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Fleet cleared to rejoin 7th Heaven; caution urged around fountain

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 10, 2007

7TH HEAVEN, September 10 (5:03 SLT) — I’m filing this update to an earlier story from the observation deck of 7th Heaven, where moments ago Captains Serapis and Halberd received confirmation from Jr. Lt. Marcus Perry (representing the Pacifica Incendiary Device team) that no explosive device was present. Civilians and military personnel have been cleared to return to the ship, though the fountain area in the center of the deck is temporarily off limits to visitors. (An unauthorized transmitter, likely being used by the Cylons or a sympathetic party to track the location of the Fleet, was found to be concealed in the fountain. Both the fountain and the signal source were destroyed by Marines.)

Being pressed into service in helping to locate the suspected explosive, this reporter was glad I volunteered for Emergency Response training on Picon (one of the benefits of being home to Fleet Headquarters). On first glance, I was unable to locate any obvious clues — such as the reported ticking sounds, or any residue of chemical accellerant on the fountain rubble. Lt. Perry used a more sensitive chemical monitor to conduct an exhaustive search; finding nothing, he gave the Captains the all-clear to re-open the ship.

A relief, to be sure… but a shame that one of the more attractive sights on the recreation deck will be out of commission for a while.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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