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Resisting blood test ends in tragic death of Viper pilot

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 10, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, September 10 — The News-Review has learned of a tragic and surprising death amongst the military ranks which occurred yesterday. Lt(Sr) Ayden Janus, a pilot in the Frakkheads Viper squadron, was killed on the observation deck of 7th Heaven by Colonial Marines.

Mr. Janus had been asked to provide a blood sample for testing and typing, to comply with a recent Fleetwide initiative begun in response to rumors that Cylons can take the appearance of human beings. (Military and civilian scientists are reportedly working on a method to conclusively screen human blood from its Cylon analogue.) Mr. Janus refused the test on the grounds that it conflicted with his religious views.

When pressed to submit to the test, Janus unholstered his weapon and fired several rounds into the nearby crowd; while bystanders were injured, none of these were fatal. Lt. Sniper Schridde, a former Colonial Marine and current military surgeon aboard Pacifica, was wounded and taken to Sick Bay. A Marine guard was hit by one of Janus’ bullets and sustained a broken arm. It was then that Mr. Janus was fatally shot, killed by retaliatory fire.

Witnesses to the shooting included Commander Angelica Nephilim, Capt. Tanya Halberd, Lt(Sr) Julian Slade, Windy Weiland (a civilian), and a number of Marines.

“It was scary… it happened right here. No one knows what came over him,” said a shocked Halberd after the events unfolded. “He was very brave.”

Ms. Weiland assisted a wounded Dr. Schridde in performing an autopsy in Sick Bay on Sunday afternoon; results from the autopsy have not been released. Schridde, speaking from his wheelchair this afternoon, said, “I’m sure the shot that killed him was only meant to disable him…but it hit his heart.”

Lt(Sr) Ayden Janus was a decorated pilot aboard the Battlestar Galactica (which was to be decommissioned on the day of the Cylon attacks on the Colonies). Janus was rescued by a Pacifica SAR bird days after the attacks, and after a short period of rest and recovery, had begun to rack up an impressive number of enemy kills. He was engaged to be married, to Lt(Sr) Sazuka Yoshikawa of the Pacifica.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


2 Responses to “Resisting blood test ends in tragic death of Viper pilot”

  1. Arrow of revenge said

    well it’s safe to say i am expecting either hate mail any day now, or slurs for the fact i was engaged to some one i cared about. and swore he scared about me….

  2. The Sky Tracer said

    How anyone can turn tragedy into an opportunity to divide us is beyond me.

    This incident can’t be taken as a sign or an excuse or anything other that what it was, a tragedy. We don’t know what demons Lt. Janus battled that led to this incident, we may never know for sure, but we need to remember how he lived, not how he died.

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