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Quorum of 12 Meets, Discusses Critical Issues

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 8, 2008

In a productive meeting today in the Quorum Room on 7th Heaven, Representatives discussed a number of issues ranging from mining on Poseidon to selection of a replacement for recently deceased Quorum Representive Conell Dagger.

Colony Representative Attended
Aerelon Paxan Freck Yes
Aquaria Dollwife Pink Yes
Canceron Casiopeia Catteneo Yes
Caprica Bigggy Smalls No
Gemenon Erianthe Elvehjem No
Leonis Ronon Maximus Yes
Libris Cathiee McMillan Yes
Picon Conell Dagger Deceased
Sagittaron Gibley Goldblatt Yes
Scorpia Saamia Mahana No
Tauron Eyea Aya Yes
Virgon Liana Inshan Yes

Also in attendance were President Halberd, Vice President Vicky Vielle, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Stacia Zabeleta.

The meeting began by appointing the senior member, Gibley Goldblatt of Sagittaron, as the moderator. Following that, a long list of issues was raised by the recently ill and still recovering Virgon Representative Liana Inshan, who spoke from a wheelchair.

The first issue raised by Representative Inshan was whether to send 3 Quorum of 12 Representatives to the planet Poseidon to visit with citizens and assess the situation. The motion passed.

The second issue was concern for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among civilians, and the matter was deferred to Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Zabeleta. Likewise, the third issue of adult education to promote skills of civilians was also referred to the Executive Branch and Secretary of Education Andi Whiteberry.

The fourth issue raised by Virgon Representative Inshan concerned prisoner’s rights. This is a concern of hers since she has personally experienced a run-in with the judicial system recently. President Halberd briefly described the circumstances of the arrest, as related here in the news, stating that charges were dropped since the problem was related to a medical condition. The President also referred to legislation from the previous session of the Quorum to protect citizen’s rights. Other representatives did not share Representative Inshan’s concerns and the matter was dropped.

The fifth issue raised by Representative Inshan was whether for the good of the fleet people should be encouraged to have children. The discussion was found to be rather divisive and was deferred to a later date.

Issue six was the proposal to create emergency bulkheads to protect shuttle bays during an attack. This was determined to be a military matter and out of scope for a Quorum discussion.

Issue seven suggested that there is a shortage of civilian medical personnel and resources, and that an office be created to manage the situation. A motion carried to ask for the Cabinet to establish a medical control and training center.

At this point a brief discussion came up of what to do about the Picon seat in the Quorum of 12 vacated by the death of Conell Dagger. It was decided that the citizens of Picon would be encouraged to find another representative.

After this the meeting was adjourned, with participants thanking those who helped with the meeting.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


9 Responses to “Quorum of 12 Meets, Discusses Critical Issues”

  1. Windy Weiland said

    I, Windy Weiland, wish to offer my candidacy to fill the seat of Quorum Representative for Picon.

    I am very sorry to hear of Conell Daggers death. He was a longtime friend of my fathers. They both served as District Representatives protecting the interests of the people and natural resources of Picon.

    Therefore, I feel it my duty to offer my candidacy to represent the people and sustain the integrity of our beliefs.

  2. thalberd said

    Captain Weiland would make an awesome Quorum Representative!

    I hope the citizens of Picon support her!

    -Tanya Halberd

  3. Concerned Citizen said

    I wonder why the representative from Scorpia was missing.

  4. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    Does it matter? It’s not like we actually voted for any of these Representatives anyway. They were simply appointed by the outgoing administration and Quorum.

  5. Concerned Citizen said

    If it doesn’t matter then why do we have them? Disband them and hold REAL elections instead of insertions by the puppet masters.

  6. Starbuckk Serapis said

    To repeat for the umpti-zillionth time…

    THERE WERE NO CONTESTED SEATS. Not one single quorum seat had more than one person express an interest in serving. Therefore the candidates for each seat that DID express a desire won by DEFAULT because there was NO ONE TO CHALLENGE THEM.

    All registered voters were given a publicized opportunity to declare candidacy. Those that are now seated were the only ones that responded.

    The ones that expressed an interest were not installed by any mysterious star chamber or other super secret clandestine body. They were the ones that stepped up to the plate and said “I will serve the fleet”.

  7. Concerned Citizen said

    So because it’s easier to just insert people, that’s the right thing?

    What’s easiest is best according to you. Which explains the deaths and missing people.

    For shame. A captain should know better.

  8. Rafe Edmonson said

    I cannot speak for any other Colony but mine. Representative Inshan, like her predecessor, Representative Innis-Barrbosa, were elected by our citizens after all eligible candidates were brought before the citizenry. Representatiuve Inshan was elected fairly as a result fo our colonial caususes that were held on all ships carrying our citizens. Her voice was selected to speak for all of Virgon.

    I find the accusations of “concerned citizens” who seem to take great pleasure in sowing unrest by inferring the worst about our elected leaders wholy disgusting.

    Is it not enough that Picon’s Representative, the Late Representative Dagger, gave his own life so that others members of the fleet can continue to survive? By making your accusations, you not only dishonor his sacrifice but also do the equivalent of spitting on his grave.

    For Shame!

    Rafe Edmonson
    Virgon Citizen

  9. Cathiee Libris Rep said

    I would like to say that i may have been appointed in because no one Contested my seat.
    But i was out talking to my fellow Librians.
    So Major Heidi Stiglitz and Concerned Citizen might want to rethink your comments.
    we all were out talking to our People in the fleet getting support.

    I as a Librian will bring what i feel as valid points to the rest of my citizens out in the fleet.


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