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Commander Nephilim and Captain Halberd Wed!

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 4, 2007

Words can not even begin to show the love and joy I saw in the dome last night. Even now as I write this tears fill my eyes! ((I love you guys!)) At 2pm yesterday, the fleet gathered to watch the joining of Pacifica’s Commander Angelica Nephilim and 7th Heaven’s Captain Tanya Halberd in the eyes of the Gods. President Vargas presided over the ceremony.

As the people of the fleet gathered, the pilots of the Pacifica came to show their support with a wonderful series of flybys!


(Angelica and Tanya saying their vows)


(The Kiss)


(Presenting the couple)







(More kissing at the reception in the lounge)


Commander…Captain, I know I speak for everyone in wishing you both the very best!

There is no more I can say….so I will let everyone else.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


15 Responses to “Commander Nephilim and Captain Halberd Wed!”

  1. Julian Slade said

    Congratulations to the happy couple! All the best for “Angel” and “Cowgirl”!

  2. Eyea aya said

    May stones never fall in showers on you.

  3. Anonymous said

    it’s nice a wedding… but… we are in galatica, not in the tv show love boat…

  4. Anonymous said

    it’s nice a wedding… but… we are in galatica, not in the tv show love boat…

    No, we’re in Pacifica. Galactica has its own story, and yes, some of those are love stories too. Or did you miss Helo and Athena? Perhaps you haven’t noticed how Caprica feels about Baltar? The budding… something between Adama and Roslyn?

    This is the story of human survivors after the greatest holocaust of their time. If you don’t think that includes relationships and love, then perhaps you haven’t really survived, Anonymous.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commanding, 47th Battlestar Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  5. Laureline Laval said

    To “Angel” and “Cowgirl”: all the happiness we can conjure up in these dark times. It’s good to see someone still has hope in a future.

    Sr.Lt. Laureline Laval
    27th Fighter Squadron (Skipper)
    Battlestar Pacifica

  6. Dollwife Pink said

    Anonymous…I am more than willing to see the owner of the sim and the love of her life break from the theme for a little bit. They are dear friends and both work tirelessly to provide what we all enjoy. So take a break from BSG for a minute, and support the ones who make it all possible.

  7. Heidi Stiglitz said

    Oh, and congratulations to Commander Nephilim and Captain Halberd!

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commanding, 47th Battlestar Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  8. Tanya Halberd said

    Most of us are hurting desperately, and we all share that pain. Somehow we hope that in the midst of our anger and grief some new flowers might spring from sadness.

    Thank you all for allowing us to share such a wonderful day with you. You are all very dear and special to us.

    Tanya Halberd
    7th Heaven

  9. Arrow of revenge said

    * strikes a big anime styled thumbs up pose in her viper flight suit* way da go commander! i’m hoppin to walk down that isle myself sometime, until then. i’ll watch your backs.

    your freindly neighborhood Arrow.
    Senior LT and XO of the heart breakers.

  10. Eyea Aya said

    To anonymous: May you be afflicted with the itch and have no nails to scratch with!

  11. Lt. Marcus Perry said

    Congratulations to the happy couple – May this be the first of our better days !!!

    And OOC to Anonymous: PACIFICA is trying to create a texture of multiple elements, just like any good TV show. That includes fighting, shooting and action but also (maybe even more so) human relationships, marriage and death. Death is always a good way out of a show or story if you need one 🙂

  12. Galen Tyrol said

    Happy “commitment”,

    Wish the best of luck and it must have been a good sign because even if most of the officers were all at the same place, no cylon attacks were reported

    Long live the commitments!

    Galen Tyrol
    Of the pacifica

  13. Stan Rhode said

    Wish you all best out of the respoect I have to both of you. ((Still being a part-lawyer I could not stop wondering if colonial law permitted such an union :S.))

    I have made some great photos of the event and I could send some but I wonder what requirements should they meet – I mean – what dimension is best not to have them stretched later. And what size in kB is max. I would appreciate contact on that matter through IM.
    Stan Rhode

  14. Marcus Perry said

    OOC: Since when do we have a Galen Tyrol ?

  15. Stan Rhode said

    yeah, Marcus – some guy atached this name to himself, I think someone should do sth about it lol.

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