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Source Identified – Quarantine Lifted!

Posted by Fleet News Service on April 17, 2008

News release – for immediate release:

Dr. Stacia Zabalata, Secretary of Health and Human Services, announced this evening the discovery of both the source and strain of the bacteria causing the outbreak on 7th Heaven and Pacifica. To date, there have been 643 confirmed cases on 7th Heaven, 134 on Pacifica and 57 cases on TQ and other inner ships.

Tech crews are busy synthesizing an effective combination of antibiotic that will cure those who are infected. Antibiotics will be administered to ill medical and military personnel first and then to those who have been infected the longest.  With in 24 hours, there will be enough medication for all who are ill.


Aestusi pruriobacterium

Blood cultures, taken from those patients originally infected with the bacteria, produced a new strain of bacterium not seen before. The bacteria was again isolated in water samples, collected by pilot Rae Larkham from the hydroponics gardens and water tanks on the 7th Heaven.

The bacterium, now named Aestusi pruriobacterium by Secretary of Health Dr. Stacia Zabaleta, was only found in the hydroponic gardens, lettuce and ballasts.  It is believed that water collected from the planet Poseiden carried the bacterium to the fleet.  The hydroponic gardens have been shut down, all produce recalled.  Ballasts have been flushed that contained the bacterium.

Dr. Whiteberry-Schride has affectionately named the infection, “Poseiden Pox”. ((OOC thanks to Eutykhia Mastroianni for coming up with the name)).

The infections were identified as a type of bacterium based on the patient’s symptoms, blood samples and an early spinal tap.  Cultures were necessary to determine the bacteria causing the infections and what anti-biotic would be effective in treatment.

Dr. Leandrah Whiteberry-Schride, Head of Civilian Medicine and Dr. Zabaleta felt that it was best to be cautious given the state of the fleet as best said by Dr. Whiteberry-Schride “the last thing we need is to breed a superbug in confined spaces”.

This was truly a joint military civilian effort.  The superior labs on the Pacifica provided a testing ground for Dr. Zabaleta along with Dr. JenJen Bailey and Dr. Sniper Shride to determine the organism and a hopeful cure.  The medical team on the 7th Heaven should be commended for their valiant efforts to make everyone as comfortable and safe as possible. The medical team is greatful to Rae Larkham, for her sloothing and knowledge of water chemistry, which lead us to our discovery!

Dr. Stacia Zabaleta – Secretary of Health and Human Services


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