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Civilian Clinic open for business.

Posted by Fleet News Service on September 17, 2007

Captain Halberd of the 7th Heaven and FTL Enterprises has converted a room into a medical clinic.  It is located on the first level, left side, just past the stairs, across the hall from the 7th Heaven pool (Note the heart cross next to the door). It is now open to see all patients, from routine exams, inguries, and with the assistance of Pacifica’s Doctor, more complicated surgical proceedures. In the times we live in..we need to feel that security, the assurance that the people are being cared for. So come by the clinic before things get worse than they should.

I would also like to issue a call for anyone with even routine medical training…the clinic needs your help. Contact Cpt. Tanya Halberd if you can assist.
D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
7th Heaven Medic
The News-Review


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