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Pacifica Separated, Cylons Overrun the Fleet

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 18, 2008

Fleet ships were separated in a desperate attempt to flee another attack. Civilians captured and desperately hoping for a rescue!

Faced with another brutal attack from the Cylons, Admiral Nephilim ordered an FTL. Shortly after, Pacifica and the River Delta successfully escaped, but the rest of the fleet stayed behind, their FTL drives crippled beyond repair.

Heavy raiders attacked the unprotected civilian fleet, rounding up civilians and herding them into Afterburners. This reporter has escaped capture, and has been able to communicate with a few of the captured citizens, which include several captains, Quorum members, and the Oracle.

Captain Weiland, badly wounded in last night’s raid, was captured again and says they are being treated well for some reason. She speculates that the raid last night was to sabotage the FTL drives.

This terrible turn of events couldn’t get any worse. Let’s just hope that Pacifica finds their way back to us soon!!!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


6 Responses to “Pacifica Separated, Cylons Overrun the Fleet”

  1. I was off duty and getting some rack time on the Tylium Queen during both attacks. With the shuttle service shut down, I was unable to return to Pacifica. Centurions searched the Tylium Queen, but having served as ship’s engineer there for several months, and having lived there for several years, I know the best places to hide. I managed to steal the Heavy Raider that was left in the Tylium Queen’s shuttle bay, and mounted an impromptu rescue mission to recover two pilots from the Basestar, while Cylon forces were spread out securing the Fleet. I killed a copy of Number Seven during the mission. The Heavy Raider took severe damage during the escape, and we crashed in the 7th Heaven’s shuttle bay. I left the pilots safely hidden in a secure location (sorry, I’m not able to report exactly where, as the Cylons will have access to the FNS) and used an EVA suit to get back to the Tylium Queen.

    There are black market weapons stashed aboard, along with a fully operational AA turret. My husband is here. We’re going to try to mount a resistance.

    Ens. Mayfair
    Tactical Officer
    Battlestar Pacifica
    Battlestar Group 47

  2. On the run said

    Wondering if “Ensign” Mayfair is on our side.

    The cylon penetration of Pacifica security was very thorough. Perhaps they had help.

    The “Ensign” might want to watch her back.

  3. OOC(Because my character can’t get Fleet New Service being battlestar bound.

    How do you get your pictures to accompany your posts.

    I see Tanya’s pic is hosted by

    I looked and looked and can’t see where I can set up a profile.

    I like my pic, worked hard on it.

    Just a little quibble.

  4. Waiting said

    I think “On the run” is forgetting the major attack that happened the day before.

  5. Cobb Compton said

    Captain Weiland was still gravely wounded from the mysterious attack the night before, transferred limited command to me, and had asked me to thoroughly inspect the ship…

    I had just entered the bridge to see the DRADIS flickering with a Base Star on it, multiple raiders – far more red than green… then this:

    [19:48] Fleet-Jump-Relay shouts: All ships return to Pacifica!
    [19:48] Cylon Transponder: Transponder Activated.
    [19:48] Fleet-Jump-Relay shouts: Fleet prepare for jump to new coordinates in two minutes…
    [19:48] Cylon Transponder: 5
    [19:49] Cylon Transponder: 4
    [19:49] Cylon Transponder: 3
    [19:49] Cylon Transponder: 2
    [19:49] Cylon Transponder: 1
    [19:49] Cylon Transponder: Starting Reaction Process.
    (large green/white plasma fireball radiating outwards from the pilot’s seat – I was too stunned to snap a photo)
    [19:49] Cylon Transponder shouts: 7th Heaven could not jump to join the Fleet as its main FTL drive has been damaged!

    [19:52] BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: Cobb Compton: 7th… we are unable to jump… total jump engine failure, computers offline….
    [19:53] BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: ****** *****: PACIFICA acknowledges… hang tight

    [19:55] BSGCivWireless2: Fleetwide: Cobb Compton: 7th unable to jump or navigate… Cylon device… never seen anything like it…

    [19:56] Fleetwide whispers: **** ****: centurions on 7th!

    [19:57] ***** ******* shouts: Humans of the Fleet! This is Number Six! Your battlestar has gone! Surrender!

    [19:57] Colonial Civilian Meter v1.1.2: Cobb Compton has become unconscious from their wounds.

    I could report more, but unfortunately… I was unconscious.

  6. Ronon Maximus said

    ((Yevka, you have to create an account at and then in the “My Account” – “Edit my profile” menu, add your picture and everytime you comment a blog hosted in wordpress and as long as you’re logged, your picture will show up.))

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