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Fleet Photos

This is an open space in which we’ll share many of the great photographs we receive from the Fleet (particularly the ones that aren’t associated with a particular News-Review story, but are too cool to pass up). Send us your photos, and we’ll give photo credit for the ones we post here. If we give someone else credit for your photo accidentally, please let us know via comments or IM.

Dean Steadham

The News-Review

From Lt(Sr) Laureline Laval:

“Raptors under the stars… No, they are not mating. They were sort of dancing – er, practising precision maneuvers, I mean! 🙂 This is what happens when Raptor pilots are bored and DRADIS is clear.

“Anyhoo, the actual pilots flying those Raptors are Lt(Sr) Laval (top) and Lt(Jr) Dibou (bottom).”

raptors under the stars


A number of photos and captions submitted by Major Heidi Stiglitz:

  • Vipers on Approach to the Pacifica, taken from within the pod itself.

VipersonApproach 1

  • Viper passing over the 7th Heaven’s dome. Taken from within the dome.


  • View out of the Raptor. Over the shoulder picture taken from within my Raptor. I’m piloting in the left seat, and in the right is JrLt Julian Slade.


  • Refueling Practice. Vipers have a limited time on station, but this can be extended with the Tanker Raptor.


  • Me sitting on the wing of my Raptor. This picture was taken in the Celestra’s landing bay during the conference between the President and the Caprican Quorum Representative.


  • Welcoming a Viper back to the hanger after a mission. From left to right, Commander Nephilim, Captain Stiglitz, Captain Armistice. The Viper is piloted by Major Lucero.


  • Viper about to touch down on the landing deck.


  • About to hook up, a Viper nears the refueling basket of a Raptor Tanker.


  • Unofficial Party below decks. To prevent incrimination, we won’t discuss who was in there!


  • Raptor banks hard to the left near Pacifica.


  • Viper Pilot’s view of one of Pacifica’s launch tubes.


  • Crowded landing deck.


“A Tune for Comrades in Arms” (Unknown Source)


A Collection of Combat Photographs, including the CAP on patrol and engagement with a Raider

the-cap.jpg combat-1.jpg combat-2.jpg

Some pictures slipped under the news room door 😉

lucero1.jpg lucero2.jpg


5 Responses to “Fleet Photos”

  1. Stanislaw Rhode said

    great collection, I will soon add sth to this from the deck part of crew :).

  2. Slow But Sure said

    Awwww… Doesn’t Colonel Lucero just look so cute on the piano, there, listening *so* enraptured as Major Stiglitz plays? Aww…

    (( 😉 ))

  3. NuggetAssRaider said

    Someone is walking on a very thin line…

  4. raptor man said

    you need mode pics of the pilots

  5. Cathiee McMillan said

    Greetings to everyone in the Fleet,
    my Name is Cathiee McMillan from Libris, you may have seen my works in many of the High fashion magazines, from our home worlds.
    If fleet will allow it I could setup Photoshoot sessions of the Viper/Raptor Pilots.

    thank you

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