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Representative Inshan Found Dead, Hand Of Apollo Issues Demands

Posted by Fleet News Service on April 2, 2008

Inshan Found DeadA mysterious box was found on Celestra which purported to be from the Hand of Apollo. It suggested that the President check the Quorum Chamber for a list of demands.

A number of security personnel were subsequently summoned to the Quorum Room on 7th Heaven. Upon arriving, the body of Quorum of 12 Representative Liana Inshan was found with a note pinned to her body.

The note  was seemingly from the terrorist group calling itself “The Hand of Apollo.” The note listed a number of demands listed below exactly as received:

  1. The Imediate “spacing” of all known Cylon humanoids in the the fleet.
  2. The Quarantine of all Hybrid children.
  3. The Imediate resignation of the Admiral.
  4. More Food for the civilians.
  5. Immunity from any prosecution for any past crimes.

Representative Inshan’s body was taken to Pacifica for a forensic autopsy.

President Halberd declined to comment but said she would be issuing a statement very soon.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


2 Responses to “Representative Inshan Found Dead, Hand Of Apollo Issues Demands”

  1. Unknown Source said

    Hand of God:

    II am curious as to how far your patriotism goes. If the government would agree to fullfill all your demands, except for the last one – would you take the offer ?

  2. Hand Of Apollo said

    We are Patriots

    If the goverment fullfills all our needs except the last one,
    Then we will die for the safety of all humanity and accept any punishment you would seem fit.
    This does not mean we will hand our selves over.

    So says
    The hand of apollo

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