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Press Release: President Names Additional Cabinet Members, Staff

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 18, 2008

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 18, 2008

President Tanya Halberd today named two new Cabinet members and two new staff members to her administration, selecting a Secretary of Agro & Hydro and an Assistant Press Secretary as well as an Aide and a Presidential Security agent.

The appointees are:

Presidential Cabinet:
Kazrak Dryke, Secretary of Agro & Hydro
Taylor Peralta, Assistant Press Secretary

Presidential Staff:
Antonia Waco, Presidential Aide
hehe “Tom” Papp, Presidential Security

Including new selections, the full membership of the Executive Branch is listed below.

President Tanya Halberd
Vice President Vickie Vielle

Press Secretary – Kiltcheck Douglas
Secretary of Science – Doctor Jiminy
Secretary of Health and Human Services – Stacia Zabeleta
Secretary of Education – Leandrah Whiteberry
Attorney General – Derin Swenson
Secretary of Commerce – Owen Papp
Secretary of Agro & Hydro – Kazrak Dryke

Assistant Press Secretary – Taylor Peralta
Assistant Secretary of Education – Jayce Raymaker

Aide to the President – Antonia Waco
Presidential Security – hehe “Tom” Papp


2 Responses to “Press Release: President Names Additional Cabinet Members, Staff”

  1. Antonia Waco said

    OOC: Waci. lmao.

  2. Taylor Peralta said

    ((Fixed. I blame the frakking toasters, this is a computer system after all :P))

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