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Cylons continue attacks!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 17, 2007

I stepped of the shuttle from completing some repair work on Colonial One…yes that is correct. This reporter assisted in coordinating the initial rennovations to the Celestra…designating it Colonial One and as a result…got assigned the task of coordinating the current repairs. Repairs which are progressing quite well thanks to Captain Allen and her engineering team. Anyway…stepping off the shuttle in time to see a Cylon Raider pass over the dome…then a second…soon followed by two of our brave pilots. I did not see the outcome nor hear any reports of Colonial casualties or further destruction to the Fleet’s ships. What I do know is they are back!

Is there a new Basestar trailing us? Have we entered into Cylon space (we never did learn where the Cylons went after the first war). Are these more long range attacks on the fleet? It is uncertain, but the war is not over.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


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