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President Offers to Meet Hand of Apollo

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 30, 2008

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 30, 2008

In a move shunned by advisors, President Halberd has penned an open letter to so-called “Hand of Apollo” members, offering to meet them and hear their demands while assuring their safety.

Hand of Apollo Members,

In the interests of compromise and mutual understanding, I am willing to meet with you or your representatives to hear what your issues are. Your safety will be guaranteed by me.

You may respond with comments in the news, if you wish.

This offer will only be extended once.

Tanya Halberd


One Response to “President Offers to Meet Hand of Apollo”

  1. LT Yevka Laws said

    Madam President,

    I applaud your efforts to reach out,however as a citizen advise extreme caution.

    One does not meet with terrorists who tried to kill the Vice President, one crushes them.

    I still have fading stains on my hands and uniform from when I applied direct pressure to the Vice Presidents wounds.

    In my opinion, as a citizen, not as a member of the military it is time to set Commander Syakumi’s marines loose to hunt these dogs down, not talk to them.

    LT Yevka Laws
    Former XO 8th Squadron
    Senior Pilot
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

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