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Pacifica Returns, Routes Cylons, Saves Fleet!

Posted by Fleet News Service on March 2, 2008

Pacifica and River Delta made a bold return, attacking and destroying the Cylon Basestar just as citizens on TQ were afraid they would not be able to hold out against more Cylon assaults.

The fleet was liberated from captivity by our brave military pilots, infantry and OPSEC teams, who triumphantly returned to drive away the monsters.

In a huge battle that integrated all of our forces from Marines, OPSEC, Viper pilots and Raptor pilots, Cylons were at last driven back. There were many casualties, and reports are not yet available, but rumor has it that Pacifica Sick Bay is full of wounded fighters.

After the Basestar was neutralized, OPSEC teams swept the fleet for Cylons, freeing civilians and accepting the tearful gratitude of people who had feared for their lives daily for far too long.

When the fleet was separated several weeks ago, civilians were captured and rounded up by the Cylons on 7th Heaven. The desperate citizens managed to secure some weapons and escape to the Tylium Queen. There, led by Cobb Compton and Ensign Serp Auer, brave citizens who were unfamiliar with weaponry or explosives managed to hold the Cylons off for nearly a week. Many died in the siege.

Fierce resistance was encountered on the Conneva, where a large number of Centurians made a stand in the engine room. An entire team of our people was lost in the sweep of the ship, and Pacifica fired on the ship to eliminate the threat, then sent a second team to search for survivors. None of the 18 registered residents of Conneva were found, and only 3 bodies were recovered. The ship was scuttled. It is presumed that the Centurions had killed all citizens before Pacifica arrived.

Admiral Angelica Nephilim, known for being a soldier of few words, was reached while still coordinating the aftermath of the attack. “It was a hard fought battle, but failure was not in our lexicon. I am proud of the fighting soldiers of Pacifica,” she said before turning away to speak to members of her command.

Colonial President Tanya Halberd expressed great sadness when told of the many civilian deaths, including Quorum Representative Conell Dagger, who died with many others defending the families on the Tylium Queen. President Halberd spoke haltingly over the wireless, expressing both joy and grief as she explained that every single member of the Pacifica crew was single-mindedly gutwrenched trying ready the Pacifica to return as soon as possible. She said she would never be able to fully express the relief she felt when OPSEC teams reported that the civilian ships were secured, one by one. She said she wanted to personally thank every one in the fleet who risked their lives to drive out the menace.

Work commenced immediately to repair the sabotaged FTL drives on the civilian fleet ships. It was the failure of those drives that caused the fleet to get separated initially. Captain Starbuckk Serapis coordinated the effort, called on all available engineers to assist, and was able to get the whole fleet to jump away from the cursed place in a fairly short time.

Many tears of joy and sadness will be shared tonight. So say we all!!!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


25 Responses to “Pacifica Returns, Routes Cylons, Saves Fleet!”

  1. starbuckk said

    Once again the Colonial Military and OPSEC performed so far beyond the call in bringing us back together. They are often fond of saying “its just our job”. But the fact that it IS just their job is what sets them apart.
    I never thought I’d see the day I’d be happy to hear the sound of gunfire. But those colonial guns firing inside that infernal base star were a great relief after so long coupled up in a metal dungeon.
    Just now, as the dust settles, as I review the rubble in 7th Heaven and Celestra, I am also being told of the stories of what so many of you endured.
    We have again found what sets us apart from the machine. We will endure and we will win.

    Starbuckk Serapis
    Captain, Celestra

  2. thalberd said

    There are moments in history when humanity realizes the great achievement of both duty and destiny. Today was one of those days. We saw greatness among our civilians, our deckhands, our pilots, or infantry and OPSEC. Most importantly we saw our people rise to exceed the expectations of our great leaders, who also found their hearts and spirits expanding to meet this great threat. Admiral Nephilim, Captain Syakumi and Major Stiglitz found in themselves and their commands something much greater than any human normally has a right to see in their lifetime, namely the ability of humans to rise up and prove that we are infinitely better that the machines that choose to confront us.

  3. yevkalaws said

    From sick bay:

    It was a most inspiring moment when our forces charged into a wall of anti aircraft fire to take out the cylon defenses and eventually the base star.

    The first wave from the 8th Squadron was cut down near the base star.

    Allie “Cat” Christensen was also downed, using her own viper to block the cylons attempt to cut me down in my ejection seat.

    Soon, I found myself ejected and in the landing bay of the enemy forces.

    The cylon response was quick and decisive. Though I managed to kill at least one cylon and wound others, I was quickly subdued.

    With no thought for their own safety, Marines, OPSEC and poorly armed pilots charged in to disable the base star and insure I was brought back alive.

    The second exodus of the Colonial fleet continues as we have graduated a class of pilots who fought like lions.

    The pain of separation from you was more than I personally could bare. We are united again and once again will resume the search for a safe haven, free of the cylon tyranny and genocide.

    I came very close to leaving our flock, the fleet as I like to think of you all. I believe it was the strong friendships and bonds that we’ve forced that enticed me back from the other side at the critical moment.

    I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as I am able. May we be guided by the g-ds in this journey. We the Shepard’s of this fleet appreciate your unwavering confidence in our return.

    To our graduates in POW camp, special recognition:
    LT JG Bethany Seimens
    LT JG Serp Auer

    See the CAG for your wings.

    LT Y. Laws
    Executive Officer
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  4. unknow said

    i would also like the mention that the OPSEC were not the ONLY ones who checked the ships, the marines checked the 7th and celestra

  5. Lt. Laureline Laval said

    I couldn’t be prouder of the 27th Raptors on this day. They rose to the call, through the mayhem of an occupied fleet, and got the job done – new and old pilots alike.

    A special mention to JrLt Siemens who, as soon as she got evacuated from the TQ, hopped into a Raptor and went right back to assist in the evac. This is the stuff this fleet is made of.

    Lt. Laval
    27th Raptor Squadron XO
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  6. Slow But Sure said

    And lets’ not forget it was a thrill to see Moonmaiden herself out there at the commands on a Raptor boarding that damned basestar. Now that is how to fly a Raptor. Watch and learn, nuggets. Watch.. and.. learn.

  7. paxanfreck said

    I would like to extend my gratitude to the military and all those civilians who rescued us from this living hell.

    Words cannot describe what we’ve all been through but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Random Visitor said

    To unknown – Get real. The Marines are Opsec’s errand and chore runners and nothing more. Opsec is the military force here, the marines are just a bunch of fools who lost their control to the Opsec team and now have fallen in line like the good servants they are.

  9. starbuckk said

    When I go back and re-read the article, I see that in no way have the Colonial Marines been ignored in this press. In the first line, the term “infantry” really means marines since most everyone knows that the Marines make up the infantry. In the second paragraph, Marines are given first mention. This is considered a position of honor with the press. It is no accident.

    As Colonial forces invaded the base star, the first human face I saw was that of a marine who stood between me and a charging centurion. Sadly in the hustle I cannot say I got his name. But his is a face I will remember.

    On Celestra, clearly Gunnery Sergeant Congrejo was in charge of the clearing, not OPSEC. it was Congrejo that gave me the all clear signal and ordered his team to board and depart.

    I know of no one in the fleet that doubts the heroics of the Marines or any other member of the military. I hope the Marines do not doubt it either.

    Please remember also that the press has also been operating under the gun and confusion of the cylons. I think we can forgive them a few mistakes right now.

  10. yevkalaws said

    Diagree 100% with the Random Vistor.

    It was a MARINE that dragged my bullet riddled bleeding body frommthe bottom of the cylon stairs to the raptor for emergency life saving first aid.

    Semper fi (wrong planet, what can I say).

    Again we seem plagued with trouble makers who can’t even use their own names.

    Wait till I’m strong enough to kick some



  11. Random Visitor said

    Interesting that it took being called out on the Marines role for you all to come to their aid.

    @ Yevka

    Perhaps if you practiced more and learned some better techniques when flying, you wouldn’t need to be dragged for first aid. I simply adore how shortcomings of pilots become valor for the marines. On one hand, we have a highly trained force and on the other we have a group of pilots who have yet to ‘win’ a battle themselves and marines who are most of the time in lockup for their school yard like antics.

    I also love how you call me a trouble maker, is stating your opinion now censored too? Don’t be embarassed that you and the rest of your buddies got called out on your shortcomings. I understand you’re feeling exposed right now and rightfully so. All you did was furthered my point that the marines run the chores, the mop up work and leave the glory hounding to the opsec people.

    Instead of trying to bicker with me, why don’t you go practice flying so you don’t get shot down and require assistance. The more you learn, the less of a liability you’ll be.

    As for Starbuck’s comments, well consider the soruce. That is all.

  12. starbuckk said

    ((just a reminder that FNS is considered IC. If your comments are OOC please take them to the OOC forum or use proper IC/OOC protocols. Thanks))

  13. LT Y. Laws said

    I’d like to offer the Random Visitor a live fire ex and see who wins.

  14. Admiral Nephilim said

    The “Random Visitor” commits the common fallacy of thinking that fleets win wars. Sure enough nukes can glass a planet, but its the infantry that does the hard, dirty work. The expectation of pilots to win a battle , especially one such as this, is complete lunacy and indicative of mere armchair quarterbacking. My word to those of us who know better…ignore “Random Visitors”…they simply abuse the free speech of theirs we defend and insure.

    Adm. Angelica Nephilim
    Battlestar Pacifica
    BSG 47

  15. Andi Whiteberry said

    I thank the gods for the brave people (civilian and military) who gave their all to save the remnants of humanity from extinction! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your efforts to reunite those of us who were separated and dying a thousand deaths each day with worry over our loved ones. I bless you and thank you for helping reunite me with my beloved husband, Sniper. I praise the efforts taken to keep his military status from the cylons.

    I grieve for those we lost and pray for those whose broken bodies the fleet medical staff did our best to repair. The strength, perseverance and resistance of those in the fleet and determination and bravery of those in the military are shining examples of what we as humans are made of.

    Blessings to all, dear warriors!

    So say we all!

    Andi Whiteberry-Schridde

    ((I would hope being wounded is not used as a benchmark for whether or not one has done his or her duty well. Not long after the marine carried in Yevka, he himself was in sick bay with two gunshot wounds.))

  16. Lt. A. Barbosa said

    Speaking personally as a member of the Coloial Military as well as someone who was separated form my own family during this crisis, I hae nothiing but scorn and disdain for such “random visitors” who don’t know what the past few weeks were like for all of us on board both the Fleet and the Pacifica. All the hard work and constant toil we went through to ind and liberate the fleet will not be forgotten by any of us.

    I know that the greatest feeling I had throughout this ordeal came when I was allowed to assist in the Boarding of the Tylium Queen. Finding the civilians holed up in there, including my wife and child, alive and in realtively good health is something that few events can top. However, their safety does not mitigate the tremendous loss of life we suffered in liberating our collective family from the Cylons.

    I would remind the “Random Visitor” to remember their own words when the Cylons decide to take them prisoner and do whatever un-Gods like things they did to our citizens in the fleet. Maybe then they will learn to appreciate the job ALL the members of the military do.

    To Captain Syakumi and her Marine detachments, there is a debt of gratitude all of us, myself included, that can never be repayed to you and your forces for the exceptional jbo you all did in the days leading up to the Fleet’s liberation. You may not like the appelation, but you and your forces epitomize the definition of “Hero.”

    To those citizens of the fleet who fell during the long siege, your deaths shall not be in vain. Those of us who survive will remember your names and speak them with reverence for as long as humanity survives.

  17. Onyx Syakumi said

    Random Visitor:

    I cannot help but to find it appalling, as cynical as I am about the morale of this fleet, that someone as spineless as yourself would emerge with condemnations, accusations, and bile in the immediate aftermath of what has been one of the most successful joint operations in the fleet’s history.

    The state of the Marines has been improving to such an extent that they now represent a significant fighting force within the fleet once more. Our recruitment rate is increasing exponentially, and Marines were involved in every phase of the operation that both located the fleet by targeting cylon relay stations as well as the liberation of the fleet itself.

    In all phases of those operations, there were more active Marines involved and engaged in combat than there were OPSEC personnel.

    You are deluded, at best. A divisive coward, in likelihood. An enemy among us, at worst.

    Take your drivel elsewhere, and leave the protection of the fleet to those who are brave enough to stand between a Centurion and a comrade. Those of us who are have no time for people who cannot even summon the intestinal fortitude to reveal their own identity.

    -Regina “Onyx” Syakumi
    Commander, OPSEC Antares, On Leave
    Commanding Officer, Colonial Marine Corps

  18. yevkalaws said

    I thank the Captain for what I think was an impassioned defense of me against attack.

    I’m a pretty good pilot and hold the nugget record for JP’s of tylium burned.

    You try flying through a wall of flak and see how well you do.

  19. Random Visitor said

    I’m delighted to see I’ve drawn out so many of the ‘big wigs’ to read my comments. Simply by reading what I posted, you’ve let me accomplish what I wanted to accomplish, inform each and every one of you. Now everyone is a Marine lover, lavishing praise upon them and that’s how it should be. Except that people like Laws and Syakumi try to make things personal.

    Name calling, bickering and challenges are good for bravado but my question would be to Miss Laws. If my remarks weren’t true, why did they bristle you so? Why did you feel the need to challenge me? The need to reaffirm to yourself you are a good pilot? Did I point out something you thought was secret? Did I expose your big talk and little action personality?

    That it took being called out on the role of the marines and how they were usurped by a group of unknowns with little to any history in such a short time is nothing short of comical. You all love to praise your heroes but you all love to overlook them until someone like me brings it to light. I’m not going to respond to silly challenges or name calling, that senior officers would resort to that sort of childish behavior is sad, perhaps we should inform them that with high ranking comes responsibility.

    If you define this operation as a success, then your definition of success is fatally flawed.

  20. Admiral Nephilim said

    We all stand forth using our names and bearing our convictions with those names, refreshing the tree of liberty with patriotic blood. The “Random Visitor” makes a mockery of the service that is given proudly to the fleet by her defenders. We do not operate in the dark. Especially given the grave nature of the threats that face us daily. We only ask that we are allowed to do that job with a minimum of interference in the military way of life. And the record will show that opposition to the brave law enforcement arm known as OPSEC and to Marines in our fleet have had largely civilian sources. This seems more an issue with civilization and authority. And to the remark “If you define this operation as a success, then your definition of success is fatally flawed.” Such comments are not worthy the resources to reply to them. I am writing this to prevent the damage to military morale by one of those “domeestic enemies” the oath warned us about.
    I invite the writer to be honest and determine whether he or she prefers the company of chrome and neural nets. Only after examination of the alternatives and what it took to get to those objectives, can it truly be understood. If we are to be damned, let us be damned for who we truly are.

    Admiral Angelica Nephilim
    Battlestar Pacifica
    BSG 47

  21. Starbuckk Serapis said

    What is most interesting is that “Random Visitor” seems to speak big words but continues to hide behind the cloak of anonymity. Anonymous words carry very little weight. So little weight in fact that even those RV purports to speak for have not come to his/her defense. He challenges others to “consider the source” but in his own case leaves us with no source to consider.

    I would propose therefore that no further comments be posted in response unless RV choses to reveal his/her true identity. Give RV’s words the value they are due. And as anonymously spoken words…that value is zero.

  22. Onyx Syakumi said

    Captain Serapis,

    I will happily do so, after point out one final thing.

    The self-congratulatory remarks of this fool are the only thing about his ramblings that are nothing short of comical. The Marines are being repaired, were mentioned in the article, and performed admirably. No one has ever questioned that aside from our factually-challenged friend, who later retracted the statement in an effort to seem as though it were his purpose to be proven incorrect all along.

    Furthermore, any insinuation that the personnel of OPSEC Antares are not entitled to equal honorifics is patently disgusting. This little worm would like nothing more than to drive a wedge between the Marines and OPSEC, because it knows that the two groups are beginning to coordinate efforts in the defense of the fleet, which are resulting in the disruption of its masters’ plans for humanity.

    Regrettably for it, the very coordination against Cylon efforts that resulted in their humiliating defeat three days ago will only continue now that both units are resolved to disrupt and destroy any Cylon activity that they encounter.

    The ground-fighters of the fleet are being elevated to a level equal with that of Pacifica’s illustrious air group … and I sense deep down that the bold little toasters are feeling their first tinges of fear.

    -Regina “Onyx” Syakumi
    Commander, OPSEC Antares, On Leave
    Commanding Officer, Colonial Marine Corps

  23. yevkalaws said

    As soon as random visitor gets a name we can meet.

    I fly vipers, and if I pass the flight exam, start flying very soon.

    You fly a keyboard and are beneath contempt.

    Remarks bristle me? I have the respect of my pilots one of whom put herself between a cylon AAA gun and me in an effort to save my life.

    Nobody knows who you are.

    Go crawl under a rock or bulkhead.

    I am serene and at peace. I didn’t make XO of my squadron on skill alone, quite the opposite I dare say. But it die require some flying skill as well.

    Bring it on Random.

    LT Yevka Laws
    Executive Officer
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  24. Random Visitor said

    Interesting that you only included your title after Nephilim and Syakumi did. Are you trying to reassure yourself of your position? But you’re not feeling bristled at all, right?

    I’m glad to see I could get you all to attention, this will be my last comment on this topic.

  25. yevkalaws said

    Good so I get the last word.

    I never tried to sensor you. I tried to get you to stop your cowardly ways.

    I ran my squadron through the last three major operations as my Captain became unable to do her job. I have confidence in myself and clearly so does the command authority.

    In the past 6 months the 8th Squadron has gone from a state of non-ready to one that has 18 active members and was 100% operationally ready during the past six weeks of severe trials.

    I dare say some part of that performance was due to my efforts.

    I need to do nothing to assure myself of my position or skills.

    I’ll be taking the physical today and going back on flight status and my first task given to me by my acting and perhaps soon permanent commander is to test a pilots skills for graduation.

    Would you give that task to a pilot that lacks confidence? I would not.

    You have launched unfair and untrue attacks on me and I will always defend myself and my pilots like a Lioness. My task at hand is complete. My job now is to make our pilots ready to fight and to be prepared on no notice to run my unit should g-ds forbid it be necessary to run it again.

    LT Yevka Laws
    Executive Officer
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

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