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Fleet Sweep for Transponders Detects 7 So Far

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 5, 2008

Secretary of Science Doctor Jiminy developed a detector for Cylon transponders with the help of one of the Cylon defectors. Using the device, Tylum Queen, Celestra and 7th Heaven were swept and two transponders per ship were located for a total of six. In a very troubling development, a seventh transponder was found on Pacifica, too.

Even though Pacifica was not occupied by Cylons during the fleet separation of recent weeks, a sweep made of the battlestar revealed one transponder. When asked how a transponder could have been planted on Pacifica, Admiral Nephilim replied, “no comment.”

“This is both very troubling and very reassuring,” said President Halberd. “We found the devices and disabled them. I am anxious to finish the sweep of the rest of the fleet before we have to jump again. We need to be alert.”

Cabinet Member Jiminy has agreed to distribute the new transponder detectors to Marine and OPSEC units.

Doctor Jiminy shows a Cylon transponder

The transponders are described as white ovals about the size of your hand. If you see one, please contact the bomb squad on Pacifica immediately, and do not touch or move the devices.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


10 Responses to “Fleet Sweep for Transponders Detects 7 So Far”

  1. yevkalaws said

    You will recall that as part of the capture of the fleet the Cylons boarded Pacifica, only to be stopped by yours truly in CIC with a rifle. I guess that makes the fact check on this story a little suspect.

    That should explain how the device got aboard, as this was public information.

    The device wasn’t detected because we lacked the technology until today to do so.

    I don’t totally trust the technology myself. We’ve been promised a cylon detector that doesn’t really work.

    Stay frosty people, its likely to get worse before it gets better.

  2. Cathiee McMillan said

    I also am very leary on this new device, If the cylon defector has helped out on this.
    How do we know she is not carrying a transponder as well. How do we know that she is not really working with them leading to a false sense of security.
    Also be aware that she is an officer on the pacifica now. Maybe she planted it.
    We have put our faith in this one cylon, to solve all our problems.

    After what her kind did to Lizzy and Paxan I for one do not trust her.
    I would like to call a council meeting to discuss the actual use of these devices and how much trust we should actually be placing in a defector.

    These cylons pose as Us to hide, they have manipulated or emotions for their own means. and once we find out they wish us just to lay down and take everything they say as the gods voices.

    They are not to be trusted, they have already lied once in hiding among us.
    and 2nd the turned on their own kind.
    Can we really trust them?

  3. Concerned Citizen said

    I think it’s clear we have a lack of leadership here. Perhaps it’s time we consider impeaching the president so this failed experiment ends soon.

  4. Bethany Siemens said

    Impeaching the president will accomplish nothing, it’s not a civilian matter. Although I have my own opinions of a cylon in CIC, I’ll not air them here. What I WILL say is reverse-engineering them may prove useful.

  5. Dr. C. Jiminy said

    The device I used detects simple Electro Magnetic Field emanations, but the defectors were helpful in providing the frequencies most often monitored by the Cylons.

    The transponders in question can be seen by the naked eye, so vigilance on the part of everyone can help. This new detector is another tool, another weapon if you will, in our constant struggle.

    Even though seven alien devices were found, we must continue to search and to scan for more dangers and threats.

    To say only a discreet set of frequencies was scanned is incorrect. Some of the information obtained is classified, but be assured that it is anaylzed by capable hands. I must also give credit to President Halberd, for her initiative in originating this entire operation.
    ~ Doctor Jiminy, Secretary of Science

  6. Admiral Nephilim said

    One thing here still bothers me. As humans, aren’t we supposed to improve the human condition and grow away from our flaws? I know I for one do not sacrifice daily for the protection of humanity only to see us still sulk in our dirtiest, most shameful social faults.
    No one in the Fleet would be alive if it were not for the two skinjobs who have aided us. Their actions have conclusivvely contributed to our military successes. To seriously entertain the notion they are double crossing us after their valiant actions is dangerous and foolish. To criticize Fleet leadership in not already examining the remote possibility is entirely silly.
    We always say we are better than the Cylons. And I believe in not only military victories,, but moral ones as well. One must quetion why then do we cling to discrimination. Intel suggests the different types of Cylons have a more harmonious and egalitarian social structure than humanity. It is perhaps why these creations of ours have us on the run. They aren’t trying to cast suspicions on one is a non-issue for them. Just food for thought for those hungry.

    Admiral Angelica Nephilim
    Battlestar Pacifica

  7. Cathiee McMillan said

    Dear Admiral

    You critizies us for questioning the “cylons” motives and that we as humans should rise above our flaws.
    Then you turn arouns and i quote.
    —No one in the Fleet would be alive if it were not for the two “skinjobs” who have aided us. Their actions have conclusivvely contributed to our military successes.—
    Why would you use the term Skinjobs if you trust them?
    do they not have names?

    So we can see you still have doubts as well.


  8. Andi Whiteberry said

    With all due respect Admiral, wasn’t it THREE humanoid cylons who helped us?

    Ellie and Shepard protected us and helped us when we were captives on New Aerelon.

    Lauri helped us escape from New Aerelon and since then.

    All three should be afforded the same respect and clemency, and yet two remain prisoners. Isn’t it time they were granted their freedom?

    Leandrah Whiteberry-Schridde, M.D.
    Secretary of Education

  9. Admiral Nephilim said

    The use of the perjorative “skinjob” was indeed intentional as it struck the chords it was intended to. It illustrates perfectly well as the Doctor posts afterwards that although we have the ability to move beyond the cylon defectors’ bio-mechanical nature and see the content of their characters, everyone in the Fleet knew who I referred to.

    My reply was intended to make us all look inwardly and recall the struggles of the one who has publically been allowed to travel freely among us and the suspicion and distrust she faces, as is evidenced by her predicament during this most recent crisis.

    Is the Fleet mature enough that protective custody is not necessary for these beings to ensure the freedom I am accused of abridging?

    Admiral Angelica Nephilim
    Battlestar Pacifica
    BSG 47

  10. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    I’d like to remind the good admiral that we would not be in this situation in the first place had not the bloodthirsty programming of the Cylon skinjobs led them to attack the Twelve Colonies and slaughter ten billion people.

    They are Cylons, not human. And in the end, they’ll turn on us, just like they always have, because it’s in their programming. I’ll be keeping my eye on them, even if others that should, aren’t.

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