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Poseidon Abandoned, CAG Stiglitz is MIA

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 27, 2008

This is without a doubt the saddest report I have ever written for the News.

In a surprisingly vicious attack that included at least 3 basestars, Cylons returned to retake the planet Poseidon with a vengeance. Pilots and Marines fought valiantly to hold our position, but the planet was not worth additional casualties and Admiral Nephilim ordered an FTL to remove the fleet from danger.

A tragic loss was revealed by President Halberd, who told me haltingly, with tears rolling down her face, that Major Heidi Stiglitz is missing in action. The President explained that the CAG was engaged by Cylons while flying the Stealth Star and went down over the planet. Rescuers determined that her beacon was not active or had been destroyed in the crash, and orders were given from Pacifica to abandon the search. “I consider her one of my dearest friends. We will do everything we can to go back and find her,” President Halberd said. “I cannot accept that one of the most heroic women who ever lived is missing.”

Admiral Nephilim, who is also one of Major Stiglitz’ closest friends, was forced to order the FTL jump away from the area. She is in seclusion and has issued no statements.

Major Stiglitz is a proud citizen of Aerelon. She lost her husband Hannes and daughters Thea and Tessa in a vicious slaughter of their family farm just days before a mission from Pacifica arrived to retrieve them.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


11 Responses to “Poseidon Abandoned, CAG Stiglitz is MIA”

  1. Voice in the Darkness said

    With the Death of Major Stigliz at the hands of our enemies that should be a rallying cry for our people she is a martyr to our cause for survival where were our supposed Allies why did they not help this time around? I say they were the ones who caused all this! DEATH TO THE TRAITORS AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM!!!!!

  2. thalberd said

    Major Stiglitz was one of the finest officers I’ve ever known. She was brave and patient and fair. They tell me that there is no chance that we’ll ever find her, and I am so torn up about losing her.

    I remember when a reporter was in Afterburners interviewing her, and couldn’t find anything bad to say, so she described Major Stiglitz’ continuous coffee as saying she was “drinking” all night. Gods Heidi was furious about that. She hated injustice.

    I remember when we found her family murdered on Aerelon, and brought them back to 7th Heaven and reburied them. We all cried and cried. Heidi was so brave, after losing her husband and her babies she carried on for the sake of the rest of us.

    She wanted them buried under an apple tree, and then Commander Nephilim figured out how to get one back in a Raptor and put it in the dome over the graves. Heidi used to go there and look at the graves and stare at them wistfully, often with tears in her eyes. That was the old dome that the terrorists blew up one night. Heidi took it really hard, but still carried on.

    She was a hero, and will always be a great example to us all. Here’s to you, Major!

    ~Tanya Halberd

  3. Hand Of Apollo said

    This would not have happened if we had an Admiral who had put their trust in the hands of the cylons “skin Job”.

    This is your Fault Admiral.
    THE HAND of APOLLO holds you responsable for the Loss and possible Death of the greatest officer you had.
    She had always spoken out against you letting that skin job onto the Pacifica.
    Soon your time will come where the HAND of APOLLO will even the odds you fraken Cylon Loving Admiral.

  4. Rhys Nieuport said

    There might not be anything more crippling to the morale of a people than when those amongst them turn their backs on hope and revel in the delights of despair. Such is the path the Hand of Apollo treads down feverishly.

    It is my fondest wish that Major Stiglitz be returned to us unharmed, if the rumors of her demise are false, but if this is impossible she will remain with us always in our memories and amongst those she loved as much as life, her family lost to her.

    I would make a call to those seduced by this withered hand to instead stand stalwart and brave in the light of honesty, face adversity for what it is as a challenge and meet it with unwavering strength no matter how it might change our bodies or minds. We should never forget a wrong, for only fools relive their mistakes over and over but an inability to forgive is for mindless animals and I truly believe our surviving people deserve to strive for better. For ourselves and for our children’s children there will be a need to reach for so much better if we are to survive as a true people.

  5. Starbuckk Serapis said

    To the Hand of Apollo:

    When your tirades were just rantings of a crazed would be terrorist it was just noise. But now you have insulted the memory of one of the fleets finest officers. For you to even have the nerve to claim a right to place blame for her death while you cower in the shadows and cast stones is contemptible beyond the imagination. You are the total opposite of Major Stiglitz. While she was a hero that served the fleet you are a coward that seeks to destroy the fleet.

    Make no mistake. You are no longer just an annoyance. You will be the focus of the wrath of all who care for Major Stiglitz and other fallen heroes of the fleet. You have made a major error in judgement in stepping over this line. And be assured: you will pay dearly for this mistake. It WILL destroy you. And your failure will be felt by you and the few that might be foolish enough to follow you.

  6. Starbuckk Serapis said

    Major Stiglitz was a fine officer, a true hero that denied being a hero. She stood up for the freedoms she believed in. Though as a former Quorum representative I often found myself at odds with her, she always stood firm in her beliefs and was never afraid to stand up for them and for the people she fought to protect.

    She will be remembered with honor along with the others that have gone before her so that we might survive.

  7. Lt Sideways said

    Moonmadein was an insperation for me she will be miss and always on my wing. Her lose and fire can never be replaced. Good hunting, Moonmadien

    Lt Sideways
    13th XO

  8. Anonymous said

    I’m right there with you, Hand. Where can I get more info / join your group ?

  9. Voice in the Darkness said

    To find us you will have to look hard indeed but we will find the faithful who wish to join and then our forces will continue to grow as more come to our side.

  10. Argo "Scorpion" Blanco said

    Moonmaiden. May the Gods of Kobol receive you in their arms, in a heaven for special warriors like you. I will never forget you.

    I agree with Captain Serapis in all that he wrote about the hand of Apollo except that he is just an annoyance, we are facing a terrorist here, that throws threats against our Fleet Admiral.

    Captain Argo Blanco.
    Commander 13th vipers squadron.

  11. LT Y. Laws said

    It really angers me to see hate mongers using this sad news as an excuse to push their agenda.

    Major Stiglitz was shot down.

    There was a line of pilots, myself included prepared to take a raptor and FTL back to do SAR.

    The bottom line was there were three base stars on site and you might want to ask yourself a question:

    Would Major Stiglitz have wanted us to risk the battlestar, the only resource capable of defending our people and guiding us to safety?

    I dare say the answer would be no.

    So stop threatening our Admiral and stop using the Major’s name in this way.

    LT Yevka Laws
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

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