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Civilians Retreat to the Tylium Queen

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 28, 2008

In a dramatic and desperate move, civilians temporarily escaped from the Cylons when they detonated charges found in a weapons cache on the Tylium Queen.

The battered civilians held captive on the luxury liner, 7th Heaven, suddenly used explosives and guns smuggled in, surprising their captors. They repulsed the Cylons and made their way to the shabby mine ship known as the Tylium Queen. They established defenses and prepared for a long siege in the hopes of saving the children from the monsters, possibly saving many lives.

Captain Weiland and Cobb Compton, Chief of Security on 7th Heaven, the only leadership still known to be alive, lead the military-style effort to hold the Cylons back. Compton planned and managed the details of the successful escape.

All of those aboard the TQ during wave after wave of Cylon attacks were clearly afraid. They hugged each other, swore to fight bravely, shared tears and encouraged each other. Many expressed faith that the heart of our family, the troops on Pacifica, will return to us before the Cylons can destroy us all.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


8 Responses to “Civilians Retreat to the Tylium Queen”

  1. Ens. Serp Auer said

    *reads the article and finds it bloody interesting that theres no mention of the two military pilots that have been helping in the defense and shakes his head as he gets back to preparing for the next attack*

  2. Eyea Aya said

    As one who was being held in the Dome and present during the break out, this article fails to mention some of those brave people who risked their lives and ensured a successful rescue. Serp Auer and Bethany Siemens repeatedly shielded us civilians during the dash from the 7th Heaven Dome to landing bay, fighting off the Centurian and Cylon humanoid gaurds. I admire their bravery in all of that chaos.
    Once on the TQ, they also proved their bravery. Bethany and Serp are both wounded at this time but still carry their weapons. Last night, civilians were handed weapons in what has now become a defensive siege of the TQ. Sara and Casseopia ,Errin and Sable fought with the intensity as anyone else there as bullets, bomb blasts and smoke filled the location of the Calypso bar on the TQ main deck. In the aftermath of the last attack, all was quiet as smoke still hung heavily in the air and then, the sounds of children crying in the background seemed to bring everyone out of the shock of it all. Everyone began to scramble to aid the wounded and shore up defenses and reload, awaiting the next attack.
    I hope I have not failed to mention someone’s bravery. In all the confusion, it already now all seems as a blur. I thank the Spirit for guiding us this past evening. We are praying for the return of the Pacifica. We’re is she?
    Eyea Aya

  3. sablesabii said

    I am terribly sorry for not mentioning the heroic actions of the people who made the escape possible, particularly Serp and Bethany, who helped hold back the monsters many times last night.

    Many thanks to the brave people who were and are fighting to keep us all alive.

    ((ooc many civilians are there with us, not just those who were lucky enough to log on for the fun))

    Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter

  4. Ens. Serp Auer said

    ((ooc yeah definately not discounting the ones that are technically there though in the main part they werent really mentiond ofcourse to avoid confusion in an already complex situation))

  5. Liana Inshan Delegate to Virgon said

    And I the Delegate of Virgon have been assisting both Serp, and Bethany in a fighting compacity as well on the TQ

  6. Daze Columbia said

    Photos from the Escape and Standoff Event

  7. Daze Columbia said

  8. yevkalaws said

    From Pacifica Sick Bay,

    A heroic story. Can’t blame a reporter for being unable to shoot and write at the same time.

    Laid up as I am now, I request the two heroic pilots, both of whom flew for me at one point in their training visit sick bay.

    I could not be prouder of two LT’s Junior Grade who earned their wings the “hard” way.

    LT Y. Laws
    Executive Officer
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

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