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Captain LizzyD Vendetta Dead?

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 3, 2008

I was quite happy to meet up with Captain Serapis today in the landing bay of the Celesta…he was looking well after his ordeal aboard the Cylon Basestar.  I commented how nice and happy we were all to have him home safe….especially with Cpt. Weiland wounded and Cpt. Vendetta missing.  It was then that his face turned white and his eyes clouded as if recalling an image.  I asked if things were ok….

“LizzyD..oh no…no…  She was on the base star.   I was in my cell.  I heard her voice.”

Captain Serapis was obviously distraut by the sudden realization.  I pressed him and he seemed to calm down, “She was there? She was a prisoner?”  He looked at me and said, “Yes. I was in my cell. Alone. I had been interrogated..I think .. drugged..I heard shouting down the hall. The voice…I knew it..couldn’t place it. Paxan wasn’t in her cell…thought it must be her.”  Two Centurions were dragging her and she was resisting.  It was hard to see but it must have been her.  She looked injured.  I couldn’t place the voice. It was so far away.  But now I know. It was Captain Vendetta.  The frackers killed her”.

I asked him where they were taking her…”I don’t know.I only saw her her fighting with them.  She was yelling too.  Something about never telling them where they are and that the people will get thier payback….I figure she was talking either about the children or the weapons.  Well actually she must have been talking abut the weapons.”

“What did they do with her?”, I asked him.  His expression turned solomn, “I don’t know. I blacked out.  Drugs.  I thought it was a nightmare. The drugs.  It didn’t seem real.  I never saw her again. Lizzy….”

Captain Vendetta was not rescued and is not anywhere in the fleet…we can only assume she was one of many who lost thier lives to the Cylons in these last few horrific weeks.  Our prayers to the Lords of Kobol go out to them all and the ones close them.

In a related note…Cobb Comption the 7th Heaven Security Officer was promoted to Executive Officer and Makal Krogstad is the new Captain of the Tylium Queen.  Note Cpt. Krogstad was assigned the position before this news of Cpt. Vendetta came to light.

Ms. Pink
The News-Review


4 Responses to “Captain LizzyD Vendetta Dead?”

  1. thalberd said

    Captain Vendetta was a dear friend and confidant. She was a good officer who faced trouble with strength and courage. Her sense of humor was always showing as she watched others around her with gentle amusement. I will miss her terribly.

    Tanya Halberd

  2. LT Yevka Laws said

    The cylons may have transferred prisoners to another base star or to a breeding farm.

    She could have been transferred to another ship in our fleet and incapacitated.

    We should wait for facts.

  3. Unknown Source said

    It might be interesting to see how the black market on Tylium Queen will come along now…

  4. paxanfreck said

    This is so unfortunate to hear. All that time I spent with those bastards and I don’t remember anything.

    My prayers go out to the gods that they take care of LizzyD and lead us to Earth.

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