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Hand Of Apollo?

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 19, 2008

This letter was just dropped to Fleet News offices this afternoon



19 Responses to “Hand Of Apollo?”

  1. paxanfreck said

    Althought I agree with sme of the sentiments of this note, I must say I am very concerned by this so called “Hand of Apollo”.

  2. paxanfreck said

    Although I agree with sme of the sentiments of this note, I must say I am very concerned by this so called “Hand of Apollo”.

  3. Antonia Waco said

    Have there been any movements made on who the group members could possibly contain?

  4. Colonial Military Ensign said

    I also agree with the sentiments of this letter.
    I feel we have left the safety of the fleet at times in the hands of the “so called friendly cylons”.
    I For one would like to see us humans take back our lives instead of running and getting help from the cylons stand against them.

    I am worried by this organization what will they do to those supporters of cylons.
    What is their view on the Hybrids, after all they are innocents.

  5. Admiral Nephilim made a decision to grant a commission to Ensign Lauri Mayfair in the Colonial Fleet.

    While I may personally question this decision and I’ve seen other senior officers criticize the decision on the pages of this newspaper, one thing is certain.

    Admiral Nephilim is our commanding officer and her decision is hers alone. We in the military defend democracy, we do not practice it.

    This society and what it stands for should remember that if we begin to fight amongst ourselves, we will be that much weaker when the cylons return in strength.

    I fully support the decisions made by our command authority in this and all matters. This society seems to advocate violence against known cylons in our midst.

    I will be the first person to stand beside any of my shipmates who are in any way threatened, whether the threat is internal or external.

    As called for under CCMC, Colonial Code of Military Conduct.

    Y. Laws
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  6. Hand Of Apollo said

    ” Admiral Nephilim made a decision to grant a commission to Ensign Lauri Mayfair in the Colonial Fleet.”

    Thank you Pilot laws for giving the “Hand Of Apollo” or first Targets!!!!

    The Fleet will soon see what we HUMANS do to take back our Destiny….


  7. Well folks if you need me to establish your targets you are indeed a sorry bunch of criminals. I am willing to lay down my life to protect the life of ANY person in the colonial service.

    From Admiral Nephilim, Darsh Lucero, Heidi Stiglitz all the way down to the privates in the Marines. Plus everyone in between. We may have our disputes and arguments between us, but we are a family.

    If you think you have what it takes to take on a battlestar, well lets just say I won’t be betting on you folks lasting very long.

    Y. Laws
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  8. Starbuckk Serapis said

    Set foot on my ship and the “Hand of Apollo” will meet the “Bullet of Starbuckk”. Get the picture?

  9. Capt. Desiree Magnuson said

    Let it be known that the “Hand of Apollo” is not welcome amongst the the ships of the Innis Inter-Colonial Transport Corporation. We stand with Capt. Serapis and the ships of FTL Enterprises to oppose this base thug element that has reared its ugly head. We WILL know if you attempt anything on our ships. We will not allow humanity to sink to the barbarism the “Hand of Apollo” represents.

    So Say WE all, the true light of Humanity

    Captain Desiree Magnuson,

    Captain, Virgon Rising

  10. Andi Whiteberry said

    The first step in the decent into anarchy is the creation of vigilante groups. You do not uphold our democracy, you will destroy it. Who in this democracy voted the members of “The Hand of Apollo” as our judges, juries and executioners?

    You do not represent this colonial citizen. What you propose to do, you do not do in my name.

    Andi Whiteberry-Schridde, M.D.

  11. Vicky Vielle said

    This is just divisive scaremongering, as if we do not have enough to contend with, such as the real and present danger of the Cylons doggedly pursuing us endlessly across the stars, we have people who think it is clever to cause comment by scaring honest Colonials, and trying to promote a sense of paranoia.

    Please do not give them the satisfaction of rising to the bait. We are One people, facing our future together, do not be swayed by fear. We have survived by standing firm, and together, so far and we will do so again, and drive such empty threats from having any credence by ignoring them.

    Vicky Vielle
    Vice President of the Twelve Colonies

  12. Voice in the Darkness said

    Judgement is coming for those who are consorting with our enemy wether those enemies are acting like seeming friends or not. The fires of our just cause will purge the fleet clear of these filthy betrayers and ensure our survival!

  13. In the Colonial Fleet we have a duty to uphold the our principles, be subordinate to civilian authority and such. I know that we will do this.

    Further, we are not frightened by shadowy anonymous threats.

    We have for nearly 8 weeks been fighting with the cylons while we resupply ourselves. They have come in heavy numbers and tried to drive us away.

    We have stood up to them and sent them away.

    Do you think after that you can frighten us?

    People like you exist everywhere, trying to tear down good people doing their duty.

    We are not afraid. We recognize the serious threat you represent and are prepared to deal with it, as ordered by the command authority.

    Why not come out of the darkness and see what the light of day does to both your bravado and the level of support you think you have.

    Yevka Laws
    Former XO 8th Squadron
    Senior Pilot
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  14. Voice in the Darkness said

    From the darkness shall come a purging light that will cleanse the fleet our reach is longer than yours and we are everywhere you are not colonial hound.

  15. Lt. J.G. Serp "Leatherneck" Auer said

    Well Mr. Voice why dont you act like some one withhonor and come out and fight your foe directly instead of doing all this fraking sneak crap oh wait thats right your a spineless shadow. Know this you people who undermine the authority in the fleet only make it easier for the cylonds that are against us to win you spread doubt among the populous and cause confusion when we need unity.

    I am willing to take any help i can get even if its a cylon defector the ones ive met have more than proven their loyalty to our cause of survival.

  16. Starbuckk Serapis said

    One thing “Hand of Apollo” has accomplished is to unify the people of the fleet. We as a people stand together against the disease which these evildoers bring forth.

    The purging light of which Voice in the Darkness talks will come not from these terrorists, but from the weapon flashes of people like Major Syakumi and Lt Laws that will be the last things that those like “Voice” and “Hand” will ever see.

    We will slap the Hand of Apollo and put out the purging light from the darkness.

    “We are everywhere” you say? Delusions of grandeur carry little weight against the wrath of the entire colonial fleet.

  17. Voice in the Darkness said

    Fools the lot of you. But Mark my words soon you all will be seeing things the way the Hand of Apollo does and when the time comes the Populous will rise up and overthrow the military and the puppets they have placed in office!

  18. Lt Sideways said

    You have unified the fleet hand of apollo. And terrorist will never win, and by the gods if catch you i will arrest you and throw you in jail.

    Lt (jg) Sideways
    13th CO

  19. Lt Sideways said

    should be xo

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