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Cylons Round Up Civilians in Dome

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 25, 2008

The Cylons rounded up all civilians in the dome on the garden level of 7th Heaven. Their skinjob spokesperson is threatening to deprive us all of food until the children are turned over. The whereabouts of the children are still unknown to the Cylons.

There is no sign of Pacifica or River Delta, and it is starting to look like they are lost. The President and the cabinet are lost, as well. Starbuckk Serapis is captured by Cylons, LizzyD Vendetta is missing.

The highest ranking person in command at this time is Windy Weiland, who has asked for calm, saying somewhat cryptically that “we will choose our battles.” She also added, “anyone revealing the location of the kids will be decompressed in an airlock so slowly they’ll wish the Cylons had captured them.”

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


2 Responses to “Cylons Round Up Civilians in Dome”

  1. yevkalaws said

    As of this mom……

    Rap… six ….. niner has downloaded fleet news for…..

    …..we are alive…..

    …… will not be forgotten….

    …… strong…….

    …….left behin….

    CONTACT, carom…..

    ……seven niner is jumping….


    OOC: Have fleetnews delete this if they feel it violates orders or causes problems. It was relayed to admins via third parties….

  2. yevkalaws said

    From Pacifica Sick Bay:

    Raptor six seven niner was jumped by cylon raiders after this transmission.

    Starboard engine was destroyed. The ship was jumped home and was pressed back into service several days later.

    Hopefully the message, incomplete as it was provided inspiration.

    LT Laws

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