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Formal Love God Ball Planned

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 14, 2008

On February 14 at 8pm, a formal ball will be held in Afterburners in honor of the love god.

Citizens are encouraged to come to the dome and have fun! Bring a friend, or come by yourself and meet someone new!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


3 Responses to “Formal Love God Ball Planned”

  1. paxanfreck said

    That was a fun evening. Everyone looked their best!

  2. Andi Whiteberry said

    Andi was disappointed her honey wasn’t able to be there.

    Maybe he showed up and just didn’t see her because her dress blended into the carpet.

  3. thalberd said

    That was a lot of fun. It was nice to see so many people come out in their finery! My thanks to the Calypso’s Dream folks for helping out, also.

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