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Quorum Representative Liana Inshan Arrested, Then Released

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 4, 2008

In a bizarre incident in Pacifica Sick Bay, Quorum of 12 Representative Liana Inshan began acting very strangely. Several military officers attempted to restrain her, and she attacked one in the process. She was promptly taken to the brig on Pacifica.

Admiral Nephilim, President Halberd, and Captain Serapis were summoned to the brig, where they listened to the descriptions of the situation, and also some confusing reports about Ms. Inshan’s medical condition. President Halberd decided to move her to River Delta because it was a civilian judicial matter, and to have the charges reviewed by Attorney General Derin Swenson.

Mr. Swenson decided to drop the charges when Dr. Felicia Huygens explained that a brain tumor was causing Representative Inshan’s behavior. Ms. Inshan was immediately released and sent to the clinic on 7th Heaven for surgery, where the tumor was removed.

We all hope that Ms. Inshan recovers quickly!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


5 Responses to “Quorum Representative Liana Inshan Arrested, Then Released”

  1. Worried Citizen said

    I do hope that some sort of pathology was done on this tumor. As I have heard it, Ms. Inshan has had quite a number of surgeries these past few days and seems to be recovering unnaturally fast.

    We know the Cylons have infiltrated the fleet with there skinjobs and it might be prudent to investigate this woman’s identity futher.

    Also, perhaps she should resign (or be removed) from the Quorum if she is in this poor a health condition. Brain tumors can be quite debilitating – or so one would think.

  2. Capt. Argo Blanco said

    Representative Inshan a cylon? Seems to me an heavy accusation to a government member and to a woman that isn’t in good health condition.
    Anyway we have a test to prove a thing like that.

    Captain Argo Blanco
    13th Squadron Commander

  3. Worried Citizen said

    Ah, yes…the “cylon detector”. We have yet to confirm the validity of this alleged test.

    Personally, I would prefer to be safe than sorry and if their is any doubt that Liana is a cylon then perhaps she should be removed from the Quorum?

    Her behaviour of late, brain tumor or not has been quite odd.

  4. Rafe Edmonson said

    First Dr. Innis gets removed, her succesor resigns to join the President’s cabinet and now the current rep is hospitalized and accused of being a Cylon. Someone tell me, is there a curse on the colony’s seat on the Quorum?

    Rafe Edmonson
    Virgon Citizen

  5. Virgon Citizen said

    Liana Inshan Arrested? Brain tumors?

    Do we Virgon Citizen’s need this type of Image on the seat of the Quorum
    We have not had a stable member in awhile.
    I ask Liana Inshan in the best intrest to all Virgons to step down from the Quorum, while she gets her health and mental state back in order.

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