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Head of the Miners Guild Found Dead

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 10, 2008

Early this morning, miners reporting for the early shift on the planet Poseidon they found what can only be defined as a macabre scene. The body of one Jonah Whelan, who was at one time the head of the mining Guild on the Tylium Queen, was found badly tortured and mutilated, crucified on one of the tylium mining machine’s cross braces in the depths of the mine.

A second body, identified by friends as his wife, Elia Whelan was found lying face down in the pool in 7th Heaven. She was killed by a single shot to the back of her head. OPSEC and Security from 7th Heaven and Tylium Queen were called to the two grisly scenes. Both bodies were transported to the morgue for autopsy.
Fleet records show that the couple had a son. A search was initiated but investigations have concluded him missing and presumed dead.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


12 Responses to “Head of the Miners Guild Found Dead”

  1. Dear Friend said

    Having been a friend of Whelan family since the attack on the colonies.
    They seemed to be very well off yet always seem to give back to the miners and the other civlian population. Jonah Whelan even as the head of the mining guild was very vocal that cylons were designed for the dangers in mining, and that even these new cylons thats all they should be used for and that us humans should go on the offensive and bring in our creations to back what they were made for.

    I recall how the family would go and visit the Tylium Queen and the mines from time to time checking on the working conditions. He would then buy the miners a round of Ale at the run down Bar on the Tylium Queen. He did tell me of the new Bar how it hurt his eyes to see it, But he understood the need of it, to help let the miners and pilots blow off some steam, so he didn’t mind so much.

    Elia Whelan, gods rest her soul, she was a nice lady, very caring, and friendly.
    I know she and Jonah Whelan would have personal issues from time to time.
    She said he always worked so late and to hard. She was home raising their son.

    Young Jonah Whelan Jr. was a bit more of a rebel he was going just beging his teenage years and starting to clash with his mother and father. he was very intrested in his fathers work. He was very vocal about his dislike for all cylons.

    I do hope they find him alive.
    Perhapse he will be able to continue his parents good works.

    This is just such tragic news, I hope that civilian law inforcment will find the people who did this to this carring family.

    A dear friend….

  2. Concerned Citizen said

    Another reason why we need to get REAL leadership instead of Mouthpiece Halberd.

  3. Aware Concerned Citzen said

    Madame Halberd is fair and just. These criminals are not under her control. Perhaps you can help, instead of just speaking slander. What have YOU done for the welfare of the fleet recently?

  4. Admiral Nephilim said

    It’s hard not to rise to this, so, I’ll alllow myself the luxury as a soldier and defender of our people and the privilege as a spouse. The so – called “concerned citizen needs to examine the record before trying to assign nicknames. The one I’ve heard bandied about for the President is “Ole Law and Order” Halberd. Get your facts correct.

    Adm A. Nephilim
    Battlestar Pacifica
    BSG 47

  5. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    It’s also quite possible that the so-called “Concerned Citizen” is the one that is actually behind this.

  6. Virgon Citizen said

    Why are you bring up a political issue Concerned Citizen these deaths were tragic enough with out placing the current goverment as the cause of these. How could the President or even the Gods and Goddess themselves known these deaths were to happen. I think as we all do that President Halberd responded in a timely fashion to the crisis of transponders being discovered. After we were held captive by our cylon enemies. I expect her people and Opsec will do their best to find the murders of this respected family.

    Please have faith in the Gods that they will help guide President Halberd in the right direction.

    Virgon Citizen

  7. LT Yevka Laws said

    People are not murdered for no reason.

    The case needs to be investigated and the results need to be public.

    Justice must be served.

    Deterrence must be repaired.

    To attack the president over this issue a few short hours after it happens is unfair. As head of the executive branch she is responsible for enforcing the law. I have 100% confidence she will fulfill these duties as she has in the past.

    Again the naysayers hide behind pseudonyms while those of us coming off a long shift shooting down toasters (2 kills today) have the pride to post by name, in the light of day.

    LT Yevka Laws
    Executive Officer
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  8. Concerned Citizen said

    The President is the mouthpiece that the military wanted installed from the beginning. Your strategy was simple, take a well known and generally liked figure and convert her into a President that you can manipulate as you see fit.

    You took a barmaid, made her President and expect us to swallow that tripe as if none of us can see through your military takeover. Interesting that many military figures received promotions/new titles under President Halberd.

    Pull the strings and make your puppet dance all you want. Many of us aren’t falling for it.

  9. If you mean by “you” I voted for her in a democratic election you are right.

    Little LT yevkie laws is the power broker behind the entire government, pulling Tanya’s strings like a puppet.

    Oh, you didn’t mean me?

    Well President Halbred is the top of the military chain of command . Her predecessor President Veille, promoted Admiral Nephilim.

    Who are you again? Still hiding?

    Please. My billet for some verifiable facts.

    Perhaps you should sign up for a job here as a journalist. You get your facts right about the same percentage of the time as they do.

    LT Yevka Laws
    Executive Officer
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  10. Friend said

    Concerned Citizen!!!!

    Please this is not a spot for you to voice your dislike for the president. There is a young boy Missing!!!! for the love of all the all the gods!!!!!
    Please stop and Help us find this young man, and the killers of my good friends Whelan family this is not helping what you are doing.
    Please voice your concerns to your council rep, if you have issues with the president.

    In the mean time please do what you can to help find the killers

  11. Concerned Citizen said

    You mean the council rep that was inserted without my vote? Yeah, I’ll make sure to voice my concern so I’m put on the black list. How about no?

    The boy is missing because of the failings of many whom you defend. Try to see beyond ten feet in front of your face.

  12. Starbuckk Serapis said

    You mean the council rep that was inserted without my vote? Yeah, I’ll make sure to voice my concern so I’m put on the black list. How about no?

    Of late I had decided not to respond to trollish attempts to hijack news articles and commentaries. However, the above quote indeed deserves response.

    Casting words of hate behind the cloak of anonymity does not represent true conviction. The true activist takes pride in enduring the consequences of their words. They stand in front of what they say, prepared to take whatever is tossed their way. They take the punishment with pride in standing for what they believe in.

    Where were you when the candidate searches were on, Concerned Citizen? Still hiding behind your anonymous cloud in fear of being blacklisted? And to what blacklist do you fear? Can you name one person that is on that blacklist and why?

    Do you think every quorum member is in the favor of the current administration? If so, you are sadly mistaken. But you have nothing in common with those that are opposed to administration policies. What separates you from them is that they stand in front of what they believe. If there was such a blacklist as you fear, they stared it down and said “I will serve. I will fight in the open for what I believe.” I may disagree with what these activists believe. But I admire them for standing up and being counted.

    To any friends or remaining family of the Whalens, my condolences. I hope that our law enforcement teams can find a resolution soon. Our thoughts are with you.

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