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Probable Assassination of Miners on Poseidon

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 13, 2008

The tragic murders of the Whelans appears to have been an assassination and a powerplay by a new power broker who has made their move within the Syndicate.  We expect more on this developing story soon.


2 Responses to “Probable Assassination of Miners on Poseidon”

  1. Friend said

    Wait, Are you saying Mr Whelan was in the organization called the Syndicate?
    I do not believe this!
    How do we know its not the Cylons’ He was very outspoken about the cylons.

  2. paxanfreck said

    This is truly disturbing. I hate to say this but I always felt something was a little strange about Mr. Whelan and his family.

    I talked with his wife a few times and she always seemed so guarded of her husband and their personal business. I don’t know what to think but these days – nothing would surprise me.

    Has there been any word of their son?

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