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Fashion Show a Big Hit in Afterburners

Posted by Fleet News Service on April 1, 2008

Captain Weiland Shows Swimwear from PiconEyea Aya Shows Tauron Casual WearA fashion show organized by Captain Windy Weiland and hosted by President Halberd was well attended. A group of guests showed up dressed as impeccably dressed #6’s and surprised everyone!

Modeling outfits from their colonies were Captain Weiland (Picon), Rae Larkham, Antonia Waco, and Oracle Eyea Aya. Everyone had a good time, in spite of threats from Apollos’ Hand and from Cylons.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


2 Responses to “Fashion Show a Big Hit in Afterburners”

  1. Hand of Apollo said

    Ms Babii,

    Please get your facts straight, We did not present any threats last night.
    We responded to President Halbred’s request for a meeting.
    That is all we did.
    We do not make Idle Threats

    So says
    “The Hand Of Apollo”

  2. Starbuckk Serapis said

    Your very existence is a threat. And you proved that tonight by responding to a legitimate offer of a meeting with murder. I warn you, “Hand of Apollo”. We do not make idle threats either.

    To coin a phrase from an old Scorpion general:

    “If you’re going to kick a tiger in the tail you better have a plan for dealing with his teeth.”

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