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Quorum of 12 Representative Liana Inshan Missing

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 31, 2008

The following report was turned into authorities today, and this reporter was able to see a copy of it.

I was scheduled to meet with Representative Inshan in her quarters on the Virgon Rising to discuss her proposals related to food distributions on 03292008 at 0900SLT. When I went to her room, the door was unlocked. I went in and found the room was in disarray and Liana was not there. Her identity cards and personal items were still in the room.

Contact was made with the Captain who checked the ship log and told me that there was no departure record. She should still have been aboard. The Captain asked the crew members to look for her but were unable to locate her anywhere on the ship.

I thought maybe she had just been called away until I heard of the attack on Vice President Vielle. When I heard of this I realized there could be more to it and that this needed to be reported.

Casiopeia Catteneo
Representative of Canceron

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Representative Inshan, please contact Captain Serapis immediately.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


One Response to “Quorum of 12 Representative Liana Inshan Missing”

  1. Hand of Apollo said

    Representative Inshan is Dead she was a Cylon a “Skin Job”. We have Proven to you President Halberd that “the hand of Apollo” means business and we will Do the extermination of all CYLONS from inside the fleet that you fail to do.

    We have given you our demands meet them and we shall not go after any of the humans protecting the cylons!!!

    If you Do not accept our demands, we will be forced to take care of the Half breeds!!!

    so says
    “The Hand of Apollo”

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