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Quarantine Update

Posted by Fleet News Service on April 15, 2008

At the urging of Dr. Whiteberry, President Halberd quarantined 7th Heaven. About 80% of the population is infected with the mysterious disease. The president called for all those who are symptomatic and are on other ships to go immediately to 7th.

Upon the inital quarantine order, a group of uninfected individiuals on 7th tried to get off and were spoke to by  Dr. Whiteberry, with help of several armed security agents. Calm was restored.

Afterwards, a heavy raider landed  on Pacifica and she was boarded. Cylons made their way to sick bay where Dr. Stacia Zabaleta was wounded. Uninfected, she was at Pacifica working with Dr. Schridde  to identify the infectious agent. She is in guarded condition.

A number of military personnel were wounded in this action.

Submitted by:

Leandrah Whiteberry-Schridde, MD


One Response to “Quarantine Update”

  1. leandrahwhiteberry said

    ((OOC Kudos: Many thanks to Freya Dragonash, who in RL is an expert in infectious diseases. It was she who did the research necessary to develop a “real” infection with realistic symptoms and infection method. Kudos to Vicky Vielle, the story writer, and Stacia Zabaleta, Sniper Schridde, JenJen Bailey and the rest of the med staff for their great med RP. Our contest winners were Rae Larkham, who figured out the bacteria was in 7th Heaven’s water supply and hydroponics tanks and Eutykhai Mastroianni for her name “Poseidon Pox” for the disease. Most of all thanks to the admins for letting us run with it. We had great fun, hope others did, too.))

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