’ hostess, for which she fiercely tore strips off me. Anyone who has ever been to Afterburners (and that’s got to be almost everybody) knows Tanya is a gracious and very friendless hostess. Maybe after these weeks of campaigning, she’s not smiling so much these days.

But given her unquestioned dominance in this campaign, it is hard to understand why she isn’t smiling. Her ‘So Say We All’ campaign has been far more organised and energetic than Colonial Freedom with a number of news conferences, public Q&A sessions and loads of media coverage. The style of Halberd campaign has also been much more aggressive. She challenged her opponents to a public debate yesterday at very short notice at a time of day when her rivals ((were indisposed in real life due to moving house or asleep because of international timezones)) had no chance of attending.

The response from the electorate to these campaiging techniques has included some heated criticisms posted in the Fleet News for being too ‘personal’ and ‘unfair’. Perhaps the old political maxim rings true, that “Any publicity is good publicity” – everyone is talking about Halberd. Curiously, the response from the Colonial Freedom Party has been silence and yet more silence.

Are we better off for having had this election?
Has it been good for the Fleet or has it hurt us? We certainly have had a democratic process but talk to people around the Fleet and some will tell you that there has been some damage to people’s feelings, that the campaign has polarised the Fleet and has sometimes brought out the worst in some of us. Perhaps when this is all over, there will need to be some healing.

Be that as it may, politics in this Fleet will never be the same again. We have had our first taste of a democratic gloves-off stoush. We won’t be seeing anyone just appointed to a senior post because they know the right people. There is the expectation of accountability now. There is going to be a Government and an Opposition and the politicing is not about to stop – it’ll only escalate. And stand-by for the upcoming Quorum elections.

Whoever wins the Presidency tonight can look forward to constant bombardment from the Opposition, from the media, from comments posted by anyone and everyone in the News Service, being talked about behind their back, factions and rivals – topped off nicely by the next election campaign. Given what they are getting themselves in for, it’s difficult to accept that anyone would want the job. Thank the gods someone does.

But what if we had not had an election, what then? Someone would be placed into the Presidency by some anonymous power clique. They would have been elected by nobody and they would be accountable to nobody. The people would not have a say in who leads the Government, whether they are interested in politics or not. “Freedom Isn’t Free” and the burden is not on the next President alone (whoever she is) to carry the responsibility of the Fleet all by herself. The responsibility is shared by all of us who call the Fleet home.

I for one am grateful for this election campaign warts and all and I remain optimistic that from this bumpy and sometimes painful start, we will gradually acquire a more involving, fulfilling and rewarding experience for all of us in this Fleet of ours.

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Zarta Vargas wants to be President – again.

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 26, 2008

Some say she’s had a fair turn at the helm of the Presidency. But there is no human alive with as much experience as President as she has. So does Zarta Vargas get your vote?

By Geranna Aeon

Talk to people in the Fleet about the outcome of Sunday’s election and speculation varies widely from ‘foregone conclusion’ according to conspiracy theorists who believe the election is rigged in the Government’s favour, to a photo finish, too close to call. So who can say who has the advantage at this time – ‘So Say We All’ or ‘Colonial Freedom’?

Essentially the outcome will be decided by the people who registered to vote, who will have to choose between the experience of Zarta Vargas versus the popularity of 7th Heaven barmaid, Captain Tanya Halberd. They will balance the conscientious involvement of Halberd in the forum against the conspicuous absence of the ‘Where’s Zarta’ Vargas. There are plenty of citizens who ask, why should Vargas get a second turn at the wheel?

The Colonial Freedom Party whom Vargas represents has been growing in membership and some political observers are not ruling them out of the race altogether. “I don’t think my political opponents realize the strength of my position,” said an up-beat Vargas, who resigned the Presidency last year to make what she called a very loud statement. She said she wanted to return to the post of President “… in order to straighten out the problems, for the good of the people. I have reason to believe that my chances are very good and that the people are frustrated with the current government”.

Vargas says that a top priority for a second Vargas administration would be the Mining Ship Tylium Queen. The woman who calls herself ‘the People’s President’ relocated to the TQ even before leaving the Presidency last year bringing with her medical supplies in a move that she hopes was seen as symbolic of her empathy with the people. “The ship needs to be cleaned up. The people there have every right to reasonable conditions, just as the rest of humanity does. I took quarters on the TQ because I recognized the needs of the people there and truly felt for them. I want to give these people hope… as well as giving people on other similar vessels the same. Conditions in the fleet of this sort need to be cleaned up”.

The Colonial Freedom Party’s policy includes the creation of additional ministerial roles such as Secretary of Agriculture post, created by the Vargas administration last year and occupied by the current Acting President Vicki Vielle. The Party says it would create similar positions in:
– Health
– Housing
– Education
– Orphan welfare (a personal priority for Zarta Vargas)
– Defence and Cylon Research – another project begun by Vargas during her first administration.


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Halberd/Vielle:Debate Request Unanswered – Press Conference Scheduled

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 26, 2008

Apparently CFP party candidates Vargas/Aeon were unavailable for a debate on short notice. Instead, candidates Halberd and Vielle will make themselves available for questioning by the press and the public. All interested parties are asked to attend at 3pm SLT, Saturday 1/26/2008.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Halberd/Vielle Call for Debate

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 26, 2008

Citing a series of self-published propaganda pieces and little or no scrutiny by the press, Tanya Halberd and Vicky Vielle have challenged opponents Zarta Vargas and Gerome Aeon to a debate, Saturday at 3pm SLT in the Quorum Room on 7th Heaven.

Candidates Halberd and Vielle“I think the name calling, the posts by anonymous ‘concerned’ citizens and anonymous news releases has taken peoples’ attention away from the basic issues in this campaign: connecting with people, doing the job of governing, and having a real platform other than calling for elections,” said Presidential hopeful Tanya Halberd. “Criticizing what people wear and calling someone a ‘barmaid,’ then pretending to take a high-road in the campaign is unacceptable. We want to meet and see if they can stand up to a real discussion of the issues, like cylon attacks, fleet security, and educating children.”

The debate is scheduled for 3pm SLT, Saturday January 26 in the Quorum Room on 7th Heaven.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Concerned Civilians…?

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 25, 2008

This is a message that was slipped under the news room door…it said it was written by a group of concerned civilians, that could no longer remain silent:

“It was with great surprise that we heard last night news about the political “joining” of Ms.Halberd and Ms.Vielle, specially since the logical roles seem to have been inverted. With no disrespect to Ms.Halberd, we believe it’s clear to everyone that her partner is much more active and connected to the people of the fleet, in terms of political and human needs.

We must reflect in what lead to this change and for that, we need to understand the forces behind Ms.Halberd. It is no secret, for the obvious reason, that the Captain has a strong connection to the military. Granted that this is a fact that she never tried to hide, as she constantly talks about strong leadership and how important it is for the civilians to work close with the military, but it also brings out the rumors that this situation has happened because the military are unhappy with the measures that Ms.Vielle took in New Aerelon, to ensure the safety of the people captive.

It seems to be common opinion among the high ranks of the military, that Ms.Vielle collaborated with the Cylons, even trying to oppose some acts of force against them, which is far from the truth as many of the people that were in New Aerelon can testify. So, it seems that was the final straw for them, that were already unhappy about Ms.Vielle’s position of a more balanced and separated relation between civilians and military.

Seems like Ms.Vielle was forced to accept this partnership with their candidate, if she didn’t want to see her name dragged in the mud, with false accusations related to New Aerelon. So, Ms.Halberd was brought forward, silencing our current President to a secondary position, the only candidate that could have really brought some positive change for the people.

The military seem to have achieve their goal – Ms. Zarta, with all her good will and invigorating speech, is a continuation of what we had before and Captain Halberd will make the military cast their shadow even further into civilian affairs.

This being said, we believe that last night was a sad day for democracy, even though Ms.Vielle with her grace and politeness will always deny it. If Ms.Vielle doesn’t change her mind or some other candidate closer to the people and with no links to the military appears, we hope there is an option for voting blank and we urge her supporters to consider this option too.”

((This is moved from another post…here are a couple responces…))

To the “concerned citizens” who could at once no longer remain silent, and yet could not stand the test of their convictions by stepping from the shadow of anonymous cowardice:

The timing of your memo shall not be lost upon the voters of this fleet whose intelligence you mock and ridicule by so brazenly publishing it mere hours before the opening of the presidential polling stations. You underestimate the intelligence and sophistication of the voters in this fleet, who will judge more harshly than you suspect the release of such a statement when Representative Halberd no longer has the luxury of time to reasonably address your slanderous accusation.

Your statement that Vicky Vielle is a more electable candidate within this race is purely speculative, but let us be honest for a moment. You and your ilk, if there truly are more than one of you, could care less about the ‘conspiracy’ that you believe you are bringing to light. Your only intention is to try, desperately I might add, to sabotage the political powerhouse that has emerged from the union of these two figures against your true idol: the forlorn Ms. Zarta Vargas, who must come to terms at long last with the fact that her ephemeral history has turned the voting public against her.

And yet, there is another factor involved in your vile belly-crawl that should bear inspection by the light of reason: why do you insist on driving a malign wedge between the military who protects the people and the people who admire the military for their sacrifices? When Tanya Halberd wins this election and is sworn into office as the next President in several days’ time, she will take the strides necessary to mending the wounds that individuals like yourselves insist on opening. She will unify this fleet once again, and repair the damage that has been done between the civilian populace and the people who put their lives on the line to defend it.

I can only question what motive a “person” could have for trying to divide the people from their protectors.

But then it occurs to me … perhaps they are not “people” at all.

-Onyx Syakumi
Commander, OPSEC Antares, On Leave
Commanding Officer, Colonial Marine Corps

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Can mud boomerang?

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 25, 2008

Intended to be playful and make light of what many consider a serious situation, little jibes against former President Zarta Vargas may have boomeranged on the Presidential candidate Tanya Halberd.  Did Tanya Halberd miscalculate when she chose to tease Vargas in public?

Geranna Aeon reports

The proposed “Where’s Zarta” game, which forms part of the policy platform of the “So Say We All” Party was intended to be just a joke, according to some of Halberd’s staunchest supporters, such as election Ombudsman Starbuckk Serapis and Commander Angelica Sephilim.  They were busy recently writing explanations and defences of the “Where’s Zarta” game and were at pains to point out that the policy platform contains a joke and therefore item #7 should not be treated seriously.

Fleet News has received comments posted by readers who are annoyed by what they characterise as Tanya Halberd’s apparent trivial treatment of the campaign and the election process.  However, comments such as “…that’s what happens when a frakkin’ barmaid runs for President”, posted by one reader on the Fleet News Comments recently, are equally personal and offensive to Tanya Halberd and equally irrelevant to the election.

Tanya Halberd is undeterred by such reactions, which she dismisses as the views of only two people.  “Many more like it”, she said.  And quoting ((Henry Kissinger)), she said, “University Politics are so viscious precisely because the stakes are so small.”

So is it an effective strategy to run campaigns based on personalities?  Halberd would not be drawn on whether her campaign would continue in the same vein but was quick to point out that it was just a joke.  However, the woman who personally played a significant role in the authorisation of many Quorum resolutions added that the lengthy absences of President Vargas during the last administration was no joke and is a serious election issue.

The election is on Sunday.

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Who is Gerome Aeon anyway?

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 24, 2008

Sure he has lots of friends and members of the ‘Colonial Freedom’ know him well enough, but who is this guy who wants to be Vice President?  A profile of Gerome Aeon, Founder and Chairman of the Colonial Freedom Party.

Gerome Aeon - Chairman, Colonial Freedom Party

He was Head of Security of the Commonwealth Parliament on Gemenon when the Cylons all but wiped out the human race.  Later, Gerome Aeon became a Freedom Fighter attached to the Geminese Resistance, who carried on the struggle against the Cylon occupation.  The Geminese Resistance finally caught up with the Fleet after its last stand on that war-torn planet in a remarkable escape lasting two gruelling weeks.

Once settled in Fleet life, Gerome Aeon found himself involved in politics.  “I was assigned by Captain Serapis to the Security Unit aboard Colonial One and found myself working with the then President Zarta Vargas.  At that time I became aware of the lack of democratic process in the Fleet.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault really.  Survival was the order of the day and Democracy seemed to have taken a back seat.  So seeing the need for a democratic movement, I formed the Colonial Freedom Party”. 

No sooner had he created the Party, President Vargas resigned from the Presidency citing inreconcilable differences with certain members of the Quorum and some high-ranking officials.  She joined the Colonial Freedom Party, agreeing to lead it in a Presidential election, assuming such elections ever took place.

Gerome Aeon saw elections for the Fleet as his Party’s core mission.  “We immediately started campaigning to push for free elections whereby the people of the Fleet could choose who leads them.  Membership of the Party grew quite quickly because there are plenty of people in the Fleet who also want to have a say on who sits in the President’s office”.

Despite some early gains, the Colonial Freedom Party was only successful up to a point.  The election was called soon after the creation of the Party and Aeon claims that as a score for his Party.  “I believe we played a role in bringing about elections and that is what we wanted more than anything else.  But voter registration was very poor – only about 10% of the eligable voters actually registered.  No matter what the outcome on Sunday, I am sad because I don’t think the true voice of the people will have been entirely heard”.

And yet the democracy campaigner rejects claims that the people of the Fleet don’t care about democracy.  “I am sure that the electors want the people choose their President.  They do not want a cosey unelected clique helping itself to power.  But this value that we prize so high, this symbol of what sets us apart from the Cylons – Freedom – has been overwhelmed by the sheer necessity for survival.  The Military are busting their guts every day to defend our way of life and we honour them.  So we should also honour the democratic values for which they put their lives on the line”.

Accepting that his Party is the ‘under-dog ‘ in this political tussle, Gerome Aeon feels that there is already a winner.  “Only in this sense – that win or lose, there are now two political parties in competition for the people’s vote.  No matter who wins, there will be an effective Opposition that will continue to campaign and keep the Government honest and accountable.  So the winner is already Democracy.  In that sense, I feel as though my Party has made a useful contribution to Fleet life”.

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“So Say We All Party” Releases Platform

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 24, 2008

Tanya Halberd

The “So Say We All Party,” also informally nicknamed “The Afterburners Party” is represented by Presidential Candidate and Quorum Representative Tanya Halberd and Vice Presidential Candidate and Interim President Vicky Vielle. They issued an official platform statement for the party today.

The platform is presented verbatim below. The platform for the “Colonial Freedom Party” or CFP, was published in the news some time ago, so consult archive listings for their platform.

So Say We All Party Platform

1) Fleet Unity

  • invigorate the missions for and appreciation of the pilots and the marines
  • upgrade all weapons and ships to include the latest possible technological advances in maneuverability and firepower

2) Weapons Research

  • create a laboratory on Celestra to research advanced physics and biological weapons
  • increase our production capacity to get advanced weapons into the hands of our fighting forces

3) Build an education center and natal care facility on TQ

  • to care for our children we will create an elementary education facility on the Tylium Queen
  • a neonatal care and STD clinic will be placed on TQ, run by Dr. Innis

4) Establish a permanent justice system

  • work WITH the Quorum to establish a permanent justice system
  • ensure that all judicial decisions are made by rule of law
  • ensure that colonists rights are protected

5) Cylons are our enemies

  • we affirm that the cylons are our enemies, and that genocide will not be forgotten
  • we will prevail in this conflict
  • we investigate ways to end the conflict forever

6) Food

  • increase the hydroponics program further as a matter of urgency so we are more than self-sufficent
  • increase security for all hydroponics facilities
  • implement plans to start stockpiling food against future needs

7) Help locate Zarta Vargas

  • create a “Where’s Zarta” game, with pictures of the ships in the fleet and a tiny picture of the ex-president, and players will attempt to locate the ephemeral political figure
  • create a “Project Blue Book” run by Pacifica Intel Ops, to track and explain the infrequent Zarta sightings that have been reported in the press

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Strange Goings On! (Part 3)

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 23, 2008

In late breaking developments, it was learned that the hate group broken up by arrests the other night was intent on assassinating Admiral Nagala. The arrests surrounding the plot to kill the Admiral are considered largely resolved. The ringleader, thought to be Seifer Saunders, was returned to military service and executed for treason, sedition, and attempted murder.

The attempt on Commander Nephilim’s life was deemed to be an act of desperation, rather than the main goal of the group.

Co-conspirators Dr. Shaheen Innis and Anaxamander Barbosa confessed their involvement, cooperated with the investigation, and were given relatively light sentences. Both of them are said to be in good spirits, however Dr. Innis is understandably upset over the execution of Saunders, which was done in her presence.

Investigators said that they don’t believe that all of the conspirators were captured, but that they “went back in the woodwork.” Several members of the fleet military were involved and were very cooperative, and will remain unnamed, investigators said. One remaining lead is that Saunders was affiliated with a certain political party that denied any knowledge of him, raising suspicions.

“We hope that Dr. Innis and Mr. Barbosa are able to put this behind them, and other members of the fleet will forgive their seemingly unwitting involvement in this hate group,” said one investigator who asked not to be named.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

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Wall Of Memory

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 23, 2008

With the Enforced new Military Policy of Civilians not allowed to be on board Pacifica with out Permission.

I would like to request  that we move the Wall of Memory to the lobby of the 7th Heaven.

This will help with the push to Fleet Unity.

Thank you


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The Final Count-down – The Fleet Decides

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 22, 2008

The election is on Sunday and in the last days of campaigning, the two political parties vying for your vote are in pulling out all the stops to claim the prize – President and Vice-President of the 12 Colonies.

Geranna Aeon reports.

It’s a knock-out bout between “Colonial Freedom” and “So Say We ALL”.

In a curious twist of fate, the former President Zarta Vargas, who was elected by nobody, is campaigning to return to the top job on Sunday representing the Colonial Freedom Party against Acting President Vicki Vielle (again, elected to the post by nobody), who is standing for the “So Say We All” Party. And yet, she is not making a bid for the Presidency, standing aside from the position in favour of her running mate, Tanya Halbert.

It’s a political contest without precedent in the history of the 12 Colonies. Never before have two candidates, both of who have been President (but neither of them actually elected to the post by the people), fought it out at such close quarters in a political match whose outcome will be decided by what is historically a tiny number of votes.

Vargas’ running mate is the founder and Chairman of the Colonial Freedom Party, Gerome Aeon, who said his party was created specifically to bring about Sunday’s elections. “Naturally we are campaigning to win office because we have a very solid management plan for the Fleet – not just a vision. But win or not, we have played our part in bringing about these elections and that is essentially good for Democracy. After all, it is what we have been campaigning for”.

The other President wannabe on the other side is Captain Tanya Halberd, who is best known to most in the fleet as the smiling hostess of Afterburners aboard the 7th Heaven. The Halberd/Vielle team starts the contest as favourites having the advantage of incumbency and access to more Fleet resources than the fledgling Colonial Freedom Party. Halberd is very confident of winning on Sunday. “I have a very strong running mate, the Interim President (Vielle). My opponent was never active as President and hasn’t even campaigned. People know me very well and trust me”.

The Ombudsman for the election is Colonial One Captain Starbuckk Serapis of Colonial One, who is planning to deploy an automated election system for Sunday’s poll similar to the one designed for voter registration. Captain Serapis said that this vote will be entirely legitimate. “There will be no discrepancies”.

Given the dispersal of the population and the fact that the only voter registration booth was on the 7th Heaven, only a meager 10% of potential electors registered to vote. So Sunday’s poll may come right down to the wire to be decided by only a handful of people.

But voter registration was necessary according to Election Ombudsman Serapis because, “the Quorum elections will come shortly after the Presidential election. Registration was necessary to determine colonial affiliation for the quorum elections.”

Even a landslide victory for either side would only represent the will of less than 10% of the people – but hey, that’s Democracy in outer space when you’re on the run from the Cylons.

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Public Q&A with Halberd/Vielle

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 21, 2008

*Fleetwide relay of Public Q&A session for candidates Ms Vielle and Captain Halberd*

Halberd and Vielle Q&A

Vicky Vielle: The announcement has already been made in the News Review, as I am sure you will have seen, that Captain Halberd and myself are joining forces to run for the presidential seats on a joint Ticket. We feel this will be a benefit to the fleet as a whole, and help us face the future stronger and more unified.

Vicky Vielle: Want to say anything before we ask for questions?

Tanya Halberd looks for something to stand on.

Kiltcheck Douglas adjusts the mic for Tanya

Tanya Halberd: Are there any questions from the audience?

Marcus Perry raises a hand

Tanya Halberd: Mr. Perry?

Marcus Perry: Simple question, most likely not so simple answer…assuming you are elected… Where do we go from here?

Tanya Halberd: My answer is that it is up to all of us, the great people of the fleet, working together, sharing ideas, fighting our common enemy.

Vicky Vielle: We need to fiocus on external threats and not be riven by internal differences that moves our focus from our need to survive.

Dollwife Pink raises a hand

Tanya Halberd: Ms. Pink?

Dollwife Pink: During the debate the two of you seemed to share many common opinions…except one….Madame President you expressed a desire to understand the Cylons..while you Representative Halberd see them as nothing but savages…
How will the the two of you reconcile that difference?

Tanya Halberd: We have reached a common accord that is a codification of our basic tenets.

Vicky Vielle: I trust we will reach a concord on that, and I think maybe that it is necessary to have both those views represented at the head of government. Those very two viewpoints are reflected across the fleet.

Dollwife Pink nods…thank you

Starbuckk Serapis raises hand

Tanya Halberd: Captain Serapis?

Starbuckk Serapis: This is directed specifically at President Vielle. Should the Halberd/Vielle ticket win, this means you will move to the second seat…Do you see this as an issue to you now?

Vicky Vielle: (smiles) Captain, prior to the presidency becoming vacant, I was in fact seeking to be appointed to the Vice Presidency, so this is merely a continuation of that aim, in addition as a new mother I have other concerns and calls on my time than running the executive. I was willing to step up, as always to do my duty as the needs required it for the good of the fleet. But now, I think I can still use the experience I have gained to help Captain Halberd in what is, to be honest not an easy job at all.

Starbuckk Serapis: Thank you

Tanya Halberd nods thoughtfully.

Dollwife Pink raises a hand

Tanya Halberd: Ms. Pink?

Dollwife Pink: Representative Halberd…Do you feel there is an imbalance between the 2 sides of government..the Quorum and the President? If so..what will you do to change that balance?

Tanya Halberd: There have been some complaints, and I think they may have been legitimate. We are going to put up a resolution that Quorum resolutions require a presidential pass or veto, with the Quorum able to override with a 2/3 majority vote.

Tanya Halberd: Let me point out that if a branch is unwilling to solve a problem, another branch may be stimulated to action.

Dollwife Pink: How will that work with numerous vacancies in the Quorum?

Tanya Halberd: We are going to have Quorum Elections immediately following the Presidential Election.

Dollwife Pink: (nods) Thank you. (Looking to Cpt. Serapis)

Starbuckk Serapis: May I?

Dollwife Pink smiles

Tanya Halberd: Please do.

Starbuckk Serapis: As Captain Halberd pointed out, all quorum seats are up for election/relection after the close of presidential elections. We hope the current open seats will be filled….((part of the answer must be here it is…given the restrictions of SL it has become an exercize in futility to get 12 people on opposite corners of the globe to get together for any meaningful debate…so actions such as the OOC forum, posting of resolutions and out of world discussions are being done to deal with that)). IN the end, the answer to your question is we have determined that rules call for any vote requirements to consist of 2/3 of filled seats..not 2/3 of existing seats. If we went by votes requiring any majority of ALL quorum members, the business of government would stop. ((that is an OOC statement as well as an IC statement I mean “all quorum SEATS))

Tanya Halberd: Thank you, Captain.

Vicky Vielle: Any further questions?

Tanya Halberd looks expectantly around the large room.

Marcus Perry raises a hand

Vicky Vielle: Go ahead Captain

Marcus Perry: I’d like a more solid answer to my previous question as to “where will we go from here” … What will the fleet do? Will we continute our search for the elusive earth?

Tanya Halberd: I apologize Marcus, I thought your question was one of policy. Our intent is to continue on our quest for Earth, established by President Vargas.

Vicky Vielle: We will keep ahead of our enemy seeking a solution while surviving as best we can, and still head for the hope for our future that is Earth.

Marcus Perry: Well, I guess our policy partly dictates our course, not metaphorically speaking. But thank you for your answer.

Tanya Halberd: We intend to bring together the diverse groups in the fleet, allow them to be heard, attempt to choose the best course.

Vicky Vielle nods to Ms Pink

Dollwife Pink: You say bringing together the diverse groups…will that be done in the form of some official body or just by hearing what they have to say?

Tanya Halberd: There are several ways we intend to do that. First, by supporting the Quorum as the elected representative body. Second, Ms. Vielle and I are committed to making ourselves available to hearing people’s concerns directly. This will be most evident by us being approachable in Afterburners on a frequent basis.

Dollwife Pink: Thank you

Starbuckk Serapis: Ok..There has been some both subtle and open talk about military morale and a feeling of tension between military and civilians. Do you have a plan for helping to address that and further uniting us as one fleet?

Tanya Halberd: I would like to answer that. There are people who have accused the military of all kinds of wrongs, and I find that unacceptable. Divisive, unsupported accusations are slanderous and I will seek to stop it. We’ve seen it in the press and in the civilian population. If you can’t prove it, shut up I say. I don’t blame our fighting men and women for resenting these attacks.

Vicky Vielle: Ahem, we all need to understand here that there are two sides, the civilians realise our defence is maintained by the military, yet the military must realise too who supports them with the material and supplies to keep the fight and them at the peak of ther performance.

Marcus Perry: This one is for Captain Halberd…

Tanya Halberd: Yes?

Marcus Perry: Captain, should you be elected president, will you step down as one of the CEOs of FTL Enterprises to avoid any conflicts of interest ?

Tanya Halberd: I will certainly step down as Captain of 7th Heaven. It has not occurred to me that I might be asked to step away from my interest in FTL, since it is basically a “non-profit” business. I could certainly see my interests managed by blind proxy, however.

Starbuckk Serapis: IF I may

Tanya Halberd: Yes Captain?

Starbuckk Serapis: Captain Halberd would as a matter of prevention of conflict of interest most likely be placed on a leave of absense….as with all service to government, civilian agencies are expected to return those that chose to leave for temporary service back to their positions when their terms of service have completed.

Vicky Vielle: If there are no further questions?

Tanya Halberd: Anyone else?

Tanya Halberd grins

Tanya Halberd: Alright, thank you all for coming. As we have said before, we will be easy to find. Please talk to us.

Vicky Vielle: Thank you, one and all

Kiltcheck Douglas steps forward toward the mic and between the two ladies.

Kiltcheck Douglas: Thank you all for coming…we hope you’ll be putting in your vote for us in the upcoming election.

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Strange Goings On! (Part 2)

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 20, 2008

There is more news on this fast-breaking story. Apparently, the whole event was related to a conspiracy to oust the Admiral through violent means. This comes as some of the involved parties have started sharing details with investigators.

The military individual in the brig is Anaxamander Barbossa and the civilians being held on River Delta are Seifert Saunders (relieved of his military commission) and Quorum Representative Shaheen Innis. Dr. Innis has been relieved of her responsibilities pending the outcome of these investigations.

In another shocking track, apparently a number of military officers and civilians have been implicated. Some have come forward and are cooperating with authorities. Others have not, and it may soon be too late for them to extricate themselves from this tsunami of mutinies.

Ironically, all of this came to light as a result of the incredible bravado and hubris of one Seifert Saunders, who was in Afterburners bragging that “his group” would bring down the military chain of command.

When asked to expound on these events, the enigmatic Commander Nephilim said, “No comment.”

Investigators have asked that you bring forward any information related to this incredible and bizarre plot. Contact Commander Nephilim or Onyx Syakumi directly.

Sable Babii – The News-Review

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Strange Goings On!

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 20, 2008

This reporter learned that an attempt was made on Commander Nephilim’s life in CIC on Pacifica.

In a very strange turn of events, military officer Seifer Saunders was arrested last night and taken to the brig. In the process of relieving him of his commission (he was ejected from military service), a second military officer and a civilian were arrested in connection with Mr. Saunders’ arrest and an attempt was made on the Commander’s life.

Mr. Saunders was subsequently rearrested as a civilian and placed into civilian custody. The names of the other two individuals have not been released. All of the individuals face numerous serious charges, including conspiracy.

As the investigation is on-going, readers who have knowledge of the activities of Mr. Saunders are asked to contact Commander Nephilim or Onyx Syakumi directly. People who come forward will be viewed favorably in the investigation, we are told. The investigation is widening, and apparently one individual is cooperating with officials.

More details will be posted as they become available.

Sable Babii – The News-Review

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“So Say We All” Party Founded!

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 19, 2008

This word from the office of the President and Afterburner’s Party…

In an astonishing move toward fleet unity, Vicky Vielle and Tanya Halberd have joined forces and will run on the same ticket, with Captain Halberd seeking the Presidency and Interim President Vielle seeking the Vice Presidency.

“We believe that with our ‘So Say We All’ moment, our combined forces will be able to lift the fleet to much greater heights than would have been possible before,” said Ms. Vielle.

A press conference will be held on Saturday, 1/19/2008 at 3pm SLT in the Quorum Theater on 7th Heaven, near the Security Area. It is open to the public, there will be a half hour Q and A period and/or — they will field questions from the general public.

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Quorum calls for new Resolution…

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 17, 2008

The fleet buzzes amd wispers with alegations of abuse and torture of those being held in the Pacifica brig.  Torture of the Cylons who supposedly aided in our escape from New Aerelon.  As a result Representatives Halberd and Aya for forth the following statement…

To the citizens of the fleet, there have been rumors of abuse of prisoners in the fleet. We have investigated these rumors and determined that they are false. To help reassure our people, Eyea Aya and I are working on a bill to prevent any abuse of prisoners. ((If you have ideas, please IM me, Tanya Halberd or Eyea Aya.))

 As a side note…Resolution 200801-03 (Defense of the Fleet Against Cylons) was passed by the Quorum with a 6-1 vote.  It remains unsigned on the Presidents desk.

Ms. Pink – The News-Review

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First Presidential Debate!

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 16, 2008

I join the others in Captain Halberd’s room on the 7th Heaven. Present were myself, Captain Halberd, Interim President Vielle, the Oracle Eyea Aya and Commander Nephilim. Cpt. Halberd welcomed us to have a seat and opened by stating this was an informal answering of questions.

The Oracle was the moderator began with the first question posed to President Vielle…”There has been many crisis’s and tensions in the fleet, from unrest by certain factions to a general lack of food and clean water , to name a few. How do you propose, to deal with these issues?”

I will quote the candidates responces to the questions….President Vielle replied “Well more than anyone I am aware of the dire situation with regards to both water and food. Food in particular came under my remit as the Secretary of State of Agriculture, a position I would still have now if I hadn’t been asked to step up to assume the reigns of executive power recently. I have been the driving force behind the growing hydroponics program throughout the fleet, to date we have almost reached a stage where we are*almost* self sufficient. However, recent attacks on these facilities have meant that the situation has become much worse. To address this we have made the production of even more hydroponics facilities a top priority and we can see this even in the increased number of tanks present in the dome of the 7th. All i can say this program will continue with my full weight behind it, even if in the short term we have hardships. There will have enough food.” Cpt. Halberd having a minute to think of the question replied quickly…”That is a very complex question. The most important part of it is good leadership. I believe that good leadership has been lacking in the fleet, on the civilian side, for a long time. Leadership is needed to get people to rally behind causes, support initiatives, spur creativity. We haven’t had that. Tensions in the fleet are caused by factional divisions and by crime. Factional divisiveness can be stopped with good leadership that represents the whole fleet and is not constantly attacking the military, and crime must be addressed by vigilant security. Our food and clean water must come from good engineering projects that made Ms Vielle so popular with the fleet. There are so many good things we can do together…”

Both candidates replied stongly…President Vielle standing behind her support of hydropinics at supply the fleet with food…and Cpt. Halberd pushing for strong leadership to steady the tensions. the Oracle continued with the next question to Cpt. Halberd, “We all owe our lives and thanks to the military for protecting and guiding us through this vastness of space. That said, is the military establishment looked at by you as a partner or warlord? Also, how do you foresee this relationship to be in your term if elected?

Captain Halberd replied with a smile, “Thank you Eyea. I support our military in their efforts to protect us, and to risk their own lives for the saftety of the fleet. Everyone knows that I am one who embraces all of our citizens in Afterburners, and do not follow after the factionalism that has been favored by some. I clearly believe that we are in a respectful partnership with the military. My life reflects that on a personal level, too, as you know…” Then back to President Vielle, “I have *always* been admirous of the undaunted and unceasing efforts of the Colonial Military to protect us from our enemy. While the president is the Commander in Chief I know that any civilian is just that a civilian and will work in partnership with the military and take their advice on how best to protect us all. But in return there is the matter that there must be a separation between the two that the military serves the fleet and does not dictate to it. Again this is aquestion of partnership in action but knowing that ultimately it is the president who makes the final decisions looking at the wider picture beyond that of the military. I have already taken steps to establish closer links between the civilians and the military in just the last week, and I hope that the good signs we have had so far will continue into the future. We are all working together for humanity’s survival after all. But ultimately there must be no conflict of interest between the two: military and civilian.”

Cpt. Halberd seemed to desire the military have a cooperational relationship with the government while President Vielle saw the position of the military to be seperate and ultimately its actions decided on by the President. Moving from the military to the Cylons…both were asked by the Oracle, “What is your view on the Cylons and how would you have us deal with them?”

President Vielle responded first, “The Cylons are our enemy. That is a fact. The billions who burned on the twelve colonies from Cylon agression teach us that. However, we must face reality. We are a small fleet of survivors, on the run from a vastly superior enemy (in terms of numbers). We do not even know really what their ultimate goal is. Saying it is our destruction is too simplistic. We need information, the only way we will get that is from talking to them. If my time on New Aerelon has shown me nothing else it is that we know more now from our time in contact with our enemy than we did before. They are riven by divisions of their own, and they are willing to disagree and defect. We can use that. We need more information so we can find the best way to deal with our enemy.” The question the asked to Cpt. Halberd, “Me? Thank you. We are at war. I don’t like Cylons, and I don’t trust them. They are capable of deception and subterfuge at the most cunning of levels. I admire Commander Nephilim for her courage to take swift action when the Cylons attempted to gain the upper hand through trickery. I was very vocal in saying that the planet called “New Aerelon” by some was a trap, and I was right. Unfortunately, we lost a lot down there and gained little. I believe we must be armed and treat them like savages they are at all times.

The Cylons are a hard issue…both candidates spoke strongly with President Vielle showing a desire to learn about then and use that while Cpt. Halberd spoke of treating them as savages. The Oracle askes one last question, “Ms Halberd…. First,, do you believe in the Sacred Scroll’s when they say that earth exists? Also… what is your position on finding earth?”

Cpt. Halberd replied, “I strongly believe that the scrolls are accurate. Too many of the guideposts and markers indicated by the scrolls have been found for them to have been legend or coincidence. Obviously, the Lords of Kobol visited and came back. I am very anxious to follow the path toward earth that we embarked on. My greatest fear is, however, that the Cylons may either be ahead of us or right behind us in our quest. We must take every advantage that we can to ensure that we arrive before they do.” And President Vielle replied smiling, “I believe in the Gods. Through the sacred writings we are given a philosophy to live by and an understanding of the universe. This is what makes us human knowing that the Gods in whatever form guide us always. In this manner if somehow our ancestors managed, maybe under divine presence, to convey the path to earth in the form of the sacred writings, then yes I believe we can make our way there. Any information that will help us find sanctuary must be utilised. Does Earth exist? Well it is hard to *prove* it does or that it does not. Humans live on hope, and Earth represents hope. In that way I believe Earth exists and we must follow the path. But I agree with Captain Halberd, we must take care that the cylons simply do not wish us to lead them to Earth…”

Cpt. Halberd showed a stronger faith in the writings of the Sacred Scrolls while President Vielle took a more philosophical approach…but both agree the path to Earth must be sought after and we must get there before the Cylons. I asked one closing question to the both…”If elected…who will you put forward to the Quorum for approval and why?”

Both were quick to answer…President Vielle first, “Why, I would propose the lady sitting opposite me (Cpt. Halberd) who I and all the people I talk to think we would make a great team. We may not see eye to eye on many issues, but i do not see her as an adversary but as a fellow colonial willing to do their utmost for the preservation of the Twelve Colonies.” Cpt. Halberd replied with a little uncertainty and a laugh, “I was going to say you, Ms Vielle. I have talked to several people who are too smart to get into politics, so I am still open on that front.”

The Oracle offered both candidates a closing statement…Cpt. Halberd first, “Thank you, Eyea. Yes, I would like to say that I started as a house maid on a ship like this, cleaning guest rooms when I was 16. I worked my way up to bartender and eventually to navigator and captain. I know what it takes to earn a living and to be kind to people who are important to you. I want to be accessible to all people in the fleet very frequently, just as I am now in Afterburners. That’s my “Afterburners Party.” I love all the people of the fleet, military, OPSEC, and civilians. We are all needed to make our lives mean something and to get us through this.” President Vielle replies, “There are many challenges facing us. Challenges that I have accepted even in my short time as the Interim President of the Twelve Colonies. When I came aboard the Seventh Heaven, over two years ago, wide eyed and still afraid from the daily raids by our enemy I had no idea of the path it would lead me down. But each challenge and setback I undertook willingly to help my fellows, and that still stays true today. Every decision I make I weigh heavily and act in the best interests of the Twelve Colonies. I am amazed at the job everyone does, and the way every colonial holds up to the pressure, and I am humbled at the strength and determination in their eyes to survive. I would seek to weld that into a way we can be free of our enemy.. forever.”

With the debate closed…everyone excused themselves with pleasantries…now I ask everyone to seek out the candidated and ask them questions of your own!

Ms. Pink, The News-Review

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Quorum pass more Resolutions

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 15, 2008

Press Release from Rep. Halberd: 

Two important resolutions have been passed by the Quorum to help establish a judicial system. These are QR 200801-01 and QR 200801-02. They provide for a judicial office and a prosecuting attorney and docket manager’s office.

Previous resolutions asked the Vargas administration to set these up, but after no action was taken, the Quorum recently took these steps. At a later time, a more pro-actve office of the President may want to revisit these issues and perhaps take ownership of these offices.

Colonialists should be heartened by the establishment of these offices in a way that  protects individual rights. These will be posted soon, and all Quorum resolutions can be found at

Tanya Halberd
Captain, 7th Heaven
Quorum of 12 Representative from Aerelon

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The Campaigns begin…

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 15, 2008

As hopefully everyone knows by now…and you have registered…to late if not!
Voter registration closed at midnight, 1/13, 2008. The presidential campaigns are now starting with a targeted voting day of 1/27. There may be several days to vote. The following week, elections for the Quorum will be held.Thus far, the known declared presidential candidates are (in alphabetical order by last name): Tanya Halberd, Zarta Vargas and Vicky Vielle.

Representative Tanya Halberd can be found most often serving drinks at Atherburners…Former President Zarta Vargas has setup her party office next to the bridge on the Tylium Queen…Interum President Vicky Vielle has setup her party office next to the clinic on 7th Heaven.

I encourage everyone to hear the messages of the candidates…to decide who best speaks for you…and finally to VOTE!

Ms. Pink, The News-Review

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((Sim Featured in SL Newspaper))

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 9, 2008

I almost forgot all about this…I was interviewed by the M2 right before I went on vacation. The interview and plug for the sim can be found here!

In the Lifestyles section…page 25.

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